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"Space Jockey"

Commodore Cartwright
See The Comet Busters.

The Comet Busters
Popular book or video series mentioned by Schacht Junior. While trying to emulate its hero, Commodore Cartwright, he tampered with the ship's control panel and threw it out of its trajectory.

Commerce Commission
Government bureau charged with licensing ships and setting transportation rates and other regulations for Earth-Moon flights.
(Also in "It's Great to Be Back!")

Winged Earth-to-space rocket operated by Trans-Lunar Transit.
(also in other stories)

Flying Dutchman
[mentioned in passing] Space-to-space ship operated by Trans-Lunar Transit.

Moon-to-space rocket operated by Trans-Lunar Transit.
(also in other stories)

Helen (no last name)
[mentioned in passing] Friend of Phyllis Pemberton.
(also in other stories)

[mentioned in passing] Newspaper available in facsimile in Supra-New York.
(also in other stories)

Hicks (no first name)
Pilot for Trans-Lunar Transit. Jake Pemberton took his place when he got a down-check.
(also in other stories)

Junior Rocketeers of America
Boys' club to which Schacht Junior belonged.

Captain Kelly (no first name)
Commander of the Flying Dutchman.
(also in other stories)

Lunar Exploitations
Harriman-owned mining company for which Jake Pemberton had worked.

Astrogation computer in Trans-Lunar Transit's offices. It was operated by Shorty Weinstein.
(also in other stories)

Space-to-Luna rocket operated by Trans-Lunar Transit.

Jake Pemberton
Pilot for Trans-Lunar Transit, who had family problems because of his demanding schedule. After pulling off a nearly-impossible rescue when his ship was knocked off course, and making an emergency flight on the Moon, he was offered a permanent job flying the Luna-to-orbit route.

Phyllis Pemberton
Jake Pemberton's wife.

Philip Nolan
Space-to-space ship operated by Trans-Lunar Transit.

Olga Pierce
Dispatcher for Trans-Lunar Transit.

Judge Schacht (no first name)
Friend of D. D. Harriman who was given a tour of the control room of the Flying Dutchman.

Schacht Junior (no first name)
Son of Judge Schacht; a Junior Rocketeer of America who tried to imitate his video hero while in the control room of the Flying Dutchman; when he lunged for the controls, he sent the ship offcourse.

Winged Earth-to-space rocket operated by Trans-Lunar Transit.

Soames (no first name)
Commodore-Pilot in Space Terminal. He supported Jake Pemberton's actions during the emergency in the Flying Dutchman.

Space Terminal
Station at the Luna end of the Earth-to-Luna route. It was the transfer point from shuttle to space rocket, and for Mars and Venus traffic.

Supra-New York
Space station at the Earth end of the Luna route, the transfer point from rocket to shuttle.
(also in other stories)

Trans-Lunar Transit
Company that operated rockets between Earth and the Moon. Jake Pemberton worked for them.

Shorty Weinstein (no other first name)
Computer (i.e. the person doing the computing, not the machine) on duty in Supra-New York who calculated the Flying Dutchman's route to Luna.


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