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Robert A Heinlein

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Dr. Horace Quackenbush
[mentioned in passing] Professor of Leisure Arts at Yale Divinity School.
(Stranger in a Strange Land)

Allan Quatermain
Accepted by Joe-Jim Gregory as a real person; the "Joe" half considered him the greatest man who ever lived.
(Orphans of the Sky)

Queen Mary
[mentioned in passing] Space liner.
(The Rolling Stones)

Johnny Queveras
[mentioned in passing] Former owner of the gliding wings that Ariel Brentwood bought.
("The Menace from Earth")

Substance mentioned in Scourge of the Spaceways.
(The Rolling Stones)

"Quién Es la Señorita?"
Title of the tango record that Frank Sutton purchased for Jim Marlowe. Willis' recital of it caused his discovery by Marquis Howe.
(The Red Planet)

Quiet Dreams
Sleeping area in Lucky Dragon.
(The Cat Who Walks Through Walls)

Ace Quiggle (no other first name)
"Over-aged juvenile delinquent" who "kidded" Kip Russell about his ambition to go to the Moon, and about the spacesuit Kip won. He was a frequent loiterer at Charton's Pharmacy.
(Have Space Suit — Will Travel)

Quinlan Family
[mentioned in passing] Centerville residents who had nine children in a five-room house, cited as refutation of theories expressed in Kip Russell's "Family Living" course.
(Have Space Suit — Will Travel)

Quiroga (no first name)
Supreme minister and head of the Humanity Party, John Joseph Bonforte's chief political opponent.
(Double Star)

Quito Skyhook
[mentioned in passing] Cable elevator to Ell-Five space station; an undescribed disaster befell it.

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