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A Heinlein Concordance 2004 M.E.Cowan

X3079 Code FT
Code by which Fjalar Krausa identified himself as one of Richard Baslim's couriers. 
(Citizen of the Galaxy)

The Exotic Corps, the espionage unit of the Terran Hegemony Guard. One of its duties was to combat the slave trade. Richard Baslim was a member.
(Citizen of the Galaxy)

XDY 34555
One of Oscar Gordon's Irish Sweepstakes tickets, which drew a horse but turned out to be counterfeit.
(Glory Road)

[mentioned in passing] Federation troop carrier.
(Starship Troopers)

Major Xera (no first name)
Battalion commander over the companies in the Tours and the Normandy Beach.
(Starship Troopers)

Arbitrary name for atomic isotopes suitable for launching rockets out of Earth's gravity well. [It was discovered in "Blowups Happen" though not called by that name.]
("The Man Who Sold the Moon")

The deity that subjected Alex Hergensheimer to the ordeal of shifting among worlds,losing all he possessed each time. Yahweh had made a bet with Loki that the ordeal would not cause Alex, his most zealous believer, to lose his faith. [English transliteration of the Hebrew name for God.]
(Job: A Comedy of Justice)

Yancey (no first name)
Captain of the Aes Triplex, replacing Captain McAndrews.
(Space Cadet)

Dr. Cecil Yang
[mentioned in passing] Member of the Marston expedition into Sumatra, whose body was found with Zebulon Carter's.
(The Number of the Beast)

"Yankee Doodle"
Recall signal of the Valley Forge.
(Starship Troopers)

[mentioned in passing] Manuel Garcia O'Kelly bet Bernardo de la Paz that the baseball team would win the World Series, but they ended the season in the cellar.
(The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress)

Year They Hanged the Lawyers
In Beulahland, this momentous event occurred in 1965. It is never mentioned in the history books, and information about it is restricted.
(The Number of the Beast)

The Yearbook of the Department of Agriculture
[mentioned in passing] The 1904 edition was used in Jubal Harshaw's story "Uncle Tobias" for "unsympathetic magic".
(The Number of the Beast)

The Years of Rising Waters
Events in the 15th century in Beulahland resulted in new shorelines, political upheaval, a resurgence of the Black Death, and mass emigration from Britain and the European lowlands to North America.
(The Number of the Beast)

Yellow Brick Road
1. [mentioned in passing] Thoroughfare in Golden Rule.
(The Cat Who Walks Through Walls)
2. [mentioned in passing] It was recognized from orbit by the crew of the Gay Deceiver when they appeared in Oz.
(The Number of the Beast)

Yellow Jackets
Lunar Authority guards, so called after their uniforms.
(The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress)

Yoakum (no first name)
Member of the board of Detheridge & Company.
("The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag")

Yola (no last name)
Model at Madame Pompadour.
(I Will Fear No Evil)

Manufacturer of the air conditioning unit for the spacesuit won by Kip Russell.
(Have Space Suit Will Travel)

Malcolm Young
Member of the original crew of the Vanguard. He was sent as a messenger to the mutineers and was killed by them.
(Orphans of the Sky)

Young Comrades Auxiliary
Youth auxiliary of the Lunar revolutionary organization.
(The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress)

Young Crusaders
Religious publication that the young Alex Hergensheimer used as a cover for "amazing stories" magazines.
(Job: A Comedy of Justice)

Young Hopeful
Alternate translation for Willis' Martian name.
(The Red Planet)

Young Man's Happiness Class
Fosterite Sunday School class taught by Dawn Ardent, only for the truly "saved".
(Stranger in a Strange Land)

The Young Rocketeers
[mentioned in passing] Contemporary juvenile pulp story.
(Space Cadet)

Your Log Cabin
[mentioned in passing] Book stocked in the Farnham bomb shelter.
(Farnham's Freehold)

Youth's Companion
Publication the young Alex Hergensheimer used as a cover (literally) for "amazing stories" magazines.
(Job: A Comedy of Justice)

Troop carrier at the First Battle of Klendathu, destroyed in a collision with the Valley Forge. A new ship was named after her.
(Starship Troopers)

Yucca Patrol
Bill Lermer's Scout troop on Earth; he was patrol leader.
(Farmer in the Sky)

Mr. Z. (no other name)
Alec Graham's contact in Tahiti, who reported to Sam Crumpacker that the million dollars had not been handed over.
(Job: A Comedy of Justice)

Zahm (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Interplanetary Patrol candidate sworn in with Matt Dodson.
(Space Cadet)

[mentioned in passing] Jake Salomon mentioned a man who spelled his name this way but pronounced it "Jones". (An inheritance was involved.)
(I Will Fear No Evil)

The star that was the New Frontiers' destination. Its planetary system was surprisingly like Sol's, with terrestrial planets nearer the sun and Jovian planets farther out.
(Methuselah's Children)

Zebra File
See Special File Zebra.
(The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress)

Zenith Garage
Business where Mother Shaum rented her chairs and bearers in Jubbulpore.
(Citizen of the Galaxy)

[mentioned in passing] Faster-than-light ship.
(Time for the Stars)

Martian month occurring in that planet's spring.
(The Red Planet)

Alternate spelling of Jockaira.
(Methuselah's Children)

Fur-covered human female living on Center.
(Glory Road)

Patricia Carmen (Tish) Zhukov
Luna City teenager who flirted with Stuart LaJoie but complained when he became too familiar. Her male friends wanted to shove Stu through an airlock for the offense, but Manuel Garcia O'Kelly persuaded them to be content with LaJoie paying a fine and apologizing. Manny also scolded Tish for not having better sense.
(The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress)

Jubbulpore thief from whom Thorby Rudbek learned to steal; he had already lost a hand, and risked beheading if he were caught again.
(Citizen of the Galaxy)

Sgt. Charles Zim
Career ship's sergeant, Juan Rico's boot camp instructor and platoon leader at Camp Arthur Currie. He became the company commander at Camp Sergeant Spooky Smith. He was Johnnie's platoon sergeant during Operation Royalty, and was given a field commission of brevet captain with the permanent rank of first lieutenant.
(Starship Troopers)

They were unknown in Alec Graham's universe.
(Job: A Comedy of Justice)

Znedov (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Clerk in the Department of Spatial Affairs.
(The Star Beast)

Drone probe launched six years after the Envoy disappeared; recorded the harshness (to humans) of Martian climate but also the existence of engineered ruins.
(Stranger in a Strange Land)

zombie drug
Brainwashing drug administered to Daniel Boone Davis during a fight with Belle Darkin. Its effect was that Davis had no will of his own, but was compelled to answer questions and obey orders.
(The Door Into Summer)

Zone Amber
Code name given to areas of possible puppet master infestation, a no man's land between definite infestations and definite free zones.
(The Puppet Masters)

Zone Green
Code name given to areas known to be free of puppet master infestation.
(The Puppet Masters)

Zone Red
Code name for areas known to be infested with puppet masters.
(The Puppet Masters)

Zurich Hotel
Establishment where Ariel Brentwood stayed in Luna City.
("The Menace from Earth")

Zwicky Investigation
Method used to search for "something new" for Lazarus Long to do; it involved matrix arrangements.
(Time Enough for Love)

Term for drug-runner used by Ted Smith when he accosted the Gay Deceiver.
(The Number of the Beast)

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