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Model of rocket used as a freighter; when manned freight rockets were superseded by robot-controlled, many V-17s were converted to passenger service.
(Rocket Ship Galileo)

Vacuum Industries, Ltd.
Corporation presumably involved in industrial development in outer space.
(I Will Fear No Evil)

Jaime Valera Guzmán
Owner of the restaurant Pancho Villa, who purchased Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson's indentures so they could pay their debt to the Coast Guard.
(Job: A Comedy of Justice)

Seńora Valera (no first name)
The wife of Jaime Valera Guzmán. Although he technically owned the restaurant (having married the previous owner's daughter), she controlled the management. She tried to cheat Margrethe Gunderson out of her tips, snooped in the room Margrethe shared with Alex Hergensheimer, and generally treated Alex and Margrethe as slaves rather than indentured employees.
(Job: A Comedy of Justice)

1. Musical theme (presumably from Wagner's Ring Cycle) played during John Dahlquist's funeral ceremonies.
("The Long Watch")
2. Lazarus Long arranged to have losing Society for Creative Anachronism tournament entrants carried here, at their option. Bifrost was extended to Tertius for the occasion.
(The Number of the Beast)
3. Planet included in a triangular trade route worked by Lazarus Long.
(Time Enough for Love)

Joe Valiant
Fictitious college boy mentioned by Kip Russell as getting by on lots of luck and no money; in contrast to Kip's situation.
(Have Space Suit — Will Travel)

1. Space liner in which Don Harvey's parents booked passage for him to Mars. It was pressed into service as a liner of the Venus Republic.
(Between Planets)
2. The ship on which William Cole worked when he was cast adrift while doing emergency repairs.
("Ordeal in Space")

Valley Forge
Troop ship that carried Juan Rico on his first drop. It was destroyed in a collision with another transport, but a new ship was named after it.
(Starship Troopers)

Valley View
Home of Thorby Rudbek's grandparents.
(Citizen of the Galaxy)

"Valse Triste"
Music played (probably at Lazarus Long's instigation) during the meeting to discuss the Howard Families returning to Earth.
(Methuselah's Children)

P. Vandenbergh (no other first name)
Captain of the War God, an old friend of Roger Stone.
(The Rolling Stones)

Spaceliner that Don Harvey's parents had expected to take to Mars. When it was appropriated by the Venus Republic High Guard, he was forced to travel to Venus instead.
(Between Planets)

Jan van der Linden
Lowell Academy natural sciences instructor. He was suggested as a successor to Marquis Howe after the Martians "disappeared" Howe.
(The Red Planet)

van der Velde (no first name)
Dutch diamond merchant with whom D. D. Harriman discussed the possibility of finding diamonds on the Moon.
("The Man Who Sold the Moon")

van der Voort (no first name)
Artist who painted "Noisy" Rhysling's portrait for the Harriman centennial edition of his works.
("The Green Hills of Earth")

[mentioned in passing] People who look like unmutated Earth stock, but take three times as long to mature.
(Citizen of the Galaxy)

Beatrix Van Duivendijk
[mentioned in passing] Wife of the Secretary General of the Federated Free Nations.
(Have Space Suit — Will Travel)

Van Duivendijk (no first name)
Secretary General of the Federated Free Nations, an acquaintance of Samuel Russell who was introduced to Kip Russell at Curt Reisfeld's home.
(Have Space Suit — Will Travel)

Captain Peter van Eyck
Warden of John Lyle's watch at the Temple and lodge master in the Cabal.
("If This Goes On—")

1. Ship built by the Jordan Foundation and launched for interstellar travel before the New Frontiers.
(Methuselah's Children)
2. Original name of the Ship.
(Orphans of the Sky)
3. This ship was discovered, abandoned and with records destroyed, shortly before the founding of the Tertius colony. A backtracking of its trajectory led to a planet settled by refugees from the ship.
(Time Enough for Love)
[These references may be all the same ship.]

Bernard van Houten
One of the telepaths aboard the Lewis & Clark. His Earthside brother was killed in an accident during the journey.
(Time for the Stars)

Annek Van Huysen
Daughter of Humphrey Wingate's patron. She took an interest in Humphrey and warned him that he was going to be sold south.
("Logic of Empire")

Van Huysen (no first name)
Venus patron who bought Humphrey Wingate's contract. He was not a bad employer. When he learned his daughter had taken an interest in Humphrey, however, and after Humphrey defended a fellow laborer from a beating by the pusher, he decided to sell Humphrey south. (Venus' southern hemisphere was much less comfortable for humans, so being sold south was a dire fate.) Humphrey and a fellow laborer abandoned Van Huysen in the middle of a swamp so they could make their escape, but he survived the walk back to his estate.
("Logic of Empire")

Colonel Vanistart (no first name)
Leader of the Federation Occupation Forces on Venus.
(Between Planets)

Shorty Van Kleeck (no other first name)
Former roadworker and chief deputy engineer of the Sacramento Sector of Diego-Reno Roadtown. He incited rebellion among the roadworkers and declared himself "Director of the Provisional Control Committee for the New Order". Larry Gaines defeated him by pushing him into a nervous breakdown.
("The Roads Must Roll")

Van Kooten (no first name)
Captain of the Forward.

Henrietta van Loon
Madam in Golden Rule through whom Hendrik Schultz could be contacted.
(The Cat Who Walks Through Walls)

Phoebe van Metre
Molly Kenyon's sister, to whom Molly suggested Peggy be sent when she couldn't adapt to the Ganymede atmosphere.
(Farmer in the Sky)

Bork Vanning
Government official who wanted to marry Mary Sperling. He revealed to her the government's plan to force the Howard Families to give up their "secret" of immortality. He succeeded Slayton Ford as Federation Administrator.
(Methuselah's Children)

Dr. Van Rhein-Smitt
University president at the Academy conference who supported Hugo Pinero's right to speak.

Beatrix Van Tromp
Wife of the Champion's commander. She became a member of the Church of All Worlds inner circle.
(Stranger in a Strange Land)

Willem van Tromp
Commander of the Champion; he brought Valentine Michael Smith to Earth. He became a member of the Church of All Worlds inner circle.
(Stranger in a Strange Land)

Van Zook (no first name)
Interplanetary Patrol candidate assigned to Matt Dodson's mess table. He was reprimanded for asking another candidate where he was from; the Patrol encouraged its members to identify with the Patrol, not with their original homes. 
(Space Cadet)

Vargas (no first name)
1. Doctor who specialized in exotic biologies, a member of the Second Venus Expedition. He studied the puppet masters for the Section.
(The Puppet Masters)
2. Cadet who took part in Matt Dodson's first extravehicular activity drill. He was sent back to the ship in disgrace for breaking free of the ship's surface, pulling other cadets with him.
(Space Cadet)
3. Couple who were travelling in the Asgard.
(Starman Jones)

Vasco da Gama
Torchship in Project Lebensraum, lost early in the voyage.
(Time for the Stars)

1. [mentioned in passing] Free Trader ship.
(Citizen of the Galaxy)
2. The home star of the Mother Thing's people.
(Have Space Suit — Will Travel)

Vega Prime
[mentioned in passing] Free Trader ship.
(Citizen of the Galaxy)

Vega VI
Planet to which Sergei Greenberg had been assigned.
(The Star Beast)

Vegas Free State
An independent government that apparently had few (if any) regulations restricting commerce.

The Veiled Virgin
Taproom near the Jubbulpore spaceport, frequented by spacers.
(Citizen of the Galaxy)

Name given to a flat cat in the Rolling Stone.
(The Rolling Stones)

Ven (no last name)
Female friend of Mary Sperling who urged her to marry Bork Vanning.
(Methuselah's Children)

The term for nonhuman natives of Venus; the term for human colonists is "Venusian".
1. One sentient native life-form resembled the mythical Earth dragon (the European version, not the Chinese).
(Between Planets)
2. Amphibious natives traded with humans for tobacco, harvesting native plants in return.
("Logic of Empire")
3. One life-form is vaguely human-looking, somewhat less intelligent than humans, and easily addicted to "happy dust", which causes them to become violent. Another resembles mythical Earth fairies; their intelligence level was unknown but they could follow simple commands.
(Podkayne of Mars)
4. Smaller than humans, they were described by humans as resembling frogs or seals; they were bipedal, amphibious, and nonmammalian. Their society was completely matriarchal; outsiders never saw males. They were ruled by a strict set of customs and taboos, and were scientifically advanced. They were not given to violence but were able to defend themselves against aggression.
(Space Cadet)

Venerian Sand Hog
[mentioned in passing] Joe Pappalopoulis carried a wad of money large enough to choke one.
(The Rolling Stones)

In most of Heinlein's stories, the planet is hot and swampy but habitable by humans. Natives are variously described as sentient "dragons" and as small, humanoid amphibians with a matriarchal culture, the females being considerably more intelligent than the males.
1. The planet where Don Harvey lived for his first few years; his mother was Venusian. He became involved in the colonists' successful rebellion against Earth domination.
(Between Planets)
2. It was settled by humans, but most of the "colonists" were contract laborers who were little better than slaves and had only a slim chance of ever buying out their contract.
("Logic of Empire")
3. Lazarus Long lived there for a time during the Interregnum.
(Methuselah's Children)
4. In this time line, Venus is uninhabitable.
(The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress)
5. Human settlements were controlled by stockholders of the Venus Corporation
(Podkayne of Mars)
6. It was settled by humans. A puppet master invasion was wiped out by a nine-day fever epidemic among their human hosts.
(The Puppet Masters)
7. It was settled by humans. The Stone family had once visited it.
(The Rolling Stones)
8. It was settled by humans, who had treaties with the natives.
(Space Cadet)

Venus Corporation
Company that owned most of the human developments on Venus.
(Podkayne of Mars)

Venus Development Company
Company that indentured workers for contract labor on Venus.
("Logic of Empire")

Venus Ellis Isle
Entry port on Venus, often called just Ellis Isle.
("The Green Hills of Earth")

Venus Republic
Government that was declared on Venus after the rebellion against Earth domination.
(Between Planets)

1. [mentioned in passing] Settlement on Venus.
(Between Planets)
2. "Noisy" Rhysling visited the city both before and after he was blinded.
("The Green Hills of Earth")
3. [mentioned in passing] A rough-and-tumble town.
("Logic of Empire")
4. City very similar to Las Vegas. It existed largely for the tourist trade.
(Podkayne of Mars)

The term for human colonists on Venus. The term for nonhuman natives is "Venerian".
(Between Planets)

Substance or process required by the warriors of the Empire of the Great Khans. They died when deprived of it. Its exact nature was never determined.
(Beyond This Horizon)

Federation troop carrier.
(Starship Troopers)

A plant the leaves of which were a valuable export of Jubbul; its use was not described.
(Citizen of the Galaxy)

Jules Verne
1. His books were removed from public libraries in Alex Hergensheimer's homeworld, after science fiction was outlawed by executive order as a corrupting influence.
(Job: A Comedy of Justice)
2. His books were kept in the Galileo Marching-and-Chowder Society clubhouse.
(Rocket Ship Galileo)

[mentioned in passing] Robert Frost's book, stocked in the Farnham bomb shelter.
(Farnham's Freehold)

Verwijs Trading Company
[mentioned in passing] Company that did business on Mars.
(Double Star)

Alexandra Vesant
Agnes Douglas' astrologer, and an old friend of Jubal Harshaw who helped him contact Joseph Douglas. She became a member of the Church of All Worlds inner circle. Her original name was Becky Vesey.
(Stranger in a Strange Land)

"Veterans of Revolution"
Someone who had never been a Party member wanted to sell badges to the "Veterans", for a vast profit of course.
(The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress)

Town in the Lone Star Republic, a leading smugglers' port between Texas and the Chicago Imperium. Friday stayed there, particularly in the riverfront Lowtown, while trying to find a way into the Imperium.

The Sixth Legion of Rome, with which Iunio served in Britain.
(Have Space Suit — Will Travel)

Jacques (Jock) de Barre de Vigny
One of Peewee Reisfeld's captors, a flunky of Wormface. He was imprisoned with Kip Russell on Pluto after Wormface had no further use for him; he disappeared after several days and was presumed eaten by Wormface. Kip called him "Skinny" before learning his real name.
(Have Space Suit — Will Travel)

Pancho Villa
Mexican revolutionary hero, mentioned in passing.
(To Sail Beyond the Sunset)

Villa (no first name)
Mineralogist in the Ganymede planetary survey team of which Bill Lermer was a member.
(Farmer in the Sky)

Leonard Vincent
A graduate student who persuaded Hubert Twitchell to send him 500 years either forward or backward in time. Daniel Boone Davis mused over the similarity of his name to Leonardo da Vinci.
(The Door Into Summer)

Tony Vincente
Member of the Venus laboratory crew that developed a force shield from the information Don Harvey brought from Earth.
(Between Planets)

See Holy Virgins.
("If This Goes On—")

Mrs. Branca's term for welfare caseworker.
(I Will Fear No Evil)

Vita Brevis
Oscar Gordon's name for the longhorse loaned to Star by the Doral. [From the Latin saying, ars longa, vita brevis: "Art is long, but life is short"; Oscar called his own mount Ars Longa.]
(Glory Road)

Vivian's Grill
Restaurant in which Alex Hergensheimer worked. He was cheated out of his wages when a universe shift changed it to a used car lot.
(Job: A Comedy of Justice)

1. Machine that Venerian dragons used to produce human speech.
(Between Planets)
2. Mike used a voder-vocoder to speak; the vocoder analyzed speech sounds into patterns "read" by the computer, the voder reproduced the patterns as speech.
(The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress)

Voice of Free Luna
Propaganda beamed to Terra by the Revolutionary government.
(The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress)

Voice of God
Broadcast station at New Jerusalem.
("If This Goes On—")

Voice of Survival
Broadcast by the Council for Survival, in which the Council took credit for Red Thursday and listed its demands.

Voice of the Hand
PanAsian administrator of the region that included Oklahoma City.
(The Day After Tomorrow)

Volunteer Defense Gunners of Free Luna.
See First Defense Gunners and Second Defense Gunners.
(The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress)

Helmut Von Hartwick
Lieutenant colonel and executive officer in the Nazis' First Lunar Expedition. Captured by the Galileo crew after their ship was destroyed, he killed his sergeant to keep him from teaching the Americans how to pilot the Nazi ship but was himself forced to help them.
(Rocket Ship Galileo)

Professor Von Krausmeyer (no first name)
Professional astrologer mentioned by Alexandra Vesant.
(Stranger in a Strange Land)

Dr. Hans Von Ritter
Member of the Board of Smith Enterprises.
(I Will Fear No Evil)

Von Ritter (no first name)
Lieutenant aboard the James Randolph who reprimanded Tex Jarman for questioning a senior cadet's orders.
(Space Cadet)

Federation troop carrier in which Juan Rico was evacuated after the First Battle of Klendathu.
(Starship Troopers)

A flutelike Martian instrument Don Harvey owned but seldom played because his schoolmates objected to the sound.
(Between Planets)

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