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"I Married a Human"
[mentioned in passing] Title suggested by Jubal Harshaw for a future story.
(Stranger in a Strange Land)

"I Married a Martian"
[mentioned in passing] Piece of hack writing by Jubal Harshaw.
(Stranger in a Strange Land)

I Spy
Lazarus Long's cruiser.
(Methuselah's Children)

"I Was a Prisoner on Mars"
Version of Valentine Michael Smith's life story that Peerless Features wanted to produce.
(Stranger in a Strange Land)

I Was a Slave on Venus
Title given by the ghostwriter to Humphrey Wingate's book about his experiences as a contract worker.
("Logic of Empire")

Carmen (Carmencita) Ibañez
Member of Juan Rico's high-school graduating class. She joined the Federal Service to become a spaceship pilot. She was assigned as junior watch officer and pilot-under-instruction to the Corvette Transport Mannheim.
(Starship Troopers)

Clemente Ibañez
Judge who presided over the debtor trial in Mazatlán for Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson. When they were indentured to pay off their debt to the Coast Guard, he insisted that they be purchased as a couple.
(Job: A Comedy of Justice)

Stan Ibañez
Chief of the Bureau of System Liaison in the Department of Spatial Affairs.
(The Star Beast)

Dr. Ibañez (no first name)
South Colony psychologist called on to verify Willis' ability to exactly repeat conversations, but not invent them.
(The Red Planet)

Security police organization (International or Interplanetary Bureau of Investigation?).
(Between Planets)

1. Described as locating offices and plants throughout Earth and Space.
2. Mentioned by Manuel Garcia O'Kelly as founded by "Dr. Watson".
(The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress)
3. Manufacturer of the Rolling Stone's ballistic computer.
(The Rolling Stones)

[mentioned in passing] Shuttle between Earth and the Moon.
(Farmer in the Sky)

Icebox Hill
Park in Mazatlán where Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson frequently spent their day off. They were relatively safe atop it during the earthquake. Its Spanish name was el Cerro de la Nevería.
(Job: A Comedy of Justice)

Newspaper secretly published by the Cabal. Overtly loyal to the Prophet, it was written in such a way as to plant seeds of doubt.
("If This Goes On—")

Idle Hour Billiard Parlor
Kansas City pool hall near which Lazarus Long rented garage space, in the hopes of meeting Ira Johnson there.
(Time Enough for Love)

idleberry jolt
[mentioned in passing] Beverage, probably alcoholic.
(Time Enough for Love)

"If You Mean What I Think You Mean, What Are We Waiting For?"
[mentioned in passing] Song Sam Cavanaugh encountered on the stereo while searching for a newscast from Zone Red.
(The Puppet Masters)

I.G. Farbenindustrie
See Farbenindustrie.
(Double Star)

Large, troll-like golem designed to prevent travellers from entering Nevia Valley. Not too bright and easily offended, he was goaded into attacking Oscar Gordon headlong and was destroyed by shoving his foot in his mouth until he'd swallowed himself and disappeared.
(Glory Road)

Ignatius (no last name)
Accountant whom Sethos ordered to settle Richard Ames' and Gwen Novak's accounts and bring cash to close them out.
(The Cat Who Walks Through Walls)

Caleb Igo
Son of Jackson and Jonni Mae Igo.
(To Sail Beyond the Sunset)

Cleveland Igo
Son of Jackson and Jonni Mae Igo.
(To Sail Beyond the Sunset)

Jackson Igo
Husband of Jonnie Mae Igo.
(To Sail Beyond the Sunset)

Jefferson Igo
Son of Jackson and Jonni Mae Igo.
(To Sail Beyond the Sunset)

Jonni Mae Igo
[mentioned in passing] A patient of Ira Johnson.
(To Sail Beyond the Sunset)

Île de France
Luxury liner on which Maureen Johnson sailed to Europe with her husband, accompanied by Eleanor and Justin Weatheral. Although ostensibly on holiday, they were actually transporting gold for the Howard Foundation, their own families, and Ira Johnson.
(To Sail Beyond the Sunset)

Île du Levant
Island off the French Riviera where Oscar Gordon lived after his Army discharge.
(Glory Road)

Illinois Province
Part of the Chicago Imperium.

Ilsa (no last name)
[mentioned in passing] Member of the Sisu clan, a friend of Mata Kingsolver.
(Citizen of the Galaxy)

[mentioned in passing] Unit of currency.
(Double Star)

Hotel where Valentine Michael Smith and Jill Boardman stayed while travelling with the carnival.
(Stranger in a Strange Land)

Imperial Atomics
[mentioned in passing] Company that constructed the power plant in Jake Salomon's Rolls Royce.
(I Will Fear No Evil)

Imperial Bank of St. Louis
[mentioned in passing] Bank from which Friday's MasterCard was issued. (It can be inferred that Missouri was part of the Chicago Imperium.)

Imperial Encyclopedia
Mentioned in passing by Dr. Hendrix.
(Starman Jones)

Imperial Hand
PanAsian military governor of the area that included Denver, Colorado. Also called Hand of the Emperor.
(The Day After Tomorrow)

Imperial House
Government building at the center of Windsor City. It contained not only offices, but the governor's living quarters.
(The Number of the Beast)

Imperial Marines
[mentioned in passing] Sam Anderson went out of his way to avoid them, and may have been AWOL from the service.
(Starman Jones)

"Imperial Valley"
Hydroponics shed on Ganymede, named for the types of food grown there.
(Farmer in the Sky)

"In Whom the Hopes of a World Are Joined"
The English translation of Willis' Martian name.
(The Red Planet)

Planet in the Beta Hydri system where the Lewis & Clark refueled on ammonia.
(Time for the Stars)

[mentioned in passing] Faster-than-light ship.
(Time for the Stars)

[mentioned in passing] Winner of the Kentucky Derby.
(Stranger in a Strange Land)

Inga (no last name)
1. Owner of a fruit stand near the amphitheater where Richard Baslim and Thorby Rudbek lived.
(Citizen of the Galaxy)
2. Stewardess aboard the Konge Knut who served Alex Hergensheimer's table.
(Job: A Comedy of Justice)

Dr. Ingram (no first name)
Doctor near Donald Smith's school to whom Maureen Johnson sent Donald to be tested for venereal disease.
(To Sail Beyond the Sunset)

Ingrid's Swap Shop
General store owned by Ingrid Henderson.
(The Cat Who Walks Through Walls)

[mentioned in passing] Presumably a planet; the Sisu fought off a raider in its vicinity.
(Citizen of the Galaxy)

During the Interregnum, the Office of the Inquisition enforced orthodoxy and obedience by severely punishing anyone accused of deviance.
("If This Goes On—")

"Inspired Games"
Name given to Ponse's business venture based on Hugh Farnham and Joseph's descriptions of ancient games such as bridge.
(Farnham's Freehold)

Institute for Advanced Studies
[mentioned in passing] Institution where Curt Reisfeld was a VIP.
(Have Space Suit — Will Travel)

Institute for Social Studies
[mentioned in passing] Organization that subcontracted with the University of Edinburgh to choose the crew-four married couples- for the first human expedition to Mars.
(Stranger in a Strange Land)

Institute for System Studies
Institute located on Venus; cadets might study there.
(Space Cadet)

Institute of Outer Sciences
Sponsoring agency of the mission to Hroshijud. Henry Kiku offered to have it oversee John Thomas Stuart's education.
(The Star Beast)

integrating accumulator
Probably a fancy name for computer; it uses paper tape. It was used for economic predictions: every transaction was entered into it and analyses were issued quarterly.
(Beyond This Horizon)

When Richard Baslim first acquired Thorby Rudbek, Thorby spoke this language better than any other; he eventually learned to read and write it. It was also commonly used among the Free Traders.
(Citizen of the Galaxy)

Internal Defense
Government agency, presumably the successors to the FBI.
(I Will Fear No Evil)

"Arise, Ye Prisoners of Starvation", sung at the beginning of the Stilyagi Hall meeting. (Manuel Garcia O'Kelly observed cynically that none of the meeting's attendees looked particularly starved.)
(The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress)

Interplanet Lines
Company that owned the Valkyrie and other spaceships. Many people considered it as powerful as the Federation government.
(Between Planets)

Interplanetary Patrol
Military/civil service organization that patrolled the space lanes and also monitored the system of H-bombs that orbited the planets to prevent any one government from committing aggression against others.
1. A plot by senior officers to overthrow the government by seizing control of the H-bombs was foiled by John Dahlquist.
("The Long Watch")
2. The recruits sworn in at the same time as Matt Dodson represented many countries and off-planet colonies, as indicated by their names: Adams, Akbar, Alvarado, Anderson, Angelico, Armand (Ganymede), Delacroix, DeWitt, Diaz, Dobbs, Eddy, Eisenhower, Ericsson, Jensen (Venus), Romolus, Sforza, Stanley, Suliman, Zahm.
(Space Cadet)

Interregnum (or Interregnum of the Prophets)
Theocratic and totalitarian government that prevailed in the United States around the end of the 20th century, until overthrown by the Cabal. It was founded by the demagogue Nehemiah Scudder and perpetuated by successors who were more self-serving politicians than religious fanatics, but who used religion to keep the populace under control.
("If This Goes On—", Methuselah's Children, Time Enough for Love; mentioned in passing in "Coventry")

Interstellar Metals
[mentioned in passing] Company in which Thorby Rudbek owned stock.
(Citizen of the Galaxy)

Interuniverse Society
A gathering of interesting people from various universes, ostensibly to investigate the implications of multiple universes as discovered by the crew of the Gay Deceiver, but more likely just to have a good time. A number of the visitors who are mentioned are definitely or possibly references to real-life authors, scientists, and friends of Robert Heinlein; others are characters from his stories. Lazarus Long called it the First Centennial Convention of the Interuniversal Society for Eschatological Pantheistic Multiple-Ego Solipsism.
(The Number of the Beast)

Attendees at the Interuniverse Society Conference
The name given in the story is underlined; definite identification or plausible guess is in [brackets].
Real People (definitely or *possibly)
  • Buz [*Aldrin?], astronaut; in the story, an acquaintance of Lazarus Long.
  • Poul [*Anderson], science-fiction author, appearing as "The Black Knight"; a reference to Karen is probably his wife.
  • Robert Asprin, science-fiction and fantasy author, member of the Society for Creative Anachronism and "Commandammit" of the Dorsai Very Irregular.
  • [*Gregory] Benford, physicist and science-fiction author.
  • [Bishop] Berkeley, 18th-century Anglo-Irish Anglican bishop, philosopher, and scientist. He is often cited as the source of the quip, "What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Never mind."
  • [*Lloyd] Biggle, author of science-fiction and mystery novels.
  • Charles [Brown], publisher of Locus magazine, which provides news and reviews for science fiction publishers and fandom.
  • [*Mildred Downey] Broxon, fantasy author.
  • [Dr. Elizabeth] Chater, lecturer on science fiction at San Diego State University [or possibly Dr. Norman Chater, neurosurgeon who operated on Heinlein]
  • [*Samuel Langhorn] Clemens, a.k.a. author Mark Twain — as shown in several books and especially To Sail Beyond the Sunset, particularly admired by Heinlein
  • [J. J.] Coupling (pseudonym of engineer and science-fiction writer John R. Pierce)
  • Charles Dodgson, a.k.a. Lewis Carroll, mathematician and author of Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, and many poems.
  • Dorsai Very Irregular, a.k.a. the Dorsai Irregulars, a service organization that provides security at science-fiction conventions and other events. They escorted Heinlein when he was Guest of Honor at the World Science Fiction Convention in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1976.
  • [*Arthur] Dula, lawyer and board member of the L-5 Society
  • Dr. [*Robert] Forward, physicist and science-fiction author
  • Dr. [*Eloise R.] Giblett, genetic researcher specializing in blood types
  • The Gordfather, a.k.a. Gordon R. Dickson, science-fiction author and "godfather" of the Dorsai Irregulars
  • Harlan [*Ellison], science-fiction author, editor of Dangerous Visions, and TV producer.
  • Dr. [*James] Gunn, science-fiction author and scholar; retired founder of the Science Fiction Studies program and Lawrence University in Kansas
  • Dr. Hartwell [science-fiction publisher David Hartwell?]
  • [Robert and Virginia] Heinlein
  • Hoyle [science-fiction author and astronomer Fred Hoyle, or his brother Geoffrey?]
  • [Phillip] Latham, pseudonym of science-fiction writer Robert S. Richardson
  • Fritz [*Leiber, science-fiction author]
  • Kat Moore [science-fiction author Catherine L. Moore]
  • Fuzzy Pink [Niven, wife of science-fiction author Larry Niven]
  • Larry [*Niven, science-fiction author; his attendance is plausible because of the positive ID of his wife]
  • Andre [*Norton, science-fiction Grand Master]
  • Dr. [*Alan E.] Nourse, physician and science-fiction author
  • Anne Passovoy, Chicago area singer/songwriter and member of the Dorsai Irregulars. In The Number of the Beast, she sang "The Grand Canal", accompanied by "Noisy" Rhysling, at the Convocation of the Interuniverse Society conference.
  • [Dr. Robert] Passovoy, Chicago-area physician and member of the Dorsai Irregulars.
  • [Edgar Allan] Poe, horror writer
  • Jerry [*Pournelle], science-fiction writer and authority on computer science.
  • Dr. [*Robert W.] Prehoda, futurologist and science-fiction writer.
  • Gene [Roddenberry], creator of Star Trek
  • Dr. [*Milton] Rothman, physicist and science-fiction author
  • Dr. [*Carl] Sagan, astronomer, author of science books and science-fiction novels
  • Dr. [*Stanley] Schmidt, science-fiction author, former physics professor, and editor of Analog magazine
  • [*Thomas N.] Scortia, science-fiction author
  • Cliff [*Clifford Simak, science-fiction author]
  • [*Jack] Williamson, science-fiction author
Characters in Heinlein's Other Stories
  • Anne (no last name) , Jubal Harshaw's secretary in Stranger in a Strange Land
  • Dawn Ardent, member of the Church of All Worlds in Stranger in a Strange Land
  • Arthur Conan Doyle — a Venerian dragon from Between Planets who adopted this name, not the author of the Sherlock Holmes stories
  • Dr. [*Jesse F.] Bone, veterinarian who appeared briefly in To Sail Beyond the Sunset
  • [Joseph and Penelope] Bonforte, of Double Star
  • [*Donald] Cargraves, scientist who built a moon ship in Rocket Ship Galileo
  • Ben [*Caxton], reporter and member of the Church of All Worlds in Stranger in a Strange Land
  • Dr. [*Bob] Coster, "The Man Who Sold the Moon"
  • Dorcas (no last name), Jubal Harshaw's secretary in Stranger in a Strange Land
  • Dr. [*Archibald] Douglas of "Let There Be Light"
  • Justin [*Foote], of Time Enough for Love
  • Podkayne Fries, heroine of Podkayne of Mars
  • Winnie Gerston, nurse in I Will Fear No Evil
  • Oscar Gordon, hero (literally!) of Glory Road
  • Ishtar Hardy, member of the Long clan of Time Enough for Love, Number of the Beast, and To Sail Beyond the Sunset
  • Jubal Harshaw, of Stranger in a Strange Land, with minor appearances in The Number of the Beast, and To Sail Beyond the Sunset
  • Dr. Hedrick [Curt Hedrick of I Will Fear No Evil, or one of the Howard Families Hedricks?]
  • Jonathan Hoag, from "The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag"
  • Galahad Jones of Time Enough for Love, also appearing in To Sail Beyond the Sunset
  • Holly Jones of "The Menace From Earth"
  • Athene Long, of Time Enough for Love
  • Lapis Lazuli and Lorelei Lee Long, of Time Enough for Love
  • Minerva Weatheral Long, of Time Enough for Love
  • Tamara Long, of Time Enough for Love
  • Undine Long, of Time Enough for Love
  • Mike [the computer, of The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress]
  • Miriam (no last name) of Stranger in a Strange Land
  • Mordan Claude of Beyond This Horizon
  • Dr. Mott [of "Blowups Happen"?]
  • Hugo Pinero, of "Life Line"
  • "Noisy" Rhysling of "The Green Hills of Earth"
  • Rufo, of Glory Road
  • Sir Isaac Newton, the Venerian dragon in Between Planets
  • Star, of Glory Road
  • Edith Stone, of The Rolling Stones
  • Hazel Meade Stone, of The Rollings Stones, with clues in The Number of the Beast that she is Hazel Meade from The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress
  • Pollux and Castor Stone of The Rolling Stones
  • Ira Weatheral, of Time Enough for Love
Characters from Other Authors' Stories
  • Caleb Catlum, from Vincent McHugh's Caleb Catlum's America [Caleb Catlum's America; the enlivening wonders of his adventures, voyages, discoveries, loves, hoaxes, bombast and rigmaroles in all parts of America, from his birth in 1798 almost to the present year, told by himself ... Edited with an introduction by Vincent McHugh.]
  • Dr. Challenger, hero of Arthur Conan Doyle adventure stories
  • Dr. Fu [Manchu?]
  • [Sherlock Holmes] (Not mentioned by name, but someone with his exact appearance is described as attending)
  • Ginnie Matuchek [From Poul Anderson's novel, Operation Chaos]
  • Mobyas Toras, from Edgar Rice Burroughs' "Mars" stories. He designed the Critics' Lounge for the conference.
  • Dr. Watson (companion of Sherlock Holmes in the Arthur Conan Doyle stories)
  • Professor Wogglebug, from L. Frank Baum's Oz series
  • Worsel, from E.E. Smith's Lensman series
  • Betsy
  • Dorosin
  • Dr. Haycock
  • Holger
  • Joan [possibly Joan Eunice Smith]
  • Kondo
  • Mackenzie
  • MacRae
  • Martin [Mary Lou Martin of "Let There Be Light"?]
  • Dr. Oberhelman
  • Patricia
  • Dr. Richardson
  • Robert
  • Schaeffer
  • Sheffield [One of Lazarus Long's Sheffield offspring (see Time Enough for Love) or science-fiction author Charles Sheffield?]
  • Slaughter
  • Smith (too many candidates, in real life and in the novels; one possibility is science-fiction author E.E. "Doc" Smith, cited earlier in The Number of the Beast)
  • Dr. Taine
  • Sir Tenderloin the Brutal (participant in the Society for Creative Anachronism joust)

Interworld Transport, Pty.
Multinational corporation that destroyed Acapulco during a war with Mexico. It was owned by Shipstone.

Investigating Committee
Committee consisting of Lunar Authority and Federation officials that met with Manuel Garcia O'Kelly and Bernardo de la Paz to consider Luna's claim to independence. They clearly had no intention of granting any concessions.
(The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress)

Hydroponics shed on Ganymede named after the types of food grown there (presumably corn).
(Farmer in the Sky)

Ira Johnson Hall
Building in the Boondock Institute of Technology, named after Maureen Johnson's father.
(To Sail Beyond the Sunset)

Irene (no last name)
University of Sydney employee who took Friday's message to Federico Farnese.

Irish Sweepstakes
Oscar Gordon bought a ticket as a tribute to the Goddess of Fortune after he got his discharge to Germany. He later won 52 more tickets in poker games; most of them turned out to be forged, but after returning from his quest for the Egg of the Phoenix, he learned that one of them had won him a substantial amount, of which most went to state and federal taxes.
(Glory Road)

[mentioned in passing] Faster-than-light ship.
(Time for the Stars)

irrelevant bus
Vehicle designed to travel between time lines. It was probably based on the Gay Deceiver, and manufactured by a company owned by Hilda Burroughs.
(To Sail Beyond the Sunset)

Isaac Newton
See Sir Isaac Newton.
(Between Planets)

Isaacs (no first name)
Army captain and priest of Mota.
(The Day After Tomorrow)

[mentioned in passing] Legendary figure who appeared in the nightmare that Kip Russell had after he was kidnapped with Peewee Reisfeld.
(Have Space Suit — Will Travel)

Theater in Kansas City near Lazarus Long's childhood home.
(Time Enough for Love)

1. Planet that orbited Proxima. It was settled by humans.
(Starship Troopers)
2. Planet where slavery was practiced; it traded with Fatima.
(Time Enough for Love)

Israfel (no last name)
1. Waiter at DeLancey's Sans Souci Bar.
("Blowups Happen")
2. See Roderick Lyman Culverson III.
(Job: A Comedy of Justice)

[mentioned in passing] People who resembled unmutated Earth humans, and were presumably descendants of humans.
(Citizen of the Galaxy)

K. Ito (no other first name)
Gardener living near the John Thomas Stuart who shot Lummox when he caught him eating his cabbages, causing him no harm but frightening him into a rampage that eventually took him through the main streets of Westville.
(The Star Beast)

1. Interplanetary Telephone and Televideo Company. It operated between all human-inhabited planets, and was often used as a front for the Organization. Isobel Costello worked in the Venusberg office, where her father was the manager.
(Between Planets)
2. Leased space on Space Station One for a microwave relay.
("Delilah and the Space Rigger")

Iunio (no last name)
Roman legionary captured from third-century Britain and held prisoner on Lanador to testify in the judgment of Earth by the Galactic community.
(Have Space Suit — Will Travel)

[mentioned in passing] Federation troop carrier.
(Starship Troopers)

Izard City, Arkansas
[mentioned in passing] There was a report that a hen laid an egg here with the Sign of the Cross on it.
(I Will Fear No Evil)

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