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Robert A Heinlein

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Tom Udell
Junior officer in the Forward.

Ugly Duckling
Constellation visible from Halcyon.
(Starman Jones)

Ukiah Gold
Presumably a type of marijuana.

Ultima Thule
A Rim world, the destination of the Hydra after Thorby Rudbek's enlistment.
(Citizen of the Galaxy)

Uncle Joe
Alias that the Baker Street Irregulars used for Manuel Garcia O'Kelly.
(The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress)

Uncle Taffy (no last name)
Kiddie-show host who sponsored a contest for compositions entitled, "Why I Want to Go to the Moon".
("The Man Who Sold the Moon")

Uncle the Mighty
The Chosen's name for the Supreme Being.
(Farnham's Freehold)

"Uncle Tobias"
Story written by Jubal Harshaw while he visited the Lazarus Long household.
(The Number of the Beast)

Underwood Office Electrostator
Model of typewriter used to type Adam Selene's submissions to Luna City publications — it was a machine in the Lunar Authority offices.
(The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress)

The Unheavenly Twins
Nickname inflicted upon Castor and Pollux Stone.
(The Rolling Stones)

Union Theological Seminary
Institution that expelled Valentine Michael Smith shortly after he enrolled. Some of the theologians were angry with him because they believed in God, other because they did not.
(Stranger in a Strange Land)

United Life Insurance
Company nearly driven out of business by Hugo Pinero's invention.

United States Academy of Transport
Training school for workers on the automated roadways. It not only taught technical skills but also indoctrinated the workers with ésprit de corps and a profound sense of responsibility.
("The Roads Must Roll")

United States of America
1. It was apparently absorbed into a world government.
(Beyond This Horizon)
2. It was still a distinct entity geographically if not politically.
(Citizen of the Galaxy)
3. Democratic government was restored by the Second American Revolution after the Interregnum of the Prophets. The Constitution was replaced by the Covenant.
("Coventry", Methuselah's Children)
4. It was invaded and occupied by the PanAsians.
(The Day After Tomorrow)
5. It was part of a world government, but its sovereignty was guaranteed by treaty.
(Double Star)
6. An assault by atomic weapons from the Soviet Union resulted in destruction of all northern-hemisphere governments.
(Farnham's Freehold)
7. Its decline and fall, according to Hartley Baldwin, was partly caused by assassinations.
8. Although it included 54 states, it was rapidly descending into chaos. The traditional political parties (Democratic, Republican) were fringe groups, and most cities were armed camps.
(I Will Fear No Evil)
9. The Constitutional government was overthrown by religious fanatics, and the territory was isolated from the rest of the world. When the Second American Revolution restored democracy, U.S. Constitution was replaced by the Covenant.
("If This Goes On—")
10. It was part of the Federated Nations, but maintained a distinct identity.
(The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress)
11. It was part of a world government, but many of its citizens believed that the U.S. dominated that government.
(Space Cadet)
12. It was apparently a distinct entity within a world government.
(The Star Beast)

United States of North America
In Alex Hergensheimer's homeworld, it comprised 46 states and the government was dominated by religious conservatives.
(Job: A Comedy of Justice)

United System
Name of the former Planetary League after its constitution was rewritten.
(Time for the Stars)

United Textiles
Company for which Adam Reeves worked.
("If This Goes On—")

Manufacturer of parts for the hydrogen-fusion plant that LuNoHoCo bought for the catapult.
(The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress)

Hotel Universal
Hotel designed to accommodate nonterrestrials. Dr. Ftaeml stayed there during the negotiations with the Hroshii.
(The Star Beast)

University of Edinburgh
Prime contractor for the first expedition to Mars.
(Stranger in a Strange Land)

University of Peiping
Site of efforts to combine computers with human brains to create "a computing Cyborg".
(The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress)

Unsung Genius
Book about Hubert Twitchell written by Daniel Boone Davis.
(The Door Into Summer)

Up Ship!
Volume of "Noisy" Rhysling's poetry. Most of the poems were collected posthumously from people who had known him, and not all of them were authentic.
("The Green Hills of Earth")

Upjohn International
[mentioned in passing] Corporation that announced a dividend shortly after Johann Sebastian Bach Smith's brain transplant.
(I Will Fear No Evil)

Urquhart (no first name)
Reserve captain who took command of the Lewis & Clark after Captain Swenson was killed. Although at first he was determined to continue on the mission in spite of the drastically depleted crew, he was ordered to rendezvous with a faster-than-light ship to return home (or possibly he persuaded the Long Range Foundation to arrange this).
(Time for the Stars)

Ursula (no last name)
Adam Selene's fictitious secretary, a persona created by Mike.
(The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress)

Utah State University
Jacob Burroughs' home campus.
(The Number of the Beast)

Uth-a-gen Hormone Company
Sponsor of a stereocast lecture that Sam Cavanaugh encountered while looking for newscasts that might give some clue to conditions in Zone Red.
(The Puppet Masters)

Area of Mars where Copais was located. (It is unclear whether it was a political or a geographical unit.)
(The Red Planet)

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