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Artemis Mines
Lunar mining company whose stock D. D. Harriman ordered sold to finance his trip to the Moon.
(also in other stories)

Ashley (no first name)
Accountant for D. D. Harriman.

Bates County Fair
Fair that featured the Care Free's "moon flights", which inspired D. D. Harriman to hire the ship and pilots to take him to the Moon for real.

Butler, Missouri
Town that hosted the Bates County Fair.
(also in other stories)

Care Free
Name of the "moon rocket" exhibited at the Bates County Fair. D. D. Harriman hired the ship and its pilots to take him to the moon, but the ship ended up crashed in a river.

Charles Cummings
The mechanic and engineer of the Care Free. He was blackballed from space flight for smuggling, but hired by D. D. Harriman to take him to the Moon.

Electrical Experimenter
Magazine mentioned in passing by D. D. Harriman.

Dr. Frost (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Astronomer under whom D. D. Harriman hoped to work at Yerkes Observatory, before he learned he could not afford college.

Charlotte Harriman
D. D. Harriman's wife. She opposed his "wild schemes" such as sending a rocket to the moon.

Delos D. Harriman
Business tycoon who inspired and largely funded many space-related endeavors, including the first trip to the moon. Harriman is mentioned indirectly in most of the Future History stories, mostly in businesses and institutions bearing his name. In "Requiem", he secretly financed a moon rocket to take him personally to the Moon, launching in spite of legal attempts to stop him; and died shortly after landing on the lunar surface. Harriman Scholarships is mentioned as a program financed by his investments in lunar companies.
(also in other stories)

Kamens (no first name)
The son of Saul Kamens. He took over his father's job as attorney for D. D. Harriman and defended him in a competency hearing.

Luna City
City built under the Moon's surface, including not only habitations but farms and other necessities.
(also in other stories)

Luna City Recreations
Company in which D. D. Harriman owned stock. He ordered it sold to finance his Moon trip.

Name that D. D. Harriman bestowed upon the ship that took him to the Moon.
(also in other stories)

James McIntyre
Captain of the Care Free. Originally a spacer, he was blacklisted for drinking on the job. He was hired by D. D. Harriman to fly him to the Moon.

Moulton (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Scientist under whom D. D. Harriman had hoped to study at the University of Chicago.

Richardson Observatory
Lunar installation sponsored by D. D. Harriman.
(also in other stories)

Space Precautionary Act
Legislation that regulated space travel and safety measures. The Act prohibited D. D. Harriman from going into space because of his physical disability (heart disease).
(also in other stories)

Spaceways Ltd.
D. D. Harriman ordered his stock sold to finance his trip to the Moon.
(also in other stories)

Spaceways Provisioning Company
Company whose stock D. D. Harriman ordered sold to pay for his trip to the Moon.
(also in other stories)

Stunning Stories
Magazine that George Strong scolded his son for reading; he mentioned it while remonstrating with D. D. Harriman for his interest in space travel.


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