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A Heinlein Concordance 2004 M.E.Cowan


"Nothing Ever Happens on the Moon"

Andrews (no first name)
Scoutmaster on Luna, who oversaw Bruce Hollifield's attempts to become a Lunar Eagle Scout.
(also in other stories)

Badger Patrol
Bruce Hollifield's Scout patrol on Earth.

Crescent Patrol
Scout Patrol led by Speedy Owens.

Abner Green
His corpse was found by Bruce Hollifield and Sam Parsons when they fell into a morning glory while camping on the Moon.

Harkness (no first name)
Scoutmaster of Scout Troop Three in Luna.
(also in other stories)

Bruce Hollifield
Eagle Scout from Denver, Colorado, who was stopping over in Luna while emigrating to Venus. He was determined to make Eagle Scout for Earth, Luna, and Venus, the first and probably only Triple Eagle in history, even though he had only three weeks in Luna. While on a two-man camping trip with an experienced Lunar Scout he saved himself and the other boy after they fell into a morning glory, and there is a hint at the end of the story that he would indeed make Eagle.

morning glory
A sinkhole formation in the lunar surface, often covered by a thin crust that makes it impossible to spot. If someone falls in, the crumbling sides make it impossible to get out.

Speedy Owens (no other first name)
Scout Patrol leader in Luna.

Sam Parsons
Lunar Eagle Scout and Senior Patrol leader who was assigned to keep track of Bruce Hollifield. He injured a leg falling into a morning glory and was rescued by Bruce.

Peewee (no other name)
Member of Sam Parsons' Scout troop.
(also in other stories)

Rocket Patrol
Scout patrol led by Sam Parsons.

Chubby Schneider (no other first name)
Scout troop quartermaster on Luna.

Boy Scouts play a central role in Farmer in the Sky, "Nothing Ever Happens on the Moon", and "The Black Pits of Luna" (not surprising since the first two stories were written for the Boy Scout magazine Boys' Life).

South Pole
Human settlement on Venus, Bruce Hollifield's destination when he stopped over on the Moon.

Troop One
Boy Scout troop in Luna.


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