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The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress

Adam's Little Apples
Jeering name for the Civil Defense Corps in Luna City. The ridicule stopped when one heckler was shoved through an airlock.

Ad-Hoc Committee for Organization of Free Luna
Committee organized as a dumping ground for "self-appointed political scientists" to keep them out of the way of the real government work.

In Luna City before the revolution, adoption was simply a matter of taking the child into one's home. Manuel Garcia O'Kelly complained about the complications developed in later years.
(also in other stories)

Aetna Luna
[mentioned in passing] A company that had offices in Luna City Old Dome. If Adam Selene's offices had existed, they would have been located next door.

Agra, India
Federated Nations headquarters, to which Manuel Garcia O'Kelly and Bernardo de la Paz traveled on behalf of Free Luna.

Alert Four
Bernardo de la Paz's plan to censor outgoing news during the coup. It provided a variety of excuses as to why direct transmission was impossible.

Alert Four-M
Emergency plan to cut the Lunar Authority Complex and other areas staffed by Terrans off from the rest of Luna during the coup.

Alvarez (no first name)
Security chief for Lunar Authority. He was killed during the coup.

Manuel Garcia O'Kelly, like most Lunar colonists, was proud of his mixed-race ancestry. One grandfather was deported from Johannesburg for armed violence and no work permit (obviously native African), the other deported for subversive activities. His grandmothers were a juvenile delinquent "enrolled" in the Peace Corps mission to Luna, and a Tatar "volunteer" for Soviet colonization. He also claimed among his ancestors a witch hanged in Salem, a pirate, and an English deportee [convict] to Botany Bay, Australia. Wyoming Knott, a first generation colonist, was one of the rare Lunarites not of mixed race. Her pure blonde coloring was extremely uncommon. Disguised as Wyma Beth Johnson, Wyoming was described as Tamil, with a touch of Angolan and German. Red-haired Hazel Meade was also first-generation.
(also in other stories)

Apollo Industrial Complex
[mentioned in passing] Located on Luna, connected to Luna City.

Auberge Orleans
Hotel where Stuart LaJoie stayed in Luna City. [French auberge, "inn"]

See Lunar Authority.

Authority scrip
Official currency in Luna City, which the Revolutionary Council continued to use after the coup. It was just about worth the paper it was printed on.

Baker Street Irregulars
Luna City children recruited to spy on the Warden's finks, distribute literature, etc.

Bank of Hong Kong Luna
Bank that issued its own currency, which was more valuable and stable than Lunar Authority scrip. The currency was not legally acceptable within Authority jurisdiction, but it was accepted Earthside and used in black market transactions in Luna. It was backed by gold and other commodities.

Bastille Day
a. Code name for Manuel Garcia O'Kelly's secret file in Mike's memory banks; Mannie's birthday. b. No doubt, during their mission to Earth Bernardo de la Paz told the French that this was the day they overthrew Lunar Authority. In nearly every country he told audiences that Luna's "independence day" was the same as their own.

Moshai Baum
Wolfgang Korsakov's boss and vice-chairman of Free Luna's governing committee.

Bell Labs
The Buenos Aires laboratory contained the fastest computer in existence, but Manuel Garcia O'Kelly compared it unfavorably to Mike's total capabilities.

City in Luna.

Honorable Pamela Hyphen-Hyphen Blueblood
Manuel Garcia O'Kelly's rendition of the name of Stuart LaJoie's wife; her real name is not given.

Deity invoked in curses. [Russian, "god"]

Bon Marché
Luna City market that gave away liberty caps as premiums. [French, "good market"; colloquially, a bargain.]
(also in other stories)

Bon Ton Beauté Shoppe
Sidris Davis' business. After she was recruited for the Revolution, and recruited her assistant in turn, it became a center of subversive planning and activity. [French, "good tone"; colloquially, stylish or in fashion.]

Bottom Alley
Lowlife district in Luna City.

Brasilian Union
Independent government and member of the Federation. [Most likely Brazil, and possibly surrounding territories.]

Judge Brody (no first name)
A friend of Manuel Garcia O'Kelly, an ice driller until he lost a leg. After the accident he became a free-lance arbitrator in Luna City. He was named a Brigadier in the revolutionary forces and put in charge of the First and Second Defense Gunners.

Carnegie Library
One of Manuel Garcia O'Kelly's Luna City customers for computer maintenance.

[mentioned in passing] Party name of a member of Bernardo de la Paz's cell. Her real name was not given.

Carver Causeway
Major transportation route in Luna City.

Party name of Mimi Davis.

Party name of Sidris Davis.

Stuart LaJoie wangled citizenships and passports for Manuel Garcia O'Kelly and Bernardo de la Paz to facilitate their travel on Earth, and also worked on getting diplomatic immunity for them.

Dr. Chan (no first name)
Member of the Federation government Investigating Committee that debated the Lunar revolution, a Senator from Great China; later Vice Chairman and Premier of the Federation.

Chang (no first name)
Party name of a member of Manuel Garcia O'Kelly's cell; the real name was not given.
(also in other stories)

Chase International Panagra
Financial establishment with which Bernardo de la Paz discussed opening Luna City branches.

Chiang Sylvia
Revolutionary organization secretary, and agent for the Warden.

[mentioned in passing] Lunar colony.

City Engineering Central
Location of subsidiary computers that controlled the life support and other functions in Luna City.

Civic Players
[mentioned in passing] Theater group in Luna City. A Lunar Authority fink reported talking to Adam Selene during one of its performances.

Civil Defense Corps
A team was organized in every warren after the initial days of the Lunar revolt, to prepare for attack by Earth. They trained to repair ruptured seals, airlocks, etc., in case of bombs. Members were mostly recruited from the stilyagi.

clan marriage
A polygamous family system that evolved in Luna; the exact details were not described. (See also line marriage.)

Clausewitz (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Authority on war and revolutions.

[mentioned in passing] Party name of a member of Wyoming Knott's cell. The real name is not given.

Colin (no other name)
[mentioned in passing] Party name of a member of Manuel Garcia O'Kelly's cell. His real name is not given.

Commonwealth Shared Risk
Bank in Luna City. Mike worked numerous embezzlement schemes there to finance the revolution.

Community Hall
Meeting place for the Ad-Hoc Committee for Organization of Free Luna.

Usual name for the Lunar Authority headquarters in Luna City. It contained government offices, the Warden's home, and Guard barracks. It was apparently separate from other sections of Luna City.

[mentioned in passing] Party name of a member of Bernardo de la Paz' cell. The real name was not given.

Cradle Roll Creche
Childhood home and place of employment for Hazel Meade. The manager claimed unsuccessfully that she still owed them for room and board when she was adopted by the Davis family.

Organization that was proposed by the Federation to aid lunar "colonists" to return to Earth if they so wished, ignoring the fact that most Lunarites were born there, and virtually all could not physically tolerate Earth gravity and living conditions.

Daily Lunatic
Luna City newspaper, possibly a Lunar Authority organ.
(also in other stories)

Gospodin Dangling-Participle (no other name)
Manuel Garcia O'Kelly's name for an Ad-Hoc Committee member who kept trying to correct the grammar — unnecessarily — in the Declaration of Independence as adapted by Free Luna. [Russian Gospodin, "Mister"]

Darwin, Australia
Port from which Stuart LaJoie, Manuel Garcia O'Kelly, and Bernardo de la Paz returned to Luna after their unsuccessful negotiations with the Federation.

The family name of Manuel Garcia O'Kelly's line marriage.

Ali Davis
A member of Manuel Garcia O'Kelly's line marriage, who married into the family in 2076.

Anna Davis
A member of Manuel Garcia O'Kelly's line marriage, who took over family management when Mimi Davis retired.

Billy Davis
The son of Anna Davis. Mannie may have been his father (although it was considered extremely rude to ask).

Hans Davis
A member of Manuel Garcia O'Kelly's line marriage.

Black Jack Davis
First husband of the Davis family, deceased during Mannie's time.

Lenore Davis
A member of Manuel Garcia O'Kelly's line marriage.

Ludmilla Davis
Youngest wife of the Davis family, "raised" by them. She was killed during the Revolution, and her remains used to fertilize the family's flower garden.

Mimi Davis
Senior wife of the Davis family, called "Mum" by her husbands. She joined the Revolution as a member of Mannie's cell, with the Party name Cassie.

Sergei Davis
A member of Manuel Garcia O'Kelly's line marriage, son of one of the women of Mannie's generation. He helped rig embezzlement schemes to finance the Revolution.

Sidris Davis
A member of Manuel Garcia O'Kelly's line marriage. She joined the Revolution in charge of "agitprop and nasty rumors". Her party name was Cecelia; she was a member of Wyoming Knott's cell.

Teddy Davis
A member of Manuel Garcia O'Kelly's line marriage, son of one of the women of Mannie's generation. He opted out into another family at thirteen.

Tillie Davis
First wife of the Davis family, deceased during Mannie's time.

Bernardo de la Paz
Political exile in Luna City who made a living as a teacher, called Professor or Prof by nearly everyone.He was one of the Revolution's leaders; his party name was Bill. Besides being the primary tactician for the Revolution, he visited Earth with Manuel Garcia O'Kelly to negotiate with the Federation's Grand Assembly (unknown to Mannie, he planned the trip to be a failure, to make the Lunarites more willing to fight and less willing to make concessions). He was named Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Free Luna. He died of a heart attack shortly after the final battle ended.

Der Tag
Manuel Garcia O'Kelly's term for the day of rioting that resulted in Lunar Authority's overthrow. [German, "the day"]

Donna (no other name)
Party name of the woman who arranged for children to follow Hazel Meade to learn where she lived, after Manuel Garcia O'Kelly recognized her from the protest rally.

Dorian (no first name)
Physicist and engineer from Terra who wanted to see the catapult being built by LuNoHoCo (it was actually be built as a weapon against Terra). The transport vehicle had an "accident" on the way, and he never reached the site.

Earth is frequently called "Terra" in Heinlein stories. The planet is featured in every story (with the arguable exception of Orphans of the Sky); and is, geophysically at least, the same as the "real" Earth. Between Planets, The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, and Red Planet describe the struggles of the human colonies in the Solar System to achieve political independence from Earth; Podkayne of Mars refers indirectly to this history.

Lunarites' derogatory (and usual) term for Earth residents.

Manned satellite in Terra orbit; by implication, a pleasure resort.
(also in other stories)

Emergency Committee of Free Luna
Wyoming Knott, Manuel Garcia O'Kelly, and Bernardo de la Paz, acting as a provisional (and self-appointed) government after the Revolution.

[mentioned in passing] Terminal of the Hong Kong Luna transport system.

FNS Espérance
Cruiser that led the attack on Luna's ballistic radar. [French, "hope"]

In Luna, polyandry and line marriages [see marriage] are common, although these arrangements are scandalous to conservative areas of North America.
(also in other stories)

Federated Nations
Earth's governing body, which also controlled the Luna until the Revolution. Generally called the Federation.

The usual term used for the Federated Nations.
(also in other stories)

Choy Lin and Choy Mu Fedoseev
Brothers who were Wyoming Knott's co-husbands. She divorced them after giving birth to a deformed child and realizing she had probably been affected by childhood exposure to radiation, the fault of the Lunar Authority's lack of concern for the colonists' health and safety.

Fifth Internationalist
Wyoming Knott's political persuasion. The beliefs are not described, but it is probably a version of socialism or communism.

Fink File
Name used by Manuel Garcia O'Kelly for his copy of Special File Zebra, in which the Warden had listed all his operatives working in antigovernment groups.

First Defense Gunners
Laser-gun squad formed in Luna City against the probability of an attack by the Federation. It was mostly comprised of ice drillers.

Obsolete computer that Manuel Garcia O'Kelly serviced in Luna City.

Fourth-of-July League
Propaganda group that handled the North American appearances of Manuel Garcia O'Kelly and Bernardo de la Paz. The name was intended relate Lunar independence to Independence Day in America.

Frank (no last name)
Married into the Davis family in 2076. (Men who join line marriages generally kept their original surnames.)

Free Luna
Revolutionary movement started by Bernardo de la Paz and Manuel Garcia O'Kelly.
"Free Luna!"
Slogan of the Revolution, picked up and used universally as a greeting or farewell throughout the lunar colonies.

Friends of Free Luna
Supposedly an organization that supported Lunar independence; actually "Stu [Stuart LaJoie], a professional public opinion firm, several thousand chronic petition signers, and a great stack of Hong Kong dollars."


John Galt
[mentioned in passing] Hero of Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged. Mike was described as the "John Galt" of the Revolution because, though he was its leader, he was never seen.

Albert Ginwallah
Persona invented by Mike as Adam Selene's confidential assistant. It was used to catch Party members who would violate instructions to give information only to Adam. Ginwallah would suggest that the Party member give "him" the information because Adam was unavailable; anyone who did so was no longer trusted with dangerous information.

Gostaneetsa Ukraina
Hotel where Wyoming Knott was booked to stay in Luna City the night after the Stilyagi Hall riot.

Grand Hotel Raffles
Hotel where Manuel Garcia O'Kelly and Wyoming Knott holed up after the Stilyagi Hall riot.

Great China
[mentioned in passing] Twenty-first century government, a member of the Federation.

Great New York Times
Newspaper that took an anti-Luna stance, demanding that the entire "rebel" government be fetched Earthside and publicly executed.

Great New York Urban Renewal Program
Relocation project in effect 2025–2030 CE, in which many people including Wyoming Knott's family were moved from the East Coast to the American West.

Greenberg and Company
Company that had offices in Luna City Old Dome. If Adam Selene's offices had existed, they would have been next door.

Guevera (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Authority on revolution.

Harry (no last name)
Engineer who worked to restore communications in the Moon after the counterattack by Earth.
(also in other stories)

Fred Hauser
Miner who complained at the Stilyagi Hall meeting about the price paid by the Lunar Authority for ice.

Luna City was bombarded with atomic weapons after it "dropped rocks" on Earth.
(The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress)
(also in other stories)

Mortimer Hobart (the Warden)
Former Federation senator exiled to Luna City and named Warden there. He stayed inside his Compound and let things take their own course. He was not a bad sort, but the Loonies hated him on general principles and called him "Mort the Wart". He was killed during the Revolution.

Holmes Four
See Mike.

Title of a propagandistic poem by Adam Selene, published in a Luna City magazine.

Home Defense Guard
Female militia formed in Luna City.

Hong Kong
Lunar colony, apparently independent of Lunar Authority but with close ties to Luna City. Its newspaper was called the Hong Kong Gong. Its currency, Hong Kong Luna dollars, was not recognized by Lunar Authority, but was accepted in the other lunar colonies and on Earth, being backed by gold and other commodities.
(also in other stories)

Mentioned by Manuel Garcia O'Kelly as founded by "Dr. Watson".
(also in other stories)

"Arise, Ye Prisoners of Starvation", sung at the beginning of the Stilyagi Hall meeting. (Manuel Garcia O'Kelly observed cynically that none of the meeting's attendees looked particularly starved.)

Investigating Committee
Committee consisting of Lunar Authority and Federation officials that met with Manuel Garcia O'Kelly and Bernardo de la Paz to consider Luna's claim to independence. They clearly had no intention of granting any concessions.

Jackie (no other name)
"Jackie gave it to me" was the standard response to queries to Luna City children about the subversive material they handed out. Jackie, of course, did not exist.

See Johnson City.

Señor Jellybelly (no other name)
Bernardo de la Paz's name for the Argentine delegate to the Federation commission that was considering Lunar independence. He owned a brothel in Buenos Aires, and Bernardo deliberately insulted him by asking about it.

Simon Jester
Mike's pen name for subversive doggerel, caricatured as a little horned devil with pitchfork and tail, sometimes stabbing a fat man. He was quickly adopted by Loonies in general, and cartoons and verses that Mike had not produced appeared everywhere, becoming the Revolutionary equivalent of "Kilroy Was Here".

Jock (no last name)
Baker Street Irregular sent to tail Hazel Meade.
(also in other stories)

Wyma Beth Johnson
Alias used by Wyoming Knott while she was hiding from Lunar Authority disguised as an Afro.

Johnson City
[mentioned in passing] Early lunar colony.

Chang Jones
Lunar Congressman who proposed a grain embargo against Earth.

Mike's name for the auxiliary computer used for launching ballistic loads.

KM187 Series '76
The "load of grain" in which Manuel Garcia O'Kelly and Bernardo de la Paz were smuggled to Terra to present Luna's Declaration of Independence to the Federation Assembly.

Wyoming Knott
Daughter of transportees to Luna from North America, a revolutionary from Hong Kong Luna whom Manuel Garcia O'Kelly rescued from the Stilyagi Hall riot. He introduced her to Mike, and with Bernardo de la Paz they formed the core of a successful revolutionary movement against Lunar Authority. Her Party name was Betty.

Part of her hatred of the Authority stems from her overexposure to radiation in early childhood, caused by their lack of concern for colonists, which made it impossible for her to bear her own healthy children. She was, however, a host mother by profession.

She married into the Davis family (Mannie's family), and was named Speaker Pro Tem of the Revolutionary Congress after Luna declared its independence.

She used the name Wyma Beth Johnson when she first went into hiding with Mannie's family.

Nickname for Hong Kong Luna.

Wolfgang Korsakov
Board chairman of LuNoHoCo and a director of the Bank of Hong Kong Luna. After the Revolution, he was named to the Cabinet as Secretary of State for Economics and Finance (and Custodian of Enemy Property).

"Ladies From Hades"
See Home Defense Guard.

Stuart Rene LaJoie
Wealthy tourist from Earth who became a patron of the Lunar Revolution, recruited by the Davis family. Manuel Garcia O'Kelly had saved him from being shoved through an airlock by the friends of a girl with whom he flirted a little too aggressively. He aided propaganda efforts on Earth and arranged for Mannie and Bernardo de la Paz to negotiate with the Federation. After the negotiations broke down, he emigrated to Luna and was named Special Minister Without Portfolio for the Ministry of Information in the Revolutionary government.

Ship in which Stuart LaJoie, Manuel Garcia O'Kelly, and Bernardo de la Paz returned to Luna after the unsuccessful negotiations with the Federation over Luna's independence.

See Luna City.

Slim Lemke
See Moses Lemke Stone.

Leures (no first name)
Cyborg captain of the Lark.

Lexington, Kentucky
Place where Manuel Garcia O'Kelly was arrested for bigamy, miscegenation, and "inciting public immorality" after describing and showing pictures of his [multi-racial] family. He found out much later that Stuart LaJoie had "planted" the questions that led to Mannie discussing his family, knowing that such a result would ensue and that Mannie's arrest would arouse outrage — and thus increase support for the Revolution — back home in the Moon.

liberty cap
Symbol borrowed from Earth's 18th-century French Revolution for the Lunar revolution. The slogan, "Liberty! Equality! Fraternity!" was also used.

line marriage
Polygamous custom evolved in Luna City. Spouses are opted in at fairly regular intervals (usually alternating sexes), so that the marriage/family never comes to an end. The arrangement is intended more to provide emotional and economic security for the children than sexual partners for the adults. Younger spouses are almost more "adopted" than married. Children marry outside the line marriage.

Little David's Sling
Ballistic launcher built by LuNoHoCo, officially for grain shipments but actually to "throw rocks" at Earth during the Revolution.

Name for residents of the lunar colonies, commonly used among themselves but almost certainly an insult if used by anyone else.

Luna Association, D'Echecs
[mentioned in passing] The Warden speculated that Adam Selene was a member. [French échecs, "chess".]

Luna City
City built under the Moon's surface, including not only habitations but farms and other necessities, plus a varied cultural life. It is featured or at least mentioned in many of Heinlein's stories; The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress contains the most detailed descriptions.
(also in other stories)

Luna City Athletic Club
[mentioned in passing] The Warden speculated that Adam Selene exercised there on his lunch hour.

Luna City Chess Club
[mentioned in passing] The Warden speculated that Adam Selene was a member.

Luna City Co-Op Comm Company
Communications network apparently controlled by Lunar Authority.

Luna City Council
Governing body in Luna City, probably a puppet of the Lunar Authority.

Lunar Authority
Governing body of the lunar penal colonies. Among other things, it set prices for items exported to Earth. It was generally considered by lunar residents to be despotic and unresponsive to conditions in the colonies.

Lunar Authority Complex
Seat of government for the lunar penal colonies, apparently isolated from the rest of the settlement with separate airlocks and life support systems. It was the location of Mike's central processors.

Lunaya Pravda
Luna City newspaper.
(also in other stories)

Company set up as a front for Revolutionary activities. Its main offices were in Hong Kong Luna; it had branches in Novy Leningrad and Luna City and employed hundreds of people. It was mostly an engineering and exploitation firm engaged in many ventures; its prime purpose was construction of a catapult to be used in the bombardment of Earth to persuade the government to acknowledge Luna's independence. Messages to Stuart LaJoie were transmitted via his stockbroker in reports on LuNoHoCo's business.

Marie Lyons
Civil servant living in Lunar Authority Complex who was raped and murdered by Peace Dragoons. The incident set off riots in Luna City, a massacre of the Dragoons, and ultimately the overthrow of Lunar Authority.

Lysistrata Corps
Female gunnery squad organized to improve morale for male gunners.

Alias ("Auntie Mabel") used for Wyoming Knott by the Baker Street Irregulars.
(also in other stories)

The MacGregor
Stuart LaJoie could lay dubious claim to the title.

Mentioned in passing as an authority on revolutions.

Mare Undarum
Site of the LuNoHoCo catapult, its exact coordinates known only by the leaders of the Revolution.

In Luna, polygamous and particularly polyandrous customs evolved because of the drastic shortage of women. Simple polyandry was common, but clan marriages (details not given) and line marriages are also mentioned.
(also in other stories)

In Heinlein's stories, the Red Planet is usually described as barren and cold with a thin atmosphere, just barely habitable by humans in pressurized habitats or after terraforming. The "canals" are real waterways (usually frozen). The planet has native life, variously described in different books. Though some of the books depict conflicts between human colonists and native Martians, none portray the natives as resentful of the invasion of their home; often, the Martians remains largely oblivious to the human presence. In The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, Mars is an almost airless desert.

Mildred Mathews
Kentucky resident who quizzed Manuel Garcia O'Kelly about lunar life, especially marriage and family customs, causing his arrest for public immorality. (Her husband is also briefly mentioned.)

McIntyre (no first name)
Lunar Authority's Chief Engineer. He was nominally in charge of Mike but called in Manuel Garcia O'Kelly for any maintenance. He sided with the Loonies in the Revolution.
(also in other stories)

Hazel Meade
See Hazel Meade Stone.

Manuel Garcia O'Kelly's nickname for the main computer in Luna City, after Arthur Conan Doyle's character Mycroft Holmes. The name may have been inspired by the computer's official name, "High-Optional, Logical, Multi-Evaluating Supervisor, Mark IV, Mod. L", or HOLMES IV. Designed for decision-making on insufficient data, Mike had peripherals and functions added until his complexity reached that of the human brain and he "woke up". After being introduced to human revolutionaries by Mannie, Mike became the chief strategist of the Lunar revolution, assuming the public persona of Adam Selene. He successfully controlled the war against Earth, but "died" when connections with his outlying peripherals were severed; even after repairs were made he did not "return". He had been capable of assuming different voices and personalities; e.g. he was "Michelle", speaking in a French-accented soprano, with Wyoming Knott.
(also in other stories)

Government unit during the events of The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress.

Shorty Mkrum (no other first name)
A friend of Manuel Garcia O'Kelly, he had been transported to Luna for murder. He died during the Stilyagi Hall riot.

"Mom" (no other name)
Comrade who helped clean up and dispose of bodies after the Stilyagi Hall riot.

Literary magazine published in Luna City. It published Adam Selene's poetry.

Morgenstern (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] An authority on revolution.

Foo Moses Morris
Comrade who went bankrupt guaranteeing loans for LuNoHoCo's catapult and other Revolutionary projects. He started over with a Hong Kong Luna tailor shop. 

Mother Boor's Tucker Bag
[mentioned in passing] Restaurant or pub in Luna City.

Mycroft Holmes IV
See Mike.
(Also in The Cat Who Walks Through Walls, To Sail Beyond the Sunset)

national dollars
Money printed by the Free Luna government, worth about as much as the paper it was printed on.

New India Times
Newspaper that ran an editorial on Luna's claim to independence, stressing the importance of continuing grain shipments.

Finn Nielsen
Chairman of the Stilyagi Hall protest meeting. he became a member of the Free Luna revolutionary government cabinet, and commander of the Armed Forces. He was a member of Bernardo de la Paz's cell; his party name was "Cornwall".

North American Directorate
The United States was a unit within the Directorate, but apparently clung to its own identity.

Novy Bolshoi Teatr Associates
Theater group in Luna, probably in Novy Leningrad. [Russian novy, "new"]

Novy Leningrad (Novylen)
City in Luna, presumably established by Russia or settled largely by Russian emigrants. [Russian novy, "new"]
(also in other stories)

Manuel (Mannie) Garcia O'Kelly
Second-generation Lunar colonist, who lost an arm in a mining accident and was sent to Earth to learn computer technology; he used a variety of artificial arms in his craft. He was the first person to learn Mike was "awake", and persuaded Mike to help run a revolution against the corrupt Lunar Authority. Besides his activities in Luna (including using his technical skills to tap into Authority's power systems and data files), he traveled to Earth to plead Luna's case with the government and populace. He was named Undersecretary of State and Minister of Defense in the independent lunar government. He was a member of the Davis line marriage, also related to the Stone gang. His Party name was Bork.

Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya
Presumably a political event or period of upheaval in Russia; it resulted in mass deportations to Luna.

Old Dome
Area in Luna City, probably the original structure from the settlement's founding. Adam Selene's offices were allegedly located there.

Opening Lotus
False name and identification given by the Lark to the tracking station when they shifted trajectory to Luna.

Operation Hard Rock
Code name for the Lunar revolution's plan to "throw rocks" at Terra. A ballistic "slingshot" was built on Luna, ostensibly to ship grain, but actually to launch lunar rocks at Earth; the initial momentum combined with the effect of Earth's gravity made them as destructive as atomic bombs.

Operation Little David's Sling
The same as Operation Hard Rock.

Revolutionary group in Luna, of which Wyoming Knott was a leader. Information that Mike provided from the Warden's "secret" records showed that it was infested with Lunar Authority spies.
(also in other stories)

Pan Africa
Government unit and member of the Federation.

Revolutionary organization started by Bernardo de la Paz, Wyoming Knott, and Manuel Garcia O'Kelly. They founded it on the cell system, in which any member knew at most four other members. The organizers developed a system of Party names, which not only protected members' real identities but also, through the first letter of the name, revealed their position in the hierarchy and how recently they had been recruited.

PRS Pathfinder
[mentioned in passing] Space ship that in the early days of spaceflight came in from orbit out of control and destroyed a Belgian village.
(also in other stories)

Federated Nations flagship deployed for the invasion of Luna after the colonies declared independence. [Latin, "peace"]

Peace Corps
Involuntary enrollment was used as a means of transporting undesirables to Lunar colonies.

Peace Dragoons
Federated Nations troops transported to Luna to enforce authority. Their job was made difficult by the hatred and ridicule of colonists (who called them Goons), and by their own anger at learning that the trip was necessarily one-way because of the long-term effects of low gravity. Earth-based regiments mutinied after hearing rumors that more troops would be shipped to Luna.

Peter Pan's Pirates
See Baker Street Irregulars.

Philadelphia baseball team. Manuel Garcia O'Kelly and Bernardo de la Paz argued their chances of winning the pennant.

Pierce Radioscope
Research facility in Luna, associated with Richardson Observatory. It was mostly staffed by Terrans.

Pillar of Fire Repentance Tabernacle
Church where Greg Stone preached.

Plan Scoot
Scheme to rescue Bernardo de la Paz and Manuel Garcia O'Kelly from Earth after their negotiations fell through.

Crater that was the location of Hong Kong Luna.

Playboy Club
Indirectly referred to by Manuel Garcia O'Kelly as "hotel chain, one with rabbit trademark". Bernardo de la Paz discussed with the managing director the prospect of resorts in Luna.

"Poetry and Arts in Luna: A New Renaissance"
Lecture supposedly scheduled by Adam Selene. Announced in Lunaya Pravda, the scheduled public appearance was intended solely to rile Lunar Authority and perhaps flush out Authority agents.

Poona Control
Terran Ground Control Station in charge of landing grain barges from Luna.

Tourist ship in which Stuart LaJoie traveled to Luna.

Project Centerbore
[mentioned in passing] Many years after the Revolution, a project to search for uranium on the Moon.

In many stories, Heinlein portrayed prostitution as an honorable profession; his prostitutes ranged from hard-working and respectable to highly admired and honored. Prostitution was a respectable profession in Luna, perhaps partly because the high ration of men to women made the women a valuable "commodity".
(also in other stories)

Protector of the Lunar Colonies by Appointment of the Lunar Authority
Official title of the Warden.

Protector Pro Tem
Job offered to Manuel Garcia O'Kelly by Lunar Authority in return for his selling out the Revolution. Mannie naturally refused it.

Provisional Committee
Formal name of the Revolutionary organization started by Bernardo de la Paz, Manuel Garcia O'Kelly, and Wyoming Knott, with Mike's help.
(also in other stories)

Raffles Hotel
See Grand Hotel Raffles.

[mentioned in passing] Political persuasion, probably named after philosopher Ayn Rand.

Red Cross
Organization that was proposed to aid Lunar colonists who wished to return to Earth.

Revolutionary Council
Interim government formed by the Lunar colonists after they declared their independence from Earth.

Richardson Observatory
Research station on Luna, mostly staffed by Terrans.
(also in other stories)

The Rock
Transportees' name for the Moon.
(also in other stories)

Room L
Room in the Grand Hotel Raffles where Manuel Garcia O'Kelly and Wyoming Knott hid after the Stilyagi Hall riot. It was subsequently rented long term by Bernardo de la Paz as a base of operations for the Revolution.
(also in other stories)

political persuasion of some members of the Lunar Revolutionary organization; its specific tenets are not described.


Scarlet Pimpernel
[mentioned in passing] Fictional character to whom Mike was compared, in his role as the leader of the Revolution, because he was never seen but the signs of his "presence" profoundly disturbed the Lunar Authority.

Second Defense Gunners
Laser-gun military crew in Luna City, mostly formed from ice drillers.

Adam Selene
Party name and public persona for Mike in his role of Chairman for the Lunar revolution. His fellow conspirators created a background and personality for him, and Mike established him as a skilled poet and propagandist. He was named Minister-without-Portfolio and Special Adviser to the Prime Minister of the Free Luna government. His death was announced after the bombing of Luna City by Terran Federation ships.

Selene Associates
Company invented as a front for Adam Selene.

Selenophysical Station
Research facility in Luna, associated with Richardson Observatory. Most of the staff were Terrans.

Terence Sheehan
Editor of Lunaya Pravda and Minister of Information in the Free Luna government.

Manuel Garcia O'Kelly's code word for a telephone connection rigged by Mike so it could not be traced. [From "Sherlock Holmes".]

Political persuasion of some members of the Organization.

Sinus Medii
Site of a new transport tube from Luna City to Hong Kong Luna.

Federated Nations space traffic tracking facilities.

Bernard O. Smith
Alias used by Bernardo de la Paz after the Stilyagi Hall riot.

[mentioned in passing] Political persuasion of some members of the Organization.

Sons of Revolution
Rabble rousers in Luna City, who were encouraged to foment unrest against Lunar Authority.

Twenty-first century name for the Soviet Union, still a discrete political unit; which territories were included was not mentioned.

Special File Zebra
The Warden's computer file on the resistance movement, and the code words used to access it. The file listed all the Warden's spies in antigovernment groups.

Stilyagi Air Corps
Lunar gunnery defense squad. [Russian stilyagi, "young punk"]

Stilyagi Debs
Junior Home Defense Guard formed by Hazel Meade as the female auxiliary of the Stilyagi Air Corps. [Russian stilyagi, "young punk"]

Stilyagi Hall
Auditorium in Luna City. It was the site of a protest meeting that ended in riot when invaded by Peace Dragoons. [Russian stilyagi, "young punk"]

Stone Gang
Early clan marriage in Luna. Manuel Garcia O'Kelly's maternal grandmother was a member. Hazel Meade, an adopted daughter of the David line marriage, married a Stone.

Greg Stone
Number-two husband in the Davis family, preacher in an obscure sect that believed sundown Tuesday to sundown Wednesday was the Sabbath. He was recruited for the Revolution by Wyoming Knott, and used Calvin as his Party name.

Hazel Meade Stone (a.k.a. Gwen Novak)
Twelve-year-old member of the Young Comrades Auxiliary of the old Revolutionary Organization. She was recruited by Sidris Davis for the new Party and became captain of the Baker Street Irregulars. She had been transported to Luna as an infant. Both parents died within a few years and she was raised in a creche, where she worked (without pay) until she was adopted into the Davis family. She eventually married Moses Lemke Stone, had two children, and studied engineering.
(also in other stories)

Moses Lemke Stone
Young man who brought the complaint against Stuart LaJoie that Manuel Garcia O'Kelly judged. He became a Party member, level "G", and married Hazel Meade.

See Patricia Zhukov.

Tony (no last name)
Name with which Sidris Davis mistakenly addressed a Baker Street Irregular sent to tail Hazel Meade.
(also in other stories)

Site of a tube station in Luna.

Transportation tube route between Lunar Authority Complex and Luna City.

Sergei Trujillo
[mentioned in passing] Janitor to whom Mike issued a paycheck for $10,000,000,000,000,185.15 — the last five digits being the correct amount. Knowing he couldn't cash it, Trujillo sold it to a collector.

Tube Station South
[mentioned in passing] Transport depot in Luna City.

Tube Station West
Transport depot that contained storage lockers; Manuel Garcia O'Kelly kept his pressure suit there.

Tycho Under
Lunar colony.

Tycho-Under Mutual
Bank operating in Luna.

Uncle Joe
Alias that the Baker Street Irregulars used for Manuel Garcia O'Kelly.

Underwood Office Electrostator
Model of typewriter used to type Adam Selene's submissions to Luna City publications — it was a machine in the Lunar Authority offices.

United States of America
It was part of the Federated Nations, but maintained a distinct identity.
(also in other stories)

Manufacturer of parts for the hydrogen-fusion plant that LuNoHoCo bought for the catapult.

University of Peiping
Site of efforts to combine computers with human brains to create "a computing Cyborg".

Ursula (no last name)
Adam Selene's fictitious secretary, a persona created by Mike.

In the universe of The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, unlike in many of Heinlein's stories, Venus is uninhabitable.
(also in other stories)

"Veterans of Revolution"
Someone who had never been a Party member wanted to sell badges to the "Veterans", for a vast profit of course.

Mike used a voder-vocoder to speak; the vocoder analyzed speech sounds into patterns "read" by the computer, the voder reproduced the patterns as speech.
(also in other stories)

Voice of Free Luna
Propaganda beamed to Terra by the Revolutionary government.

Volunteer Defense Gunners of Free Luna.
See First Defense Gunners and Second Defense Gunners.

Wall Street Journal
[mentioned in passing] This newspaper was still being published at the time of the Lunar Revolution.

See Mortimer Hobart.

"Clayton" Watanabe
Minister of Interior Affairs and Safety in the first Free Luna government. Clayton is his Party name.

Dr. Watson
According to Manuel Garcia O'Kelly, he wrote the Sherlock Holmes stories and founded IBM [A conflation of the character in the Sherlock Holmes stories, and Thomas Watson, founder of IBM.]

West-Three Community Hall
Site where the Pillar of Fire Repentance Tabernacle met.

Wet Firecracker
[mentioned in passing] A war that occurred about two generations before the Lunar revolution, involving the North American Directorate.

Howard Wright
A troublemaker who insisted on participating in the Free Luna government, and was appointed Liaison for Arts, Sciences and Professions as a makework position. He disappeared shortly after a dispute with Manuel Garcia O'Kelly and Wyoming Knott in which the two threatened to resign from the government.

[mentioned in passing] Manuel Garcia O'Kelly bet Bernardo de la Paz that the baseball team would win the World Series, but they ended the season in the cellar.

Yellow Jackets
Lunar Authority guards, so called after their uniforms.

Young Comrades Auxiliary
Youth auxiliary of the Lunar revolutionary organization.

Zebra File
See Special File Zebra.

Patricia Carmen (Tish) Zhukov
Luna City teenager who flirted with Stuart LaJoie but complained when he became too familiar. Her male friends wanted to shove Stu through an airlock for the offense, but Manuel Garcia O'Kelly persuaded them to be content with LaJoie paying a fine and apologizing. Manny also scolded Tish for not having better sense.


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