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Armatoe (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Researcher who established statistical facts about geniuses as cited by Hartley Baldwin.

Hartley M. Baldwin
Physicist who developed the Nova Effect while attempting to prove it wouldn't work. He headed a secret organization of New Men whose purpose was to influence the progress of society. One of his aliases was Gregory Baldwin, a helicopter dealer.
(also in other stories)

Bonn (no first name)
Joe Briggs' government agency boss.

Joe Briggs (a.k.a. Joe Greene)
Secret agent sent to the Moon to retrieve tapes describing the Nova Effect. He was taken prisoner by Mrs. Keithley after mailing the tapes to prevent their capture, and was rescued by Hartley Baldwin. His agency's head held him responsible for the mission's failure although he was given no support for it; he resigned and joined Baldwin's New Men, eventually being assigned to stop Mrs. Keithley's coup attempt using the Nova Effect. He died disarming the weapon, and a memorial was erected to him and his wife on the Moon. He used the name Joe Greene among the New Men, and also the aliases Joel Abner (a commercial traveler), Joseph Gilead (explorer, lecturer, and writer), and Jack Gillespie (loader and driver-helper on a diesel freighter).

Raymond Calhoun
Name to which Joe Briggs addressed the mailing tubes containing the Nova Effect tapes.

Carruthers (no first name)
Agent that Bonn ordered to search for the film that Joe Briggs had mailed.
(also in other stories)

Newspaper that Joe Briggs tried unsuccessfully to call from the Savoy hotel.

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Copley
Members of Hartley Baldwin's New Men, stationed in the Moon. Gail and Joe Greene went to work for them as cover for their real assignment of thwarting Mrs. Keithley's schemes.

Model of helicopter that Hartley Baldwin (using his alias of Gregory Baldwin) offered to sell Joe Briggs when they met in jail.

Intelligence agency for which Joe Briggs worked. He quit, over his boss' objections, after "losing" the tapes on the Nova Effect.

Elysian Rest Homes
[mentioned in passing] Retirement community on the Moon.

See Federal Bureau of Security.

Federal Bureau of Security
Agency for which Joe Briggs worked before he "lost" the Nova Effect tapes. Usually referred to as FBS.

Dr. Finnley (no first name)
Director of the Nova Effect weapons project, a political appointee.

Mrs. Garver
Hostess at Hartley Baldwin's ranch, a "motherly old party".

Gail Greene
Joe Briggs' teacher in New Men thinking methods and language. She joined him in thwarting Mrs. Keithley's blackmail scheme, and was killed stopping the Nova Effect. Her original surname is not given; since she and Joe "married" each other in their last minutes of life, she is known by the surname that he used in Hartley Baldwin's organization.
(also in other stories)

Joe Greene (a.k.a. Joe Briggs)
Name that Joe Briggs used in Hartley Baldwin's organization; this name is listed on the monument to him and his wife Gail Greene at the site where they died stopping the Nova Effect.
(also in other stories)

Steve Halliday
Helicopter pilot who rescued Hartley Baldwin and Joe Briggs from Mrs. Keithley's minions.

James (no other name)
Mrs. Keithley's butler.

Mrs. Keithley (no first name)
Wealthy widow who had a reputation for benevolence, but who used her influence to acquire plans for the Nova Effect. She intended to blackmail Earth to give her total control of the government. Hartley Baldwin mobilized his organization against her.

Kettle Belly
See Hartley M. Baldwin.

Alfred Korzybski
Polish-born U.S. semanticist, mentioned in the context of Joe Briggs' language training with the New Men.
(also in other stories)

Model of weapon used by the police officer who tried to arrest Joe Briggs as he left the New Age Hotel.

McGinty (no first name)
Hartley Baldwin's agent inside Mrs. Keithley's lunar compound, a telepath used for contact with Baldwin's headquarters. He posed as a gardener.

Mindzenty Technique
[mentioned in passing] Brainwashing method that Mrs. Keithley threatened to use against Joe Briggs.

Hartley Baldwin maintained that the human race was gradually evolving into "New Men" with greater intellectual capacity.
(also in other stories)

New Age Hotel
Hotel where Joe Briggs was persuaded to stay by one of Mrs. Keithley's agents.

New Men
Genetically superior humans, whose main feature was advanced intellectual ability. Hartley Baldwin believed that once they consciously interbred they were destined to be the next step in human evolution, and organized those whom he identified as New Men into a society devoted to keeping the race from extinction through its own violence.

New Washington
Location of the Department's headquarters.

Nova Effect
Apparently a method of effecting total mass conversion to energy; the target is turned into a "nova". Hartley Baldwin developed it while trying to prove it was impossible. The plans were acquired by Mrs. Keithley in spite of Baldwin's attempts to confiscate and destroy them, and used to blackmail the Earth governments. Her plot was foiled, but there is no indication whether the Nova Effect itself was destroyed along with all information on it.

Ogden (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Linguist who demonstrated that 850 words were sufficient vocabulary to express anything, with supplements of technical terms. See also Richards.

Operation Black Widow
Hartley Baldwin's plan to thwart Mrs. Keithley.

Landing site for the passenger rocket from Moonbase. Its exact location is not specified.

Unit of currency based on plutonium.

Samuel Renshaw
[mentioned in passing] Professor at Ohio State University around World War II, who developed techniques to improve the sensory perceptions.
(also in other stories)

Richards (no first name)
Linguist who showed that 850 words were sufficient vocabulary to express anything, with supplements for technical terms. (See also Ogden).
(also in other stories)

Runt (no other name)
Joe Briggs' name for Mrs. Keithley's agent who stole his wallet and guided him to the hotel where a trap had been laid for him; Briggs also called him Shorty.

[mentioned in passing] Hotel where "Joseph Gilead" (an alias of Joe Briggs) normally stayed in Pied-a-Terre. After completing a mission on the Moon, Briggs passed it up in favor of the hotel recommended by Mrs. Keithley's agent.

See Runt.
(also in other stories)

Scientifically-formulated language used by the New Men.

Newspaper that Joe Briggs tried unsuccessfully to call from the Savoy.

System Enterprises
One name for Hartley Baldwin's organization.
(also in other stories)

[mentioned in passing] Entertainment was broadcast directly to the New Age Hotel from this nightclub.

Thalia Wagner
Resident of Hartley Baldwin's ranch, a member of the New Men.

War Conqueror of Baldwin
New colt on Hartley Baldwin's ranch.

Weems (no first name)
Joe Briggs' ESP coach at Hartley Baldwin's ranch, who dismissed him after a brief but sporadic success at telepathic contact.
(also in other stories)


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