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"Delilah and the Space Rigger"

Robert Dalrymple
Chief of the inspection crew on the space station, an MIT graduate.

Fair Employment Commission
[mentioned in passing] Bureaucracy that protected workers against discrimination. It prohibited job applications that listed the sex of the applicant.

Fermi Physical Labs
[mentioned in passing] Laboratory that leased space aboard Space Station One while it was still under construction.

Five Companies, Inc.
Contractor that built Space Station One.

G. E. Kwiklok
Airlock just large enough for a space-suited individual, designed to save time and air.

R.S. Half Moon
[mentioned in passing] Supply ship to Space Station One during its construction.

Hammond (no first name)
Radio operator on Space Station One during its construction.

Delos D. Harriman
Business tycoon who inspired and largely funded many space-related endeavors, including the first trip to the moon. Harriman is mentioned indirectly in most of the Future History stories, mostly in businesses and institutions bearing his name. Harriman Enterprises was the contractor that financed Space Station One and employed many of the workers on it.
(also in other stories)

Leased space on Space Station One for a microwave relay.
(also in other stories)

Jimmie (no last name)
Timekeeper on Space Station One during its construction.
(also in other stories)

Kettering Institute
[mentioned in passing] Institution that leased space aboard Space Station One.

See G. E. Kwiklok.

Tiny Larsen (no other first name)
Engineer and contractor in charge of construction of Space Station One. He was appalled to learn that he'd hired a woman as a radio operator; but when he learned that productivity was way up and discipline problems down, he recommended hiring more women.

Lysistrata Goes to Town
[mentioned in passing] Film shown on Space Station One, relayed up from New York.

McAndrews (no first name)
Shipfitter and union steward aboard Space Station One.
(also in other stories)

Gloria Brooks McNye
Replacement radioman and electronics engineer for the construction crew of Space Station One. She was chief communications engineer for the permanent station staff, and signed on for the construction crew to become familiar with the setup. Her arrival caused the contractor extreme discomfort until he realized that a woman's presence, far from being disruptive, resulted in improvements in productivity and morale. She preferred to be called Brooks; her co-workers during construction called her Brooksie.

O'Connor (no first name)
Metalsmith aboard Space Station One who protested G. Brooks McNye's firing.

Oppenheimer Tech
Tiny Larsen's alma mater.

Palomar Observatory
Space was donated to them aboard Space Station One.

Peters (no first name)
Radioman who worked for Tiny Larsen on Space Station One who was fired for organizing a rigged crap game.
(also in other stories)

Pole Star
Supply ship to Space Station One, which was also used for transporting employees.

Security Council
[mentioned in passing] This government organization leased space aboard Space Station One for a secret project.

Don Shields
Pilot-captain of the Half Moon.

Space Station One
Space station commissioned by D. D. Harriman and built by contractor Tiny Larsen. It was intended for a number of industrial and scientific projects.

Weather Bureau
It leased space on Space Station One for hemispheric observation.

"Dad" Witherspoon (no other first name)
Friend of Tiny Larsen (formerly his employer), an engineer for the work on Space Station One.


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