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The Day After Tomorrow

Amalgamation of India
Occupation and absorption by the PanAsian Empire.

The PanAsians had, if possible, a more virulent hatred for Asian-Americans than for Caucasian Americans.
(also in other stories)

Whitey Ardmore
U.S. armed forces major, in Intelligence. When the government was destroyed and all senior officers were killed, as the senior line officer in the Citadel he took command of the war against the PanAsian invasion. A publicity man by trade, Army by necessity, he proposed a propaganda war with organization of an underground resistance movement (see Mota.)

Dr. Randall Brooks
Biologist and biochemist with a special commission of major in the U.S. Army. He was drafted to work in the Citadel. One of the few surviving officers after the PanAsian invasion and the Ledbetter Effect accident, he was involved in founding the Church of Mota and as part of a counteroffensive against the invaders.

Bryan (no first name)
U.S. Army sergeant and follower of Mota assigned as Whitey Ardmore's driver during the counteroffensive against the PanAsian invaders.

Dr. Lowell Calhoun
Colonel in mathematical research at the Citadel. He was commanding officer by default after all senior officers were killed. Having a special commission, he accepted Whitey Ardmore's authority, and was appointed director of research and second in command. Already of a brittle ego and personality, as the Mota conspiracy progressed he developed delusions of grandeur and was ultimately killed in self-defense by Frank Mitsui.

Charleston, South Carolina
Site of a massacre of the followers of Mota. The priest retaliated by killing all available PanAsians with the Ledbetter Effect.

Secret Army headquarters in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The only surviving military base after the PanAsian invasion, its officers founded an ultimately successful counteroffensive against the invaders. (See Mota.)

The Dekes
[mentioned in passing] Delta Kappa Epsilon, the fraternity to which Whitey Ardmore and Jefferson Thomas belonged.

Denver, Colorado
Capital of the PanAsian occupation force, and site of the first Temple of Mota.
(also in other stories)

Estelle Devens
Temple of Mota recruit sent to the Citadel so the PanAsians could not ship her out as a pleasure girl.

Personage whose coming was predicted by the priests of Mota. The prediction was just an attention-getting routine.

Downer (no first name)
U.S. Army captain who worked undercover in the PanAsian occupation army. He was recruited to work for the Temple of Mota, but left it for his undercover assignment.

Father Francis Doyle
Catholic priest who was recruited by the Temple of Mota for intelligence work.

Dragon Regiment
PanAsian regiment stationed at Salt Lake City. All its members were arrested after the followers of Mota escaped confinement while under their guard.

The PanAsian Empire is ruled by a "Heavenly Emperor", but apparently much of the imperial power is exercised by territorial governors.
(also in other stories)

epileptogenetic ray
PanAsian weapon that caused a messy death by convulsions. It was frequently used for crowd control.

Finny (no other name)
Associate of hoboes and expert counterfeiter. His original name might have been Phineas, or the nickname might have come from his preference for $5 bills. He made a registration card for Jefferson Thomas.

Dr. Fox
[mentioned in passing] Professor at the University of London who in 1945 demonstrated that the hemoglobin of individual rabbits has unique wavelengths. He could not reproduce the results for humans, but the researchers at the Citadel used his research in developing the Ledbetter Effect.

Edward Graham
One of the few survivors in the Citadel, a private first class assigned to the commissary department. His civilian occupation was artist and interior decorator; he helped design the Temple of Mota.

Grandson of Heaven (no other name)
Prince of the PanAsian Imperial family, and head of the occupation forces in North America.

Hand of the Emperor
See Imperial Hand.

Heavenly Emperor
Title of the ruler of the PanAsian Empire.

Alexander Hamilton (Alec) Howe
Mountaineer who was drafted by the PanAsian occupation army to serve as a guide. He was recruited to work for the Mota conspiracy.

Imperial Hand
PanAsian military governor of the area that included Denver, Colorado. Also called Hand of the Emperor.

Isaacs (no first name)
Army captain and priest of Mota.

Peewee Jenkins (no other first name)
Street urchin whom Jefferson Thomas and Alec Howe recruited to run errands and make necessary contacts.

Jessie (no last name)
Farmwife who fed Jefferson Thomas during his reconnaissance mission. Her husband informed Jeff that registration cards were necessary.

Joe (no last name)
[mentioned in passing] A follower of Mota.
(also in other stories)

Johnson (no first name)
Former real estate salesman suggested to be a priest of Mota. He turned out to be a spy and collaborator for the PanAsians, and was killed by Jefferson Thomas.
(also in other stories)

Kansas City (Missouri)
[mentioned in passing] Site of a Temple of Mota.
(also in other stories)

Kendig (no first name)
Formerly general manager of a communications trust and a student of modern military organizational methods. Whitey Ardmore made him his chief of staff.

Konsky (no first name)
Collaborationist with the PanAsians who was allowed to act as a rental agent; he arranged the rental of a vacant building to be used as a Temple of Mota.

Ledbetter (no first name)
Scientist killed in the Citadel, along with several hundred other men, by one of his own experiments on energy sources.

Ledbetter Effect
Named after the scientist who created it (and was killed by it), an energy burst that kills humans but leaves other life forms unharmed. It was refined to be used as a weapon tuned to individuals or distinct races, and was crucial in defeating the PanAsian occupation forces.

Army captain at the Citadel, deceased.

[mentioned in passing] It was left in ruins by an attack by the PanAsians.
(also in other stories)

An attribute of Mota. [Latin, "mind"]

Patrick Minkowski
Follower of Mota assigned to fitting leg irons to PanAsian captives.He had been a sergeant in the United States Army.

Franklin Roosevelt Mitsui
Japanese-American friend of Jefferson Thomas, who was in hiding from the PanAsians. His wife Alice was massacred, along with his children Frank Jr., Jimmy, and Shirley. He was recruited by the Citadel survivors, and ultimately died defending the others against Lowell Calhoun's insane violence.

Moe (no last name)
Hobo whom Jefferson Thomas met on his reconnaissance mission.

Diety invented by Whitey Ardmore as a front for revolutionary propaganda and activities. According to the official doctrine, Mota had one thousand attributes; six were worshipped at his Temple. One of the teachings of Mota was cooperation with the government, thus sparing them the disapproval of the PanAsians. Their freedom to establish temples all over the country made the religion a perfect front for finding and recruiting fighters against the occupation. Among his many attributes were Barmac; Dis, Lord of Destruction.

Nashville, Tennessee
Site of a temple of Mota. A PanAsian bomb intended for the temple wrecked a nearby city district.

Nonintercourse Act
United States legislation that prohibited contact with Asia by Americans. The members of the Citadel speculated that the resulting ignorance aided the PanAsians in building up the resources undetected for invading North America.

PanAsian Empire
Alliance (probably created by invasion and occupation) that attacked and occupied the United States. It had previously absorbed the Soviet Union. Its leaders were demonstrably racist, treating conquered peoples with considerable contempt and ferocity. Overpopulation was the likely motivation for its aggressions.

Prince Royal
PanAsian military governor in North America.

In many stories, Heinlein portrayed prostitution as an honorable profession; his prostitutes ranged from hard-working and respectable to highly admired and honored. The PanAsians forced women from conquered areas into houses of prostitution. (This is the only example of prostitution being oppressive and shameful.)
(also in other stories)

Rogers (no first name)
Army lieutenant and priest of Mota.
(also in other stories)

Herman Scheer
Enlisted man at the Citadel, one of the few survivors of the PanAsian assaults. He was a mechanic and a tool-and-die maker.

Seattle Kid
Hobo who escaped from the PanAsian labor camps but died soon after.

Lord of Peace, an attribute of Mota.

John W. (Jack) Smyth
Follower of Mota who was assigned to fitting leg irons to PanAsian prisoners.

Steeves (no first name)
Watch officer at the Citadel.
(also in other stories)

Lt. Stinkyface (no other name)
Whitey Ardmore's name for the PanAsian officer who trespassed in the Temple of Mota.

Lady of Mercy, an aspect of Mota.

Jefferson Thomas
One of the few survivors in the Citadel after the Ledbetter Effect disaster. Trained as a lawyer; he went into social administration and became a hobo to gather information for a thesis, then stayed one because he liked it. He was sworn into the Army after he wandered into the Citadel's secret entrance. He volunteered for intelligence work after the PanAsian invasion and was promoted from private to lieutenant for the assignment, then to captain when he took charge of Denver recruitment as a priest of Mota. Among the hoboes he was known as Gentleman Jeff.

time lines
The time lines, or alternate universes, are named after the first person to walk on the moon. Time line seven, code name Fairacres, is the time line in which the United States was defeated in World War II. The Japanese and German empires split America between them along the Mississippi River. This may be the locus of the events in The Day After Tomorrow. (The time lines are delineated in To Sail Beyond the Sunset.)

United States of America
It was invaded and occupied by the PanAsians.
(also in other stories)

Voice of the Hand
PanAsian administrator of the region that included Oklahoma City.

Thelma Wang
[mentioned in passing] Frank Mitsui's mother, part Chinese but mostly Caucasian.

Ward (no last name)
Priest of Mota and former real-estate agent who sheltered Whitey Ardmore after his jailbreak.

Washington, D.C.
The city was completely destroyed in the PanAsian attack before the government could escape.
(also in other stories)

Robert Wilkie
Physicist and radiation specialist drafted to work at the Citadel; one of the few survivors of the Ledbetter Effect catastrophe. Whitey Ardmore dubbed him "The Punk Kid".

David Wood
Protestant minister initially disturbed by the success of the priests of Mota. After discussing his misgivings with a friend who was a Catholic priest, he reconsidered and was eventually recruited for intelligence work.


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