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Between Planets

Adolf (no last name)
Husband of a woman who became hysterical at the sight of Sir Isaac Newton at Gary Station.

Interplanetary ship, probably originally appropriated from Earth by the Venus Republic High Guard, that was destroyed in Venus orbit by Federation forces.
(also in other stories)

Albuquerque, New Mexico
[mentioned in passing] Site of a military base.
(also in other stories)

Arteem (no other name)
One of the security police who strip-searched Don Harvey before letting him board the shuttle at Gary Station.

Atkinson (no first name)
Member of the Venus Republic force that occupied Circum-Terra; he processed the captive passengers for return to Earth or passage on to Venus.

Back Room
Expensive restaurant where Dudley Jefferson took Don Harvey to eat. While there, they realized they were being followed.

Bank of America and Hong Kong
Financial institution on Venus. After independence was declared, the name was changed to New London Trust and Investment Company.

Stanley Bankfield
Political officer first class in the IBI, assigned to Venus as a special adviser to the military governor. He interrogated Don Harvey after the Federation occupation.

Steve Brodie
The most widely heard global news commentator, host of "Steve Brodie Says". The Venus Republic High Guard chose his program time to announce their invasion and destruction of Circum-Terra, and to declare independence for Venus.

Cyrus Buchanan
a. A founder of the human colonies on Venus. b. Shuttle that took passengers from the Nautilus to Venus' surface (probably named after the colony founder).

Major settlement on Venus. (Probably named after Cyrus Buchanan, one of the colony founders.)

Buchanan Island
Island north of New London, where the Middle Guard and ground forces were trained. (Probably named after Cyrus Buchanan, one of the colony founders.)
(Between Planets)

Buchanan Street
Main thoroughfare of New London, capital of the Venus Republic. (Probably named after Cyrus Buchanan, one of the colony founders.)

Busby (no first name)
(Lieutenant) Commanding officer of the Venus Republic soldier who found Don Harvey after Don's escape from Federation detention. He had been on detached duty at the time of the occupation, and so avoided arrest. He organized all soldiers he came across into a guerrilla fighting unit, and was awarded brevet promotion to wing colonel.

See Hilton Caravansary.

Charlie (no last name)
a. Crew member in the radio room of the Nautilus. b. Owner of the Two Worlds Dining Room, Don Harvey's employer; he was often called Old Charlie. He was killed by invading Federation forces.
(also in other stories)

Franklin Chiang
Physicist and Organization member. He was a crew member of the Little David.

Type of wood native to Venus.

Child of the Egg
Venerian dragon that could trace his or her ancestry back to the Original Egg.

Circum-Terra Station
Geostationary space station that served as a starting point for interplanetary flights; it also served as a military base policing all of Earth. It was destroyed by the Venus High Force in the opening move of the revolt against Earth domination. [circum terra, Latin "around Earth".]

Clara (no last name)
Venus colonial herded into a detention camp with Don Harvey after the invasion by Federation forces.

[mentioned in passing] Beverage bottled in New London.
(also in other stories)

[mentioned in passing] Passenger class of interplanetary ship.
(also in other stories)

Roger Conrad
Scientist in the Organization, with whom Don Harvey roomed at Sir Isaac Newton's house. He helped to develop the Horst-Milne-Conrad drive, as well as related applications such as force fields. He was a member of the Little David's crew.

Isobel Costello
I.T.&T. clerk who filed Don Harvey's message and befriended him when she learned his situation. She and her father were agents of the Organization; even ignorant of this, he entrusted to her the ring that Dudley Jefferson had given him and that Federation agents had apparently been trying to get. Don lost contact with her when the Federation forces invaded Venus, but she turned up at Sir Isaac Newton's house when Don arrived there after his stint as a guerrilla soldier. There is a clear hint at the end of the book that she and Don would eventually marry.

James Costello
Isobel Costello's father and manager of I.T.&T. on Venus. He was a member of the Organization.

Cui Cui Province
[mentioned in passing] Area of Venus settled by humans.
Cui Cui Town
[mentioned in passing] Human settlement.

Curly (no other name)
One of the Federation soldiers hunting Don Harvey after Don's escape from the detention camp.

Cyrus Buchanan
Shuttle that carried Don Harvey from the Nautilus to the surface of Venus. (Probably named after the co-founder of the human colonies on Venus.)

Dragon who worked at the Two Worlds Dining Room, a male despite the chosen name. The name is also unusual in that dragons usually chose names of scientists for their "human" names.
(also in other stories)

Doctor Einstein
Relative of Sir Isaac Newton, a scientist like most Venerian dragons. (He probably chose his name in honor of Albert Einstein.)

draco veneris wilsonii
Official Earth name for Venerian dragons.

A sentient lifeform on Venus that closely resembled the Earth mythological creature, with forelegs that served as arms/hands. They were probably considerably more intelligent that humans; and their civilization was probably much older. Because they could not pronounce human speech, they used voder/vocoders to communicate with humans. The dragons that frequently interacted with humans adopted "human" names, generally the name of a famous scientist (see especially Sir Isaac Newton.)
(also in other stories)

Dragon settlement on Venus, home of Sir Isaac Newton. It was called this by the boatman that bought Don Harvey to it; the dragons' name was probably something very different.

Coffee shop near the I.T.&T. building where Don Harvey frequently took Isobel Costello for a soft drink.

Earth is frequently called "Terra" in Heinlein stories. The planet is featured in every story (with the arguable exception of Orphans of the Sky); and is, geophysically at least, the same as the "real" Earth. Between Planets, The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, and Red Planet describe the struggles of the human colonies in the Solar System to achieve political independence from Earth; Podkayne of Mars refers indirectly to this history.
(also in other stories)

East Spit
Section of New London and site of a detention camp for Terran nationals after the human colonies on Venus declared their independence.

One of the security police waiting in Dudley Jefferson's apartment when he and Don Harvey returned from dinner.

Emergency Law Number One
Law declared by the Federation occupation forces on Venus, which abolished large settlements, banned prohibited gatherings larger than 10 people, and prohibited ownership of power weapons.

Estates General
Governing body of the Venus Republic.

Executive General
Head of government of the Venus Republic.

Earth government, which also controlled the colony planets. The plot of Between Planets involved a rebellion by Venus against Federation rule.
(also in other stories)

Federation Peace Forces
Invading army on Venus.

Mildly derisive term for Venusians; tone of voice, context, and speaker determined the level of insult.

Art Frankel
Co-pilot in the Little David.

Galileo Galilei
Grandson of Sir Isaac Newton, a scientist like most Venerian dragons.

[mentioned in passing] Jupiter's moon, on which humans had established a settlement. Don Harvey was born in a space ship while his parents were en route there.

Gary Station
Spaceport located near New Chicago, serving suborbital rockets.

(no last name) [mentioned in passing] Employee of the Back Room heckled by the comedian during the blackout.

Glory Road
Shuttle that took Don Harvey to Circum-Terra Station.

Goddard Hotel
Section of Circum-Terra that provided artificial gravity and Earth atmosphere for passengers and permanent staff.

Governor's Island
Seat of government in New London, Venus.

Great South Sea
Body of water on Venus.

Venus colonials' name for the invading Federation troops, after their uniform's color.
(also in other stories)

Satyr-like biped native to Venus. Humans gave them the scientific name fauna gregarious veneris smythii. They are called "move-overs" by the colonists for their chronic habit of crowding against each other and any humans, and otherwise displaying an insatiable appetite for physical affection. They are about as bright as an Earth goat, but friendlier. Don Harvey was appalled to be served baked baby gregarian at an exclusive Earth restaurant. After escaping from Federation detention during the invasion of Venus, he hid among a herd of gregarians.

Ground Forces
Home defense militia of the Venus Republic.

Hannegan (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Name listed on the Nautilus roster.

Hardecker (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Name listed on the Nautilus roster.
(also in other stories)

Dr. Cynthia Harvey
Don's mother, a native of Venus and an archeologist working on Mars. She was a member of the Organization.

Donald James Harvey
Born in transit to Ganymede of an Terran father and Venusian mother, he lived for his first few years on Venus but spent his school years on Earth. His parents ordered him to Mars, where they were working, when tensions increased between Venus and Earth, but he was caught in the Venus Republic High Guard attack on Circum-Terra and chose going to Venus over returning to Earth. After the invasion of Venus by Earth military forces he escaped from detention and joined the guerrilla insurgents. From there he was sent to Sir Isaac Newton, a Venerian dragon he'd befriended on Earth, where he learned that Sir Isaac, his parents, and various other acquaintances were working on technology that would make military aggression impossible, and that he had been given crucial information by a friend of his parents before leaving Earth. After turning over the information and seeing the defenses developed, he was sent to Mars on the prototype ship to help defeat the Earth forces and rejoin his parents. (At his ranch school he was given the nickname "Don Jaime" because of a fancy Spanish saddle his parents had given him.)

Dr. Jonas Harvey
Don Harvey's father, a noted archeologist and a member of the Organization.

Henry (no last name)
Johnny Ling claimed this was his "milk name" when he tried to persuade Don Harvey to sell him the ring that Dudley Jefferson had given him (it was embossed with an "H").

Higgins (no first name)
Commodore who commanded the Venus Republic force that occupied Circum-Terra. He ruled that Don Harvey would be sent to Earth rather than Venus, but changed the decision when pressured by Sir Isaac Newton.
(also in other stories)

High Guard
Interplanetary force of the Venus Republic.

Hilton Caravansary
Hotel in New Chicago where Don Harvey stayed while awaiting passage to Mars.

Horst-Milne-Conrad Drive
Faster-than-light drive devised by the Organization. (Perhaps the same as Horst-Conrad Impellers?)

It was suggested by an IBI official as a means of extracting information from Don Harvey. (Heinlein frequently makes mention of hypnosis either as a method of psychotherapy, of education, or of interrogation.)
(also in other stories)

Security police organization (International or Interplanetary Bureau of Investigation?).

Interplanet Lines
Company that owned the Valkyrie and other spaceships. Many people considered it as powerful as the Federation government.

Isaac Newton
See Sir Isaac Newton.

Interplanetary Telephone and Televideo Company. It operated between all human-inhabited planets, and was often used as a front for the Organization. Isobel Costello worked in the Venusberg office, where her father was the manager.
(also in other stories)

Dudley Jefferson
A friend of Don Harvey's parents and member of the Organization, whom Don contacted before he left Earth. He was arrested in Don's company, and Don was later told he "suffered a fatal heart attack" during interrogation. He had sent Don a ring that, though Don was unaware of it, contained information crucial to building a weapons defense and faster-than-light-travel system.

Joe (no last name)
a. Terran soldier who invaded the Two Worlds Dining Room, taking Don Harvey prisoner and killing Old Charlie. b. One of the soldiers hunting Don after his escape from the detention camp.
(also in other stories)

The "human" name of Refreshing Rain.

Kallikak Family
Popular serial drama described at some length though of slight importance. In an episode seen by Don Harvey, Buddy Kallikak was in the hospital and not expected to live; Celeste had been arrested for suspected husband murder; the father was missing; and the mother is also mentioned.

Kelly (no first name)
One of the security police who strip-searched Don Harvey at Gary Station.
(also in other stories)

King (no first name)
One of the security police waiting in Dudley Jefferson's apartment when he and Don Harvey returned from dinner.
(also in other stories)

Lady Maude
Jack Moreau's horse.

Larsen (no first name)
Soldier assigned to Marsten's Raiders, He ferried Don Harvey to Sir Isaac Newton's home.
(also in other stories)

Don Harvey's cowpony at the ranch school he attended on Earth.

LeCompte (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Composer of "Raise Ship!".

Johnny Ling
Man who followed Don Harvey out of the New London bank, guiding him to a cheap restaurant (but sticking him with the bill). Ling tried and failed to sell Donn black market money, then to buy the ring Dudley Jefferson had given him.

Little Buttercup
Relative of Sir Isaac Newton, an integrating chemist. Her human name is unusual in that most dragons adopt the name of a famous scientist, but hers is from a character in the Gilbert & Sullivan operetta HMS Pinafore.

Little David
Organization ship sent to Mars to activate the defense system that was developed on Venus. It was equipped with an experimental drive and artificial gravity.

Madame Curie
Relative of Sir Isaac Newton, like most Venerian dragons a scientist.

Main Island
Business section of New London, Venus.

Malath Da Thon
Martian courier sent to acquire the ring that Dudley Jefferson had given to Don Harvey.

Marriage is obviously important to Heinlein. In many stories a marriage is central to the story, the characters take time out from crises to marry, or it is implied that marriage between main characters is inevitable; for example, there are hints in Between Planets that Don Harvey and Isobel Costello will marry.
(also in other stories)

The Red Planet was usually described as barren and cold with a thin atmosphere, just barely habitable by humans in pressurized habitats or after terraforming. The "canals" are real waterways (usually frozen). The planet has native life, variously described in different books. Though some of the books depict conflicts between human colonists and native Martians, none portray the natives as resentful of the invasion of their home; often, the Martians remains largely oblivious to the human presence.

Mars was the current residence of Don Harvey's parents, and maintained neutrality in the dispute between Venus and Earth. Mars was inhabited by intelligent natives as well as by human colonists.
(also in other stories)

Marsten (no first name)
Captain of the guerrilla group with which Don Harvey fought on Venus. He had been on detached duty at the time of the Federation invasion, and so avoided capture. He took it upon himself to gather together all soldiers not captured by the Federation. This group was called Marsten's Raiders.

Martha (no last name)
Woman who complained about the passengers' long wait in Goddard Hotel.
(also in other stories)

The natives were described as having "pseudo-wings". They were apparently human-sized or smaller, and very intelligent.
(also in other stories)

Mathewson (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Venus colonial given special attention by the occupying forces, reason unspecified.

McMasters (no first name)
Sergeant in the Venus Republic High Guard, part of the occupational force at Circum-Terra.

Middle Guard
Venus armed forces assigned to home duty; they mostly operated between the planet's surface and orbit.

Mike (no last name)
Member of the Venus Republic force occupying Circum-Terra. He was ordered to guard Don Harvey while Don's claim of Venusian citizenship was checked.

Mist on the Waters
Don Harvey's Venerian name, given to him by his mother.

Jack Moreau
Don Harvey's bunkmate at Ranchito Alegre. He planned on signing up for pilot training after graduation.

"Morning Star of Hope"
Anthem of the Venus Republic.

Squinty Morris (no other first name)
New student at Ranchito Alegre; Jack Moreau suggested that Don Harvey "bequeath" his cow pony to him.

Mount Etna
Dessert served to Don Harvey at the Back Room; its ingredients were not described.

See gregarian.

Interplanetary ship that ran between Earth and Venus. Don Harvey took it to Venus after Circum-Terra was invaded and destroyed, and the ship to Mars was "appropriated" by Venusians.
(also in other stories)

Neap Tide
Shuttle that operated between Circum-Terra and Luna, sister ship of the Spring Tide.

New Chicago
City built near the ruins of Chicago, which by implication was destroyed by an atomic blast. A spaceport was located there.

New Chicago News
Newspaper provided as a courtesy to guests of the Hilton Caravansary.

New London
Capital of Venus; where passengers from the Nautilus were landed. Its institutions included the New London Times and the New London Trust & Investment Company (originally the Bank of America and Hong Kong, renamed after independence was declared).

New London Trust and Investment Company
After Venus declared its independence, the name of the former Bank of America and Hong Kong.

Sir Isaac Newton
See Sir Isaac Newton.

Office of Aborigine Affairs
Bureaucracy that governed dealings between humans and "dragons" on Venus.

Old Charlie
See Charlie.

Ollendorf (no first name)
Representative of Cui Cui Province in the Venus Republic Senate, who claimed that there would be no draft.

Secret society comprised mostly of scientists, dedicated to preserving freedom especially through the dissemination of knowledge and technical developments.
(also in other stories)

Original Egg
In Venerian mythology, it was placed in the mud of Venus on the day of creation; also called the Divine Egg. Sir Isaac Newton traced his ancestry back to it.

Outward Bound
Space liner on which Don Harvey was born while it was traveling between Luna and Ganymede.

Paradise Alley
Location of the Two Worlds Dining Room.

PRS Pathfinder
[mentioned in passing] Spaceship intended for one-way interstellar travel, which was being built on and near Luna during all of Don Harvey's life.
(also in other stories)

Federation battleship encountered by the Little David at Mars. It was neutralized when Little David surrounded it with a force field.

Peddler's Grave Mesa
Land formation near Ranchito Alegre.

Montgomery Phipps (no first name)
Venusian Organization official authorized to acquire the ring sent to Don Harvey by Dudley Jefferson. He was a historian and a friend of Don's parents.

Planetary Headquarters of the Venus armed forces. It was located in New London.

Professor Charles Darwin
Venerian dragon, a historian who taught Don Harvey "true speech" when the dragon and Don's father worked together.

"Raise Ship!"
Orchestral piece that celebrates rocket launchings; it was played aboard ship when the Glory Road lifted.
(also in other stories)

Ranchito Alegre
The ranch boarding school that Don Harvey attended on Earth. [Spanish, "happy little farm"]

Reeves (no first name)
Headmaster of Ranchito Alegre. A reserve officer, he was called to active duty "for the duration" because of the tensions between Earth and Venus. His wife (mentioned only as Mrs. Reeves), took over running the school. He was usually called simply, "The Head."

Refreshing Rain
Venerian name of the dragon technician that Don Harvey met in Sir Isaac Newton's home.

Model of energy gun used by Federation soldiers.
(also in other stories)

Rhodes (no first name)
Captain of the Little David.

Route 66
[mentioned in passing] Suborbital shuttle operating between the southwestern United States and New Chicago.

Rupe "Salty" Salter
A student at Ranchito Alegre who tried to buy Don Harvey's Spanish saddle and take over Lazy when Don was called back home. He insulted Don because of his Venusian origins.

Sandia Weapons Center
[mentioned in passing] Military base near Albuquergue; air traffic had to veer widely to avoid flying over it.
(also in other stories)

Santa Fe Trail
"Winged rocket" shuttle between the Southwest and New Chicago.

Schiaparelli Station
Communications center on Mars, owned by IT&T.

Second Empire
Interplanetary government that Dudley Jefferson speculated would ultimately be formed, with Pluto and Neptune moved closer to the sun and Mercury moved farther away to make them habitable by humans.

Sir Isaac Newton
Earth name used by the Venerian dragon that Don Harvey met at Gary Station; he followed the Venerian custom of adopting the name of an admired human. Sir Isaac could trace his decent to the Original Egg, and was highly honored among both Venerians and humans. His influence helped keep Don from being sent back to Earth after the Venus occupation of Circum-Terra, and later effected Don's inclusion in the Little David crew so Don could be reunited with his parents on Mars.
(also in other stories)

Soapy (no other name)
Corporal who hunted for Don Harvey after his escape from the Terran detention camp.
(also in other stories)

"Some Notes on the Practical Applications of the Horst-Milne Equations"
Scientific treatise that was smuggled to Venus in the ring that Dudley Jefferson gave to Don Harvey (its intended destination was Mars). The information provided in it made possible the development of force fields and faster-than-light travel. (See Horst-Milne-Conrad Drive.)

South Island
A section of New London, Venus.
(also in other stories)

"Sparks" (no other name)
Member of the Glory Road crew who repaired Sir Isaac Newton's voder after it was damaged during takeoff.

Spring Tide
Shuttle that operated between Circum-Terra and Luna, sister ship of the Neap Tide.

A character in the stage presentation Don Harvey saw at the Back Room.
(also in other stories)

Theory of Colonial Expansion
Political book by Chamberlain that was suppressed on Earth. Don Harvey's father sent it to him.
(Between Planets)

Uncle Tom
Johnny Ling used this name for the head of New London Trust and Investment, though he denied any blood relation.

Tombstone Island
Section of New London, Venus.

Tom-Tom Singer
Entertainer featured at The Back Room; the style is not described except that it is very loud.

Two Worlds Dining Room
Restaurant to which Johnny Ling took Don Harvey. When Ling stuck him with the check, Don got a job there washing dishes and also got a room in the back to sleep in.

Tycho City
[mentioned in passing] Settlement on Luna.

Space liner in which Don Harvey's parents booked passage for him to Mars. It was pressed into service as a liner of the Venus Republic.
(also in other stories)

Spaceliner that Don Harvey's parents had expected to take to Mars. When it was appropriated by the Venus Republic High Guard, he was forced to travel to Venus instead.

Colonel Vanistart (no first name)
Leader of the Federation Occupation Forces on Venus.

The term for nonhuman natives of Venus; the term for human colonists is "Venusian". One sentient native life-form resembled the mythical Earth dragon (the European version, not the Chinese).
(also in other stories)

In most of Heinlein's stories, the planet is hot and swampy but habitable by humans. Natives are variously described as sentient "dragons" and as small, humanoid amphibians with a matriarchal culture, the females being considerably more intelligent than the males. Don Harvey lived on Venus for his first few years; his mother was Venusian. He became involved in the colonists' successful rebellion against Earth domination.
(also in other stories)

Venus Republic
Government that was declared on Venus after the rebellion against Earth domination.

[mentioned in passing] Settlement on Venus.
(also in other stories)

The term for human colonists on Venus. The term for nonhuman natives is "Venerian".

Tony Vincente
Member of the Venus laboratory crew that developed a force shield from the information Don Harvey brought from Earth.

Machine that Venerian dragons used to produce human speech.
(also in other stories)

A flutelike Martian instrument Don Harvey owned but seldom played because his schoolmates objected to the sound.

Wilkins (no first name)
Crew member in the radio room of the Nautilus.

Wong (no first name)
Farmer who offered shelter to Venus Republic soldiers after the Federation occupation. His farm was a base for guerrilla operations. Mrs. Wong is also mentioned.
(also in other stories)


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