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Tunnel in the Sky

Advanced Survival
College-level course that Rod Walker took at the end of high school. It required students to know how to live through any adverse conditions as preparation to explore and settle alien planets. The final "exam" was to be left on an uninhabited planet with only the supplies one could carry, and still be alive at pickup time 2 to 10 days later.

Chad Ames
Teller University student who joined Rod Walker's community after being stranded during the Advanced Survival test.

Arizona Strip
Transport line that connected Greater New York City with the location of Patrick Henry High School.

"Arkansas Traveler"
Tune that Caroline Mshiyeni played on the harmonica for the Cowpertown dances.

Australasian Republic
Asian empire that occupied Australia after forcing the remnants of the former inhabitants onto New Zealand and creating an inland sea. They regularly conducted forced emigrations to other planets to relieve population pressures.

Bob Baxter
Classmate of Rod Walker. He teamed with Carmen Garcia for the Advanced Survival test. He and Carmen were Quakers who planned to become medical missionaries. They joined Cowpertown when the students were stranded on the test planet, married, and had at a child (named Hope Roberta Baxter) while there; but when the planet was recontacted they promptly returned to Earth for medical training.

Bedloe Crater
Site of the original Statue of Liberty; by inference, it was created by an atom bomb explosion.

Commander Benboe (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Jackie Daudet's teacher for Advanced Survival.

Bessmer's Griffin
[mentioned in passing] Denizen of Spica IV. Described briefly by Helen Walker as a predator that, not really having a central nervous system, is extremely hard to kill.

Jackie Daudet's name for her dart gun.

Jackie Daudet's name for her knife.
(also in other stories)

Johann Braun
Rod Walker's classmate, who was armed to the teeth and accompanied by a fierce dog for the Advanced Survival test, but was killed almost immediately.

Sue Briggs
Student stranded during the Advanced Survival test. She joined Cowpertown and married Bill Kennedy.

Dick Burke
Teller University student stranded during the Advanced Survival test. He joined Cowpertown.

Byer's Planet
[mentioned in passing] World scheduled for "pacification", with Helen Walker's platoon participating.

Central Tech
College that offered Rod Walker advanced standing for his experiences on the Advanced Survival test.

Margery Chung
One of the students stranded during the Advanced Survival test. She became the chief cook in Cowpertown.

Colonel Bowie
Rod Walker's knife.
(also in other stories)

Combat Pioneers
Mentioned in passing by Johann Braun, but not described. Presumably it was a military branch of the planetary exploration systems.

Commission for Emigration and Trade
Organization that oversaw interplanetary traffic through the teleportation Gates.

Corps of Amazons
Interplanetary military organization to which Helen Walker belonged.

Ulysses Grant Cowper
Teller University student elected "mayor" of the groups of students stranded during the Advanced Survival test, largely on his rhetorical skills. Although Rod Walker resented his "taking over" from Rod's ad hoc leadership, Rod worked as his assistant and generally supported his actions. Grant was killed during the animal migration stampede.

Name given, after Grant Cowper's death, to the community organized by the students stranded during the Survival test.

Jacqueline Marie Daudet
Usually called Jackie. Student on her Advanced Survival test, whom Rod Walker encountered after having his gear stolen. They set up camp together, soon finding Rod's friend Jimmy Throxton, and eventually agreed to gather as many of the other students together as possible. Rod initially believed that she was a boy, "Jack" Daudet. She married Jimmy after the founding of Cowpertown.

Delta Gamma 113
Designation of the star that went supernova, causing the space-time distortion that stranded the Advanced Survival students when the Gate lost contact with the planet.

Dora (no last name)
One of the students stranded during the Advanced Survival test, who became a resident of Cowpertown.
(also in other stories)

Doyle (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Family that emigrated through the Gate to New Canaan. Their young daughter was temporarily separated from them in the crush at the Gate.
(also in other stories)

Shorty Dumont (no other first name)
One of the students stranded during the Advanced Survival test.

Dvorak (no first name)
Gunner sergeant in Helen Walker's Amazon platoon, called "Tiny". She was the squadron's "white hope" for annual corps-wide competition for the best trooper.
(also in other stories)

Ellie Ellens
"Emotional" writer, known throughout the System. She interviewed Rod Walker after the "rediscovery" of the Advanced Survival test planet, and wrote an entirely sensational version of his story.

Emigrants' Gap
Teleportation Gate used for transporting colonists to new planets. The original Gate stood on the Jersey Flats; the larger one currently in use was opened in '68.

Empire Enterprises
News/entertainment network that sent Ellie Ellens to do a story on Cowpertown.

Entropy, Incorporated
Corporation that arranged time jumps through the Gates invented by Jesse Ramsbotham.

Evans (no first name)
Empire Enterprises employee and Pulitzer Prize winner who wanted to interview Rod Walker after everyone else had left Cowpertown.
(also in other stories)

First Venus Expedition
[mentioned in passing] From the context, apparently the members resorted to cannibalism after being stranded with no hope of rescue.

Agnes Fries
One of the students stranded during the Advanced Survival test.

Fung Chee Mu
[mentioned in passing] His Serene Majesty, Chairman of the Australasian Republic.

Galaxy Features
[mentioned in passing] Communications/entertainment company.

Carmen Garcia
Student teamed with Bob Baxter for the Advanced Survival test. She planned to become a medical missionary with him. They married after being stranded on the Advanced Survival planet and joining Cowpertown. They had at a child (named Hope Roberta Baxter) while there; but when the planet was recontacted they promptly returned to Earth for medical training.

Teleportation device invented by Jesse Ramsbotham and used to travel to distant planets. The gate was originally invented as a time machine; its capability to transport objects in the present was discovered accidentally.
(also in other stories)

General Electric
Johann Braun chose to take their Thunderbolt gun with him on his Advanced Survival test.
(also in other stories)

General Synthetics
Company for which Rod Walker's father worked.
(also in other stories)

Georgia (no last name)
Student stranded during the Advanced Survival test, a resident of Cowpertown.

Designation for the planet on which Rod Walker took his Advanced Survival test.

Designation of the planet that was the destination of a massive Australasian emigration. It was named "Heavenly Mountains".

Howard Goldstein
Teller University student stranded during the Advanced Survival test. He became a resident of Cowpertown, and was appointed to its Law Committee.

Greater New York City
Rod Walker's home, a "suburb" of New York City located on the Grand Canyon, and reached through a teleportation gate.

Guns (no other name)
Nickname for the school armorer who provided requested weapons for the Advanced Survival test.

Heavenly Mountains
See GO-8703-IV.

Hensley (no first name)
Physician who attended Rod Walker's father.

Hoboken Gate
Teleport Gate that had one terminal in New York City.

Janus bird
[mentioned in passing] Bird described as having eyes on the back of its head.

Jasper (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Author of Predators and Prey.

Jersey Flats
[mentioned in passing] Site of the original Emigrants' Gap.

Johnson (no first name)
Emigration official who assisted in setting up the Gate after "finding" the students stranded on their Advanced Survival test.
(also in other stories)

Kaibab Gate
Teleportation Gate located seven miles north of Rod Walker's home in Arizona.

Kelly (no first name)
Sergeant in Helen Walker's platoon.
(also in other stories)

Bill Kennedy
Ponce de León Institute student stranded during his Advanced Survival test. He became a resident of Cowpertown and married Sue Briggs.

Roy Kilroy
A resident of Cowpertown, one of the students stranded during their Advanced Survival test.

Margery Kinski
Margery Chung after marriage.

Kosmic Keynotes
[mentioned in passing] Communications outfit.

Lady Macbeth
Helen Walker's knife, which she gave to her brother Rod to take with him on his Advanced Survival test.
(also in other stories)

Langford (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] By inference, a planetary explorer.

[mentioned in passing] Communications outfit.

London Times
[mentioned in passing] Newspaper that published stories about the "lost" Advanced Survival students.
(also in other stories)

Luna Link
Teleportation Gate on Luna that linked Earth with other planets.

Mac (no other name)
Evans' assistant.

Mick Mahmud
Student stranded during the Advanced Survival test. He became a resident of Cowpertown.

By inference, it was destroyed in an atomic explosion.
(also in other stories)

Dirk Manleigh
[mentioned in passing] Film star.

Dr. B. P. Matson (no other first name)
Instructor for the Advanced Survival course at Patrick Henry High School. He tried to discourage Rod Walker from taking the solo test. He married Rod's sister Helen Walker after Rod was lost; they emigrated to a colony planet shortly after his return. His students called him "Deacon", but not to his face.

Bruce McGowan
Teller University student who joined the group of stranded Advanced Survival students that Rod Walker and Jackie Daudet were gathering, but resisted Rod's authority, ultimately pulling a knife on him. He was exiled from the community, but eventually allowed to return. He refused to work or participate in the Cowpertown activities, but after a fight with Rod he reformed at least temporarily.

Jock McGowan
Teller University student who joined the group gathered by Rod Walker, but resisted his authority. He led the band that tried to take charge of the group; he was exiled after attacking Rod, and later reported dead. [An error for Bruce McGowan, or a relative?]

Theo McGowan
Bruce McGowan's wife on the Advanced Survival planet, as shiftless and slatternly as he.

Mel (no last name)
[mentioned in passing] Resident of Cowpertown.

[mentioned in passing] Planet on which "snow apes" are the most dangerous animals.

Religion that originated in Persia. Rod Walker's grandparents were among the converts, and he and his family were practicing followers (Monists).

Caroline Mshiyeni
Zulu classmate of Rod Walker, who went on the same Advanced Survival test. She became Rod's lieutenant and the city manager of Cowpertown. After the students were "rescued", she joined the Corps of Amazons.

Rick Mshiyeni
[mentioned in passing] Caroline's brother.

Arthur (Waxie) Neilsen
Teller University student, a resident of Cowpertown put in charge of metalsmithing and engineering.

New Canaan
Prime emigration planet, described as "The rose without thorns".

Occam's Razor
Roy Kilroy's name for his knife.

Ortega (no first name)
Designer of a propulsion system that made space travel within the solar system fast, cheap,and easy. Ships carrying his system were called "torch ships". 
(also in other stories)

[mentioned in passing] The term most likely refers to colonized planets.

Outlands Arts College
Department in Teller University that trained students for emigration and exploration.

Outlands Overseer
[mentioned in passing] Newspaper or equivalent medium.

Patrick Henry High School
School that Rod Walker attended. It offered a college-level Advanced Survival class.

peace lamp
Ceremonial light that was part of Monist worship practices. It was lit during dinner, among other times.

Peace of the Flame
Official book of the Monist religion.

"Aunt" Nora Peascoat
[mentioned in passing] Friend of Rod Walker's family, an interfering old biddy. Her husband Joseph is also mentioned briefly.

Peiping Peace Treaty
Treaty under which "remnants of" the Australian population were moved to New Zealand, permitting Asian immigration onto the continent.

Peter the Great Gate
Emigration teleportation Gate, probably located in Russia.

Phil (no last name)
Caroline Mshiyeni's politician uncle. She disliked him and used to hide when he came to visit. She compared Grant Cowper to him.

Ponce De León Institute
Jackie Daudet's school.

Predators and Prey
Book by Jasper on dangerous animals of all worlds.

The Principle
Mentioned but not described as part of Monist beliefs.

Agnes Pulvermacher
Resident of Cowpertown after the Advanced Survival students were stranded. She was married to Curt Pulvermacher.

Curt Pulvermacher
Resident of Cowpertown after the Advanced Survival students were stranded. He was married to Agnes Pulvermacher.

Rakitiac Computer
Remote successor to Univac. It was used by Jesse Ramsbotham in his attempts to develop a time machine.

Dr. Jesse Evelyn Ramsbotham
Inventor of the teleportation Gate. He was originally trying to invent a time machine; apparently the Gate can be used for travel between times as well as places.

Ramsbotham Gate
See Gate.

[mentioned in passing] Planet populated by nonhumans. It had diplomatic ties to Terra.

Hank Robbins
[mentioned in passing] Acquaintance of Rod Walker whose grandfather had gone into stasis in hopes of waiting for a disease cure, to no avail.

J. R. Roerich (no other first name)
[mentioned in passing] Member of the school board.

Doug Sanders
Student stranded during the Advanced Survival test, a resident of Cowpertown.

Clyde B. Sansom
Administrative Officer for Emigration Control Service. He oversaw "rescue" operations after the Gate was reopened to the Advanced Survival test planet.

Philip (Peewee) Schneider
Youngest member of the group stranded during their Advanced Survival test.

Final test for Advanced Survival courses. Students are sent to uninhabited planets, and any who are still alive at pickup two to ten days later pass the course. Only those items that the students can choose for themselves and carry with them are provided to help them stay alive.

Spica IV
[mentioned in passing] Native planet of Bessmer's Griffin. (Rod Walker had guessed Spica V.)

Statue of Liberty
By implication, it was destroyed in an atomic war. A replica stood near Emigrants' Gap.

Members of the Advanced Survival test group were warned against them in the instruction sheet. They didn't actually exist; they were invented by the instructors to keep students on guard.

[mentioned in passing] Model of gun that was available to Advanced Survival test participants.

See Advanced Survival.

Name assigned to the planet where Rod Walker took his Advanced Survival test.

Teller University
University that offered an Advanced Survival course. One of its classes was stranded on their test planet when the tunnel connecting the planet with Earth collapsed.

Templeton Gate
Teleportation Gate that was the departure site for Rod Walker's Advanced Survival test.

Terran Corporation
[mentioned in passing] Business organization, or perhaps an organization involved in the world government.

Colony planet near the Hyades, where B. P. Matson and Helen Walker chose to settle after their marriage.

"Texas Star"
[mentioned in passing] Square-dancing tune popular in Cowpertown.

Thetis Pygmies
[mentioned in passing] Nonhumans who can see in the dark.

Grant Roderick Throxton
Child of Jimmy Throxton and Jackie Daudet; he was probably named after Grant Cowper and Rod Walker.

Jimmy Throxton
Friend and classmate of Rod Walker who, took his Advanced Survival test at the same time as Rod. He was found injured by Jackie Daudet. After his recovery they and Rod made plans to gather the surviving students into a community. He married Jackie in Cowpertown.

Planet on which Helen Walker was stationed.
(also in other stories)

The teleportation Gates in common use were originally invented as time machines; they were less commonly used for that purpose, and also as stasis fields to "freeze" time.
(also in other stories)

torch ship (or torchship)
Ship that uses mass conversion for power.
(also in other stories)

Tshaka Memorial Park
[mentioned in passing] Nature preserve in Africa.

Helen Walker
Rod Walker's sister, an assault captain in the Corps of Amazons. She persuaded their parents to let Rod go on his Advanced Survival test. She married B. P. Matson and emigrated to a colony planet.

Jerome Walker
Rod Walker's father. He agreed only reluctantly to let Rod go on his Advanced Survival test. While Rod was "lost" on the test, Jerome spent three years in a stasis field waiting for a cure to be developed for his chronic illness. (Rod's mother also appears, but her name is not given.)

Rod Walker
High school student who took a Advanced Survival course and was stranded on the test planet. With Jimmy Throxton and Jackie Daudet, he gathered in as many other students as they could locate to form a community. The group was soon dominated by the college-age students, but after the death of the first "mayor" of the community Rod was re-established as the group's leader. After nearly three years, Earth regained contact with the planet and "rescued" the survivors. Rod was reluctant to leave the planet, but was persuaded by his sister to return home after all the other students had left. He eventually became a leader of emigrants to colony planets. His sister Helen called him "Buddy."

Walker's Wolverines
Helen Walker's Amazon platoon.

Roderick Welker
Clyde Sansom's persistent error for Rod Walker.

Witwatersrand Gate
[mentioned in passing] Interplanetary emigration Gate, from the name probably located in South Africa.


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