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Hydroponics shed on Ganymede where tropical foods were grown.
(Farmer in the Sky)

PRS Oak Ridge
Ship to which Tex Jarman was assigned after completing training on the James Randolph. He persuaded the Commandant to change his assignment so he could be with Matt Dodson and Oscar Jensen.
(Space Cadet)

Obelisk Mountains
Range near Luna City.
(The Rolling Stones)

O'Brien (no first name)
Corporal who led a WWI squadron in the same regiment with Ted Bronson.
(Time Enough for Love)

Occam's Razor
Roy Kilroy's name for his knife.
(Tunnel in the Sky)

O'Connor (no first name)
Metalsmith aboard Space Station One who protested G. Brooks McNye's firing.
("Delilah and the Space Rigger")

Octagon Office
Federation Secretary's office and "seat of power" in the Executive Palace.
(Stranger in a Strange Land)

"The Octopus"
Johann Sebastian Bach Smith's name for Eunice Branca's stenodesk.
(I Will Fear No Evil)

The Odyssey
[mentioned in passing] English translation of Homer's epic, stocked in the Farnham bomb shelter.
(Farnham's Freehold)

Canal that crosses the Strymon north of Charax.
(The Red Planet)

O'Farrell (no first name)
1. Westville judge who presided over Lummox's trial.
(The Star Beast)
2. Immigrant family who decided to return to Earth after learning what Ganymede conditions were really like.
(Farmer in the Sky)

Office of Aborigine Affairs
Bureaucracy that governed dealings between humans and "dragons" on Venus.
(Between Planets)

Ogden (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Linguist who demonstrated that 850 words were sufficient vocabulary to express anything, with supplements of technical terms. See also Richards.

O'Hara, Rigsbee, Crumpacker and Rigsbee
Law firm whose address was listed as Alec Graham's address.
(Job: A Comedy of Justice)

O'Hennessy (no first name)
Owner of the first house that Maureen Johnson and Brian Smith rented after they married; Brian called him "Ebenezer Scrooge".
(To Sail Beyond the Sunset)

Mrs. Ohlschlager (no first name)
Neighbor of Maureen Johnson and Brian Smith during the first years of the marriage; she helped Maureen improve her German.
(To Sail Beyond the Sunset)

Douglas MacArthur Okajima
Eagle Scout assigned to "A" deck in the Mayflower. With Hank Jones and Bill Lermer he helped organize scouting in the ship.
(Farmer in the Sky)

Okajima (no first name)
Scientist who was eager to examine Valentine Michael Smith immediately after Mike's arrival on Earth.
(Stranger in a Strange Land)

O'Keefe (no first name)
Spur-of-the-moment alias that Sam Cavanaugh used during his mission to kidnap a puppet master host from Zone Red.
(The Puppet Masters)

Manuel (Mannie) Garcia O'Kelly
Second-generation Lunar colonist, who lost an arm in a mining accident and was sent to Earth to learn computer technology; he used a variety of artificial arms in his craft. He was the first person to learn Mike was "awake", and persuaded Mike to help run a revolution against the corrupt Lunar Authority. Besides his activities in Luna (including using his technical skills to tap into Authority's power systems and data files), he traveled to Earth to plead Luna's case with the government and populace. He was named Undersecretary of State and Minister of Defense in the independent lunar government. He was a member of the Davis line marriage, also related to the Stone gang. His Party name was Bork.
(The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress)

Terence O'Kelly
Deceased Interplanetary Patrol hero, whose Third Lieutenant's pips were preserved and passed on to new cadets. (The reason for his legendary status is not given.)
(Starship Troopers)

Oklahoma State House
[mentioned in passing] It was occupied by the People's Agrarian Emergency Government (what their political philosophy or agenda was is not described, nor their purpose in occupying the state house).
(I Will Fear No Evil)

Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya
Presumably a political event or period of upheaval in Russia; it resulted in mass deportations to Luna.
(The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress)

Old Charlie
See Charlie.
(Between Planets)

Old Dome
Area in Luna City, probably the original structure from the settlement's founding. Adam Selene's offices were allegedly located there.
(The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress)

Old Heidelberg
Drink that Sam Anderson ordered for Max Jones in the Safe Landing.
(Starman Jones)

Old John
See John the Goat.
(The Puppet Masters)

Old Kentucky Rat Poison
"Bottled in the barn". Beverage that Joan Eunice Smith offered to Jake Salomon and Roberto Garcia after her recovery from the brain transplant.
(I Will Fear No Evil)

Old MacDonald's Farm
Rural area of Golden Rule, kept at full Earth-normal gravity.
(The Cat Who Walks Through Walls)

The Old Man
1. Colonel Brisby's sobriquet for Richard Baslim.
(Citizen of the Galaxy)
2. His employees' name for Hartley Baldwin; he was seldom called anything else, and some did not know his real name.
3. Usual name by which the Section staff referred to their chief (Andrew Nivens); he was seldom called anything else.
(The Puppet Masters)

Old Nasty (no other name)
Oscar Gordon's name for His Wisdom CLXXXII, a predecessor of Star. His memory imprint affected her badly. She described him as a brilliant success in a critical age but a bad-tempered beast who hated the very people he helped.
(Glory Road)

Old One
Rough translation for Martian position of authority and respect. It literally referred to discorporate Martians. Sven Nelson used the title to explain Joseph Douglas' status to Valentine Michael Smith.
(Stranger in a Strange Land)

The Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats
T. S. Eliot's book, stocked in the Farnham bomb shelter.
(Farnham's Freehold)

Old Race
Race that originated in the Lesser Magellanic Clouds, in Lanador, and spread civilization throughout the Three Galaxies. The race was no longer extant, but Mother Thing suggested that humans might be their descendants.
(Have Space Suit — Will Travel)

Old Red
Ape proposed as a puppet master host for Section research.
(The Puppet Masters)

Old Ross Place
Ross Jenkins' family farm, no longer worked.
(Rocket Ship Galileo)

Old Southern Dining Room and Soda Fountain
Restaurant in Marsport across from the Hall of Welcome.
(The Rolling Stones)

Old Town
Original human settlement on Mars.
(Double Star)

Oldfield (no first name)
Chief Deputy to Andrew Nivens.
(The Puppet Masters)

L. Ron O'Leemy
Claiming to be an agent of the InterSpace Patrol, he tried to arrest Zebadiah Carter at the Interuniverse Society conference. Hilda Burroughs thwarted him and discovered that he was a Black Hat. He tried to escape via Bifrost, but it dissolved and he tumbled to an unknown destination.
(The Number of the Beast)

Olga (no last name)
1. A whore in Lazarus Long's Mars bordello, described as beautiful by "Noisy" Rhysling but was physically downright ugly. She was killed accidentally after Noisy had left.
(Time Enough for Love)
2. Dr. Jim Rumsey Jr.'s nurse.
(To Sail Beyond the Sunset)

Oliver (no last name)
[mentioned in passing] Edmund Hardy's grandfather.
(Methuselah's Children)

Ollendorf (no first name)
Representative of Cui Cui Province in the Venus Republic Senate, who claimed that there would be no draft.
(Between Planets)

H. S. Olsen (no other first name)
Doctor and director of the Eugenics Foundation.
(I Will Fear No Evil)

Colony planet where "those self-styled supermen" settled. Hartley Baldwin's trust fund for Friday would pay for her migration anywhere but here.

Omaha Black
Apparently a variety of marijuana.

Ballox O'Malley (no other first name)
Code name of time line four [the time lines are named for the first person to walk on the moon], home time line of Zebadiah Carter and Jacob Burroughs.
(To Sail Beyond the Sunset)

[mentioned in passing] Free Trader ship.
(Citizen of the Galaxy)

"On Guard Christmas So's Yours"
Song that Dora offered to sing for the crew of the Gay Deceiver.
(The Number of the Beast)

On Guerrilla Warfare
[mentioned in passing] Book by Mao Tse-Tung, stocked in English translation in the Farnham bomb shelter.
(Farnham's Freehold)

"On the Cumulative Effects of Marginal Hypoxia"
Research paper for which Edith Stone had collected "years of notes"; she hoped to finish it while traveling in the Rolling Stone.
(The Rolling Stones)

"On the Statistical Interpretation of Imperfect Data"
Important paper written by Samuel Russell.
(Have Space Suit — Will Travel)

"One for the Road"
Poem that Jubal Harshaw dictated for New Yorker magazine.
(Stranger in a Strange Land)

"One-Ball Reilly"
Song that Dora offered to sing to the Gay Deceiver crew.
(The Number of the Beast; also mentioned in Time Enough for Love)

O'Neil (no first name)
1. Johann Sebastian Bach Smith's Chief of Security.
(I Will Fear No Evil)
2. Foremost expert in gravity theory, who was persuaded to help General Services only after they acquired an antique Chinese porcelain bowl, called the Flower of Forgetfulness, for him.
("—We Also Walk Dogs")

O'Neill (no first name)
Chief of Security for the Department of Spatial Affairs.
(The Star Beast)

The Only Deadly Weapon
Classified document on assassination that Hartley Baldwin recommended that Friday read while convalescing.

Only People
Wormface's name for its race.
(Have Space Suit — Will Travel)

Onward Christian Soldiers
Underground movement that opposed the Prophet but was a rival to the Cabal. It resented the Cabal moving first to overthrow the government.
("If This Goes On—")

Opal (no last name)
Receptionist and switchboard operator for Mutual Assurance Company.
(The Door Into Summer)

Opening Lotus
False name and identification given by the Lark to the tracking station when they shifted trajectory to Luna.
(The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress)

Operation Bedrock
The Psych and Propaganda Bureau's part in the plot to disrupt the Miracle of the Incarnation.
("If This Goes On—")

Operation Black Widow
Hartley Baldwin's plan to thwart Mrs. Keithley.

Operation Bughouse
See First Battle of Klendathu.
(Starship Troopers)

Operation Chucklehead
John Lyle's name for his escape attempt at Colorado.
("If This Goes On—")

Operation Hard Rock
Code name for the Lunar revolution's plan to "throw rocks" at Terra. A ballistic "slingshot" was built on Luna, ostensibly to ship grain, but actually to launch lunar rocks at Earth; the initial momentum combined with the effect of Earth's gravity made them as destructive as atomic bombs.
(The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress)

Operation Little David's Sling
The same as Operation Hard Rock.
(The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress)

Operation Madhouse
Name that Juan Rico opined should have been used for Operation Bughouse.
(Starship Troopers)

Operation Mardi Gras
Plan to recruit Larry Smith to impersonate John Joseph Bonforte after his kidnapping.
(Double Star)

Operation Parasite
Section program to overcome the puppet master infestation. It included using Sam Cavanaugh as a host to interrogate a puppet master.
(The Puppet Masters)

Operation Royalty
Raid on Planet P to capture a Bug brain, or queen.
(Starship Troopers)

Operation Samaritan
Program to search for and rescue the Pathfinder.
(Space Cadet)

Operation Strikeout
Code name for the assault on New Jerusalem.
("If This Goes On—")

Oppenheimer Tech
Tiny Larsen's alma mater.
("Delilah and the Space Rigger")

Oppie (no other name)
The President of M.I.T., who was persuaded to provide a full scholarship for Kip Russell.
(Have Space Suit — Will Travel)

Order of Santa Carolita
An order of religious women instituted by the Church of the Divine Inseminator. Very likely they were expected to provide sexual services to the church leaders, although in the rest of the society sexual repression was strictly enforced. The order is named for Maureen Johnson's daughter Carol, who became a legendary figure with a festival named for her in virtually every time line.
(To Sail Beyond the Sunset)

Order of Wilhelmina
[mentioned in passing] Decoration awarded to John Joseph Bonforte.
(Double Star)

1. Secret society comprised mostly of scientists, dedicated to preserving freedom especially through the dissemination of knowledge and technical developments.
(Between Planets)
2. Revolutionary group in Luna, of which Wyoming Knott was a leader. Information that Mike provided from the Warden's "secret" records showed that it was infested with Lunar Authority spies.
(The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress)

Ori (no last name)
Ship employee who helped Margrethe Gunderson carry Alex Hergensheimer to his stateroom after Alex passed out from drinking.
(Job: A Comedy of Justice)

Original Egg
In Venerian mythology, it was placed in the mud of Venus on the day of creation; also called the Divine Egg. Sir Isaac Newton traced his ancestry back to it.
(Between Planets)

Planet on which Lazarus Long survived a plague while providing medical care for the victims.
(Time Enough for Love)

Ortega (no first name)
1. Engineer in the Mayflower who gave students tours of the ship and set up a test for a Scout merit badge in spaceship engineering.
(Farmer in the Sky)
2. Designer of a propulsion system that made space travel within the solar system fast, cheap,and easy. Ships carrying his system were called "torch ships". 
(Time for the Stars, Tunnel in the Sky)

Ortega Trials
[mentioned in passing] As a result of them, remote-control destruction devices were installed in all British Canadian police cars. The actual event was not described.

Osage Volunteers
Volunteer fire fighters in Maureen Johnson's hometown.
(To Sail Beyond the Sunset)

Osaka Incident
Incident in December 1948 that signalled rebellion against U.S. domination in the Far Eastern Possession (the former Japanese Empire).
(To Sail Beyond the Sunset)

Oscar the Mechanical Man
Usually shortened to just "Oscar", the name Kip Russell used for the space suit he won.
(Have Space Suit — Will Travel)

Witwell Oscarsen
Scientist who publicly denounced the Howard Families for "withholding" the "secret" of immortality.
(Methuselah's Children)

Dolores O'Shanahan
[mentioned in passing] Character in Scourge of the Spaceways.
(The Rolling Stones)

"The Other Manger"
Tearjerker story that Jubal Harshaw composed poolside and sent out under the pen name Molly Wadsworth.
(Stranger in a Strange Land)

"The Other One"
Friday's only name for one of her kidnappers; he had no distinguishing features that she could discern.

Other Paths Than Ours
Book on Martian history written by Podkayne Fries' father.
(Podkayne of Mars)

Phyllis O'Toole
Alias claimed by Jill Boardman when the police came to Ben Caxton's apartment looking for her and Valentine Michael Smith.
(Stranger in a Strange Land)

O'Toole (no first name)
a. (Mrs.) Usually called "Mama" O'Toole, the chief ecologist in the Lewis & Clark, married to one of the relativists (astrogators). She died in the plague. b. (Mr.) Relativist (astrogator) in the Lewis & Clark, married to "Mama" O'Toole. He was an assistant to Dr. Babcock.
(Time for the Stars)

Otto (no last name)
Crew member of the Lewis & Clark who was killed on Elysia.
(Time for the Stars)

Our Lady of Mercy
[mentioned in passing] Hospital to which Eunice Branca was called to give blood; she killed a mugger in the parking lot.
(I Will Fear No Evil)

Our Lady of Sorrows
Hospital in Mazatlán to which Don Jaime Valera Guzmán paid tithes and also made donations on Alex Hergensheimer's behalf. Apparently paying tithes to hospitals was the equivalent of health insurance.
(Job: A Comedy of Justice)

Outdoor Life
Magazine that published the books about hunting and fishing that were stocked in the Farnham bomb shelter. 
(Farnham's Freehold)

Planet from which Lazarus Long came to Secundus to die.
(Time Enough for Love)

[mentioned in passing] The term most likely refers to colonized planets.
(Tunnel in the Sky)

Outlands Arts College
Department in Teller University that trained students for emigration and exploration.
(Tunnel in the Sky)

Outlands Overseer
[mentioned in passing] Newspaper or equivalent medium.
(Tunnel in the Sky)

[mentioned in passing] Colony planet.

Out-System Colonial Corporation
[mentioned in passing] Company owned by Shipstone.

Outward Bound
Space liner on which Don Harvey was born while it was traveling between Luna and Ganymede.
(Between Planets)

[mentioned in passing] Example of space job that doesn't translate to Earth jobs; the nature of the job was not described.

"Over the Rainbow"
Song that Dora sang at the dinner celebrating Maureen Johnson's rejuvenation, using Judy Garland's voice.
(The Number of the Beast)

Speedy Owens (no other first name)
Scout Patrol leader in Luna.
("Nothing Ever Happens on the Moon")

Mrs. Owens (no first name)
Cook at the Nogales, Arizona, Salvation Army whom Margrethe Gunderson replaced when she took three weeks off to visit her sister.
(Job: A Comedy of Justice)

Owner's Cabin
Deluxe suite in the Tricorn that was assigned to the Fries family.
(Podkayne of Mars)

Oxford Book of English Verse
[mentioned in passing] Book stocked in the Farnham bomb shelter.
(Farnham's Freehold)

Oxford University
[mentioned in passing] Site of radiation laboratories where cadets studied.
(Space Cadet)

Bishop Oxtongue (no first name)
Pastor of the New Grand Avenue Temple who preached against "false prophets", i.e. Valentine Michael Smith.
(Stranger in a Strange Land)

One of the universes visited by the crew of the Gay Deceiver. Deety Burroughs was especially greeted as a frequent visitor. In the Emerald City, the crew met numerous characters from the stories by L. Frank Baum.
  • Betsy [Bobbin]: A little girl from Oklahoma who ends up in Oz when she is washed overboard in a storm at sea. (Tik-tok of Oz)
  • Cap'n Bill: An ex-sailor who has been Trot's companion from birth as he was her mother's star boarder. (The Scarecrow of Oz)
  • Eureka: Dorothy's white kitten, who becomes the Pink Kitten when Dorothy becomes a permanent resident of Oz. (Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz)
  • Glinda the Good: The Good Witch of the South, who aids Dorothy in her quest to return home from Oz in the first story, and appears in later stories. (The Wizard of Oz)
  • Hungry Tiger: A tiger whose conscience will not let him eat other animals. (Ozma of Oz)
  • King of the Flying Monkeys: The chief of the Flying Monkeys (or Winged Monkeys), who leads his troop into action when called by the wearer of the Magic Cap. (The Wizard of Oz)
  • Jack Pumpkinhead: A very agreeable but rather simple-minded person made by Tip, with a wooden body and a head carved from a pumpkin. was brought to life by Mombi when she sprinkled the Powder of Life on him. (The Marvelous Land of Oz)
  • The Sawhorse: A wooden sawhorse brought to life by Tip by applying the Powder of Life. He became one of the regulars in the royal retinue of the Land of Oz. (The Marvelous Land of Oz)
  • Scarecrow: A man made of straw who travels with Dorothy to see the Wizard of Oz to ask for a brain. He later becomes the Emperor of the Winkies. (The Wizard of Oz)
  • Tik-Tok: A copper mechanical man who has a wind-up mechanism for thinking, speaking, walking, and other movements. Dorothy found him in the rock chamber where he had been hidden. He became an honored member of Ozma's retinue. (Ozma of Oz)
  • The Tin Woodman: A wood chopper made of tin. The Wicked Witch of the East caused him to have accidents with his ax, cutting off parts of his body, which he replaced with tin parts. He traveled with Dorothy to the Wizard of Oz to ask for a heart. (The Wizard of Oz)
  • Toto: Dorothy's faithful dog who travels with her in the many adventures in the Land of Oz. (The Wizard of Oz)
  • Trot: A little girl whose real name is Mayre Griffiths. She and Cap'n Bill were swept by a whirlpool from the California coast to the Land of Oz. (The Scarecrow of Oz)
  • Professor H. M. Wogglebug: A Highly Magnified Wogglebug who has been Thoroughly Educated thanks to Professor Nowitall. (The Marvelous Land of Oz)
  • The Woozy: A creature about the size of a goat that appears to be made from building-block shaped parts covered with a smooth, tough dark blue skin with only three hairs on the very tip of its tail. (The Patchwork Girl of Oz)
(The Number of the Beast)

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