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Robert A Heinlein

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Time for the Stars

Horatio Abernathy
[mentioned in passing] Nobel Prize laureate in field theory. He measured the speed of telepathy to demonstrate that it was not limited to the speed of light, nor did it obey the inverse-square law.

Afro-European Federation
Political union that fought a war with the Estados Unidos de Sud (United States of the South, presumably all or part of Central and South America).

Alpha Phoenicis
Star on the Lewis & Clark's itinerary after Beta Ceti.

Sergeant Andreeli (no first name)
Only surviving member of the Lewis & Clark's guard after the disaster on Elysia, an engineering machinist.

[mentioned in passing] Name proposed but rejected for Elysia, suggested by the large proportion of water to land. [From the Latin aqua, "water"]

Dr. Doris Arnault
Mathematical psychologist employed by the Long Range Foundation for the Genetics Investigations project. She tested Tom and Pat Bartlett for telepathic ability.

[mentioned in passing] Torchship sent to Proxima Centauri on the first long-range space journey. [French, "in the vanguard"]

Dr. Babcock (no first name)
Relativist (astrogator) in the Lewis & Clark. He was killed on Elysia.

Babcock Bay
Site on Constance where the Lewis & Clark was anchored; no doubt named after Dr. Babcock.

Bruce Bartlett
Tom and Pat Bartlett's father, a micromechanic and "student of almost everything…but especially of history". He was willing to pay a hefty penalty every year for having more than his quota of children, rather than admit the government's right to limit family size.

Faith, Hope, and Charity Bartlett
Older sisters of Tom and Pat Bartlett.

Lynette Bartlett
Pat Bartlett's second child. His wife refused to let her be tested for telepathy.

Molly Bartlett
a. Mother of Tom and Pat Bartlett. b. Pat's oldest child, who developed telepathic talent and formed a "secondary team" with Tom, taking her father's place when he and Tom grew too far apart to communicate.

Patrick Henry Michelangelo (Pat) Bartlett
The higher twin of the pecking order, he was chosen to go in the Lewis & Clark when he and his brother were hired to serve as a telepathic communications team between interstellar ships and Earth. After he was paralyzed in a skiing accident, Tom went on the ship instead; surgery revealed that the paralysis was psychosomatic, and it was "cured". Pat married his childhood sweetheart and had two children. He operated a successful business in his and Tom's names.

Thomas Paine Leonardo Da Vinci (Tom) Bartlett
He was assigned to the Lewis & Clark after Pat's accident, only a long while later admitting that neither twin had really wanted to go, and that he resented his brother's domination. He worked as a communicator through the entire trip, teaming with his niece Molly Bartlett after he lost contact with Pat, then with her daughter Vicky. Upon returning to Earth, he rejected Pat's plans for him to run "their" business, and married Vicky.

Vicky Bartlett
Great-niece of Pat Bartlett, who became his telepathic partner. Because of the relativistic time differences, they were close to the same age when he returned to Earth, and they were married soon after his return. He called her "Freckle Face."

Bartlett Brothers, Inc.
Corporation founded by Pat Bartlett; he also invested his twin brother's salary in it.

Berkeley Station
[mentioned in passing] A stop of the belt-strip transport that ran to Tom and Pat Bartlett's home.

Beta Ceti
Star where the Lewis & Clark found one habitable planet.

Beta Hydri
[mentioned in passing] The second stop on the Lewis & Clark's journey. No habitable planets were found.

Bjorkensen (no first name)
Faster-than-light engineer in the Serendipity.

Brunn (no first name)
Professor involved in Project Lebensraum.
(also in other stories)

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Part of the Estados Unidos de Sud. It was destroyed in a war with the Afro-European Federation.
(also in other stories)

Canton Atoll
Landmass closest to the launch site of the Lewis & Clark.

Capella VIII
[mentioned in passing] Colony planet opened up about the time of the Lewis & Clark's return.

Ceres Ribbon
Prestigious (but otherwise undescribed) award earned by Steve Lucas.

Congo Cannibals
[mentioned in passing] Club into which Tom and Pat Bartlett had been initiated.

The first of Tau Ceti's planets to be discovered, named after Harry Gates' infant daughter. It was determined habitable in spite of an epidemic that killed a large part of the crew.

Cristoforo Colombo
[mentioned in passing] Torchship taking part in Project Lebensraum.

Department of Peace
Military branch of the Planetary League.

Mrs. Detweiler (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Friend of the captain of the Lewis & Clark, to whom he had flowers sent after the ship's liftoff.

Dr. Devereaux (no first name)
Chief psychiatrist aboard the Lewis & Clark. Among many other responsibilities, he helped Tom Bartlett face his resentment towards his older twin, and accept his reluctance to be on the exploration journey. He died in a plague that overran the crew after the landing on Constance.

Gloria Maria Antonita Docampo
One of the telepaths aboard the Lewis & Clark.

Frank Dubois
Faith Bartlett's husband, junior partner in his father's automated bakery.

Eastman (no first name)
Successor to Commander Frick as head of communications in the Lewis & Clark.

Honorable J. Dillberry Egghead
[mentioned in passing] Pat Bartlett told his twin Tom that he was watching a speech by him just before the Lewis & Clark's liftoff.

Elsie Times
Daily news sheet in the Lewis & Clark. It carried both fleet and Earthside news. The "Elsie" is derived from LC (Lewis & Clark).

Planet in the Beta Ceti system. It was mostly water-covered, habitable by humans but also inhabited by intelligent, hostile, and very large amphibians. Many of the Lewis & Clark crew were killed in the natives' attacks.

Dom Pedro III was emperor of Brazil; he greeted the crew of Lewis & Clark on their return, on behalf of the United System.
(also in other stories)

Estados Unidos de Sud
[mentioned in passing] Political union that had fought a war with the Afro-European Federation. [Spanish, "United States of the South" or "Southern United States"]

[mentioned in passing] Item referred to by Kathleen in a message to Tom Bartlett; he had no idea what it was, and cited it as an example of how much society and language had changed.

Commander Frick (no first name)
Staff commander and communications officer aboard the Lewis & Clark; he supervised the telepaths. He died during the journey.

Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Furtney
Triplets involved in Project Lebensraum, old maids telepathic among themselves. They provided inter-ship communications.

Constance Gates
First child of Harry Gates and Barbara Kuiper, born aboard the Lewis & Clark the night the first of Tau Ceti's planets was discovered; Harry named the planet Constance in her honor.

Harry Gates
Chief planetologist in the Lewis & Clark. He married Barbara Kuiper. He was one of the few survivors of the attack by the Elysia's natives.

Harry Gates, Jr.
Son of Harry Gates and Barbara Kuiper, born aboard the Lewis & Clark.

Geeking (no first name)
Field representative of Genetics Investigations. He came to Pat and Tom Bartlett's home to negotiate their involvement in the project.

Genetics Investigations
Scientific organization that was collecting data on twins. It was a front for finding telepathic twins to recruit for Project Lebensraum.

Geneva International
International technical language.

George (no last name)
Vicky Bartlett's boyfriend. Tom Bartlett had no use for him, sight unseen, and Vicky admitted he needed improvement.
(also in other stories)

Ray Gilberti
Crew member of the Leif Ericsson. He married Sumire Watanabe during the journey.

Lefty Gomez (no other first name)
Assistant cook and storekeeper in the Lewis & Clark. He was killed by a lizardlike predator on Constance.

Grant and Gregory Graham
Telepathic twins, physicists who questioned the limitations of telepathy as a means of interstellar communication.

Gregory (no last name)
Member of Pat Bartlett's family, perhaps a son-in-law.

Senhorita Guerra (no first name)
Escort/interpreter assigned to Tom Bartlett after the Lewis & Clark's return to Earth.

Hans (no last name)
Member of Pat Bartlett's family, possibly a son-in-law.
(also in other stories)

Rupert Hauptmann
One of the telepaths aboard the Lewis & Clark. He died in the plague contracted on Constance.

Henry Hudson
[mentioned in passing] Torchship participating in Project Lebensraum.

Judge Holland (no first name)
Friend of Bruce Bartlett whom he wanted to read the Long Range Foundation's contract before he would sign.
(also in other stories)

Anna Horoshen
One of the telepaths in the Lewis & Clark.

Becky Horoshen
The Earthside twin of one of the telepaths in the Lewis & Clark.

Howard (no first name)
Representative of the Long Range Foundation who recruited the Project Lebensraum twins for telepathic communications between starships and Earth. After Pat Bartlett was paralyzed, Howard persuaded their parents to let Pat's twin Tom go on the Lewis & Clark in his place.

Planet in the Beta Hydri system where the Lewis & Clark refueled on ammonia.

[mentioned in passing] Faster-than-light ship.

[mentioned in passing] Faster-than-light ship.

Celestine Regina Johnson
Alfred McNeil's great-niece, and his telepathic partner, only a little girl when the Lewis & Clark's voyage began. Tom Bartlett learned to communicate with her.

Mei-Ling Jones
One of the telepaths aboard the Lewis & Clark (Chinese-Peruvian, she pronounced her surname "Hone-Ace"). She married Chet Travers; their baby died in the plague.

Kathleen (no last name)
Tom Bartlett's great-niece and telepathic partner; daughter of his twin brother's daughter Molly Bartlett.

Maudie Kauric
Girl whom Tom and Pat Bartlett both dated (more often Pat). Pat married her after Tom went on the Lewis & Clark voyage.

Krishnamurti (no first name)
Lewis & Clark crew member assigned to the "school board", who became head ecologist after Mama O'Toole's death.
(also in other stories)

Barbara Kuiper
Torch watchstander in the Lewis & Clark, who married Harry Gates.

Lucille LaVonne
[mentioned in passing] Woman who won the "Miss Solar System" title during the Lewis & Clark's voyage.

Leif Ericsson
Torchship involved in Project Lebensraum.

Lewis & Clark
Torchship involved in Project Lebensraum, to which Tom Bartlett and his uncle Steve Lucas were assigned. Several years ship's time after it began its journey, and several generations Earth time, it was intercepted by a faster-than-light ship and its crew returned to Earth; but it was their work, particularly the new physics developed from studies of telepathy, that made the faster-than-light technology possible. The crew called the ship "Elsie" (LC).
(also in other stories)

Mabel Lichtenstein
Head of Project Lebensraum, a world-famous scientist. She oversaw Tom and Pat Bartlett's ESP tests, projecting a disarming manner so that they only learned later how important she was.

Long Range Foundation
Research and investment nonprofit corporation dedicated to supporting expensive projects that had no hope of short-term payoffs: for example, space travel and weather control. It sponsored Project Lebensraum.

Stephen Lucas
Tom and Pat Bartlett's maternal uncle. He was a spacer promoted to a position in the Chief of Staff's office, then assigned to the Lewis & Clark with a rank of major as commander of the ship's security squad. He was killed in an attack by Elysia's natives.

Lucas (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Tom and Pat Bartlett's maternal great-grandfather.
(also in other stories)

[mentioned in passing] Torchship in Project Lebensraum.

"March of the Gladiators"
Tune that Pat Bartlett hummed telepathically to his twin during the family conference over the Long Range Foundation contract.

Marco Polo
[mentioned in passing] Torchship in Project Lebensraum.

Martian shandy
Alcoholic drink favored by Steve Lucas.

Patience Mathews
Earthside twin and communications partner of one of the Lewis & Clark telepaths. She constantly interfered with her sister's attempts at romance with other crew members.

Prudence Mathews
One of the telepaths aboard the Lewis & Clark, dominated by her twin (see preceding entry). She died in the plague that struck after the Constance landing.

McKeefe (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Tom and Pat Bartlett's Mathematical Empiricism teacher.

Alfred McNeil
Elderly Black telepath aboard the Lewis & Clark. He insisted that the younger crew members call him "Uncle Alfred". His partner on Earth was his great-niece; they were the same age when reunited after the voyage.

Janet Meers
A relativist (astrogator) and lightning calculator in the Lewis & Clark.

Morris Garage
Brand name of the household robot owned by the Bartletts (or perhaps the place where it was purchased?).

Mother's Helper
Model of household robot owned by the Tom and Pat Bartlett's family. It was obsolete and frequently broke down.

Torchship in Project Lebensraum.
(also in other stories)

Torchship in Project Lebensraum.

Ortega (no first name)
Designer of a propulsion system that made space travel within the solar system fast, cheap,and easy. Ships carrying his system were called "torch ships". 
(also in other stories)

O'Toole (no first name)
a. (Mrs.) Usually called "Mama" O'Toole, the chief ecologist in the Lewis & Clark, married to one of the relativists (astrogators). She died in the plague. b. (Mr.) Relativist (astrogator) in the Lewis & Clark, married to "Mama" O'Toole. He was an assistant to Dr. Babcock.

Otto (no last name)
Crew member of the Lewis & Clark who was killed on Elysia.

Dr. Pandit (no first name)
Crew member of the Lewis & Clark, in the medical department.

Dom Pedro III
Emperor of Brazil, who greeted the crew of Lewis & Clark on their return, on behalf of the United System.

Percival the Pig
Animal used to test the safety of new planets. He stayed healthy during his stay on Constance, but was killed in an attack by Elysian natives.

Peter the Great
[mentioned in passing] Intrasystem torchship that fell into the sun when she shut off her torch and couldn't get it started again.

Physical Review
Publication in which Horatio Abernathy intended to publish results of experiments measuring the "speed" of telepathic communication.

Torchship in Project Lebensraum.

Planetary League
Probably a successor to the United Nations. After a war between the Afro-European Federation and the Estados Unidos de Sud that occurred during the voyage of the Lewis & Clark, the constitution was rewritten and the name changed to United System. Planetary League Auxiliary Speech was the lingua franca on Earth.

"Prayer for Travelers"
Hymn sung at the Lewis & Clark's memorial service for the Vasco da Gama.
(also in other stories)

Project Lebensraum
Long Range Foundation program to send interstellar vehicles out at near-light speeds to find habitable planets. [German lebensraum, "habitat" or "living space"]

Regato (no first name)
First assistant engineer in the Lewis & Clark. Born in Buenos Aires, he was greatly distressed when that city was destroyed in a war.
(also in other stories)

Dusty and Rusty Rhodes (no other first names)
Dusty was a telepath aboard the Lewis & Clark; he was obnoxious, but valued for his ability to communicate in pictures, not just words. He was killed in an attack by Elysian natives. Rusty was his Earthside twin.

Richard E. Byrd
Torchship in Project Lebensraum.

Richardson Medal
Award given to the Lewis & Clark crew by the United System, on their return to Earth.

Rio de Janeiro
City at which the Lewis & Clark crew landed on their return to Earth.

Rip Van Winkles
Popular media name for the Project Lebensraum members.

Roch (no first name)
Chief engineer in the Lewis & Clark. He was killed on Elysia.

Sam Rojas
One of the telepaths aboard the Lewis & Clark.

Santa Maria
Torchship in Project Lebensraum; lost during the voyage.
(also in other stories)

Lothar Sembrich
Fiancee of Hope Bartlett; they were married after the Lewis & Clark began its voyage.

Long Range Foundation faster-than-light ship that rendezvoused with the Lewis & Clark and returned its crew to Earth. Her crew called her "Sarah".

Dr. Severin (no first name)
Crew member of the Lewis & Clark, killed in an attack by Elysian natives.

Hedda Staley
Maudie Kauric's friend, whom Tom Bartlett usually took on double dates with Maudie and his brother Pat.

"Sumner on Certain Aspects of Irrelevance"
Monograph transmitted to the Lewis & Clark. Dr. Babcock sent back to Earth a lengthy refutation of it.

Swenson (no first name)
Captain of the Lewis & Clark. He was killed on Elysia.

System Speech
English simplified for universal use.

Tau Ceti
Star that was the first stop on the Lewis & Clark's itinerary, where they discovered one habitable planet and named it Constance.

torch ship (or torchship)
Ship designed to travel near the speed of light. Several torch ships were sent to explore other solar systems by the Long Range Foundation.
(also in other stories)

Translunar Building
Site of local offices for the Genetics Investigations project.

Chet Travers
Crew member assigned to communications in the Lewis & Clark. He married Mei-Ling Jones.

Tyrannosaurus Ceti
Scientific name given to a lizardlike predator found on Constance.

United System
Name of the former Planetary League after its constitution was rewritten.

Urquhart (no first name)
Reserve captain who took command of the Lewis & Clark after Captain Swenson was killed. Although at first he was determined to continue on the mission in spite of the drastically depleted crew, he was ordered to rendezvous with a faster-than-light ship to return home (or possibly he persuaded the Long Range Foundation to arrange this).

Bernard van Houten
One of the telepaths aboard the Lewis & Clark. His Earthside brother was killed in an accident during the journey.

Vasco da Gama
Torchship in Project Lebensraum, lost early in the voyage.

Caleb Warner
Telepath aboard the Vasco da Gama. He was linked with his brother Cas, who was aboard the Lewis & Clark.

Cas Warner
Telepath aboard the Lewis & Clark, older than average for the mission's telepaths. He was killed in an attack by Elysian natives.

Sumire Watanabe
Crew member in the Leif Ericsson, who married Ray Gilberti during the voyage.

Ace Wenzel (no other first name)
Helicopter pilot for the Lewis & Clark.

Whipple (no first name)
Long Range Foundation lawyer who oversaw the installation of faster-than-light drive in the Lewis & Clark.

Whistle Stop
Small star checked out by the Lewis & Clark. It was bypassed as having no important features (i.e., nothing useful to humans).

[mentioned in passing] Faster-than-light ship.


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