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Time Enough for Love

Academe Press
Publishing house in New Rome.
(Time Enough for Love)

Deacon Ames (no first name)
Constable in the town where Lazarus Long began his trip back in time.
(Time Enough for Love)

Andy J
Colony ship running to New Beginnings. It was presumably owned by Lazarus Long and named after Andrew Jackson Libby.
(Time Enough for Love)

"The Ballad of Yukon Jake"
Bawdy ballad that Dora taught to Minerva.

"Barnacle Bill"
Bawdy ballad that Dora taught to Minerva.

Ariel Barstow
Ishtar Hardy's great-great-great grandmother. Lazarus Long was once married to her, and he said that Ishtar resembled her.

Susan Barstow
Howard Families member whom Justin Foote 45th had expected to succeed Ira Weatheral as Chairman Pro Tem. She did succeed Arabelle Foote-Hedrick after that Chairman's brief term.

Zaccur (Zack) Barstow
He was described by Lazarus Long as his "partner in crime"; no doubt the same man as on the New Frontiers. Two of his grandparents were mulatto.
(also in other stories)

Betty (no last name)
Beulah's foal, trained by Dora Brandon.
(also in other stories)

Beulah (no last name)
Female mule that Lazarus Long acquired for Dora Brandon on New Beginnings; Buck's mate.
(also in other stories)

[mentioned in passing] Restaurant in Charity.
(also in other stories)

Big Anna (no last name)
One of the whores in Lazarus Long's bordello on Mars.

Big Billy Whiskers
Goat that Lazarus Long took homesteading on New Beginnings.

Planet on which Lazarus Long rose from slave field hand to high priest. He escaped from the planet when his spaceship was "lost", and intended never to return. Nonetheless, he did go back two centuries later, at which time he purchased and freed Estrellita and José Long.


First settlement on Tellus Tertius; home of Lazarus Long's family. [boondocks, "rough country" or "rural area", from the Tagalog word for mountain]
(also in other stories)

"The Born Loser"
One of "Noisy" Rhysling's songs; Lazarus Long was constantly humming or singing it, and he taught it to Dora.

Bozell (no first name)
Friend of Brian Smith; like Brian, he was stationed at Camp Funston after World War I began.
(also in other stories)

Bud and Marge Brandon
Couple who settled on New Beginnings from the second shipload of colonists. They died when their house caught fire, but were able to save their young daughter Dora Brandon.

Dora Brandon
Orphaned on New Beginnings when her parents died in a house fire, she was adopted by Helen Mayberry with Lazarus Long's help. She became the schoolmistress when Helen retired. She married Lazarus after revealing that she knew his real identity, and went homesteading with him. She lived a long life, bearing many children, but Lazarus was still brokenhearted at her death. He named his shipboard computer after her, patterning its personality after her. Minerva modeled her flesh-and-blood appearance after Lazarus' descriptions of her.
(also in other stories)

Carolyn Briggs
Chief Archivist of the Howard Foundation on Secundus, successor to Justin Foote 45th.

Virginius Briggs
[mentioned in passing] Howard Families member, physician with the Howard Clinic on Secundus; he was credited with the first use of a pseudogravity field to facilitate childbirth. (But Lazarus Long claimed in his memoirs that Lazarus had actually been the first to use it.)

Zaccur Briggs
[mentioned in passing] Lazarus Long's son by Phyllis Briggs-Sperling.

Phyllis Briggs-Sperling
Libby Professor of Mathematics [probably after Andrew Jackson Libby], and the first woman to win the Ira Howard Memorial Century Medal for contributing 100 registered offspring to the Howard Families. Lazarus Long was her fifth husband.

Hank Brofsky
Settler on New Beginnings.

Theodore Bronson
Name that Lazarus Long used when he traveled back to 1916. Because of his close physical resemblance to Ira and to Maureen Johnson, Ira speculated that he might be the son of Ira's late brother Edward (but privately thought he might be Ira's own son). "Bronson" assimilated himself into the Smith family by joining their church, becoming assistant scoutmaster, playing chess with the young Woodrow Smith (his younger self), teaching Brian Jr. to drive, and generally befriending the children. When the United States entered World War I, he became a corporal (promoted to sergeant and demoted again) in the U. S. army. He and Maureen became lovers before he "died" in a World War I battle (he was actually rescued at the last minute and returned to his own time).
(also in other stories)

Browning, King & Company
Company from which Ted Bronson bought his clothing.

Pack mule owned by Clyde Leamer on New Beginnings; his breed was genetically altered to talk. Lazarus Long bought him from Leamer for Dora Brandon, and also because he had more respect for the mule than for the owner. Dora and Lazarus took him, though quite old, on their homesteading trek. He died on the trail.

Mule that Lazarus Long took homesteading with him on New Beginnings; probably an offspring of Buck and Beulah.

Buck's River
River flowing through Lazarus Long's homestead on New Beginnings. (Named after the mule.)

[mentioned in passing] Member of Ted Bronson's platoon in the American Expeditionary Force.

Camp Funston
Army camp to which Ted Bronson and Brian Smith were assigned. Its enlisted men called it "Camp Fun's-Town."

Dr. Chaddock (no first name)
Physician for whom Lazarus Long fixed a flat tire during his trip back in time. The doctor invited him home, fed him, gave him clothes and offered him payment for his help.

Dr. Chaddock (no first name)
Physician for whom Lazarus Long fixed a flat tire during his trip back in time. The doctor invited him home, fed him, gave him clothes and offered him payment for his help.
(Time Enough for Love)

Nettie Chaddock
Dr. Chaddock's sister, who fixed lunch for Lazarus Long after he helped Dr. Chaddock fix a flat tire.

chairman pro tem
Tradition held that the Chief Executive of the Howard Families was only holding the chairmanship in trust for the Eldest Member, i.e. Lazarus Long.

Arthur J. Chapman
Attorney whom Lazarus Long (as Ted Bronson) contacted about Howard Families business on his trip back in time.
Chapman, Bowles and Finnegan
Attorneys who administered the Howard Foundation during the early 20th century.
(also in other stories)

City on Blessed where Lazarus Long bought Estrellita and José Long.
(also in other stories)

Chicago Tribune
[mentioned in passing] Newspaper that published vehement criticisms of England during the early 20th century; according to Lazarus Long it hedged its bets after the U.S. declaration of war.

The Chinaman's
Either a bordello or (more likely) an opium den down the road from Lazarus Long's bordello on Mars.

Church of the Holy Democrat
Minor sect on Secundus, left alone by the government as long as they didn't meddle in politics.

[mentioned in passing] Town on Landfall.

Commonwealth Bank
Kansas City bank where Lazarus Long (as Ted Bronson) kept a lockbox filled with gold coins and other valuables. He withdrew all its contents after reading of the U.S. declaration of war.

[mentioned in passing] One of the Howard Families. (The name may have died out, since no individual members are mentioned in Methuselah's Children or Time Enough for Love.)

Corson Farmsled
Model of nullboat (antigravity transport) piloted by Lapis Lazuli and Lorelei Lee Long on Tellus Tertius.

Dade County Democrat
Newspaper from which Lazarus Long learned the year in which he landed in his time-jump.

Mule on Lazarus Long's New Beginnings homestead.
(also in other stories)

Dancing Girl
Mule on Lazarus Long's homestead on New Beginnings.

"Uncle" Dattlebaum (no first name)
Pawnbroker from whom Lazarus Long bought a chess set back in 1916 Kansas City, and to whom he traded his typewriter, suit, and overcoat for a pistol and ammunition when he made plans to spend World War I in Mexico.

delay mail
Method by which Lazarus Long sent messages to his Tellus Tertius family in the year 4291 from the year 1916. It involved photoengraving, reducing, and laminating letters, sealing them in airtight envelopes, and delivering them to the Howard Foundation lawyers with instructions for their preservation and transmission to each succeeding generation up to the delivery date.

Described as self-defeating and dangerous because the "common people" lack the education and sense of responsibility to make the necessary decisions-self-destructive self-interest overcomes social responsibility.

See Great Diaspora.

F. X. Dinkowski
[mentioned in passing] A member of Ted Bronson's platoon, of Jewish ancestry but raised a Catholic. Called "Dinky". (The initials almost certainly stand for Francis Xavier.)

Lazarus Long's yacht and the artificial intelligence that controlled it. Lazarus modeled its "personality" after Dora Brandon as a child, but the computer also picked up some of Lazarus' traits, including pure orneriness and an impressive vocabulary of profanity. He occasionally called it "Adorable" or just "Dorable." Before travelling back in time, he transferred its emotional attachment and loyalties to his clones Lapis Lazuli and Lorelei Lee Long, giving them command of the ship.
(also in other stories)

Dora Mountain
Name proposed by Lazarus Long for a peak near his and Dora Brandon's homestead on New Beginnings; she vetoed the idea.

Native animal on New Beginnings. It was an herbivore, but was dangerous because of its size and stupidity. It resembled a six-legged Triceratops.
(also in other stories)

Draper (no first name)
The pastor and his wife at the church the Brian Smith family attended, which Lazarus Long (as Ted Bronson) also attended in hopes of making the family's acquaintance.
(also in other stories)

Dubarry's Delicious Deodorants
[mentioned in passing] A probably imaginary product, referred to in jest by Lazarus Long.

The human race has long since outgrown its home planet, and largely abandoned it for a multitude of distant planets.
(also in other stories)

El Diablo
Resident cat in Ira Weatheral's penthouse. [Spanish, "the devil"]

Electric Park
Amusement park to which Ted Bronson promised to take Woodrow Smith. They did go there after the boy stowed away on a ride Ted took with Maureen Johnson Smith.

Apparently an expensive pleasure palace in New Rome.
(also in other stories)

Current term for "democrats". Considered troublemakers on Secundus and deported if they got too demanding.

Estelle's Kitchen
Restaurant that Estrellita and José Long opened on Landfall. They were unaware that Lazarus Long had made it possible for them to buy it. When they opened the more elegant Maison Long, it included a coffee shop named Estelle's Kitchen after their first restaurant.

Servant whom Lazarus Long rented on Blessed because no one without a body servant is recognized by merchants.

The interrelated novels Time Enough for Love, Number of the Beast, The Cat Who Walks Through Walls, and To Sail Beyond the Sunset all feature the group marriage of the Long clan, within which sexual pairings are indiscriminate (though apparently exclusively heterosexual) and children are the joint responsibility of all adult members.
(also in other stories)

Planet on which Lazarus Long made his living as a beggar-storyteller after his ship had been confiscated for use as a slaver vessel. The culture was based on Earth's Islamic civilization. Lazarus worked his way into a high government office, and was able to reclaim the ship. When he and his family fled the planet, they took along the Protector of Servants (state slave factor), and spaced him.

Planet to which Secundus' troublemakers, mostly Equalitarians, are shipped as an experiment to see if a democratic government can work if formed from people all of whom believe in it.

Fidelity Savings and Trust Bank
Bank where Lazarus Long, in his Ted Bronson persona, did business in 1916 Kansas City.

Fielding (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Member of Ted Bronson's combat platoon.

Evelyn Foote
Lazarus Long's fourth wife; he was her second husband, and they had seven children. Her first husband was Lazarus' cousin Jack Johnson.
(also in other stories)

Harriet Foote
[mentioned in passing] Ancestor of Justin Foote 45th, and his link with Lazarus Long. [Through Evelyn Foote?]

Justin Foote 45th
1. Howard Families archivist who annotated Lazarus Long's memoirs, and eventually emigrated to Tertius. He was a descendant of both Andrew Jackson Libby and Lazarus Long.
(also in other stories)

Arabelle Foote-Hedrick
Chairman pro tem of the Howard Families after Ira Weatheral retired. Lazarus Long had to take on his "honorary" right to assume the chairmanship to keep her from arresting Ira and sending him to Felicity. Lazarus referred to her as "Her Extreme Ubiquity". She was presumably assassinated, or at least replaced extremely quickly after her assumption of the office.

Laura Foote-Hedrick
Lazarus Long's wife on Landfall; he had been married to her grandmother a century earlier. They had nine children; she divorced him some 40 years later and married Roger Sperling. A member of the Hedrick family by matrilineage, though she used her patronymic.

See Howard Foundation.
(also in other stories)

"Four Whores Came Down From Canada"
[mentioned in passing] Ballad that Dora the computer taught to Minerva.

"Frankie and Johnny"
[mentioned in passing] One of "Noisy" Rhysling's standard songs.

Freedom Party
Underground Equalitarian movement on Secundus, dealt with by deporting its members.

Frigg Temple
[mentioned in passing] Birthing clinic in Torheim.

Dog that Lazarus Long took homesteading with him and Dora Brandon on New Beginnings.

Apparently the lingua franca throughout the galaxy, and definitely common on Secundus. It has similarities to Spanish, but the feminine, not masculine, pronouns are "generic".
(also in other stories)

[mentioned in passing] Lazarus Long remarked that he needed this creature to ride herd on his unruly family, but gave no further description.

Undescribed native flora on Tellus Tertius.

Governor's Provost for Rest and Culture
Mars official who set a fixed rate for prostitutes' prices, until Lazarus Long convinced him the policy was counterproductive.

Great Diaspora
Dispersal of the human race throughout the galaxy following the invention of faster-than-light spacedrive. One effect of the Diaspora was that nearly all talented and ambitious people left Earth, leaving the dregs of humanity on the homeworld.

[mentioned in passing] Ship in which "Noisy" Rhysling left Mars for Luna City.

Hanson Family
Neighbors of the Lazarus Long homestead on New Beginnings (on which Lazarus used the name Woodrow Smith). Hilda Hanson married Lazarus' son Zack Smith, and Ole Hanson married his daughter Helen Smith. Sven Hanson and Ingrid Hanson are also mentioned.

Happy Valley
Name chosen by Dora Brandon for the homestead founded by her and Lazarus Long on New Beginnings.
(also in other stories)

Edmund Hardy
[mentioned in passing] Descendant of Lazarus Long, lived 2099–2259.
(also in other stories)

Gordon Hardy
[mentioned in passing] Ship's surgeon in the New Frontiers.
(also in other stories)

Ishtar Hardy
Chief technician in Secundus' rejuvenation clinic, who personally attended Lazarus Long after his rejuvenation. The name "Ishtar" was bestowed upon her by Galahad Jones (her original name is not given), and it pleased her so much that she had her name legally changed to it. She migrated to Tertius and became head of the rejuvenation clinic there.
(also in other stories)

Meg Hardy
Member of the Howard Families, Lazarus Long's third wife.

Jake Hardy-Owens
[mentioned in passing] Howard Families member, a Libby professor of mathematics [The title is almost certainly in honor of Andrew Jackson Libby].

Harper (no first names)
Settlers on New Beginnings into whose old house Dora Brandon's family moved when the Harpers went homesteading. Her parents died when the house burned down.

Delos D. Harriman
Business tycoon who inspired and largely funded many space-related endeavors, including the first trip to the moon. Harriman is mentioned indirectly in most of the Future History stories, mostly in businesses and institutions bearing his name. In Time Enough for Love, the Harriman Memorial Refuge is a fund for the orphans of spacemen, and the Harriman Trust is a banking establishment on Secundus.
(also in other stories)

Evelyn Hedrick
[mentioned in passing] The mother of one of Ira Weatheral's grandchildren.

Tom Heimenz
Blacksmith who hired Lazarus Long for the day when Lazarus travelled back to the year 1916.

"Hello, Central, Give Me No Man's Land"
[mentioned in passing] Sheet music on the piano in the Brian Smith house when Ted Bronson made his last visit there.

Hilda (no last name)
Employee of the New Beginnings Bank of Commerce.

Nelly Hildegarde
Director of the Howard Rejuvenation Clinic on Secundus, she went on leave in protest when Lazarus Long was rejuvenated against his will.

Hippodrome Theater
Ted Bronson took the young Woodrow Wilson Smith there to see the magician Thurston the Great.

Name suggested by Galahad Jones for Ishtar Hardy.

Homing Pigeon
Spaceship belonging to a corporation "owned" by Lazarus Long. It was requisitioned by Arabelle Foote-Hedrick to send Justin Foote 45th to Tertius.

Hopeless Pass
Feature of New Beginnings through which Lazarus Long and Dora Brandon travelled to found a homestead.

Hormone Hall
Lazarus Long's name for the bordello he managed on Mars.

Ira Howard
He lived 1825–1873. He became wealthy during the Reconstruction (after the Civil War) and mandated in his will that his money be used to "lengthen human life". The administrators of the trust attempted to satisfy this mandate by offering inducements to offspring of long-lived people to interbreed, assuming that their long lifespans may be hereditary.
(Primarily in Methuselah's Children; also mentioned in To Sail Beyond the Sunset.)

Howard Clinic
Medical facility on Secundus; rejuvenations were performed there. (It was probably named after the Howard Foundation.)

Howard Encyclopedia
Publication available on Secundus. (Probably named after the Howard Foundation.)

Howard Families
Descendants of the original participants in the Howard Foundation's longevity breeding "experiments", all of them extraordinarily long-lived. They became a closely intertwined clan representing all races, united by both blood ties and business relationships. When their extraordinary longevity became public knowledge, they fled Earth to avoid persecution, returning only after medical means of prolonging life made the "secret" available to everyone. They established a colony on Secundus during the Diaspora.

The Howard Families surnames are Barstow, Briggs, Cooper [the name may have died out; no individual members are mentioned in any story], Foote, Hardy, Hedrick, Jenkins, Johnson, King, Lee, Libby, Magee, Rumsey, Schmidt, Schultz, Smith, Sperling, Weatheral.
(also in other stories)

Howard Foundation
Trust formed to provide financial rewards for members of the Howard Families who interbred. It eventually branched out into research for methods of rejuvenation and prevention of aging, and also administered the legal and economic affairs of the Howard Families. Forewarned by Lazarus Long about the 1929 stock market crash, it moved its assets to Swiss bank accounts, and restructured its operations as a Canadian corporation to avoid U.S. restrictions on owning gold.
(Also in Methuselah's Children and To Sail Beyond the Sunset.)

Howard Rejuvenation Clinic
Medical facility located on Secundus and operated by the Howard Foundation.

Howard University
Institution on Secundus.

Hugh Hoyland
[mentioned in passing] His descendants were discovered, only a few thousand strong but still surviving.
(Primarily in Orphans of the Sky.)

Dr. Lafayette (Lafe) Hubert
See Lazarus Long.

Humpty Dumpty
Name given to the nullboat — short-distance ground transport — used by Lazarus Long's family on Tertius.

Idle Hour Billiard Parlor
Kansas City pool hall near which Lazarus Long rented garage space, in the hopes of meeting Ira Johnson there.

idleberry jolt
[mentioned in passing] Beverage, probably alcoholic.

Interregnum (or Interregnum of the Prophets)
Theocratic and totalitarian government that prevailed in the United States around the end of the 20th century, until overthrown by the Cabal. It was founded by the demagogue Nehemiah Scudder and perpetuated by successors who were more self-serving politicians than religious fanatics, but who used religion to keep the populace under control.
(Also in "If This Goes On—" and Methuselah's Children)

Theater in Kansas City near Lazarus Long's childhood home.

Planet where slavery was practiced; it traded with Fatima.
(also in other stories)

Jake (no last name)
[mentioned in passing] Midshipman in David Lamb's class.
(also in other stories)

"Red" Jenkins (no other first name)
Alias used by Lazarus Long at the 1916 Kansas City YMCA.

Lazarus Long claimed to have returned to the planet (which had been deliberately miscatalogued to keep humans away from it), and massacred the "gods". His "twin sisters" called the race "Jabberwockies".
(Primarily in Methuselah's Children.)

John Barleycorn
Mule that Lazarus Long took homesteading on New Beginnings, and that died on the trail.

Adele Pfeiffer Johnson
Lazarus Long's maternal grandmother. She lived in St. Louis after leaving her husband, but refused to divorce him.
(also in other stories)

Edward McFee Johnson
(Referred to only as Edward Johnson.) Lazarus Long's great-uncle, a railroad engineer who had been killed on the job. Ira Johnson speculated that Ted Bronson might be his bastard son, to account for Ted's resemblance to various Johnsons.
(also in other stories)

Ira Johnson
Lazarus Long's grandfather, also Ira Weatheral's ancestor. He was approximately 80 years old when Lazarus left home. The Howard Families records report that he was killed during the World War II bombings in London. When Lazarus returned to 1916 Kansas City, he made Ira's acquaintance and was accepted as a possible nephew.
(also in other stories)

Jack Johnson
[mentioned in passing] Lazarus Long's cousin, who married Meg Hardy after she divorced Lazarus.

Maureen Johnson
Lazarus Long's mother, with whom he fell in love when he traveled back in time to his childhood home. Although he did not tell her his true identity, he did reveal that he was a time traveler.
(also in other stories)

Samantha Jane Johnson
Lazarus Long's maternal great-aunt. She outlived three husbands, and died after being thrown from a horse at the age of 85. Maureen Johnson Smith told Lauretta and Clyde Simpson that she was Ted Bronson's mother.
(also in other stories)

Galahad Jones
Associate technician tending Lazarus Long. Dubbed "Galahad" by Ishtar Hardy, he preferred it over his real name, Obadiah. He was a student of ancient cultures before becoming a rejuvenation technician. He joined the Lazarus Long's group marriage in the Tertius colony.
(also in other stories)

Jones Brothers
Boarding stable in Top Dollar, on New Beginnings.

Jotunheim Range
[mentioned in passing] Mountain range on Valhalla.

Settlement on New Beginnings.

Justifiable Rape
Name Lazarus Long gave to a perfume worn by Estrellita Long.

Kansas City (Missouri)
Lazarus Long's destination in his time travels.
(also in other stories)

Kansas City Journal
Newspaper posted in the town where Lazarus Long began his trip back in time, from which he learned he had reached 1916 and not the year he'd intended.

Kansas City Photo Supply Company
Company from which Lazarus Long got the equipment to photoreduce his delay mail messages.

Kansas City Post
Newspaper in which Lazarus Long first read of the United States' declaration of war.

Mule on Lazarus Long's homestead on New Beginnings, just junior to Beulah.

[mentioned in passing] Town on Landfall.

Deity by which Zebadiah Carter swore in describing Lazarus Long's reaction to Maureen Johnson's appearance in the Dora.
(also in other stories)

Krausmeyer (no first name)
Physician in Top Dollar, an alcoholic.

Krishnamurti (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Author of The New Golden Bough.
(also in other stories)

Unit of currency on Valhalla.

Lady Macbeth
Dog that Lazarus Long took homesteading on New Beginnings.
(also in other stories)

Lafe (no last name)
Early 20th century Naval officer whom Lazarus Long claimed tried to choke a Kodiak bear to death.

David Lamb
An alleged classmate of Lazarus Long in Naval Officers Training School, whom Lazarus described as so lazy he always found the easiest way to accomplish things and thus was a great success in whatever he did.

Donald Lamb
Lazarus Long misspoke (and probably misremembered) David Lamb's name; he immediately claimed this was David's brother.

Planet where Lazarus Long considered settling to raise a family; one corner of a trade route he worked as a merchant pilot. He did eventually settle there for a while, and also established Estrellita and José Long there as well.

Josef and Stjerne Lang
See Estrellita and José Long.

Last Chance
Transport ship that traveled to Felicity.

League of the Oppressed
Underground Equalitarian movement on Secundus. The government dealt with it through infiltration by agents and then deportation of its members.

Clyde Leamer
Settler on New Beginnings. Formerly a creative writing teacher on Earth, he was forever in debt mostly because of his unwillingness to work. Lazarus Long bought a mule from him, partly because he had more respect for the mule than for Leamer.

Yvonne Leamer
Clyde's wife, who emigrated to New Beginnings with him.

Lee Choy Mu
Also Robert C. M. Lee. An early member of the Howard Families, born in Singapore of Cantonese parents but living in Richmond, Virginia. He was a member of the New Frontiers refugees and a mathematician second only to Andrew Jackson Libby. He was an ancestor of Hamadryad Weatheral.

Simon Legree
Lazarus Long's name for the slave merchant who sold him Estrellita and José Long. Lazarus locked him into Estrellita's chastity belt after seeing the scars it had left on her.

Lazarus Long's trade ship, working the Blessed-Valhalla-Landfall route. (No doubt named after Andrew Jackson Libby.)

Andrew Jackson Libby
Lazarus Long mentions that they went exploring together and discovered a good many planets. Libby died during one trip. Lazarus put his body into orbit around a planet, but was unable to find it when he went back to fulfill his promise to bury him in the Ozarks on Earth.
(also in other stories)

James Matthew Libby
Member of the Howard Families, Phyllis Briggs-Sperling's fourth husband. (Related to Andrew Jackson Libby?)

Libby-Sheffield Para-Drive
Faster-than-light drive that made possible the Great Diaspora. It was named after Andrew Jackson Libby and Aaron Sheffield (an alias of Lazarus Long).

Lingua Galacta
Common language of the human race; see Galacta. [Latin lingua, "tongue" or "language".]

The Lives of Lazarus Long
His memoirs, as dictated for the Howard Foundation archives in Boondock. (The stories are recounted in Time Enough for Love.)

Andrew Jackson Long
[mentioned in passing] Child in the Lazarus Long household on Tertius.

Elf Long
[mentioned in passing] Child in the Lazarus Long household on Tertius.

Elizabeth (Libby) Long
Estrellita and José Long's second child. She married Lazarus Long's son George Sheffield and changed her name to Estelle Elizabeth Sheffield-Long.
(also in other stories)

Estrellita and José Long
Slaves auctioned on Blessing as "mirror twins", made from the same zygote but each from different genetic material within it. Lazarus Long bought them intending to free them immediately, but ended up "adopting" them instead, teaching them how to survive on their own and ultimately setting them up in a restaurant on Landfall. Their technical sibling relationship notwithstanding, they married and had several children. Noting that they aged very slowly, Lazarus claimed that they might be his great-great-grandchildren. Estrellita was called Estelle on Landfall, and was also known as 'Llita ("yeeta"). José was also called Joe or Josie. They used the names Josef and Stjerne Lang while on Valhalla.

Joseph Aaron Long
Son of Estrellita and José Long, usually called J.A. or Jay Aaron. He married Lazarus Long's daughter Pattycake Sheffield.

Lapis Lazuli and Lorelei Lee Long
Lazarus Long's twins, produced by cross-sex cloning and brought to term in human host mothers Hamadryad Weatheral and Ishtar Hardy. They bore a strong physical and personality resemblance to Lazarus. When he made his trip back in time, he gave them co-captaincy of the Dora.
(also in other stories)

Laura Long
Estrellita and José Long's third child.

Lazarus Long
Oldest member of the human race as of 4272 Gregorian. He was rejuvenated against his will by the Howard clinic on Secundus, but accepted the action when promised that "something new" would be found to revive his interest in life; that something became a trip to his childhood home in 1916. In his life to that point he had done nearly everything there was to do, under numerous aliases: "Happy" Daze, manager of a bordello on early 21st century Mars; Ernest Gibbons, banker and owner of the general store on New Beginnings (also part-owner of the transport ship that brought colonists in); Dr. Lafayette (Lafe) Hubert, physician on Ormuzd, where he was called "Dr. Genocide" for advocating that genetic defectives be encouraged not to reproduce (this alias is also mentioned in Number of the Beast); Mr. Justice Lenox; Aaron Sheffield, the name he used when he bought a transport for carrying the Howard Families to the New Frontiers, when he adopted Estrellita and José Long, and probably during numerous other occasions in his role as spaceship pilot; Bill "Woodie" Smith, under which he married and went homesteading with Dora Brandon (a rare occasion when he used his birth name); Ted Bronson, by which he introduced himself to his grandfather and other family members when he travelled back to 1916 Kansas City (he also used "Red" Jenkins very briefly). Besides reminiscing about these various lives, he aided Ira Weatheral in retiring from the chairmanship pro tem of the Howard Foundation and establishing a colony on Tertius, where a group marriage/family was formed that took the name Long in his honor.
(also in other stories)

Minerva Long
A clone for whom each set of chromosomes came from a different parent, for optimum physical and mental characteristics. The body was imprinted with the personality and most of the memories of Ira Weatheral's computer Minerva, and she had chosen the physical appearance to most closely resemble Lazarus Long's description of Dora Brandon.
(also in other stories)

Tamara Long
Sister wife of Maureen Johnson and mother of Ishtar Long (probably the same person as Ishtar Hardy). She is a descendant of Eleanor Weatheral. (She is called Tamara Sperling in Time Enough for Love.)

R. A. Long Building
Site in Kansas City of the Chapman, Bowles and Finnegan offices.

Six-legged predator on New Beginnings. They will attack mules, but the mules usually win. They are edible though not very palatable to humans.

Luna City
[mentioned in passing] City built under the Moon's surface, including not only habitations but farms and other necessities, plus a varied cultural life.
(also in other stories)

Lyle (no last name)
Settler in Happy Valley who married Lazarus Long's daughter Marjie Smith.

Sandy MacDougal
Lazarus Long claimed the Wandering Jew was using that alias when they met.

Magdalene (no last name)
Vocational name of Rebecca Sperling-Jones.

John Magee
Settler on New Beginnings, a Barstow of the Howard Families.

Maison Long
Estrellita and José Long's second, high-class restaurant. It had a coffee shop attached to it called "Estelle's Kitchen", after the first restaurant. [French maison, "house"]

Mark XIX
Model of Remington blaster that Lazarus Long used against the Jockaira "gods".
(also in other stories)

Markham (no first name)
New Beginnings settlers who built a house on the site of the burnt-out Harper place.

Holiday on Landfall. [Considering that the port city is New Canaveral, it is most likely named after Neil Armstrong.]

New Beginnings
Planet apparently discovered and mapped by Lazarus Long and Andrew Jackson Libby. Lazarus founded a colony and settled there, using the name Ernest Gibbons. He also founded the New Beginnings Bank of Commerce, a general store, and a homestead far from the original town. Some years after the founding, he returned as a colonist, using the name Bill "Woody" Smith.

New Canaveral
Port city on Landfall.

New Frontiers
Starship that was built in Earth-Luna orbit, taken by the Howard Families for their exile. Designed for a colony of 20,000, it had cold sleep compartments added by the Families to accommodate their population of 100,000.

New Globe Theater
Acting sessions performed by Lazarus Long's children in his New Beginnings homestead.

The New Golden Bough
[mentioned in passing] Published in New Rome, presumably an anthropology text that updated Sir James Frazer's The Golden Bough.

The New Golden Bough
[mentioned in passing] Published in New Rome, presumably an anthropology text that updated Sir James Frazer's The Golden Bough.

New Pittsburgh
Settlement on New Beginnings.

New Rome
Capital of Secundus.

New York Times
Newspaper in which Lazarus Long, back in 1917, read the text of the United States declaration of war.
(also in other stories)

November 11, 1912
Birth date of Woodrow Wilson Smith (Lazarus Long).

Novo Brasil
Colony planet mentioned in a Lazarus Long anecdote. It had a local custom of serial bigamy. [Portuguese novo, "new"]

O'Brien (no first name)
Corporal who led a WWI squadron in the same regiment with Ted Bronson.

Olga (no last name)
A whore in Lazarus Long's Mars bordello, described as beautiful by "Noisy" Rhysling but was physically downright ugly. She was killed accidentally after Noisy had left.
(also in other stories)

Planet on which Lazarus Long survived a plague while providing medical care for the victims.

Planet from which Lazarus Long came to Secundus to die.

Pallas Athene
Ira Weatheral's computer (previously called Minerva) after its data were transferred to the Dora's memory banks. "She" was usually called Athena or Teena. Her personality was strongly influenced by Lapis Lazuli and Lorelei Lee Long, though she had most of Minerva's memories. She ran most operations on Tertius, and intended to become flesh and blood herself after a century or so.
(also in other stories)

Parkinson (no first name)
Settlers in Top Dollar. Mr. Parkinson married Helen Mayberry after his wife's death.
(also in other stories)

Old Tom Parr
[mentioned in passing] Legendary individual who supposedly died in the year 1635 (Gregorian calendar) at the age of 152.

Pitcairn Island
Name given by Diaspora discoverers to the planet settled by refugees from the Vanguard (the ship in Orphans of the Sky).

Lazarus Long deliberately miscatalogued the planet to keep humans away from it, but he returned to it ask Mary Sperling's opinion of the time-travel theory worked out by Dora.
(also in other stories)

Planet of the Little People
See PK3722.

prairie goat
Six-legged, otherwise undescribed herbivore on New Beginnings. It was edible — and tasty — to humans.

Pretty Girl
Mule that Lazarus Long took homesteading on New Beginnings; she died on the trail.

Priscilla (no last name)
Hamadryad Weatheral's business manager.

Proscribed Prisoner no. 83M2742
[mentioned in passing] "Title" bestowed upon Lazarus Long in one of his lives.

"Courtesan" was a legal and honorable profession on Secundus and Tertius. Prostitution was also legal on Mars, although the government tried to regulate the prices; Lazarus Long talked about the bordellos there.
(also in other stories)

Protector of Servants
State slave factor on Fatima, who confiscated Lazarus Long's trading ship and used it as a slave transport. When Lazarus regained the ship, he took the factor offplanet with him and spaced him.

Protector of the Faith
[mentioned in passing] Presumably the ruler of Fatima.

Ira Weatheral's mispronunciation of David Lamb's name.

Rampart Range
Mountains on New Beginnings.

"Rangy Lil"
[mentioned in passing] Bawdy ballad that Dora taught to Minerva.

Red (no other name)
Name by which Monty Montgomery addressed Lazarus Long. Lazarus also used it briefly at the beginning of his trip back to the early 20th century.
(also in other stories)

Reiber's Fever
Nonexistent disease for which all immigrants to Secundus were inoculated as a means of collecting tissue samples for identification purposes.

Widely used, it involved replacement of vital organs as well as chemical restoration of the body's functions. The patient could be made to look any age, while functioning youthfully. Cloned bodies were often grown to provide compatible replacement organs.
(also in other stories)

Lazarus Long used their Mark XIX blaster against the Jockaira "gods".
(also in other stories)

"Noisy" Rhysling (no other first name)
Blind singer taken in by the whores in Lazarus Long's bordello; he was soon earning his own way with his music. After leaving Mars, he became a famous musician in Luna City. He claimed to have been an engineer on a Harriman liner before his accident.
(also in other stories)

Rick (no last name)
Manager of the Top Dollar trading post, which was called Rick's General Store though it was owned by Lazarus Long.
(also in other stories)

Sammy Roberts
Young neighbor of the Lazarus Long homestead on New Beginnings.

Roderick (no last name)
Alias by which Lazarus Long identified himself to Dr. Chaddock and his sister.

Romulus Hilton
Hotel in New Rome. ("Hilton" is apparently used as a generic term for hotel.)

Royal Order of the Wet Diaper
Certificate "awarded" to David Lamb after his first landing on an aircraft carrier.

Russell (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Member of Lazarus Long's World War I combat platoon.

San Andreas
[mentioned in passing] Planet where Lazarus Long dwelt; he worked there as a lawyer.

Sanctuary for Defectives
Nursing home for genetically defective members of the Howard Families. Apparently the problems of inbreeding persisted even with advanced genetic engineering techniques.

Schultz (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Member of Ted Bronson's platoon.
(also in other stories)

The law enforcement agency on Secundus [Security Force?].

Home planet of the Howard Families after the Great Diaspora. It was run as a benevolent dictatorship. [Latin, "second"]
(Also in The Number of the Beast; mentioned briefly in To Sail Beyond the Sunset)

The Senior
Honorific bestowed on the oldest member of the Howard Families.

Settlement on New Beginnings.

Seraphin the Younger
"His Serenity…Supreme High Priest of the One God in All His Aspects and Arbiter Below and Above." One of Lazarus Long's many aliases.

Service Enterprises
Corporation in New Rome, owned by Sheffield-Libby Associates-i.e., Lazarus Long.

Seven Hours of Ecstasy
Sexual ritual; its exact nature was not described, except that participants are precluded from asking personal questions. By inference, the partners are often strangers.

William Shakespeare
Lazarus Long claimed that Will Shakespeare was a half-brother of Queen Elizabeth but dyed his hair to hide the resemblance; and that he lived at least until Lazarus' early lifetime.
(also in other stories)

Aaron Sheffield
Alias that Lazarus Long used when he purchased Estrellita and José Long, and while he lived on Landfall. His children there also had this surname: George, who married Estrellita and Joe's daughter Libby; Pattycake, who married their son Joseph Aaron; and Woodrow.
(also in other stories)

Pattycake Sheffield
Daughter of Lazarus Long in his persona as Aaron Sheffield. She married Joseph Aaron Long, son of Estrellita and José Long.

Sheffield-Libby Associates
Corporation owned by Lazarus Long (using his alias of Aaron Sheffield), probably founded by him and Andrew Jackson Libby.

Estelle Elizabeth Sheffield-Long
See Elizabeth Long.

Nanny goat on Lazarus Long's homestead on New Beginnings.

Dom Pedro Silva
Mentioned in a Lazarus Long anecdote. A resident of Novo Brasil, where serial bigamy was practiced, he was careful always to have one beautiful and one ugly wife.

Deborah Simpson
Alias used by a member of the Howard Families on New Beginnings; her real surname was Magee. [Related to John Magee, also a settler on New Beginnings? ]

Lauretta and Clyde Simpson
Neighbors of the Maureen Johnson Smith in Kansas City, whom she, Ted Bronson, and the young Woodrow Smith met at Electric Park.

Lazarus Long's farm on Landfall.

Brian Smith
Lazarus Long's father, owner of a mining engineering firm, and an Army captain during World War I.
(also in other stories)

Brian Smith, Jr.
Lazarus Long's older brother (third in the family). He became rich while still young.
(also in other stories)

Carol Smith
Lazarus Long's older sister, second in the family.
(also in other stories)

Dora Brandon Smith
See Dora Brandon.

Ethel Smith
Lazarus Long's baby sister.
(also in other stories)

George Edward Smith
Lazarus Long's brother, fourth in the family.
(also in other stories)

Helen Smith
Daughter of Lazarus Long and Dora Brandon on New Beginnings. (Probably named for Helen Mayberry, who raised Dora after Dora's parents died in a fire.)

Hilda Hanson Smith
Daughter-in-law of Lazarus Long on New Beginnings; she married Zack Smith.

Ingrid Dora Smith
Granddaughter of Lazarus Long on New Beginnings; the daughter of Zack Smith and Hilda Hanson Smith.

Marie Agnes Smith
Lazarus Long's sister, fifth in the family and the beauty of the family.
(also in other stories)

Marjie Smith
Daughter of Lazarus Long and Dora Brandon on New Beginnings. Her married name was Lyle.

Maureen Johnson Smith
See Maureen Johnson.

Nancy Irene Smith
Lazarus Long's sister, oldest of Maureen Johnson and Brian Smith's children. She married Jonathan Sperling Weatheral.
(also in other stories)

Richard Smith
Lazarus Long's younger brother.
(also in other stories)

Theodore Ira (Teddy) Smith
Lazarus Long's youngest brother.
(also in other stories)

Woodrow Wilson (Woodie or Bill) Smith
Real name of Lazarus Long. He was named for President Wilson, having been born just six days after his election.

As Bill Smith (Dora called him Woodrow), he married Dora Brandon and went homesteading with her, so all their children were surnamed Smith: Andy, their second child; Elf (presumably a daughter); Gibbie (probably after his original New Beginnings alias Ernest Gibbons); Helen, their third, who married neighbor Ole Hanson; Iseult; Ivar; Lurton; Marje; Persephone, who died in infancy; Undine; Virginia (Ginny); and Zack, their oldest son, who married Hilda Hanson.

When he traveled back in time, Lazarus Long met his younger self, and decided he was a complete brat.

Zack Smith
Son of Lazarus Long and Dora Brandon.

Mr. Snoopy Nose (no other name)
Galahad Jones' name for the technician who relieved his shift during Lazarus Long's rejuvenation; his real name was not given.

Mary Sperling
Lazarus Long consulted with "her" on the Planet of the Little People to confirm the theory of time travel developed by Dora.
(also in other stories)

Roger Sperling
[mentioned in passing] Fifth/seventh cousin of Lazarus Long who married Laura Foote-Hedrick after she divorced Lazarus. Sperling may have expected to share in a sizable property settlement.

Tamara Sperling
Ishtar Hardy's mother, a courtesan on Secundus who trained as a rejuvenator after joining the Tertius colony.
(also in other stories)

Rebecca Sperling-Jones
A highly respected courtesan on Secundus and mother of Galahad Jones. She emigrated to Tertius.

Steve (no last name)
[mentioned in passing] Midshipman in David Lamb's class.
(also in other stories)

Stinky (no other name)
[mentioned in passing] (no other name) Midshipman in David Lamb's class.
(also in other stories)

World against which Secundus maintained an embargo; no reasons are given, but they apparently practiced slavery. Lazarus Long purchased a rejuvenation there.

The Swiss Garden
[mentioned in passing] German beer parlor near Lazarus Long's childhood home (it acquired the name during World War I, presumably to avoid anti-German bias).

Swope Park
Town in Missouri that Lazarus Long visited during his time travel.

Talley (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Member of Ted Bronson's World War I platoon.

Tamara's Song
Zebadiah Carter misheard the title as "Tomorrow's Song". See "My Arms Enclose You Still".

See Pallas Athene.

Tellus Tertius
Planet on which Ira Weatheral and Lazarus Long established a colony, mostly their own family members, after agreeing that Secundus had become too crowded and "civilized." [Latin tertius, "third"]
(also in other stories)

See Tellus Tertius.

Thomas (no last name)
Lazarus Long's cook on Landfall.

Thurston the Great
[mentioned in passing] Magician whom Ted Bronson took Woodrow Smith to see.

Lazarus Long determined that the same method used to move the Dora through space could also be used for time travel. He used the method to travel back to Kansas City in the early 20th century, but missed his actual destination by several years.
(also in other stories)

Tinker's Guild
Guild that Lazarus Long joined on Fatima, with the aid of some under-the-counter dealing with the Guildmaster. He repaired appliances and occasionally sold advanced electronics. He became the assistant to a government trade official, eventually replacing him.

Top Dollar
First settlement on New Beginnings, apparently founded by Lazarus Long; he owned the bank and the trading post (under his alias Ernest Gibbons).

Port city on Valhalla.

Transport Enterprises
[mentioned in passing] Corporation in which Lazarus Long was a major stockholder.

Transtellar Migration Corporation, Ltd.
New Canaveral company that provided transport tariffs from which Estrellita and José Long figured their "debt" to Lazarus Long for the trip from Blessed to Landfall.

Leaders of the Howard Families.

Turing potential
A computer's ability to develop independent intelligence, including self-awareness; applied to Minerva.

Planet included in a triangular trade route worked by Lazarus Long.
(also in other stories)

This ship was discovered, abandoned and with records destroyed, shortly before the founding of the Tertius colony. A backtracking of its trajectory led to a planet settled by refugees from the ship.
(also in other stories)

Waldorf Dining Room
Restaurant in Top Dollar.

Wandering Jew
Lazarus Long claimed to have met him, and stated that he was a redhead.

(no last name) Ira Weatheral's chief justice; he reversed so many of Ira's decisions that Ira deported him to Felicity.
(also in other stories)

Jim "Duke" Warwick
Moderator and Selectman of Top Dollar. He was a mechanic by trade, but was elected state treasurer when Top Dollar nationalized Lazarus Long's bank.

Hamadryad Weatheral
Ira Weatheral's "pretty daughter", who helped him elicit memoirs from Lazarus Long. She was the host mother of one of Lazarus' clone sisters, and migrated to Tertius as part of Lazarus' extended family. She had a number of nicknames that are variations on her name: Hamasweet, Mama Hamalambie, Hamadear, etc.
(also in other stories)

Ira Weatheral
Member of the Johnson family and chairman pro tem of the Howard Foundation, just under 400 years old at the time of the novel. He ordered Lazarus Long rejuvenated against Lazarus' obvious wishes, persuaded Lazarus to record his memoirs, and coordinated the project of finding him "something new" to do in life. He retired from the chairmanship and founded a colony on Tertius with Lazarus' help.
(also in other stories)

Jonathan Brian Weatheral
First child of Nancy Irene Smith and Jonathan Sperling Weatheral (see next entry).

Jonathan Sperling Weatheral
Howard Families member who married Nancy Irene Smith just before enlisting in the Army in 1917. He was a direct ancestor of Ira Weatheral.
(also in other stories)

Marian Weatheral
Ira Weatheral's daughter-in-law.

Welton cubes
Devices for storing electronic records outside a computer.

"When the Pusher Met My Cousin"
One of "Noisy" Rhysling's songs. (See pusher.)

Wyatt (no first name)
Member of Ted Bronson's platoon.

Zwicky Investigation
Method used to search for "something new" for Lazarus Long to do; it involved matrix arrangements.


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