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Starship Troopers

Aberdeen, Scotland
[mentioned in passing] Site of the first "emergency measure" that led to the founding of the Federation. War veterans formed a militia to control local crime, allowing only other veterans to join; after a generation or so the measure became official.
(Starship Troopers)

Ace (no last name)
Squad leader in Juan Rico's section of Rasczak's Roughnecks.
(also in other stories)

"Alamein Dead"
Bagpipe song performed by the Camp Arthur Currie band.

Federation troop carrier.

Alvin York
Federation troop carrier.

Angel (no last name)
Juan Rico's roommate in Officer Candidate School, a colonial from Hesperus.

Federation troop transport converted to a temporary sick bay, where Juan Rico recovered from his injuries after Operation Royalty.

Aubrey Cousens
Federation troop carrier.

Audie Murphy
Federation troop carrier.

PFC Dutch Bamburger
Section leader to whom Juan Rico was assigned for his first combat drop.

Bayonne (no first name)
First lieutenant, commander of the First Platoon, C Company, on the Tours.

Jimmie Bearpaw
Cadet candidate aboard the Rodger Young when Juan Rico was stationed there as a captain. He participated in the invasion of Klendathu.

Bjork (no first name)
Trooper in Silva's platoon.

Bjork (no first name)
Trooper in Silva's platoon.

Blackstone (no first name)
Captain of Mobile Infantry aboard the Tours and commander of D Company, which was nicknamed Blackie's Blackguards.

Simon Bolivar
Bennie Montez learned in history that he "built the Pyramids, licked the Armada, and made the first trip to the Moon".
(also in other stories)

Breckenridge (no first name)
Recruit who took up Sergeant Zim's challenge to fight him; he had his wrist broken in the effort. He died during a survival test in the Canadian Rockies.

British Isles
The islands suffered disturbances in The Terror, widespread disorders during the 20th century that preceded the breakup of the North American republic and culminated in a world war.
(also in other stories)

Brumby (no first name)
Acting sergeant in Silva's platoon. Juan Rico recommended his promotion to full sergeant while filling in for Silva. Brumby was killed during Operation Royalty.
(also in other stories)

Buenos Aires, Argentina
It was destroyed in the initial attack on Earth by Bugs.
(also in other stories)

Bug War
Historians were unsure whether to call it the Third (or Fourth) Space War, or the First Interstellar War. (See Bugs, next item.)

Aliens that waged war against the Terran Federation, probably because both factions wanted to expand into the same territory. There are intimations of border conflicts before war officially broke out, but the "beginning" of the war, for most of Earth, was the destruction of Buenos Aires in an unexpected attack. The aliens resembled giant spiders, but the social organization was more like that of intelligent ants or bees. Humans occasionally called them Arachnids.

Byrd (no first name)
Juan Rico's fellow Officer Candidate School cadet. Given an assignment to the Moskva the day Johnnie was assigned to the Tours. His nickname was "Birdie". He was killed in action.

[mentioned in passing] Marching song at Camp Arthur Currie.
(also in other stories)

An "artificially mutated symbiote derived from dog stock." Calebs had intelligence equivalent to low-normal human, and could talk. Their rapport with their human partners was so intense that if the human was killed, the caleb normally had to be euthanized, and if the caleb was killed it took months of therapy for the human to recover. [Hebrew, "dog"]

Camp Arthur Currie
Juan Rico's boot camp.

Camp San Martin
Boot camp where Emilio Rico got his Mobile Infantry training.

Camp Sergeant Spooky Smith
Boot camp in the Canadian Rockies, near Vancouver, where Juan Rico completed his training.

PFC Archie Campbell
Platoon metalsmith on the Rodger Young. He made a model of the ship for Yvette Deladrier after her miraculous rescue of the platoon.

cap trooper
Member of the Mobile Infantry trained for fighting in powered armor.

"Cap Trooper's Polka"
[mentioned in passing] Marching song at Camp Arthur Currie.

Carl (no last name)
Juan Rico's boyhood best friend. He joined the Federal Service after graduating from high school (inspiring Johnnie to do the same), and was assigned to a Research and Development station on Pluto. He died in a Bug attack.
(also in other stories)

Carruthers (no first name)
Older recruit who was offered a medical discharge, but instead became cook on a troop transport.
(also in other stories)

Captain Chandar (no first name)
Duty officer at Sanctuary Officer Candidate School. He gave Juan Rico a three-hour pass to have dinner with Carmen Ibañez just before she shipped out.

Captain Chang (no first name)
Commander of the Fifth Division regiment wiped out in the raid on Planet P; he was himself killed in the battle.
Chang's Cherubs
The Fifth Division platoon that Juan Rico's platoon relieved during the raid on Planet P.
(also in other stories)

Colonel Chauncey (no first name)
Next in line of command at Officer Candidate School under Colonel Nielssen.

Cherenko Drive
Propulsion system for the Federation troop transports.

Chinese Hegemony
[mentioned in passing] Political unit in the late 20th century; it went to war against the Russo-Anglo-American Alliance.

Churchill Road
Route on Sanctuary from the Mobile Infantry base to the civilian city, lined with "enterprises intended to separate painlessly a man from money". The main customers were troopers on leave.

Collapse of the Golden Hegemony
[mentioned in passing] Classic book on military history that Juan Rico used for assigned research.

Colonel Bowie
[mentioned in passing] Federation troop carrier.
(also in other stories)

Cunha (no first name)
Trooper aboard the Tours assigned to checking out power suits.

"Danny Deever"
Dirge played at Mobile Infantry executions. "Dancing Danny Deever" was a euphemism for being hanged.

Daughters of Charity
Establishment to which Emilio Rico gave a large portion of his wealth when he joined the Mobile Infantry.

Yvette Deladrier
Captain of the Rodger Young. (Most ship's captains were women because their reactions were faster and they could tolerate higher gravity pressure.)

[mentioned in passing] Federation troop carrier.

Diennes (no first name)
General in command of the disastrous First Battle of Klendathu; he was killed in the battle.

N. L. Dillinger (no other first name)
Mobile Infantry recruit who deserted service. He was hanged for murdering a baby girl after kidnapping her for ransom. The trial was handled by the Infantry rather than the civil judiciary.

"Dirge for the Unmourned"
Music played at Mobile Infantry hangings. (See N. L. Dillinger.)

[mentioned in passing] Series of wars and political upheavals that led to the establishment of the Federation.
(also in other stories)

DoCampo (no first name)
Platoon officer of the Head Hunters.

Jean V. Dubois
Juan Rico's high school instructor in History and Moral Philosophy. He retired as a lieutenant colonel in the Mobile Infantry after he lost an arm.

El Alamein
[mentioned in passing] Federation troop carrier.

Eleanora (no last name)
Juan Rico's maternal aunt, who sent him a letter informing him of his mother's death. She managed to imply that it was Johnnie's fault for having joined the Mobile Infantry.

Barbara Anne Enthwaite
[mentioned in passing] Baby girl kidnapped and killed by N. L. Dillinger.

Espíritu Santo
City on Sanctuary, connected with the Mobile Infantry base and very hospitable to troopers on leave. [Spanish, "holy spirit"]

Human colony planet invaded and occupied by the Bugs.

Farley (no first name)
Lieutenant, ship's weapons engineer aboard the Rodger Young.
(also in other stories)

Federal Service
Only those who serve their full stint are granted voting rights. When the Federation is not at war, most service is equivalent to nonmilitary Civil Service jobs, and anyone who applies must be found some sort of job.

World government, in which only Federal Service veterans have the franchise, the justification being that only they have learned to put group interests ahead of personal, and having served the government they have earned the right to participate in it.
(also in other stories)

First Battle of Klendathu
Battle waged in reaction to the destruction of Buenos Aires; Juan Rico's first military action. The battle was disastrous for Earth, but was called a "strategic victory". (See Klendathu.)

Standard punishment in the Federal Service, also used for civil infractions such as drunk driving.

Dizzy Flores (no other first name)
Trooper on the Rodger Young who was wounded during a raid. He was rescued by Ace and Juan Rico, but died on the way back to the ship.

Captain Ian Frankel
Battalion commander at Camp Arthur Currie.

Fredericks (no first name)
Major who commanded, by default (the commander having been killed), a brigade in Operation Bughouse.

[mentioned in passing] Federation troop carrier.

"Gentlemen Rankers"
[mentioned in passing] Marching song popular in Officers Candidate School.

George (no last name)
Name for the most junior officer in a ship, in his capacity of taking on all the "extra" jobs; as in, "Let George do it."
(also in other stories)

[mentioned in passing] Federation troop ship.
(also in other stories)

[mentioned in passing] Federation troop carrier.

"Rusty" Graham (no other first name)
Second lieutenant aboard the Tours who tutored Juan Rico in math. He was commander of the Third Platoon, D Company.

"Red" Greene (no other first name)
Assistant section leader in Juan Rico's platoon, Johnnie's squad leader.

H Company
Juan Rico's platoon in basic training, under Sergeant Zim.

"Halls of Montezuma"
Marching song popular at Camp Arthur Currie.

Hassan (no first name)
Juan Rico's fellow officer candidate, nicknamed "the Assassin". He was given his assignment the same day as Johnnie.

[mentioned in passing] Federation troop carrier.

Mobile Infantry soldiers were equipped with small atomic bombs along with all their other weaponry.
(also in other stories)

Head Hunters
[mentioned in passing] Platoon involved in the raid on Planet P.

H.E. bombs
Type of weapon carried by the Mobile Infantry. The "H.E." stands for "high explosive".

Heinrich (no first name)
German recruit who accepted the challenge to attack Sergeant Zim, and was rapidly defeated.
(also in other stories)

Ted Hendrick
Mobile Infantry recruit who questioned the need to learn knife-throwing. Because of later offenses, he was court-martialed for disobeying orders and striking a superior, and was sentenced to ten lashes and a Bad Conduct Discharge.

[mentioned in passing] Human colony planet.

History and Moral Philosophy
Class required of all high school students, though no grade was given. It was always taught by Federal Service military veterans. In Officers Candidate School, a more advanced version is required that is a deciding factor in granting commissions.

Fleet Sergeant Ho (no first name)
Federal Service recruiting officer who swore in Juan Rico and Carl. He was "on display" with legs and right arm missing. Johnnie met him after hours and learned that he wore prosthetics except when on duty, the missing limbs being intended to impress prospective recruits with the seriousness of their decision.

[mentioned in passing] Federation troop carrier.

[mentioned in passing] Platoon under the same commander as Rasczak's Roughnecks.

Hughes (no first name)
Juan Rico's lead scout in the raid on Planet P.
(also in other stories)

Subject covered in Officers Candidate School. It is probably an hypnotic learning method.

Heinlein frequently makes mention of hypnosis either as a method of psychotherapy, of education, or of interrogation. Hypnotherapy was apparently common in the time of Starship Troopers; Emilio Rico used it.

Carmen (Carmencita) Ibañez
Member of Juan Rico's high-school graduating class. She joined the Federal Service to become a spaceship pilot. She was assigned as junior watch officer and pilot-under-instruction to the Corvette Transport Mannheim.

Planet that orbited Proxima. It was settled by humans.
(also in other stories)

[mentioned in passing] Federation troop carrier.

Jelal (no first name)
Career ship's sergeant, Juan Rico's platoon sergeant aboard the Rodger Young and de facto platoon leader after Lt. Rasczak's death. He eventually made captain, but lost his legs. Nicknamed "Jelly", and anyone who had made one combat drop could call him that to his face.

Jelly's Jaguars
Name proposed for Rasczak's Roughnecks after Lt. Rasczak was killed. It was vetoed by Sgt. Jelal, who insisted on keeping the original.

Al Jenkins
Member of Juan Rico's first platoon, barred from a drop because he had a cold. After most of the platoon was wiped out, he joined Willie's Wildcats with Johnnie. He survived the First Battle of Klendathu and was assigned to the Rodger Young; he was later killed during a drop.

Johnson (no first name)
Sergeant from Georgia, section leader in Juan Rico's platoon. He served as first cook on the Rodger Young and played trumpet in the platoon band.
(also in other stories)

Jones (no first name)
Recruit who escorted Breckenridge to the dispensary after Sergeant Zim broke his arm the first day of training.
(also in other stories)

Jorgensen (no first name)
Captain of the Tours, who tutored Juan Rico in math when she learned he had orders to improve his skills.

K-9 Corps
Army corps in which calebs and humans worked in symbiotic teams.

[mentioned in passing] Federation troop carrier.

Miss Kendrick (no first name)
Assistant to Commandant Nielssen. She knew everything that happened, and maintained all important records, but acted only under orders.

Khoroshen (no first name)
Second lieutenant, commander of the 2nd platoon of D Company aboard the Tours.

King's Kodiak Bears
[mentioned in passing] Mobile Infantry regiment that Emilio Rico almost joined.

Home planet of Earth's opponents in the Bug War.

Landry (no first name)
Infantry major who escorted the Spatial Senser (psychic, something like a dowser) who joined Juan Rico's squad on Planet P to detect enemy tunnels.

"Légion Étrangère"
[mentioned in passing] Marching song at Camp Arthur Currie.

Pat Leivy
Member of Juan Rico's boot camp squadron.

[mentioned in passing] Federation troop carrier.

Lochiel of Cameron (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Scottish laird who donated four bagpipes and kilts to Camp Arthur Currie after his son was killed in training. [The traditional home of clan Cameron is Lochaber in the southwest Highlands. Their lands were joined with the barony of Lochiel in 1528.]

MacArthur Theater
[mentioned in passing] Site where a neodog was exhibited in Juan Rico's hometown.

[mentioned in passing] Marching song popular at Camp Arthur Currie.

"Mademoiselle From Armentieres"
[mentioned in passing] Marching song popular at Camp Arthur Currie.
(also in other stories)

Ramón Magsaysay
[mentioned in passing] Filipino hero described by Juan Rico as "great man, great soldier-probably be chief of psychological warfare if he were alive today." Johnnie believed there should be a troopship named after him.

Mahmud (no first name)
Corporal and training instructor under Sergeant Zim's command at Camp Arthur Currie.

Malan (no first name)
Trooper in Silva's platoon in the Tours.

F. X. Malloy (no full first name)
Mobile Infantry major, a commanding officer at Camp Arthur Currie.

See Mannheim.

Federation troop transport to which Carmen Ibañez was assigned.

[mentioned in passing] Federation troop carrier.

[mentioned in passing] Federation troop carrier.

[mentioned in passing] Marching song at Camp Arthur Currie.

McSlattery's Volunteers
Outfit that Emilio Rico joined after completing Basic Training.

[mentioned in passing] Song played to recall troops to an unspecified troopship.

Meyer (no first name)
German recruit who teamed with Heinrich to attack Sergeant Zim at Zim's invitation. He understood but did not speak Standard English.

See Mobile Infantry.

Migliaccio (no first name)
Sergeant and chaplain in Juan Rico's platoon.

Abe Moise
Third lieutenant assigned to Chang's Cherubs. He was the only surviving member of his regiment after the raid on Planet P.

Bennie Montez
[mentioned in passing] Graduate of Officers Candidate School with Juan Rico.

Federation troop ship that took part in the invasion of Klendathu.

Morales (no first name)
Employee of Emilio Rico, given charge of the family business when Emilio joined the Mobile Infantry.

[mentioned in passing] Federation troop transport.

Naidi (no first name)
Member of Silva's platoon. He was killed in Operation Royalty.

Navarre (no first name)
Trooper aboard the Tours who was assigned to checking suits.

See caleb.

N'gam (no first name)
Second lieutenant, 3rd Platoon commander of C Company aboard the Tours.

Nielssen (no first name)
Commandant of Officer Candidate School. He had a permanent rank of general but took the temporary rank of colonel to allow him to command the school.

Normandy Beach
Federation troop transport, part of the battalion commanded by Major Xera, and sister ship of the Tours.

Trooper in Silva's platoon.

Terence O'Kelly
Deceased Interplanetary Patrol hero, whose Third Lieutenant's pips were preserved and passed on to new cadets. (The reason for his legendary status is not given.)

Operation Bughouse
See First Battle of Klendathu.

Operation Madhouse
Name that Juan Rico opined should have been used for Operation Bughouse.

Operation Royalty
Raid on Planet P to capture a Bug brain, or queen.

Pal Maleter
[mentioned in passing] Federation troop ship.

"Pampered Pets"
Third regiment of the First Mobile Infantry Division, of which Juan Rico was a member.

Planet P
Juan Rico's first combat site after his assignment to the Tours. It was attacked by the Federation in order to capture Bug leaders.

Site of a scientific research station that was destroyed by Bugs.
(also in other stories)

First Mobile Infantry Division, of which Juan Rico was a member.

Lt. Rasczak (no first name)
Juan Rico's platoon leader In the Rodger Young. His platoon always called him "the Lieutenant", in tones of awe. He died in a drop after rescuing two of his soldiers; he was the only one in that raid who didn't make the retrieval boat. His platoon, kept the name Rasczak's Roughnecks after his death.

Rasczak's Roughnecks
The platoon to which Juan Rico was assigned in the Rodger Young, it retained the name even after the death of its leader, Lt. Rasczak.

Regato (no first name)
Friends of Madame Ruitman, living on Faraway before the Bugs occupied it.
(also in other stories)

"Le Regiment de Sambre et Meuse"
[mentioned in passing] Marching song at Camp Arthur Currie.

"Le Regiment de Sambre et Meuse"
[mentioned in passing] Marching song at Camp Arthur Currie.

Major Reid (no first name)
Juan Rico's History & Moral Philosophy teacher at Officer Candidate School.

Revolt of the Scientists
[mentioned in passing] Attempted coup d'état just before the signing of the Treaty of New Delhi.

Emilio Rico
Juan Rico's father, a wealthy Filipino businessman. He opposed Johnnie's plans to join the Mobile Infantry, but after the Bug War began and his wife died, he himself joined and eventually became a platoon sergeant.

Juan [Johnnie] Rico
Son of a wealthy family who joined the Mobile Infantry almost on impulse and over his parents' objections. After achieving a rank of corporal and surviving several battles, he entered Officer Candidate School at his commander's urging. He eventually became a captain, commanding a battalion on his original ship, with his father a sergeant under him.

Rico's Roughnecks
The troopers of the Rodger Young under Captain Juan Rico's command; they almost certainly adopted the name from the original platoon, Rasczak's Roughnecks.

Rodger Young
Troop ship to which Juan Rico was assigned as a Mobile Infantry trooper. He returned to it years later as a Captain to take command of the platoon formerly commanded by Lt. Rasczak (deceased) and Lt. Jelal (disabled).

Major Rojas (no first name)
(Female) recruiting officer for spaceship pilots.

Roughneck Downbeat Combo
Jazz band formed by Rasczak's Roughnecks.

Madame Ruitman (no first name)
Friend of Juan Rico's parents; she was woefully naive about the Bug War.

The territory was affected by The Terror, but not as severely as North America. 
(also in other stories)

Russo-Anglo-American Alliance
[mentioned in passing] Political alliance in the late 20th century that went to war against the Chinese Hegemony.

Salomon (no first name)
A member of Juan Rico's History and Moral Philosophy class in Officer Candidate School; during a session he was called upon to describe the evolution of the Federation.

San Francisco
The city was destroyed during the Bug War.

San Joaquin Valley
Devastated during the Bug War.

Federation Mobile Infantry headquarters, to which troop ships came for R&R and resupply. It was apparently a small planet.

Sandino (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Federation troop carrier.

Also called "talents". The term was commonly used for people with psychic abilities. A sensitive was used to map out the Bug tunnels on Planet P.

Bug colony planet destroyed by a Federation raid.

Shujumi (no first name)
a. Infantry colonel who gave Sergeant Zim his training in martial arts. b. His son, who went through basic training with Juan Rico under Sergeant Zim.

"Quick" Silva (no other first name)
First lieutenant, commander of the first platoon of D Company aboard the Tours. He was hospitalized with an illness and Juan Rico was put in charge of his platoon while assigned to the ship for officer training.

Natives of a planet hit by Rasczak's Roughnecks. Originally allies of the Bugs, after the attack they traded sides to fight for the Federation.

"Kitten" Smith (no other first name)
Juan Rico's fellow recruit at Camp Sergeant Spooky Smith. He joined Willie's Wildcats with Juan; he died in the collision between the Valley Forge and the Ypres.

Smith (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Member of Rasczak's Roughnecks (possibly hypothetical).

Juan Rico's native language, used at home; Standard English was used for business, school, etc.

Clyde Tammany
Member of Juan Rico's History and Moral Philosophy class in Officer Candidate School.

[mentioned in passing] Federation troop ship.

Terran Medal
Federation military award.

The Terror
[mentioned in passing] Widespread disorders that preceded the breakup of the North American republic in the 20th century. Disturbances also occurred in Russia and the British Isles though the effects were not as severe. The Terror culminated in a world war.

Third Space War
See Bug War.

Federation troop transport to which Juan Rico was assigned during his officer training.

Treaty of New Delhi
The treaty that ended the war between the Chinese Hegemony and the Russo-Anglo-American Alliance at the end of the 20th century. Its failure to deal with the exchange of POWs contributed to the worldwide collapse of organized governments.

Trojan horse
Ejection capsule in which troopers are dropped from their ship to a planet's surface. It was designed with several layers, each of which protects the trooper against re-entry but also peels off in chunks to create radar "noise" to mask the drop. The inmost "egg" holds the trooper immobile through the drop and is discarded at the trooper's command.

Tsing (no other name)
[mentioned in passing] Author of Collapse of the Golden Hegemony.

Valley Forge
Troop ship that carried Juan Rico on his first drop. It was destroyed in a collision with another transport, but a new ship was named after it.

Federation troop carrier.

Federation troop carrier in which Juan Rico was evacuated after the First Battle of Klendathu.

Warren (no first name)
Commanding officer of C Company (Warren's Wolverines) aboard the Tours.
(also in other stories)

[mentioned in passing] Federation troop carrier.

Weiss (no first name)
Placement officer at the Federal recruiting station where Juan Rico was sworn in. He was a former member of the K-9 Corps.

Willie's Wildcats
Juan Rico's first platoon after graduating from boot camp: Company K, Third Regiment, First Mobile Infantry Division.

Wounded Lion
Federation military decoration.

[mentioned in passing] Federation troop carrier.

Major Xera (no first name)
Battalion commander over the companies in the Tours and the Normandy Beach.

"Yankee Doodle"
Recall signal of the Valley Forge.

Troop carrier at the First Battle of Klendathu, destroyed in a collision with the Valley Forge. A new ship was named after her.

Sgt. Charles Zim
Career ship's sergeant, Juan Rico's boot camp instructor and platoon leader at Camp Arthur Currie. He became the company commander at Camp Sergeant Spooky Smith. He was Johnnie's platoon sergeant during Operation Royalty, and was given a field commission of brevet captain with the permanent rank of first lieutenant.


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