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Robert A Heinlein

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Stranger in a Strange Land

Abigail Zenobia (no last name)
Anne's daughter.

Lt. Agnew (no first name)
Junior medical officer aboard the Champion. He hated Martians and disobeyed orders against going armed. He shot at a Martian in a moment of panic, and promptly disappeared.

Federation troop carrier.
(also in other stories)

Aunt Alicia (no last name)
[mentioned in passing] Character in a Jubal Harshaw story, a practitioner of "unsympathetic magic".

Jake Allenby
Friend of Joseph Douglas. There was a mutual antipathy between him and Jubal Harshaw.

Angel Bread
[mentioned in passing] Product of Manna Bakeries, promoted by the Fosterite Church; the bakery was possibly owned by the Church.

Angela (no last name)
Name that Jubal Harshaw chose for the heroine of his True Confessions story, "I Married a Martian". He claimed that names ending in "a" implied a C-cup figure.

Anne (no last name)
Jubal Harshaw's secretary, a Fair Witness.
(also in other stories)

The Arcane Science of Judicial Astrology and Key to Solomon's Stone
Reference book used by Alexandra Vesant.

Fosterites can be "promoted" from their mortal existence to become heavenly beings.
(also in other stories)

Archangel Foster Tabernacle
Fosterite church that Valentine Michael Smith visited at Thomas Boone's invitation.

Archangel Michael
Patty Paiwonski claimed Valentine Michael Smith must be an angel after she witnessed a few of his "miracles". (He did appear in that guise at the end of the book.)

Arcturus III
[mentioned in passing] To a being from this planet, walking a dog might seem a human's most important activity — as a slave to the dog.

Dawn Ardent
The highest-paid stripper in Baja California. She taught Sunday School for the Fosterite Church, and later joined the Church of All Worlds.
(Also a cameo in The Number of the Beast)

Ares Chandler Corporation
[mentioned in passing] Wholly owned subsidiary of Lunar Enterprises, Ltd.

Communications and news network.

The Art of Cross-Examination
Book by Francis Wellman that Valentine Michael Smith read while staying with Jubal Harshaw.

Asteroid Belt
The remnant of a planet destroyed by the Martian Old Ones.
(also in other stories)

Angel whom Daniel Digby announced had been nominated to guide Federation Senator Thomas Boone.

Baja California
Dawn Ardent had been the highest-paid stripper there before she joined the Fosterite Church.
(also in other stories)

Rose Bankerson
Patient assigned to Valentine Michael Smith's hospital suite after he was allegedly transferred to another suite.

Mrs. Barkmann
See Jill Boardman.
(Stranger in a Strange Land)

Tim Baxter
Owner of the carnival, Baxter's Combined Shows and Riot of Fun, with which Valentine Michael Smith worked. (He was also known by the stage name Professor Timoshenko.)

Gilbert Berquist
Joseph Douglas' executive assistant. He obstructed Ben Caxton from seeing the doctor in charge of Valentine Michael Smith. After Mike and Jill Boardman escaped from the hospital, he traced them to Ben's apartment and came for them with a security officer; Mike caused the two to disappear after they threatened Jill.

Bethesda Medical Center
Valentine Michael Smith was taken there for medical care and observation after arriving on Earth, and no doubt also to keep him under government control.

Biddle, Firsby, Frisby, Biddle & Reed
[mentioned in passing] Law firm of which Mark Frisby was a member. ["Firsby" may be a typographical error for "Frisby" in the Berkley paperback edition; Mark is referred to as "the younger Frisby".]

C. D. Bloch
S.S. major who led the invasion of Jubal Harshaw's house. He was assigned to guard Valentine Michael Smith's hotel suite after the Federation conference.

Gillian (Jill) Boardman
1. Nurse who rescued Valentine Michael Smith from "protective custody" in Bethesda Medical Center at Ben Caxton's instigation. She took him to Jubal Harshaw after Ben disappeared and an attempt was made to arrest her. She became Mike's water brother, accompanying him on his travels and becoming a high priestess in the Church of All Worlds. She was called "Dimples" by her co-workers, "Little Brother" by Mike.
Mrs. Barkmann (no first name).
Jubal Harshaw's deliberate mispronunciation of Jill Boardman's surname, to confuse Heinrich in his attempt to arrest her.
(Also a cameo in The Number of the Beast)

Thomas Boone
Federation Senator and Fosterite who invited Valentine Michael Smith to visit a Fosterite church.

Jubal Harshaw's employees' usual way of addressing him. He scolded Jill Boardman for using it when she wasn't on his payroll.
(also in other stories)

Tom Bradley
Senior executive assistant to Joseph Douglas.

Captain Michael Brant
Married Dr. Winifred Coburn in order to be eligible for the Mars expedition, and was chosen commander: his other tasks included pilot, astrogator, relief cook, relief photographer, rocketry engineer. He died at age 30 shortly after the expedition landed on Mars. He was the father of Valentine Michael Smith.

Dr. Winifred Coburn Brant
Member of the Mars expedition: semantician, practical nurse, stores officer, historian. She died at age 41 shortly after the expedition landed on Mars.

Dr. Broemer (no first name)
Director of Bethesda Medical Center.

Brotherhood of Baptism
New name that Sam suggested to revive the Church of All Worlds after the headquarters was burned down.

Brush (no first name)
Physician on duty outside Valentine Michael Smith's suite after the television broadcast by Smith's double. He claimed the patient in the room was Rose Bankerson.

Cahuenga Cave
Saint Petersburg nightclub that advertised real Los Angeles smog and six exotic dancers. It sponsored the local NWNW broadcast.

Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Campbell VI
[mentioned in passing] Wealthy couple whose son was born to a host-mother while they vacationed in Peru.

James Oliver Cavendish
Fair Witness retained by Ben Caxton to witness his interview with Valentine Michael Smith. He was reputed to be the best of his profession.

Ben Caxton
Journalist and friend of Jill Boardman. After interviewing "Valentine Michael Smith" and raising doubts about the identity of the person he actually saw, he was drugged and kidnapped; he was only released through Jubal Harshaw's intervention. After some initial reluctance, he joined the Church of All Worlds.
(Also a cameo in The Number of the Beast)

Federation ship launched to Mars 25 years after the Envoy (with World War III intervening), with an all-male crew. The crew brought Valentine Michael Smith back with them to Earth.

Charlie (no last name)
[mentioned in passing] Federation High Minister for Health, opposed in an election by a Fosterite candidate.
(also in other stories)

Checker Cab
[mentioned in passing] Transportation company.

Church of All Worlds, Inc.
Religion founded by Valentine Michael Smith. It involved acquiring new philosophical and psychological concepts, as well as certain psychic powers, through learning the Martian language and customs.

Winifred Coburn
See Winifred Coburn Brant.

Congregation of the One Faith
[mentioned in passing] Name under which Sam proposed that the Church of All Worlds could be re-founded after its headquarters was burned down.

"The Crow's Nest"
Newspaper column by Ben Caxton.

Dattlebaum's Department Stores
Fosterite business "Where the Saved Shop in Safety" because only Foster-sponsored brands are sold. It provided child care during religious services.

Daughters of the Second Revolution
[mentioned in passing] Political/social organization, probably similar to the Daughters of the American Revolution.

David (no last name)
See High Minister for Peace and Security.

"Death Song of a Wood's Colt"
Poem that Jubal Harshaw dictated to Anne for Togetherness magazine, under the name Louisa M. Alcott.
(also in other stories)

Dennis (no last name)
Name Dorcas chose for her son.

The Devil and Reverend Foster
[mentioned in passing] Unauthorized biography of the founder of the Church of the New Revelation. Within one day after it appeared in the United States, all copies were confiscated and burned, and the printing plates were destroyed (presumably by Fosterites).

Rev. Dr. Daniel Digby
Supreme Bishop of the Church of the New Revelation (a.k.a. Fosterite Church). He tried to convert Valentine Michael Smith, but Mike caused him to disappear after "sensing the wrongness" in him. Officially, he had been translated bodily to heaven and promoted to Archangel. He is later portrayed in this role, though not happy about it.

Doheny (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Cited by Jubal Harshaw as acquitted of paying a bribe that his codefendant was convicted of receiving.

Dorcas (no last name)
1. Jubal Harshaw's secretary. She joined the Church of All Worlds.
(Also a cameo in The Number of the Beast)

Agnes Douglas
The wife of Joseph Douglas. A firm believer in astrology, she also fancied herself to be the "power behind the throne" for her husband.
Alice Douglas
An error for Agnes Douglas. She was described as a heavenly field operative assigned to be a goad to Joseph Douglas. She died upon completing her "mission".

Joseph Edgerton Douglas
Secretary General of the Federation High Council. Jubal Harshaw maneuvered him into accepting power-of-attorney for all of Valentine Michael Smith's wealth, thus preventing any desperate moves against Mike by parties who wanted to get control for themselves. Jubal called him "Courthouse Joe."

Cynthia Duchess
[mentioned in passing] The "Richest Girl in the World," whose exploits were frequently reported in most news media.

Duke (no last name)
Jubal Harshaw's employee. He nearly quit in discomfort over some of Valentine Michael Smith's Martian attitudes, but eventually joined the Church of All Worlds. Mike called him "Cannibal".

Eastern Coalition
Political faction of the Federation, rival to the faction that Joseph Douglas headed.

Ed (no last name)
Alexandra Vesant's stockbroker.
(also in other stories)

Elizabeth M. Hewitt
Prize rose growing in Jubal Harshaw's garden. He complained loudly that the invading S.S. officers had landed on it.

Ely on Inheritance and Bequest
[mentioned in passing] Book that Valentine Michael Smith quoted at length in response to a press conference question about his knowledge of inheritance laws.

Elysian Fields
[mentioned in passing] Real estate development owned and advertised by NWNW's St. Petersburg sponsor.

The first ship to carry a human crew to Mars. The crew was lost.

Executive Palace
The Federation Secretary General's headquarters, located near Washington, D.C.

Fair Witness
Person rigorously trained to observe, remember, and report without prejudice, distortion, lapses in memory, or personal involvement. See also Anne.

Secretary Fall (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Jubal Harshaw stated that he was convicted of receiving a bribe that his codefendant was acquitted of paying.

In Stranger in a Strange Land and later novels, Heinlein envisions alternatives to the traditional nuclear family. Although characters in Stranger have heterosexual pair-marriages, members of the Church of All Worlds live in "nests" where they share domestic chores and presumably child-rearing. Unmarried women bear children apparently without being concerned about societal disapproval.
(also in other stories)

Government police agency; the meaning of the initials is not given.

World government, a successor to the United Nations and more effective.
(also in other stories)

Fearless Fenton (no other first name)
[mentioned in passing] Performer who enacted a "Death-Defying Dive" in the carnival that Valentine Michael Smith and Jill Boardman joined.

Flying Greyhound
Chartered air vehicle that Valentine Michael Smith's entourage rode to the Capital.

"Forward, Foster's Children"
Fosterite anthem.

Archangel Ben Foster
Founder of the Church of the New Revelation, usually called the Fosterite Church. The "Archangel" title was bestowed posthumously. No details are given of his life.

Members of the Church of the New Revelation. Their services had the atmosphere of a sales convention or football rally, their theology was a mix of conventional wisdom and pop psychology, and their membership was large enough and active enough to be extremely influential in politics.

Archer Frame
Intern who attended Valentine Michael Smith at Bethesda Medical Center.

Free State of Antarctica
[mentioned in passing] Member of the Federation.

Mark Frisby
Lawyer retained by Ben Caxton for his interview with Valentine Michael Smith at Bethesda Medical Center. He was a partner in the law firm of Biddle, Firsby, Frisby, Biddle & Reed.

Mrs. Fritschlie (no first name)
Patient in whose room Jill Boardman planted Ben Caxton's bug to listen in on Valentine Michael Smith.

Dr. Garner (no first name)
Rose Bankerson's physician.

General Atomics
See Larkin Decision.
(also in other stories)

General Synthetics
[mentioned in passing] Company involved in a scandal on which Ben Caxton reported early in his career, apparently at some personal risk.
(also in other stories)

"Girls Are Like Boys, Only More So"
[mentioned in passing] Boy-meets-girl story dictated by Jubal Harshaw.

God's Joy
Fosterite term for their religious service, or possibly for the service's effects on participants.

"Gossip Gone Wild"
Title chosen by Jubal Harshaw for a prospective article on the dangers of following the news. His original suggestion was "Gossip Unlimited."

Augustus Greaves
[mentioned in passing] Well-known news commentator.

The human transliteration of a Martian concept that has no exact translation. It roughly means "to be identically equal", i.e. to completely understand and "cherish" a thing or experience. One literal but misleading translation is "to drink".

Hagworth's Law of Contracts
[mentioned in passing] Valentine Michael Smith cited the fifth edition for proper usage of the masculine pronoun including the feminine.

"Hail to Sovereign Peace"
Federation anthem.

Hank's Grill
Small-town diner where Valentine Michael Smith worked as a dishwasher and Jill Boardman as a waitress; they stayed there one week.

"Happy Faces Uplifted"
[mentioned in passing] Fosterite hymn.

Happy Thoughts Meditation Chamber
Thomas Boone's name for the room at Archangel Foster Tabernacle where the embalmed Ben Foster was displayed. Valentine Michael Smith sensed "a great wrongness" there.

Jubal Harshaw
Millionaire lawyer, physician, and writer to whose Poconos retreat Jill Boardman brought Valentine Michael Smith. He was a self-described bon vivant, sybarite, neo-pessimist philosopher, professional clown, amateur subversive, and parasite by choice. The missing Ben Caxton was returned at his instigation, and he orchestrated Mike's acceptance as a representative of the entire planet Mars as well as protection for him from those who coveted his wealth. After some reluctance, he joined the Church of All Worlds, and witnessed Mike's martyrdom.
(also in other stories)

Henry M. Haversham IV
[mentioned in passing] Main character in a Jubal Harshaw story.

Heinrich (no first name)
Federation S.S. captain who answered Jubal Harshaw's request to see Gilbert Berquist, and who invaded Jubal's estate to arrest Jill Boardman. Valentine Michael Smith made him disappear, along with the soldiers accompanying him and their troop carrier.
(also in other stories)

Higgins (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Dawn Ardent's original surname.
(also in other stories)

High Minister for Peace and Security
Member of the Federation High Council who supported Willem van Tromp's decision to quarantine Valentine Michael Smith to protect him from physical stress and culture shock. (He was called "David", but his full name was not given.)

High Minister for Science
Member of the Federation High Council who demanded that scientists be allowed to interrogate Valentine Michael Smith immediately upon his arrival on Earth. (He was called "Pete" or "Pierre", but his full name was not given.)

Judge Holland (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Name invoked by Jubal Harshaw during his dispute with Heinrich over Heinrich's right to invade Jubal's property.
(also in other stories)

Happy Holliday (no other first name)
[mentioned in passing] Reporter for NWNW.

Honey Bun
Patty Paiwonski's boa constrictor.

Hornsby (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] (Brother) Sports coach for a Fosterite church whose stereocast Valentine Michael Smith watched.
(also in other stories)

"I Married a Human"
[mentioned in passing] Title suggested by Jubal Harshaw for a future story.
(Stranger in a Strange Land)

"I Married a Martian"
[mentioned in passing] Piece of hack writing by Jubal Harshaw.

"I Was a Prisoner on Mars"
Version of Valentine Michael Smith's life story that Peerless Features wanted to produce.

Hotel where Valentine Michael Smith and Jill Boardman stayed while travelling with the carnival.

[mentioned in passing] Winner of the Kentucky Derby.

Institute for Social Studies
[mentioned in passing] Organization that subcontracted with the University of Edinburgh to choose the crew-four married couples- for the first human expedition to Mars.

Jack (no last name)
Orderly on duty at the roof carport of Bethesda Medical Center.

Reverend "Jug" Jackerman (no other first name)
Former Rams football player and Fosterite preacher.

Jock (no last name)
See Minister for Public Information.
(also in other stories)

Hector C. Johnson
Police officer (or hired thug) who accompanied Gilbert Berquist to Ben Caxton's apartment looking for Valentine Michael Smith. Mike "disappeared" him after he struck Jill Boardman.

Booker T. W. Jones
[mentioned in passing] Food technician first class with the Mars Expedition settlement. He died of "homesickness" and was "cherished" by the Martian Old Ones.

Jones (no first name)
Alias that Valentine Michael Smith used as a private in the Federation Army; his career was brief.

Kee (no other name)
Member of the Federation's ruling council.

[mentioned in passing] Presumably a Martian predator dangerous to nymph Martians.

Osbert Kilgallen
Ben Caxton's assistant.

Kingdom of South Africa
Member of the Federation, ruled by blacks and frequently censured for mistreating the white minority.

Kung (no other name)
Leader of the Eastern coalition within the Federation government, Joseph Douglas' chief political enemy.

Lacus Soli
Mars locale just north of the planned landing site of the first human expedition. The second expedition, the Champion, also landed there. [Latin, "lake of the sun"]
(also in other stories)

Larkin Decision
Federation Court ruling that a corporation could not own a planet; only real people maintaining occupation could. The decision was the basis for rules governing colonization of planets.

Larry (no last name)
Jubal Harshaw's front-gate guard.

LaRue (no first name)
Chief of Protocol for Joseph Douglas.

[mentioned in passing] Group among whom Ben Foster had sent proselytizers.

Term for reporter, used by Ben Caxton.

Lunar Enterprises, Ltd.
Company in which Winifred Coburn Brant was a major investor. Valentine Michael Smith inherited the resulting fortune.

Lunar Republic
[mentioned in passing] Its Chief of Delegation was present at the conference between Valentine Michael Smith and the Federation.

Lyle Drive
Space ship drive designed by Mary Jane Lyle Smith. It made it possible to travel from Earth to Mars in just 19 days.

Madge (no last name)
Alias that Jill Boardman used for Valentine Michael Smith when she disguised him as a nurse to smuggle him out of Bethesda Medical Center.

Professor Simon Magus
Alexandra Vesant's late husband, an old friend of Jubal Harshaw. He was mentalist, stage hypnotist, illusionist, and student of the Arcanum.

Fatima Michele Mahmoud
Daughter of Miriam and Dr. Mahmoud. Her family called her "Micky."

Dr. Mahmoud (no first name)
Semantician with the Champion expedition, a "water brother" of Valentine Michael Smith. Though a devout Muslim, he joined the Church of All Worlds. He married Jubal Harshaw's secretary Miriam.

Man From Mars
"Popular" name for Valentine Michael Smith, used in all the broadcasts and news stories about him.

Manna Bakeries
A sponsor of Fosterite services.

It was inhabited by intelligent natives possessed of supernatural powers. The first Earth expedition died except for one infant, Valentine Michael Smith, who was raised by the natives and was brought to Earth by the second expedition. In spite of the native inhabitants, a legal wrangle arose on Earth over whether Smith "owned" Mars by right of habitation and inheritance.
(also in other stories)

"A Martian Named Smith"
Stereoplay by Jubal Harshaw that adapted Valentine Michael Smith's life story.

Adults were huge, reminding humans of "boats under sail", while juveniles (nymphs) were fat, furry spheres, all bounce and mindless energy. Adults led contemplative lives, and maintained contact with the physical world after "discorporation". Their language contained many concepts inaccessible to humans, and they possessed a wide range of apparently "supernatural" powers. 
(also in other stories)

Mary Jane Smith
[mentioned in passing] Lyle Drive exploratory vehicle sent to Pluto. (Named for Mary Jane Lyle Smith, the drive's inventor.)

McClintock (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Neighbors of Jubal Harshaw who looked after Jubal's house when it was unoccupied.

McCrary (no first name)
One of Joseph Douglas' subordinates, charged with finding Gilbert Berquist after his disappearance.

Tom Meechum
Valentine Michael Smith's special duty nurse at Bethesda Medical Center.

Memoirs of Jacques Casanova de Seingalt
Book that Valentine Michael Smith read at Jubal Harshaw's, in an English translation by Arthur Machen.

Madame Merlin
Jill Boardman's stage name as Valentine Michael Smith's assistant in a carnival magic show.

Millennial Solipsist Tournament
[mentioned in passing] Heavenly event in which the Archangel Michael was an eager player.

Minister for Public Information
Member of the Federation High Council who insisted that publicity about Valentine Michael Smith was vitally necessary to avoid public unrest.

Miriam (no last name)
Jubal Harshaw's secretary, she married Dr. Mahmoud and joined the Church of All Worlds. Her husband pronounced her name "Maryam".
(Also a cameo in The Number of the Beast)

Jick Morris
Sponsor of NWNW's St. Petersburg broadcasts.

"Motherhood in the New World"
[mentioned in passing] Topic of an address by Agnes Douglas to the Daughters of the Second Revolution.

Nadi (no other name)
Member of the Federation's ruling council.

Sven Nelson
Attending physician for Valentine Michael Smith aboard the Champion. He resigned from the duty at Bethesda Medical Center after Joseph Douglas insisted on interrogating Mike. He became a member of the Church of All Worlds.

Martian community. On Earth, the term was applied to Valentine Michael Smith's household of people who strove for enlightenment through studying the Martian language.
(also in other stories)

New Grand Avenue Temple
Fosterite church where the bishop preached against "upstart heretics", i.e. the Church of All Worlds.

New Humanist
[mentioned in passing] Jubal Harshaw made a contribution to help send missionaries to the Martians, in the name of this publication's editor.

New Mayflower
Hotel in the Washington, D.C., area.

New World Networks (NWNW)
Broadcasting company that followed the career of Valentine Michael Smith. It may have been owned by the Fosterite Church.

New Yorker
[mentioned in passing] Magazine for which Jubal Harshaw wrote poetry.

Name bestowed on the cat that lived on Jubal Harshaw's estate.

See New World Networks.

Octagon Office
Federation Secretary's office and "seat of power" in the Executive Palace.

Okajima (no first name)
Scientist who was eager to examine Valentine Michael Smith immediately after Mike's arrival on Earth.

Old One
Rough translation for Martian position of authority and respect. It literally referred to discorporate Martians. Sven Nelson used the title to explain Joseph Douglas' status to Valentine Michael Smith.

"One for the Road"
Poem that Jubal Harshaw dictated for New Yorker magazine.

"The Other Manger"
Tearjerker story that Jubal Harshaw composed poolside and sent out under the pen name Molly Wadsworth.

Phyllis O'Toole
Alias claimed by Jill Boardman when the police came to Ben Caxton's apartment looking for her and Valentine Michael Smith.

Bishop Oxtongue (no first name)
Pastor of the New Grand Avenue Temple who preached against "false prophets", i.e. Valentine Michael Smith.

George Paiwonski
Patty Paiwonski's late husband, a tattoo artist. (See next entry.)
(Stranger in a Strange Land)

Patricia (Patty) Paiwonski
Tattooed Lady in the carnival that Valentine Michael Smith and Jill Boardman joined. She performed with a boa constrictor. A member of the Fosterite church (converted by Foster himself), she had his life story tattooed on her. She joined the Church of All Worlds. Jill and Mike called her Aunt Patty.
(Stranger in a Strange Land)
(Mentioned in passing in To Sail Beyond the Sunset.)

Paoli Station Landing Flat
Airport or space station in Philadelphia. A message allegedly from Ben Caxton was sent from there.

Papal Nuncio
He was present at Valentine Michael Smith's conference with the Federation delegation.

Officer who accompanied Heinrich to arrest Jill Boardman.

Polly Peepers
Columnist who wanted to interview Valentine Michael Smith on love life among the Martians.

Peerless Features, LTD
Company that tried to acquire rights to Valentine Michael Smith's life story, through an orderly at Bethesda Medical Center.

Pete (no last name)
See High Minister for Science.
(also in other stories)

Phipps (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Doctor whose cab Jill Boardman commandeered while helping Valentine Michael Smith escape from Bethesda Medical Center.
(also in other stories)

[mentioned in passing] Mrs. Percy B. S. 's poodle, over whose death she sued the Los Angeles City-County Commissioners.

Pierre (no last name)
See High Minister for Science.

Newspaper for which Ben Caxton worked [the Washington Post?].

President of the United States
When the Federation refused to seat him at its conference with Valentine Michael Smith, Jubal Harshaw invited him to join Mike's delegation.

Dr. Horace Quackenbush
[mentioned in passing] Professor of Leisure Arts at Yale Divinity School.

Angel who was alleged to announce that Fosterite disciples Arthur and Dottie Renwick would go to Heaven imminently.

Reading Rentals
[mentioned in passing] Company from which Jill Boardman rented the car in which she brought Valentine Michael Smith to Jubal Harshaw.

Reinsberg vs. the State of Missouri
[mentioned in passing] Suit tried by the Federation High Court. The issue was not described.

Samuel Renshaw
Scientist noted for development of total recall training; James Oliver Cavendish trained under him.
(also in other stories)

Arthur and Dottie Renwick
Fosterites who, it was announced by the church, would soon be going to Heaven.

Eleanora Alvarez Rimsky
Member of the first Mars expedition. A geologist, selenologist, and ship's hydroponicist, she was 32 years old when the expedition began. She died during the expedition.

Sergei Rimsky
Member of the first Mars expedition. An electronics engineer, chemical engineer, practical machinist, instrumentation man, and cryologist, he was 35 years old when the expedition began. He died during the expedition.

Rogers (no first name)
Driver who accompanied Heinrich to arrest Jill Boardman.
(also in other stories)

Rut: The Magazine for He-Men
Jubal Harshaw jokingly suggested that Valentine Michael Smith got his suddenly-developed muscles from there.

Ruth (no last name)
A member of Valentine Michael Smith's inner circle.

Sadako (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] An old friend of Jubal Harshaw; it was mentioned that he was fully tattooed.

Sam (no last name)
a. A roustabout with the carnival for which Valentine Michael Smith briefly performed. b. A member of the Church of All Worlds inner circle (no indication whether this is the roustabout). He managed to speak Martian with a Bronx accent.
(also in other stories)

Jim Sanforth
Speech writer for Joseph Douglas.

Sans Souci Hotel
Establishment owned by Valentine Michael Smith through dummy ownerships. He took refuge there after his last arrest. [French, "without concern", i.e. carefree]

Saul (no last name)
A member of the Church of All Worlds inner circle, Sam's brother. He was business manager for Valentine Michael Smith's estate after Mike's death.

Member of the Federation's ruling council.
(also in other stories)

Etta Schere
Nurse from whom Jill Boardman borrowed a uniform in which to disguise Valentine Michael Smith to smuggle him out of Bethesda Medical Center.

Science Foundation
Organization that controlled the rights to and interim income from the Lyle Drive, from a trust started by its designer, Mary Jane Lyle Smith.

Francis X. Seeney
Executive officer of the first Mars expedition, 28 years old when the expedition began. He was also a practical nurse, copilot, astrogator, astrophysicist, and photographer. He died during the expedition.

Olga Kovalic Seeney
Member of the first Mars expedition, 29 years old when the expedition began. She was a cook, biochemist, and hydroponicist. She died during the expedition.

Shadow of Greatness: One Woman's Story
[mentioned in passing] Agnes Douglas' biography.

"She Who Used To Be the Beautiful Heaulmière"
Rodin sculpture that the French government reproduced for Valentine Michael Smith to give to Jubal Harshaw.

Huey Short
Daniel Digby's successor as Supreme Bishop of the Fosterite Church. [A play on New Orleans politician Huey Long?]

Miss Simpson (no first name)
Character in a story by Jubal Harshaw.

Dr. Mary Jane Lyle Smith
Valentine Michael Smith's mother and designer of the Lyle spacedrive. A member of the first Mars expedition, 26 years old when the expedition began, she was an atomics engineer and the ship's electronics and power technician. She died during the expedition.

Valentine Michael Smith
Human found on Mars, the sole survivor of the first Mars expedition and the son of two crew members, Mary Jane Lyle Smith and Michael Brant (their adultery caused a crisis that led to the deaths of the entire crew). He possessed supernatural powers taught to him by the Martians who raised him, but was completely naive about other humans. Mike was brought to Earth by the second expedition. By the Larkin Decision, he was sole [human] owner of Mars. Kept in "protective custody" by the Federation, he was rescued by Jill Boardman and with Jubal Harshaw's aid was protected from political opportunism and recognized as the representative of the Martian race. After spending several years learning to be human, he founded the Church of All Worlds, based on Martian language and philosophy. He was stoned to death as a heretic by a mob probably made up mostly of Fosterites. During his travels, he used several aliases, including Dr. Apollo as a stage magician, and Private Jones while in the Army. The suggestion is made that he was also the Archangel Michael.

Dr. Ward Smith
Member of the first Mars expedition, 45 years old when the expedition began. He was a surgeon and the expedition's biologist. Married to Mary Jane Lyle Smith, he was Valentine Michael Smith's legal but not biological father. He died during the expedition.

Smitty (no other name)
The carnival workers' name for Valentine Michael Smith.
(also in other stories)

La Société Astronautique Internationale
Sponsor of the drone probe Zombie, sent to Mars orbit and back to Earth six years after the Envoy's disappearance. [French, "International Astronautical Society"]

Mrs. Percy B. S. Souchek
[mentioned in passing] Woman who sued the Los Angeles City-County Commissioners over the death of her poodle during a stationary inversion.

Squadron Cheerio
S.S. squadron that broke into Jubal Harshaw's house.

The Federation Special Service Bureau, a law enforcement agency. Jubal Harshaw considered them "stormtroopers for whatever politico was in power".

Stinky (no other name)
Nickname for Dr. Mahmoud.
(also in other stories)

St. Petersburg, Florida
Headquarters of the Church of All Worlds.

Talbot Saloon
A model of automated taxi.

Tanner (no first name)
Physician on duty with the counterfeit Valentine Michael Smith when Ben Caxton interviewed him.

Temple of the Great Pyramid
New name suggested by Sam for the Church of All Worlds after its headquarters was burned down.

Thaddeus (no last name)
Physician who attended Valentine Michael Smith at Bethesda Medical Center. Jill Boardman called him "Tad".

Martian expression for three to the fourth power (81).

Martian expression for an unspecified power of three.

Martian expression for three to the sixth power (729).

Martian expression for three cubed (27).

Professor Tiergarten (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Scientist who was eager to interrogate Valentine Michael Smith immediately after his arrival on Earth.

Tim (no last name)
A member of the Church of All Worlds, who met Jubal Harshaw and took him to the new "nest" after the Church headquarters was burned down. (Possibly Tim Baxter?)

Professor Timoshenko
Master of ceremonies, owner, and manager of the carnival with which Valentine Michael Smith travelled. His real name was Tim Baxter.

Togetherness Magazine
[mentioned in passing] Journal to which Jubal Harshaw sold poetry.

Tony (no last name)
A member of the Church of All Worlds.
(also in other stories)

Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet
When Valentine Michael Smith read the play, he did not understand why Romeo "discorporated too soon", and wanted Jubal Harshaw to ask Romeo why.

Communications and news network.

The Martian counting system was founded on base three, probably because Martians were tripedal.

Twitchell (no first name)
Commandant of the Special Service squadrons. He was involved in the search for Valentine Michael Smith.

Union Theological Seminary
Institution that expelled Valentine Michael Smith shortly after he enrolled. Some of the theologians were angry with him because they believed in God, other because they did not.

University of Edinburgh
Prime contractor for the first expedition to Mars.

Beatrix Van Tromp
Wife of the Champion's commander. She became a member of the Church of All Worlds inner circle.

Willem van Tromp
Commander of the Champion; he brought Valentine Michael Smith to Earth. He became a member of the Church of All Worlds inner circle.

Alexandra Vesant
Agnes Douglas' astrologer, and an old friend of Jubal Harshaw who helped him contact Joseph Douglas. She became a member of the Church of All Worlds inner circle. Her original name was Becky Vesey.

Professor Von Krausmeyer (no first name)
Professional astrologer mentioned by Alexandra Vesant.

Molly Wadsworth
Jubal Harshaw's pen name for writing tearjerker stories.

Washington, D.C.
Possibly the capital of the Federation as well as of the United States.
(also in other stories)

water brothers
Those who have "shared water", that is, affirmed mutual complete trust, understanding, and acceptance. A Martian ritual, adopted by Earth friends of Valentine Michael Smith.

Molly Wheelwright
A dietician, Jill Boardman's co-worker at Bethesda Medical Center.

Term used by Ben Caxton for news commentator.

Wise Girl Malthusian Lozenges
[mentioned in passing] Non-prescription contraceptive.

See Fair Witness.
(also in other stories)

The Witness Quarterly
[mentioned in passing] Publication of the Fair Witnesses.

World War III
It occurred before the events of Stranger in a Strange Land, after the first human trip to Mars.
(also in other stories)

Young Man's Happiness Class
Fosterite Sunday School class taught by Dawn Ardent, only for the truly "saved".

Drone probe launched six years after the Envoy disappeared; recorded the harshness (to humans) of Martian climate but also the existence of engineered ruins.


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