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Starman Jones

Pig once owned by Max Jones.

Albert Memorial
Astronomical landmark on the Halcyon side of the anomaly between Halcyon and Garson's Planet.
Sam Anderson
Hobo that Max Jones met his first night after running away from home. He shared his stew with Max but also stole Max's astrogation books. After Max was rejected by the Astrogators' Guild, Sam helped him get forged records as a spacer and a job in the Asgard. Sam worked his way to Master-at-Arms in the Asgard, and died rescuing Eldreth Coburn and Max from the hostile natives of Charity. He may have been an Imperial Marine who had gone AWOL years ago.

Third planet of the sun around which Charity orbited. Passengers of the Asgard were given the choice of being left there rather than risk the return through an uncharted anomaly.
(also in other stories)

Arthur (no other name)
Passenger in the Asgard, who married Becky Weberbauer after the landing on Charity. He was killed in a Centaur attack.
(also in other stories)

Passenger starship converted from the torchship Einstein (formerly the Prince of Wales). Using forged records, Max Jones and Sam Anderson were able to get jobs aboard her.
(also in other stories)

Astrogators' Guild
Union that controlled who could become an astrogator; new members could join only if they were related to and nominated by current members. They kept professional information such as star charts and astrogation calculations strictly secret.
Astrogators' Guild Hall
Located in Earthport next to the spaceport. Max Jones hoped their records would show that his uncle had nominated him for guild membership.

Avenue of the Planets
Boulevard near the Astrogators' Guild Hall, in Earthport.

Aunt Becky (no last name)
Disguise artist hired by Sam Anderson to make Max Jones look old enough for a spacer job.

"Sack" Bennett (no other first name)
Communicator first class in the Asgard. He doubled as Captain Blaine's secretary and factotum. He owed his nickname to others' belief that he spent most of his time sleeping.

Beta Aquarii
See Nova Terra.

Beta Corvi III
[mentioned in passing] Max Jones saw several of its natives in Earthport.

Beta Hydrae
[mentioned in passing] Chet Jones went on the first expedition there.
The Better 'Ole
Bar on Garson's Planet frequented by Imperial Marines. Sam Anderson's reluctance to go there raised Max Jones' suspicions that he was an AWOL Marine.

Bifrost Lounge
Passenger lounge in the Asgard; equipped with a viewport, and off-limits to crew members but not to officers.

Blaine (no first name)
Captain of the Asgard. He suffered a mild breakdown from exhaustion after the death of the astrogator, Dr. Hendrix, and sent the ship through an uncharted anomaly because he failed to correct a mathematical error. He deteriorated seriously after the ship was lost, ultimately committing suicide.

Blind Tom
[mentioned in passing] From the context, a mathematical or memory prodigy. (In "Lost Legacy", a pianist Blind Tom is mentioned who could play by ear any piece of music he had heard only once.)

[mentioned in passing] Port city on Halcyon.

Bonforte (no first name)
Author of Sky Beasts: A Guide to Exotic Zoology.

Carl (no last name)
Secretary to the High Secretary of the Astrogators' Guild.
(also in other stories)

Native of Charity; it resembled the mythological Earth creatures, but was marsupial. Centaurs dominated several other species on the planet. They attacked the Asgard refugees, capturing Max Jones and Eldreth Coburn and killing several others.

Central Jersey Development Center for State Children
Sam Anderson's childhood "home".

Planet on which the Asgard grounded after going through an uncharted anomaly, the fourth of its sun's planets. The name was bestowed by Eldreth Coburn.
(also in other stories)

Town established by the Asgard refugees on Charity.

Chicago, Springfield and Earthport
[mentioned in passing] Ringroad company whose trains ran past Max Jones' farm. The trains were apparently named after throwing weapons and other sharp objects, for example Assegai, Cleaver, Javelin.

Saurian native lifeform of Gamma Leonis VI(b), for a while used as draft animals by the colonists; they were found less suitable than horses.

Clyde's Corners
Small town where Nellie Jones Montgomery grew up.

Eldreth (Ellie) Coburn
Teenaged passenger aboard the Asgard, owner of the spiderpuppy Mr. Chips. The daughter of Ambassador John Coburn, she was being sent home after being expelled from several finishing schools on Earth. She and Max Jones became friends. On Charity she was captured with him by centaurs. They were rescued by Sam Anderson after Mr. Chips made it back to the ship and managed to convey their "message". It appeared that she was romantically interested in Max, but after the Asgard returned to known space she continued her trip home and eventually married her childhood sweetheart.

John Fitzgerald Coburn
His Supreme Excellency, OBE, KB, OSU, Imperial Ambassador to Hespera and Resident Commissioner Plenipotentiary. He was Eldreth Coburn's father.

Compagnon (no first name)
Chief Engineer in the Asgard.

Ship on which Max Jones had worked as a spacer — according to his forged papers.

George Daigler
Passenger in the Asgard, Maggie's husband.

Maggie Daigler
Passenger in the Asgard. She first gave the impression of being a flighty socialite, but she proved herself a hard and willing worker when they tried to establish a colony on Charity.

Department of Guilds and Labor
Bureaucracy that oversaw membership in all guilds and unions, and therefore the allotment of most skilled jobs. It kept records of all job assignments.

Desert Palms Athletic Club
[mentioned in passing] Destination to which an extraterrestrial that Max Jones saw in Earthport asked directions; it pronounced it "Tesert Palms."

Dolores (no last name)
Hanger-on (probably a prostitute) at the Safe Landing. Sam Anderson chased her away from Max Jones, then pointed her out to distract Simes when he started to harass Max.
(also in other stories)

Starship that was launched three months behind the Asgard.

Dumont (no first name)
Chief passengers' steward in the Asgard; his wife was the head stewardess.
(also in other stories)

Spaceport and site of the Astrogators' Guild headquarters.

Previous name of the torchship that was converted to the passenger starship Asgard.

Eisenberg (no first name)
Tour guide and driver on Halcyon.

Elizabeth Regina
Starship to which Max Jones was assigned as assistant astrogator after completing the Asgard journey. [Latin, "Elizabeth the Queen", probably a reference to Elizabeth I of England.]

References to Imperial Marines and the Imperial Encyclopedia suggest that Earth is part of an empire.
(also in other stories)

Epsilon Ceti IV
[mentioned in passing] Its "phlegmatic crustaceans" were described in Sky Beasts: A Guide to Exotic Zoology.

Epsilon Gemini V
Max Jones saw a native in Earthport, eight feet tall with multiple eyes.

Flannigan (no first name)
Crew member of the Asgard.

Food Conservation Act
Law that forbade farmers to let farmland go unused, or be sold for other purposes.

Frenchy (no other name)
Ship's cook in the Asgard.

Gamma Leonis VI(b)
[mentioned in passing] An agricultural colony planet, also known as New Mars, whose saurian native animals could be used as draft animals but were inferior (at least in their rapport with humans) to horses.

Garcia Lopez (no first name)
Steward's mate in the Asgard.

Garson's Planet
Domed colony, a way station for interstellar travel but not much good for anything else. Called Garson's Folly by Chief Kelly.

Humanoid Sirian waiter in the Safe Landing.

Hal Giordano
Chief ship's steward in the Asgard, Max Jones' boss when he worked in the stables. (Also known as Mr. Gee, or The Belly.)

Halcyon natives' name for their sun, which humans called New Pegasi.

Grace (no last name)
Receptionist at the Astrogators' Guild Hall.

Jim Gregory
A member of Mrs. Dumont's upper-decks staff in the Asgard.

Guenther (no other name)
Engineering crewman in the Asgard.
(also in other stories)

Colony planet, official designation Nu Pegasi VI; a stop of Asgard's itinerary.It is described as having cold winters and being not yet economically independent.

Hanson (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Legal officer of the Astrogators' Guild.

Hendrix (no first name)
Astrogator aboard the Asgard. He recommended Max Jones for astrogator training, and treated him as a protegé. He died of a heart attack during the layover on Halcyon. When the ship was stranded on Charity, the settlement's main avenue was named after him.
(also in other stories)

Native planet of spiderpuppies, on which Eldreth Coburn's father was posted as ambassador.

"Landmark" on the Halcyon side of the anomaly between there and Garson's Planet.

Balloon-like creatures native to Charity; they are controlled by the Centaurs.

Hornsby (no first name)
Passenger in the Asgard.
(also in other stories)

Horst-Conrad Impellers
Hyperspace drive. (Perhaps the same as Horst-Milne-Conrad?)

Imperial Encyclopedia
Mentioned in passing by Dr. Hendrix.

Imperial Marines
[mentioned in passing] Sam Anderson went out of his way to avoid them, and may have been AWOL from the service.

Constellation visible from Halcyon.

Johansen (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Astrogator in the Thule. Kelly asked Max Jones briefly about him because Max had claimed to have tried for chartsman aboard that ship.

Chester Arthur (Chet) Jones
Max Jones' late uncle. A member of the Astrogators' Guild, he gave Max his astrogation books and promised to register him as his heir with the Guild but was unable to do so before his untimely death.

Maximilian (Max) Jones
Ozark farmboy who ran away from home after his stepmother remarried and sold the farm. After learning that his uncle had not fulfilled his promise to get him into the Astrogators' Guild, he used forged papers to get menial work aboard the starship Asgard. He rapidly went from tending animals to training as a chartsman After the ship was lost through an uncharted anomaly and all others with astrogation skills died, he successfully piloted the ship back to known space, and was accepted as an apprentice astrogator by the Guild.

The Josephine
Bonaparte's best (and only) hotel.

Kelly (no first name)
Chief computerman in the Asgard. Max Jones was assigned to him as chartsman and found him helpful and sympathetic.
(also in other stories)

Kiefer's Ritz
A bar in Luna, facing the east lock to the spaceport. Max Jones' ignorance of it gave the lie to his story of having worked as a spacer.

Slats Kovak (no other first name)
Chartsman First Class in the Asgard.

Kuiper (no first name)
Chief clerk in the Asgard. Sam Anderson called him "Old Lady Kuiper".

Lipski (no first name)
Owner of the Safe Landing, an acquaintance of Sam Anderson. He was nicknamed "Lippy."

See Elizabeth Regina.

Lundy (no first name)
Computerman in the Asgard.

Maginnis (no first name)
Stores clerk in the Asgard. He got drunk and was disciplined by Sam Anderson.

McAllister (no first name)
Max Jones' neighbor, from whom Max borrowed a ploughing team and other equipment to keep the farm going.

Dolores Mendoza
[mentioned in passing] Passenger in the Asgard, owner of a dog in Max Jones' care.

Miss Mimsey (no first name)
Head of the finishing school from which Eldreth Coburn was expelled, Miss Mimsey's School for Young Ladies.

Missouri-Arkansas Power Project
Development to which Max Jones' stepmother sold the farm. When he returned home, there was nothing left of the farm but a hole in the ground.

Molly Malone
Nickname of the truck whose driver gave Max Jones a lift to Earthport.
(also in other stories)

Mrs. Montefiore (no first name)
Passenger in the Asgard who claimed the title "Principessa".

Biff (Monty) Montgomery
Shiftless neighbor of Max Jones who married Max's stepmother and persuaded her to sell the farm even though it was technically owned by Max. He threatened Max with a beating for disagreeing with the decision.

Nellie Jones Montgomery
Max Jones' stepmother. She sold his farm without his knowledge after she remarried, even though legally, Max owned the farm.

Mr. Chips
Spiderpuppy in Max Jones' care in the Asgard, also called Chipsie. It was owned by Eldreth Coburn.

Nelson (no first name)
Clerk aboard the Asgard.
(also in other stories)

New Mars
See Gamma Leonis VI(b).

New Pegasi
The human name for Halcyon's sun.

Noguchi (no other name)
Computerman in the Asgard.

Nova Terra (Beta Aquarii X)
Described by Sam Anderson as the ideal colony and a good place to jump ship. [Latin, "New Earth"]

Nu Pegasi VI
See Halcyon.

Old Heidelberg
Drink that Sam Anderson ordered for Max Jones in the Safe Landing.

Owner of the Earthport bar where Max Jones and Sam Anderson ate after Max was rejected by the Astrogators' Guild.

Prince of Wales
Original name of the Asgard.

pseudocanis hexapoda hesperae
See spiderpuppy.

Putzie (no other name)
Man with whom Eldreth Coburn was becoming romantically involved before her father shipped her off to Earth. After the adventure in the Asgard, she returned home and married him.

Red (no other name)
Teamster who offered Max Jones a ride into Earthport in return for Max impersonating his driving partner.
(also in other stories)

Ricardo Assumption
[mentioned in passing] Mathematical calculation used in astrogation.

Richards (no first name)
See Roberts.
(also in other stories)

Transportation system similar to railroads. The "tracks" generated high-power magnetic fields to power and direct the trains. The name comes from the rings that generated the magnetic field, through which the trains traveled.

Roberts (no first name)
Sam Anderson told Max Jones the story of an acquaintance who was an Imperial Marine sergeant until he got drunk, missed his ship, and never had the nerve to turn himself in; his name may also have been Richards. Sam later denied having told the story; he may have been referring to himself.

Safe Landing
Bar on Garson's Planet visited by Sam Anderson and Max Jones.

Hal Samuels
Ship's purser in the Asgard.

Scott (no first names)
Married couple who were travelling in the Asgard.

Ship Economy
Technical manual of the Guild of Space Stewards, Cooks, and Purser's Clerks. Sam Anderson acquired a copy for Max Jones to memorize to aid his impersonation of a Guild member.

Simes (no first name)
Assistant astrogator in the Asgard, jealous of his position and resentful of Max Jones' elevation to astrogation trainee. After Captain Blaine's death he tried to take command of the ship and had his neck broken by Sam Anderson.

Humanoid alien of unspecified origin; a member of the species worked as a waiter in the Safe Landing.

Skeeter (no other name)
Page boy at the Astrogators' Guild Hall.

Sky Beasts: A Guide to Exotic Zoology
Reference book by Bonforte, a library book borrowed by Max Jones.

Smythe (no first name)
Chartsman second class in the Asgard.
(also in other stories)

Solar Union Day
System-wide holiday.

Native of Hespera. It had orange, green, and white fur; eight legs; and an endearing manner. It could be domesticated by humans, and could speak and understand a rudimentary vocabulary.

Stereovision, a common entertainment medium.

Theta Centauri
Sun of Garson's Planet.

Max Jones' forged records showed he worked in this ship before he applied for work in the Asgard.
(also in other stories)

[mentioned in passing] Chicago, Springfield & Earthport ringroad train that ran past Max Jones' farm.

Ugly Duckling
Constellation visible from Halcyon.

Vargas (no first name)
Couple who were travelling in the Asgard.
(also in other stories)

"Dutch" Walther (no other first name)
First officer aboard the Asgard, formerly a purser.

Becky Weberbauer
Passenger in the Asgard, travelling with her parents. She married Mr. Arthur after landing on Charity, and was widowed in a centaur attack.

Dr. and Mrs. Weberbauer (no first names)
Passengers in the Asgard.

Witherspoon (no first name)
High Secretary of the Astrogators' Guild.


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