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The Star Beast

Cyrus Andrews
Westville's public defender. He was offered as counsel for John Thomas Stuart XI, but Betty Sorenson rejected him because he was the prosecutor's law partner and presumably an enemy of Lummox.

Ship placed under quarantine by the ship's surgeon because of illness on board. The action delayed the Venusian foreign minister's arrival at a conference involving Mars, Venus and Earth.
(also in other stories)

Arthur (no other name)
Roy MacClure's double for public appearances. He delivered a speech to the Hroshii.
(also in other stories)

Beanfield (no first name)
Mrs. Donahue's lawyer in her suit against Lummox for eating her roses.

S.S. Bolivar
[mentioned in passing] Starship that was lost in transit because of a tiny flaw in a relay.

Bon Marché
Department store in Westville in whose front window Lummox took refuge during his rampage. [French, "good market"; colloquially, a bargain.]
(also in other stories)

Boulevard of the Suns
Thoroughfare through Capital from the spaceport to the government buildings, including the Auditorium of the Department of Spatial Affairs.

See Bureau of Astronautics.

See Bureau of Economics.

See Bureau of Engineering.

Bureau for Security (BuSec)
Government bureau that operated under the jurisdiction of the Department of Spatial Affairs

Bureau of Astronautics (BuAstro)
[mentioned in passing] Government bureau administered under the jurisdiction of the Department of Spatial Affairs.

Bureau of Economics (BuEcon)
Some of its decisions fell under the jurisdiction of the Department of Spatial Affairs.

Bureau of Engineering (BuEng)
Some of its decisions fell under the jurisdiction of the Department of Spatial Affairs

See Bureau for Security.

Only name for the seat of world government; location unspecified but apparently in North America.
Capital Times
Capital's newspaper. It broke the news of the Hroshii crisis.
"Capital Upside Down"
Newspaper gossip column.
(also in other stories)

Cartier (no first name)
Chief ballistician of the Bureau of Astronautics (BuAstro).

The Chocolate Bar
Snack shop across from Central High School in Westville.

Club Cosmic
Nightclub that catered to nonterrestrials, visited by Sergei Greenberg and Dr. Ftaeml.

Community of Civilizations
Interstellar diplomatic organization of which Earth was a member.

Edwin (Ed) Cowen
John Thomas Stuart XI's bodyguard in Capital.

Cristy (no other name)
[mentioned in passing] Crewman in the Trailblazer, mentioned in John Thomas Stuart VIII's log.

See Lummox.

Cygnus Decision
Earth judicial decision that "Beings possessed of speech and manipulation must be presumed to be sentient and therefore to have innate human rights, unless conclusively proved otherwise." The Department of Spatial Affairs was uncertain whether it applied to Lummox because he possessed speech, but had no arms.

Dead Wolf Pass
[mentioned in passing] Site near Westville.

[mentioned in passing] Planet on which dwelt a caste of hereditary lawyer-priests.

DeGrasse (no first name)
Manager of the Bon Marché store, which was damaged by Lummox.

Department of Spatial Affairs
Usually called DepSpace. Bureaucracy that oversaw all business involving space travel, trade between planets, or interaction with extraterrestrials, especially legal matters on Earth involving extraterrestrials. Because virtually everything in some way fell into these categories, DepSpace had wide-ranging powers and responsibilities, including the authority to override local statutes and judicial decisions. It also oversaw the activities of some lesser governmental departments, including scientific research and economics.

Captain Dominic (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Commanding officer of John Thomas Stuart IX.

Mrs. Donahue (no first name)
John Thomas Stuart's neighbor, who owned prize-winning rose bushes and sued John when Lummox ate them. Lummox also ate her dog when it challenged him.

Dreiser (no first name)
Chief of police in John Thomas Stuart XI's hometown. Also a church deacon and Sunday school teacher.

T. Omar Esklund, Ph.D.
State executive secretary of the Keep Earth Human League. He presented a petition to Sergei Greenberg to have Lummox destroyed.

Dr. Fatima
Roy MacClure's mispronunciation of Dr. Ftaeml.

Free Child
A child who had "divorced" his or her parents and chosen professional guardians. The details are scanty, but among the grounds for divorce are coercion in choice of career and "odd ideas." Betty Sorenson was a Free Child, and mentioned living in a dormitory.

Friends of Lummox
Group formed by Beulah Murgatroyd to prevent Lummox' destruction.

Dr. Ftaeml
Rargyllian dignitary who acted as translator for negotiations between Earth and the Hroshii. Though he had been retained by the Hroshii, his sympathies were clearly with the humans. He became a good friend of both Sergei Greenberg and Henry Kiku.

Galactic Press
News service that sent a reporter to cover Lummox's trial.

Gardens of Heaven
[mentioned in passing] Site in Capital, probably a popular tourist attraction.

Carlton Gimmidge
Name that his mother gave to John Thomas Stuart VIII after his father (JTS VII) was deported to a penal colony and she returned to Earth. He changed it back when he came of age, and worked long years to clear his father's name.

Sergei Greenberg
Chief of System Trade Intelligence under the Department of Spatial Affairs. He was sent as a representative to Lummox's hearing, and ordered Lummox's destruction after Lummox caved in the front of the courthouse looking for John Thomas Stuart. Sergei continued working on the case after the destruction order was overridden, helping John Thomas get to Capital when it was suspected that Lummox was the missing Hroshii heir. He was appointed brevet ambassador extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary to negotiate with the Hroshii.

Myra Holtz
Employee of the Department of Spatial Affairs, who acted as a bodyguard for Betty Sorenson while she was in Capital.

Hovey (no first name)
Galactic Press representative in Westville to cover Lummox's trial. He also appeared in Capital after Roy MacClure's resignation.

Hroshii (singular Hroshiu, masculine; Hroshia, feminine)
Nonhumanoid aliens, long-lived and vastly superior to any other known race. Their home planet is called Hroshijud; their language is Hroshija. They became convinced that an important Hroshia was being held on Earth and threatened to destroy it if she was not returned. After various developments, John Thomas Stuart's pet Lummox was learned to be the missing Hroshia (from her point of view, John Thomas Stuart was the pet). Because of her attachment to John Thomas, humans were able to negotiate an extremely favorable treaty in exchange for her agreeing to return home.

Home planet of the Hroshii.

[mentioned in passing] Breakfast cereal, sponsor of the Pidgie Widgie show.

Henry Kiku saw a hypnotherapist to alleviate his phobic reaction to Dr. Ftaeml's snakelike head tendrils.
(also in other stories)

Stan Ibañez
Chief of the Bureau of System Liaison in the Department of Spatial Affairs.

Institute of Outer Sciences
Sponsoring agency of the mission to Hroshijud. Henry Kiku offered to have it oversee John Thomas Stuart's education.

K. Ito (no other first name)
Gardener living near the John Thomas Stuart who shot Lummox when he caught him eating his cabbages, causing him no harm but frightening him into a rampage that eventually took him through the main streets of Westville.

Jones (no first name)
Alias that Betty Sorenson used to arrange travel to Capital for John Thomas Stuart.
(also in other stories)

Kampf (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Bureaucrat Henry Kiku suggested as his own replacement after Roy MacClure fired Kiku.

Karnes (no first name)
Safety officer in Westville, a witness to Lummox's rampage.

Keep Earth Human League
Xenophobic fringe group that opposed the presence of aliens on Earth. They agitated to have Lummox destroyed.

Henry Gladstone Kiku
His Excellency the Right Honorable Permanent Undersecretary for Spatial Affairs. M.A., Litt. D. (honora causa), O.B.E. A native of Kenya, he was the real authority in the Department of Spatial Affairs, the Secretary always being a political appointee and figurehead.

[mentioned in passing] Planet that was the occasion of a hushed-up scandal in Roy MacClure's career.

Lafayette Law
[mentioned in passing] Law on Mars that presumably granted citizenship to descendants of citizens, even those born off-planet (or perhaps specifically to descendants of Revolutionary veterans).

[mentioned in passing] Planet that had a treaty with Earth. The natives are nonhuman in appearance. There was a hushed-up scandal when a member of the ambassador's family was found stuffed and mounted in a curiosity shop in the Virgin Islands.

Roy MacClure
Secretary for Spacial Affairs for the Federated Community of Civilizations. As a political appointee, he was a figurehead; the real work was done by Henry Kiku.

Mendoza (no first name)
Westville patrol sergeant who collected John Thomas Stuart to subdue and retrieve Lummox after his rampage.
(also in other stories)

Mildred (no last name)
Henry Kiku's secretary.

[mentioned in passing] Planet on which judges undergo cleansing fasts and then go without food or drink until they reach a decision.

Morgan (no first name)
Henry Kiku's hypnotherapist.
(also in other stories)

Mountain States Steel and Welding Works
Company that contracted to build a temporary pen for Lummox outside the courtroom. John Thomas Stuart thought it best not to explain that Lummox ate steel like candy.
(also in other stories)

Beulah Murgatroyd
Head of the "Friends of Lummox", who demanded an audience with the Secretary for Spatial Affairs. She was the creator of the Pidgie Widgie children's video stories. Roy MacClure tried to persuade Henry Kiku to appear on her show.

Commodore Murthi (no first name)
Aide to the Secretary of the Department of Spatial Affairs.

New World Casualty, LTD
Mr. Ito's insurance company, which sued John Thomas Stuart on his behalf for damages done by Lummox.

O'Farrell (no first name)
Westville judge who presided over Lummox's trial.

O'Neill (no first name)
Chief of Security for the Department of Spatial Affairs.

Class of interplanetary ship grounded for engineering modification at the Department of Spatial Affairs' command.

Perkins (no first name)
Representative of the Exotic Life Laboratory of the Museum of Natural History, who wanted to acquire Lummox.
(also in other stories)

Peters (no first name)
The Department of Spatial Affairs employee whom Henry Kiku recommended to inspect the Hroshii ships for accommodations to human habitation.
(also in other stories)

Pidgie Widgie
Puppet star of a children's video show about space adventures. Its hostess had some social and political influence because of the show's popularity, and started "Friends of Lummox".

Postle (no first name)
John Thomas Stuart's family lawyer.

Power and Glory
Old uranium mine where Betty Sorenson suggested hiding Lummox.

Procyon VII
[mentioned in passing] Planet inhabited by cephalopod-type beings, some of whom came to Earth as exchange students.

Project Cerberus
Power proposal for the research station on Pluto; it was under Henry Kiku's jurisdiction.

[mentioned in passing] Nonhumans, possibly avian, who had diplomatic ties to the Terran Federation.

[mentioned in passing] Many-legged but otherwise undescribed animal, used by Henry Kiku in reference to Sergei Greenberg's handling of the Lummox case.

Alien race that had diplomatic ties to Earth and most other planets. They acted as interpreters and emissaries throughout the galaxy. They resembled Medusas and had dry, chitinous purple skin with green highlights; they lacked noses but had tails.

Riots of '91
[mentioned in passing] A well-remembered historical event.

Wes Robbins
Public relations officer in the Department of Spatial Affairs who dealt with Beulah Murgatroyd.

[mentioned in passing] Undescribed alien race. Henry Kiku swore at Sergei Greenberg by their seventy-seven seven-handed gods.

Alfred Schneider
Attorney acting for Western Mutual Assurance Company and Bon Marché in the damage suit against John Thomas Stuart and Lummox.

Miss Schreiber (no first name)
Chief deputy county clerk who reluctantly registered Lummox as John Thomas Stuart's homestead property to protect him against liability for the damage Lummox had caused.

Seven Suns
Realm ruled by the Hroshii.

Shizuko (no last name)
Wes Robbins' secretary.
(also in other stories)

Dr. Singh (no first name)
Astrogator who calculated the location of the Hroshii planet using Rargyllian co-ordinates.

Theme song of the Pidgie Widgie Show.

Slats (no other name)
Driver of the patrol car that took Sgt. Mendoza and John Thomas Stuart to the site where Lummox was cornered after his rampage.

John Thomas Stuart's nickname for Betty Sorenson.
(also in other stories)

Miss Smith (no first name)
Alias used by Betty Sorenson while arranging transportation to Capital for John Thomas Stuart.

Society for the Preservation of the Status Quo
Isolationist organization that protested interactions between Earth and other planets, particularly planets inhabited by nonhuman peoples.

Betty Sorenson
A Free Child and friend of John Thomas Stuart. She acted as his counsel during Lummox's trial, offered help when John Thomas decided to run away, and helped him reach Capital to participate in negotiations about Lummox. She married him so that they could travel to Hroshijud and Lummox could continue "raising John Thomases". John Thomas called her "Slugger".

Apparently a crustacean race; mentioned by Dr. Ftaeml.

John Thomas Stuart
John Thomas Stuart XI was the descendant of a line of explorers and adventurers, and the current owner/companion of the alien beast Lummox. After the Department of Spatial Affairs became involved in a trial over Lummox's "dangerous" behavior, the beast was discovered to be an important member of the Hroshii race, and John Thomas accompanied her to her home planet along with a contingent of Earth scientists and diplomats. His girlfriend (and eventual wife) Betty Sorenson called him "Knothead".

His ancestors included:

  1. A seaman
  2. Killed in an early airplane accident
  3. Gunnery officer in a World War II submarine, MIA
  4. Killed on the first trip to the Moon
  5. An emigrant to Mars
  6. Revolutionary general and first Governor of Mars after the Revolution
  7. spent the end of his life in the Triton penal colony for reasons unspecified but perhaps unjustified
  8. Had his name changed by his mother when she returned to Earth but resumed the Stuart name upon reaching adulthood, becoming an interstellar explorer and bringing Lummox to Earth
  9. Resigned from the Space Service to avoid court martial, may have been protecting his commanding officer
  10. Also an explorer, apparently never returned from his last expedition.

Marie Brandley Stuart
John Thomas Stuart XI's mother, who favored getting rid of Lummox and refused to consider her son's following the family tradition by going to space. Betty Sorenson called her "the Duchess" for her demanding ways.

[mentioned in passing] Planet on which owners of stray animals are apparently not responsible for their actions.

Tessie (no last name)
[mentioned in passing] John Thomas Stuart's aunt, a believer in astrology.

Ship on which John Thomas Stuart VIII made three exploration voyages. On the second voyage he acquired Lummox, and the ship did not return from the third.

Triangular Conference
Negotiations among Venus, Earth, and Mars, in which the Department of Spatial Affairs was involved.
United States of America
It was apparently a distinct entity within a world government.
(also in other stories)

Hotel Universal
Hotel designed to accommodate nonterrestrials. Dr. Ftaeml stayed there during the negotiations with the Hroshii.

Vega VI
Planet to which Sergei Greenberg had been assigned.

Dr. Warner (no first name)
Officer in the Bureau of Astronautics (BuAstro), part of the Department of Spatial Affairs.

West Arroyo
Site near Westville of a viaduct in which Lummox tried to hide after rampaging through Mr. Ito's greenhouses and downtown Westville.

Western Mutual Assurance Company
Insurer of the Bon Marché department store.

Western Tech
University that John Thomas Stuart XI wanted to attend.

John Thomas Stuart XI's hometown; its exact location was not specified but it was somewhere in the western United States.

Wong (no first name)
Assistant to Henry Kiku.

Znedov (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Clerk in the Department of Spatial Affairs.


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