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The Rolling Stones

Brand name of tape projectors sold by Castor and Pollux Stone to the Asteroid Belt miners.

Angelo & Sons, Ltd.
General outfitters on Mars owned by Tony Angelo, which supplied just about anything that tourists or prospectors could need. Castor and Pollux Stone attempted to do business with them, and bought their flat cat there.

Characters in Scourge of the Spaceways, taken prisoner by humans. They were described as having silicon-based metabolism.

Asteroid Belt
Region of space between Mars and Jupiter, sparsely populated by miners and the occasional "general store". Castor and Pollux Stone made a tidy profit selling a variety of items to the miners.
(also in other stories)

Atomic Energy Commission
Hazel Stone quit working as an engineer because she was tired of fighting their bias against women.
(also in other stories)

Bankrupt Hungarian (no other name)
Used spaceship dealer, a competitor of Dealer Dan Ekizian.

Judge Bonelli (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Mars magistrate.

Bright Eyes
[mentioned in passing] Name given to a flat cat.

Burkhardts (no first names)
[mentioned in passing] Tourists on Mars staying at the Casa Mañana. The Stones were offered their rooms after they left.

[mentioned in passing] Passenger liner that the Stone family had taken to Venus.

Carlotti Motors
[mentioned in passing] Company that made spaceships. The Stone family bought their Cherub model.

Casa Mañana
Development on Mars where the Stone family rented an apartment for exorbitant rates. [Spanish, "house (of) the morning"]
(also in other stories)

Charlie (no last name)
Eccentric hermit in the Asteroid Belt, living near Rock City. Castor and Pollux Stone bought spare parts from him and borrowed his scooter to search when Hazel Stone and Lowell Stone were lost.
(also in other stories)

Spaceship of the Carlotti Motors Angel series. It was a cargo ship that could also carry passengers. This model was purchased by the Stone family.
(also in other stories)

City Hall
A converted space-to-space vessel, the "Capitol" of Rock City in the Asteroid Belt.

City Tech
See Luna City Technical.

Piece of equipment in the Rolling Stone. From the context, it was probably similar to a combination periscope and telescope.
(also in other stories)

D'Avri (no first name)
Manager of the Casa Mañana apartments where the Stone family stayed on Mars.

Class VIII, model 93 spaceship that Castor and Pollux Stone wanted to buy; their grandmother Hazel Stone talked them out of it.

Eakers (no first name)
Asteroid miner and patient of Edith Stone.

Dealer Dan Ekizian
Used spaceship dealer who sold the Rolling Stone to the Stone family.

Emmy Lou
[mentioned in passing] Mining node in the Asteroid Belt.

Icelandic family that mined the Asteroid Belt. Castor and Pollux Stone gave a flat cat to them because they could not afford to buy one.

[mentioned in passing] Spaceship headed for the asteroids, mentioned by Jonathan Fries.
(also in other stories)

flat cat
Furry native Martians, round and featureless except for three eyes (not always visible), and the limited ability to change shape (e.g. spherical to flat). They emitted a purring sound when stroked, which was soothing and almost irresistible to humans. They also were parthenogenetic, and gave birth in droves when overfed. From one flat cat, the Stones ended up with a holdful, which fortunately they were able to sell off to lonely Asteroid miners.

Flat Cat Alley
Castor and Pollux Stone's designation for their ship, as a trading post in the Asteroid Belt.

Followup Service, Ltd.
[mentioned in passing] Chicago-based business that apparently forwards messages, etc., for travellers.

Forsyte's Solution
Mathematical breakthrough, otherwise unspecified, that made spaceflight possible. 

[mentioned in passing] Company that owned the War God. (The "four planets" are probably Earth, Venus, Mars, and Earth's moon.)
(also in other stories)

Four-Planet Export
[mentioned in passing] Trading company mentioned by Jefferson James. (The "four planets" are probably Earth, Venus, Mars, and Earth's moon.)

Jonathan Fries
Mayor of Rock City and manager of the general store. Nicknamed "One-Price".

Martha Fries
Wife of Jonathan Fries.

Fuzzy Britches
The flat cat that Castor Stone bought for his baby brother. Since the entire family pampered it and fed it and flat cats reproduce whenever they're overfed, the ship was soon awash with its descendants; when the flat cats were relegated to the hold, only Fuzzy Britches was kept by the family — on a strict diet.

Galactic Overlords
Plot device written into Scourge of the Spaceways by Hazel Stone.

[mentioned in passing] Power plant on which Hazel Stone worked; she and Roger Stone had argued lengthily about the design.

Scene of an episode of Scourge of the Spaceways, also site of a human colony.
(also in other stories)

General Motors
Their "Jumpbug" model spaceship was offered to Castor and Pollux Stone by Dealer Dan Ekizian, but rejected.
(also in other stories)

General Synthetics
Company that had a factory on the Moon. A friend of Castor and Pollux Stone worked there.
(also in other stories)

Defined by Hazel Stone as "an ancient Druid phrase meaning, 'Let's get out of here even if we have to walk!' "
(also in other stories)

Swede Gonzalez (no other first name)
[mentioned in passing] Asteroid miner.

Grand Council
Governing body of Luna Colony.

Grogan's Boys
Group of miners in the Asteroid Belt, working the Heartbreak Node.

Ole Gunderson
[mentioned in passing] Runner who literally went into orbit around Phobos from a running jump.

Haileys (no first names)
Luna City neighbors of the Stones.

Hall of Welcome
Port of entry and customs office for Mars, located on Phobos.

Hallelujah Node
Mining strike in the Asteroid Belt, and location of Rock City.

Sport model of spaceship (runabout) mentioned in passing by Hazel Stone in response to Roger's quoting the line from Hamlet, "I can tell a hawk from a handsaw."

Harvard [University]
[mentioned in passing] One of the experimental rocket satellites operated by the Harvard Radiation Laboratory came dangerously close to the Rolling Stone's trajectory.
(also in other stories)

Commercial model of spaceship mentioned by Hazel Stone in response to Roger Stone's quoting from Hamlet, "I know a hawk from a handsaw."
(also in other stories)

Heartbreak Node
Mining camp in the Asteroid Belt.

Helen of Troy
Spaceship mentioned in passing.
(also in other stories)

High Grade Henderson (no other first name)
[mentioned in passing] Asteroid miner whom Charlie the hermit claimed was eaten by his partner.

Herbert (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Person for whom a tourist overheard by the Stone family wanted to buy a souvenir turtle in Luna City.
(also in other stories)

"High Gravity"
Castor and Pollux Stone sold tapes of this musical to Asteroid miners.

Hudson's Manual
[mentioned in passing] Handbook of engineering mathematics that Castor and Pollux Stone claimed to know by heart.

Manufacturer of the Rolling Stone's ballistic computer.
(also in other stories)

Jefferson James
A driver for General Synthetics, a friend of Castor and Pollux Stone.

Junior League
[mentioned in passing] Luna City organization of which Meade Stone was a member.

Kaiser Wilhelm Node
Mining camp in the Asteroid Belt, the original location of Rock City.

Kong Christian
[mentioned in passing] Ship that suffered a severe but unspecified mishap involving welding.

[mentioned in passing] Martian diety.

Spaceport just outside Luna City.
(also in other stories)

Name given to the pulverized planet that is now the Asteroid Belt.
(also in other stories)

Luna City
City built under the Moon's surface, including not only habitations but farms and other necessities, plus a varied cultural life.
(also in other stories)

Luna City High School
[mentioned in passing] Meade Stone's alma mater.

Luna City Technical
Educational institute in Luna, apparently college-level. Its students often called it City Tech.

Luna Pilot
[mentioned in passing] Radar and doppler station at Leyport.

Magill (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Second officer on the Caravan, described by Roger Stone as a "wolf in ship's clothing". Apparently he and Meade Stone had a flirtation when the family traveled to Venus.

In Heinlein's stories, the Red Planet is usually described as barren and cold with a thin atmosphere, just barely habitable by humans in pressurized habitats or after terraforming. The "canals" are real waterways (usually frozen). The planet has native life, variously described in different books. Though some of the books depict conflicts between human colonists and native Martians, none portray the natives as resentful of the invasion of their home; often, the Martians remains largely oblivious to the human presence. In The Rolling Stones, Mars was settled by humans. The tariffs and taxes were almost prohibitive of interplanetary trade. Tourism was the biggest industry.
(also in other stories)

Main city of the Mars colony, a commercial and tourist center.
(also in other stories)

Natives of Mars were described as having three legs. Their communities were prohibited to humans by treaty, but Lowell Stone was taken to meet one. Though obviously not traumatized by the experience, he refused to talk about it afterward.
(also in other stories)

In Have Space Suit — Will Travel and The Rolling Stones in particular, but also in passing mentions in most of his stories, Heinlein states that mathematics is the most important science, and anyone who does not know advanced math should not be considered civilized or intelligent.

Molly Malone
One of the many flat cats sold by Castor and Pollux Stone.
(also in other stories)

New Joburg
Mining camp in the asteroid belt, working Reynolds #2. (New Johannesburg, named after the South African city?)

Obelisk Mountains
Range near Luna City.

Old Southern Dining Room and Soda Fountain
Restaurant in Marsport across from the Hall of Welcome.

"On the Cumulative Effects of Marginal Hypoxia"
Research paper for which Edith Stone had collected "years of notes"; she hoped to finish it while traveling in the Rolling Stone.

Dolores O'Shanahan
[mentioned in passing] Character in Scourge of the Spaceways.

Joe Pappalopoulis
Owner of the Old Southern Dining Room, who bought bicycles from Castor and Pollux Stone to rent to tourists. He was usually called "Pappa".

The customs station for Mars, and thus the port-of-call of the Rolling Stone.
(also in other stories)

Pikes Peak
Spaceport from which the Earth-Moon shuttle was launched.
(also in other stories)

Unit of currency on Mars.

Queen Mary
[mentioned in passing] Space liner.

Substance mentioned in Scourge of the Spaceways.

Raleigh Sandman
Model of bicycle that Captain Vandenbergh offered to buy from Castor and Pollux Stone.

RCA New York
Broadcasting network for which Roger Stone wrote Scourge of the Spaceways.

The Reactomotive World
[mentioned in passing] Magazine to which Roger Stone subscribed.

Reynolds Number Two was a mining node in the Asteroid Belt worked by the New Joburg mining camp.

Treaty town on Mars where Lowell Stone met a Martian; one of the few places where Martians and humans interacted.

Rising Star
[mentioned in passing] Spaceship that collided with the patrol vessel Trygve Lie, leaving no survivors in either ship.

The Rock
See Rolling Stone.

Rock City
Seat of government for the Hallelujah Node in the Asteroid Belt; it was a glorified mining camp.

Rodger Young Range
Mountain range near Luna City.

Rolling Stone
Name finally chosen for the Stone family spaceship, after rejecting such nominations as The Clunker, Dauntless, Go-Devil, Icarus, Iron Duke, Jabberwock, Morning Star, Onward, Oom Paul, and H.M.S. Pinafore. Roger Stone also sarcastically suggested R.S. Deadlock, Hairshirt, and Madhouse. The Rolling Stone was inspired by Hazel Stone's comment about "gathering no moss"; the family also called the ship "the Rock".

Rowley (no first name)
Second officer aboard the War God.

Rocks-in-His-Head Rudolf
Character invented by Castor and Pollux Stone for mock interviews on their Asteroid Belt radio broadcasts.

Sandy (no last name)
Asteroid Belt miner.

Schultz (no first name)
Doctor in the Asteroid Belt, deceased. No other physician was available until Edith Stone arrived.
(also in other stories)

Scourge of the Spaceways
Videocast for which Roger Stone wrote scripts, in consequence of a bet that he could do better than the usual scriptwriters. When he tired of it, his mother Hazel Stone took over the job with the help of his 4-year-old son.
(also in other stories)

Mrs. Silva (no first name)
Maternity patient of Edith Stone in the Asteroid Belt.

Space Entity
Villain in Scourge of the Spaceways.

John Sterling
Hero of Scourge of the Spaceways, described by Roger Stone as "a mealy-mouthed Galahad".

Castor and Pollux Stone
Twins, teenaged geniuses who with their family purchased a space ship and began a travel and trading venture throughout the solar system. They were just barely successful selling bicycles on Mars, but did good business with miners in the Asteroid Belt. Castor was the elder by 20 minutes, and was called "Grandpa" by Pollux.
(also in other stories)

Edith Stone
Mother of Castor and Pollux Stone, physician and sculptor who joined her family on a travel and trade venture through the outer solar system. Her medical services were much in demand, first to treat an epidemic on the ship War God en route to Mars, and then for routine and emergency treatment throughout the Asteroid Belt.

Hazel Meade Stone (a.k.a. Gwen Novak)
Mother of Roger Stone, a moving force behind the family's decision to travel through the outer solar system. She was a founder of the lunar colony and an engineer who had also made a living as a blackjack dealer. She apparently lived on Earth for a while. She took over writing Scourge of the Spaceways after her son tired of it.
(also in other stories)

Lowell (Buster) Stone
Roger and Edith Stone's youngest child, precocious chess player and possibly a telepath. With his grandmother, he wrote scripts for the video series Scourge of the Spaceways.

Meade Stone
Daughter of Roger and Edith Stone. She accompanied the family on their space travels.

Roger Stone
Father of Castor and Pollux Stone, retired mayor of Luna City and engineer, as well as writer for Scourge of the Spaceways. He allowed himself to be persuaded to purchase a spaceship for travel and trade through the outer solar system, with himself as Captain.

Thelma (no last name)
Tourist in Luna whom Hazel Stone overheard talking about buying a souvenir turtle; she also expressed outrage that Hazel was wearing a weapon.

Beasley Thomas
Mayor of Luna City, Roger Stone's successor.

Jason (Jay) Thomas
Port pilot of Phobos Port.

After their stay in the Asteroid Belt, the Castor and Pollux Stone's family headed for the human settlement Titan Base.
(also in other stories)

treaty towns
The only places on Mars where indigenous Martians and humans mingled, and there only under strict conditions.

Trygve Lie
[mentioned in passing] Patrol ship that collided with the spaceship Rising Star, leaving no survivors.
(also in other stories)

Charlie Turner
Third engineer in the War God.

The Unheavenly Twins
Nickname inflicted upon Castor and Pollux Stone.

P. Vandenbergh (no other first name)
Captain of the War God, an old friend of Roger Stone.

Name given to a flat cat in the Rolling Stone.

Venerian Sand Hog
[mentioned in passing] Joe Pappalopoulis carried a wad of money large enough to choke one.

In most of Heinlein's stories, the planet is hot and swampy but habitable by humans. Natives are variously described as sentient "dragons" and as small, humanoid amphibians with a matriarchal culture, the females being considerably more intelligent than the males. In The Rolling Stones, Venus was settled by humans. The Stone family had once visited it.
(also in other stories)

War Cry
Newspaper on Mars.

War God
Spaceship captained by a friend of Roger Stone. Edith Stone transferred to it en route to Mars to help treat an epidemic.

Herbert Warburton
Prosecutor in the trial on Mars in which Castor and Pollux Stone were charged with not paying customs duties. He was the son of the judge.

Warburton (no first name)
Judge on Mars and hereditary citizen of the Free State of Luna, a descendant of Lunar founding father Oscar Warburton.

Harry Weinstein's Sunbeam Six
[mentioned in passing] Castor and Pollux Stone sold tapes of this musical group to the Asteroid miners.

Spaceship mentioned in passing.

Don Whitsitt
Jonathan Fries' bookkeeper.

Cowboy Womack (no other first name)
A miner, mentioned in passing.


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