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The Puppet Masters

Chimpanzee used as a puppet master host. He learned to pick locks, and transmitted the puppet master infection to gibbons in neighboring cages.
(also in other stories)

See Mary Cavanaugh.

Elflike creatures found in the Pass Christian saucer, controlled by puppet masters. They were assumed to be natives of Titan. All died when the saucer was ruptured and their atmosphere escaped.

Asiatic Plague
Plague broke out in Russia and China probably as a result of the puppet masters' unconcern about human needs, particularly hygiene.

U.N.S. Avenger
Ship that transported an armed force from Earth to Titan to wipe out the puppet masters.

Barnes (no first name)
Manager of the Des Moines stereo broadcast station. His puppet master was the first discovered by the Section. He was killed by Sam Cavanaugh.
(also in other stories)

Florence Berzowski
Powerman second class in the tank that attacked the Pass Christian saucer. She held the air lock open so that the puppet masters could be destroyed, and died in the assault.

Black Angels
Jets used to escort Sam Cavanaugh, Mary Cavanaugh and Andrew Nivens to the command base at Pass Christian.

Breakfast With the Browns
Stereo show broadcast from Zone Red, which Sam Cavanaugh viewed briefly to see if he could determine conditions there from the show.

Miss Briggs (no first name)
Sam Cavanaugh's night nurse after he was rescued from the puppet master.

Mary Cavanaugh called Sam Cavanaugh this while they were in character as brother and sister.
(also in other stories)

Burlingame, California
[mentioned in passing] Destroyed in a bombardment to eliminate a puppet master saucer and infestation.

Gilbert Calhoun
Ensign who commanded the amphibious tank that attacked the puppet master saucer at Pass Christian, Mississippi; he died in the assault.

Charles M. Cavanaugh
See Andrew Nivens.

Mary Cavanaugh (Allucquere)
Alias used by the female Section agent who accompanied Andrew Nivens to investigate the flying saucer landing. Afterwards, she apparently adopted the name permanently, using it when she married Sam Cavanaugh. She was born into the Whitmanites (her original name was Allucquere) and emigrated to Venus with her family, where the entire community had been taken over by puppet masters and mostly kept in suspended animation until needed as hosts; Mary spent ten years suspended. The puppet masters, and all human hosts except Mary, died in an epidemic of nine-day fever. Mary was found by Venus colonials and adopted into a mining colony. Her recollection of these events under hypnosis provided a means to destroy the infestation of puppet masters on Earth.

Sam Cavanaugh (a.k.a. Elihu Nivens)
Alias for an agent of a top-secret U.S. government agency called the Section. He was assigned to investigate reports of a flying saucer landing in Grinnell, Iowa. With Mary Cavanaugh and Andrew Nivens (his boss and his father), he discovered that the saucer was real,and that it had brought intelligent parasites to Earth to take over the population. Although briefly taken over by a puppet master himself, he played a major role in defeating the invasion. He seldom used his real name, Elihu Nivens, during the mission, preferring the alias that he adopted when he first visited the saucer landing site.

Dr. Chamleigh (no first name)
Nonsectarian minister who performed marriages with "fertility rites and everything, but with dignity." Sam Cavanaugh and Mary Cavanaugh declined his services.

Constitution Club
The membership "read like Who's Who in Finance, Government, and Industry." Sam Cavanaugh infected a member with a puppet master and with his aid infiltrated the Club to "recruit" more members.

Mark Cummings
Junior Congressional Whip, whom the President had to order to remove his shirt during a session of Congress to comply with Schedule Bareback.

Davidson (no first name)
Section agent who worked as a "hatchet man".
(also in other stories)

Des Moines, Iowa
One of the first sites infested by puppet masters. Sam Cavanaugh and Andrew Nivens discovered the infestation during a visit to a local television station.

Digby (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Scientist who devised a formula for analyzing data, which was used to ascertain the validity of "flying saucer" sightings.
(also in other stories)

[mentioned in passing] Historical period referred to by Sam Cavanaugh.
(also in other stories)

Major Donovan (no first name)
Communications officer at armed forces Supreme Headquarters during the offensive against the puppet masters.

Myrtle Doolightly, Ph.D.
[mentioned in passing] Stereo broadcast lecturer on "Why Husbands Grow Bored.", sponsored by Uth-a-gen Hormone Company. Sam Cavanaugh encountered the program while looking for a news broadcast that might give some clue about conditions in Zone Red (the area infested by puppet masters).

Section agent and member of the clerical pool, who was in the headquarters when the puppet master got loose.

The Entropy of Joy
[mentioned in passing] Book written by the prophet of the Whitmanites.

Charity Evans
Congresswoman from Maine. Her response to Schedule Bareback was to wear a low-backed evening gown.

Frisco (no first name)
Venusian colonist who found Allucquere near Kaiserville after her settlement was stricken with nine-day fever.

General Atomics
Its Six-in-One Automatic Home Butler was given as a prize on a stereo show Sam Cavanaugh saw briefly while looking for a newscast out of Zone Red.
(also in other stories)

Colonel Gibsy (no first name)
One of the people present at Mary Cavanaugh's hypnotic sessions.

Senator Gottlieb
(no first name) A member of the President's political party, he tried to propose impeachment during the hearing on the puppet masters. He was revealed as a puppet master host.

Graves (no first name)
Researcher in charge of the Section's biology lab, and thus head of the puppet master research.

M. C. Greenberg (no full first name)
Real estate agent who rented a loft to Sam Cavanaugh. Sam infected him with a puppet master and recruited him to help infect others.

Grinnell, Iowa
Site of the first spaceship landing that heralded the puppet master invasion of Earth.

Miss Haines (no first name)
Andrew Nivens' elderly secretary. She was infected by the puppet master that escaped from the Section's biology lab.

Thor Hansen
Building superintendent of the loft that Sam Cavanaugh rented while a puppet master host. Sam infected him with a puppet master.

Hazelhurst (no first name)
Doctor who presided over Mary Cavanaugh's hypnotic sessions. He had spent two years on Venus.

Chimpanzee used as a puppet master host by Section researchers. She learned to pick locks and transmitted puppet masters to gibbons in neighboring cages.
(also in other stories)

Dr. Horace (no first name)
Scientist working on puppet master research.

Mary Cavanaugh underwent hypnosis to recover buried memories about her childhood experiences with puppet masters.
(also in other stories)

"If You Mean What I Think You Mean, What Are We Waiting For?"
[mentioned in passing] Song Sam Cavanaugh encountered on the stereo while searching for a newscast from Zone Red.

Jake (no last name)
Washroom attendant at the Constitution Club, whom Sam Cavanaugh infected with a puppet master. He died because "his master would not let him take time out for necessities."
(also in other stories)

Jarvis (no first name)
Section agent working surveillance.

John the Goat (no last name)
Also known as Old John, a hermit in the Adirondacks where Sam Cavanaugh had his cabin. He was possibly the source of the puppet master that infected Sam's cat.

Booker T. W. Johnson
Gunner in the tank that jammed open the airlock of the Pass Christian saucer, dying in the assault.

Mining colony on Venus, established by Two Planets Corporation. Allucquere was found near it after her release from enslavement by puppet masters.

Kansas City (Missouri)
Site of a puppet master takeover. Slightly damaged by bombings, perhaps during World War III, "on the east where Independence used to be".
(also in other stories)

Kansas City Star
Newspaper that Sam Cavanaugh purchased to check the status of the city (in Zone Red). It made no reference to Schedule Bareback, but did have a headline explaining the disruption of long-distance phone service.

Maurice T. Kaufman
Vigilante who pulled a gun on a "hagridden" police officer in Albany, New York; the officer killed him.

B. J. Kelly (no other first name)
Security officer in the Section's headquarters, "the greatest scientific criminologist" of his time.

[mentioned in passing] Restaurant chain, either fast food or an automat.

Little Abe
Ape used by the Section researchers as a puppet master host.

Little America
[mentioned in passing] The Whitmanites settled there briefly but failed to establish themselves permanently. 

Lord Fauntleroy
Ape used to test nine-day fever as a weapon against the puppet masters.

Lucretia Learns About Life
[mentioned in passing] Program that Sam Cavanaugh encountered while searching the stereo from newscasts from Zone Red.

MacArthur Station
Location of a washroom booth through which the Section offices could be reached.

Malcom MacDonald
Police sergeant who was controlled by a puppet master. When he was challenged by a vigilante, he killed the man but was torn to pieces by a mob, along with his puppet master.

"Mr. Malone wants this car-immediately" is Section code for "destroy the evidence", in this case the car that "the Cavanaughs" drove to Des Moines to check the flying saucer reports.

[mentioned in passing] It was known as "Manhattan Crater" after World War III.
(also in other stories)

Limited contract marriages are apparently common; surprise is expressed that Sam Cavanaugh insists on an open-ended contract with no need for renewal.
(also in other stories)

Mars, Venus, and Earth: A Study in Motivating Purpose
[mentioned in passing] Book by Dr. McIlvaine.

Doris Marsden
Sam Cavanaugh's day nurse after he was rescued from the puppet masters.

Martinez (no first name)
Secretary of Security in the Unites States Cabinet.

McDonough (no first name)
Assistant to the United States President, who acted as a buffer between him and people trying to reach him.

Dr. McIlvaine (no first name)
Comparative psychologist with the Smithsonian Institution, author of Mars, Venus, and Earth: A Study in Motivating Purposes. He was involved in the puppet master research.

George and Vincent McLain
Farmboys who were blamed for the "hoax" after the flying saucer landing, and who acted as tour guides for the fake saucer that Sam and Mary Cavanaugh investigated. They were almost certainly puppet master hosts.

Mercy Hospital
Hospital to which Davidson was sent to have his wounded arm amputated and replaced with a graft.

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Site of a puppet master takeover.
(also in other stories)

Mothers of the Republic
Group that protested Schedule Bareback on moral grounds.

Orangutan used by the Section as a puppet master host.

New Brooklyn
Site of the Northside launching platform, apparently near the former site of New York City (by inference destroyed by an atomic explosion).

New Philadelphia
Apparently the site of the new Section headquarters after the puppet masters learned the old location; it was itself infested with puppet masters. (By implication, the original city of Philadelphia was destroyed during an atomic war.)

New Zion
Whitmanite colony on Venus, which had been invaded by puppet masters. The invaders and colonists both were decimated by nine-day fever; Mary Cavanaugh was the only survivor.

nine-day fever
A Venerian disease fatal to nearly all humans, but even more quickly fatal to puppet masters. It was used to destroy the puppet masters after a cure was developed for humans.

Andrew Nivens
The head of the Section. (This name is never used explicitly in the book, but the President calls him "Andrew", and his son's real surname is Nivens.) He used the alias "Charles M. Cavanaugh" while investigating the saucer landing, and is usually called simply "the Old Man" by his employees.

Elihu Nivens
Real name of Sam Cavanaugh.

Site of a launching platform and spaceport near Section headquarters.

O'Keefe (no first name)
Spur-of-the-moment alias that Sam Cavanaugh used during his mission to kidnap a puppet master host from Zone Red.

Old John
See John the Goat.

The Old Man
Usual name by which the Section staff referred to their chief (Andrew Nivens); he was seldom called anything else.
(also in other stories)

Old Red
Ape proposed as a puppet master host for Section research.

Oldfield (no first name)
Chief Deputy to Andrew Nivens.

Operation Parasite
Section program to overcome the puppet master infestation. It included using Sam Cavanaugh as a host to interrogate a puppet master.

Packer (no first name)
Governor of Iowa, possibly a puppet master host.

Palmglade Hotel
North Miami Beach hotel where Andrew Nivens went "on vacation" after the President rejected his initial report on the puppet masters.

Pass Christian, Mississippi
Site of a puppet master saucer landing at which the Army fought back in force. The saucer was destroyed at great loss to the human fighters.

Pete (no last name)
Venusian colonist who found Allucquere near Kaiserville after she was stricken with nine-day fever.
(also in other stories)

Peter (no last name)
Section agent, who worked in Analysis.

Pikes Peak
Site of a spaceport from which the counterinvasion of Titan was launched.
(also in other stories)

Tomcat to whom Sam Cavanaugh belonged. He died after being attacked by a puppet master.

J. Hardwick Potter
Puppet master host; he was infected by Sam Cavanaugh.

puppet masters
Amoeba-like extraterrestrial parasites that invaded Earth to use humans as their hosts, completely controlling mind and body. After the Earth infestations were destroyed by infecting infested regions with nine-day fever, they were traced to Titan, and an expedition sent to wipe them out.

Rare Stamps and Coins
Hole-in-the-wall shop through which the Section offices could be reached.

Renfrew (no first name)
Section agent who was in headquarters when the puppet master got loose.

Air Marshal Rexton (no first name)
Supreme Chief of Staff, who oversaw the offensive against the puppet masters.

"Rise and Shine With Mary Sunshine"
Stereoshow broadcast from Zone Red, which Sam Cavanaugh encountered while looking for clues of conditions there.

UNS Robert Fulton
Submersible cruiser used to patrol Zone Red waters.

Rock Creek
Location of a launch platform, presumably in the Washington, D.C., area.

Ronald (no last name)
Lounge steward in the Section headquarters, who was on the premises when the puppet master got loose.

Roscoe & Dillard
Jobbers and manufacturers agents in Des Moines. Sam Cavanaugh sent a message to them while hagridden, apparently to have more puppet masters shipped to Washington D.C.

Plague broke out in Russia and China probably as a result of the puppet masters' unconcern about human needs, particularly hygiene.
(also in other stories)

Ape introduced into a puppet master-infested chimp group to satisfy the scientists' curiosity about how the puppet masters multiplied. He was used as a test case for nine-day fever as a weapon against the invaders.

Schedule Bareback
First phase of Operation Parasite. It required everyone to stay exposed to the waist to ensure that they were free of puppet master control.

Schedule Counter Blast
Offensive against the puppet masters that involved taking over all news media in infested areas. The infestation was much greater than suspected, and the plan failed completely.

Schedule Fever
Operation to infect people in areas infested by puppet masters with nine-day fever, hoping the kill the parasites and administer the antidote before the disease killed the human hosts.

Schedule Mercy
Operation to administer the antitoxin for nine-day fever after the disease had killed off the puppet masters.

Schedule Suntan
Executive order that required virtual nudity so puppet masters would have nowhere on the body to hide.

Scranton Riot
While Schedule Bare Back was in effect in Zone Green, a fake air-raid made it possible for puppet master hosts to "recruit" fellow air-raid shelter occupants, and general chaos resulted.

Seagraves Expedition
[mentioned in passing] Space expedition that disappeared en route to the Jovian moons.

Second Venus Expedition
Scientific research mission that took place some time before the puppet masters invaded Earth.

Quasi-governmental intelligence organization for which Sam Cavanaugh worked. It acted in the forefront of the battle against the puppet master invasion.

Sam Cavanaugh's sarcastic address for Mary Cavanaugh when they masqueraded as brother and sister.
(also in other stories)

Ski (no other name)
One of two police officers who stopped Sam Cavanaugh and Mary Cavanaugh after they returned from their "vacation", and stripped them to search for puppet masters. They provided a car to take Sam and Mary to their destination because of the bandages on Mary's back.

See puppet masters.

Space Station Alpha
[mentioned in passing] Presumed to be free of puppet master infestation.

Space Station Beta
[mentioned in passing] It was presumed to be free of puppet master infestation.

Space Station Gamma
[mentioned in passing] It was presumed to be free of puppet master infestation.

Dr. Steelton (no first name)
Hypnotist that interrogated Mary Cavanaugh about her memories of the Whitmanite colony.

Task Force Redemption
Invasion force that was involved in Schedule Counter Blast. They were defeated and taken over by puppet masters.

Home "planet" of the puppet masters. Earth sent an expedition there to eliminate them.
(also in other stories)

See puppet masters.

Tom (no last name)
President of the United States.

Premier Tsuetkov
[mentioned in passing] The Soviet Premier, called by Andrew Nivens the "Prisoner of the Kremlin".

Two Planets Corporation
[mentioned in passing] Operation on Venus.

Uth-a-gen Hormone Company
Sponsor of a stereocast lecture that Sam Cavanaugh encountered while looking for newscasts that might give some clue to conditions in Zone Red.

Vargas (no first name)
Doctor who specialized in exotic biologies, a member of the Second Venus Expedition. He studied the puppet masters for the Section.
(also in other stories)

It was settled by humans. A puppet master invasion was wiped out by a nine-day fever epidemic among their human hosts.
(also in other stories)

Jim Wakeley
Chauffeur to J. Hardwick Potter; a puppet master host.

Washington, D.C.
Site of the Section headquarters. The city was infiltrated by puppet masters with Sam Cavanaugh's unwilling help.
(also in other stories)

Radio station in Des Moines that announced the flying saucer landing. Its staff was taken over by puppet masters.
(also in other stories)

Anarchist-pacifist sect evicted from Canada; their settlement failed in Little America, and the survivors emigrated to Venus. They used an artificial language, even for personal names. The Venus colony was infested with puppet masters; both masters and hosts died in an epidemic of nine-day fever; Mary Cavanaugh (Allucquere) was the only survivor.

"Why Husbands Grow Bored"
Stereo lecture encountered by Sam Cavanaugh while looking for a newscast that would give some clue to conditions in Zone Red.

World War III
[mentioned in passing] It occurred before the invasion of the puppet masters.
(also in other stories)

Zone Amber
Code name given to areas of possible puppet master infestation, a no man's land between definite infestations and definite free zones.

Zone Green
Code name given to areas known to be free of puppet master infestation.

Zone Red
Code name for areas known to be infested with puppet masters.


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