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Methuselah's Children

Baby Bill (no last name)
[mentioned in passing] Two-year-old whom the 1969 headlines reported as winning a $1 million TV jackpot.

Baja California
Site of a mob attack on Jeffers and Lucy Weatheral of the Howard Families.
(also in other stories)

Eve Barstow
Howard Families member who disputed the conclusions of the experiment to end the Masquerade. She proposed a Coventry-like sanctuary for the Families. She became one of Zaccur Barstow's lieutenants on the New Frontiers.

Ira Barstow
Howard Families member who sent a submarine from the underwater Families' Seat to rescue Lazarus Long and Mary Sperling when they dove into the lake to evade arrest.

Zaccur (Zack) Barstow
Chief trustee for the Howard Foundation. He reported on the circumstances and locations of members after the Covenant was suspended to allow their arrest. He negotiated with Slayton Ford to take the New Frontiersand all the Families into exile in another star system.
(also in other stories)

Billy (no last name)
Genetically defective Howard Families child. He was telepathically sensitive, but had to be given a stimulant just to be aware of his surroundings. He broadcast Mary Sperling's warning to the Families when the Covenant was suspended.

Badge worn by proctors as a symbol of their authority to enforce the Covenant.
(also in other stories)

Terence Briggs
[mentioned in passing] Howard Families member, grandfather of Edmund Hardy.

British Isles
[mentioned in passing] It was implied that they were devastated in an atomic war and abandoned.
(also in other stories)

Bryan Lyceum
[mentioned in passing] Institution whose president emeritus publicly denounced the Howard Families for "withholding" the secret of long life.
It aided some members of the Howard Families with changes of identity during the Interregnum.
(also in other stories)

Camden Speedster
Aircar driven by Mary Sperling, converted for high flight and underwater travel, as well as rigged to explode if tampered with.

Carrel-Lindbergh-O'Shaug Technique
Unspecified method for prolonging the lifespan of living tissues; it was used on "Mrs. 'Awkins".

See City of Chillicothe.

City of Chillicothe
Freighter that Lazarus Long bought to transport the Howard Families to the New Frontiers. He called it the "Chili".

The Club
Refectory 9-D aboard the New Frontiers. The younger members of the Howard Families frequented it, but Lazarus Long was the only elder who went there.

[mentioned in passing] One of the Howard Families. (The name may have died out, since no individual members are mentioned in Methuselah's Children or Time Enough for Love.)

Cosmic Construction Corps
[mentioned in passing] Government work project aimed at youths, mostly for those whose jobs were made obsolete or who were juvenile delinquents or unemployable.

Governing body under the Covenant. The Council decided to use "full expediency" to wrest the "secret of immortality" from the Howard Families, even to the extent of violating the Covenant.

The equivalent of a constitution, instituted by the United States after the overthrow of the Prophet. Its underlying principle is to prevent interference with individual freedom while providing restraints against actions that would harm others. Even acts specifically prohibited would not be prosecuted if only the person committing the act was harmed. The Covenant protects against individuals passing judgment on others and acting on those judgments (obviously a reaction to the tyranny of the Interregnum). It rejects the concept of "justice" and is based instead on observable effects of actions. The only responses to violation of the Covenant are either "reorientation" (psychological treatment to retrain antisocial tendencies) or banishment to Coventry. No "punishment" is permitted; the government is no more allowed to pass judgment and impose harm than are individuals. In Methuselah's Children, the government's lust to obtain the "secret of immortality" led to the suspension of the Covenant's guarantees of individual freedom in order to confine the Howard Families until the secret was obtained from them.

Exile imposed on those who act to harm others, to a "reservation" where the Covenant is not observed. Coventry is surrounded by a heavily guarded force shield to prevent the exiles from leaving without permission. The concept behind this treatment is that the government has no right to "punish" its members, but an individual who is unwilling to abide by society's agreements may be ejected from the society. Exiles may re-enter the Covenant if they are willing to submit to psychological reorientation. Most of those entering Coventry expected a complete anarchy, but at least three separate governments had developed inside: New America, nominally a democracy but run as a political machine and dictatorship; Free State, a totalitarian state; and The Angels, the remnants of the Prophet's theocratic reign.

Crazy Years
Period during the World Wars (1969 in particular is mentioned).
(also in other stories)

Daily Data
News service beamed to the Midwest through which Lazarus Long first learned of actions taken against the Howard Families.

Deems, Wingate, Alden and Deems
[mentioned in passing] Nineteenth-century law firm that handled the interests of the Howard Foundation.

Diana Freight Lines
Lazarus Long bought a ship from a subsidiary.
(also in other stories)

Diana Terminal Corporation
Company from which Lazarus Long bought a ship as part of the plan to remove the Howard Families from Earth. It was a subsidiary of Diana Freight Lines.

Settlement on Mars, apparently a spaceport.

It is implied in a passing mention by Zaccur Barstow that it was rendered uninhabitable by atomic warfare.

Families' Seat
Underwater refuge and meeting place for the Howard Families, located in Lake Michigan near Chicago.

Serial monogamy is common among the Howard Families because of the sheer length of their lives and the desire to produce offspring with different partners for genetic reasons.
(also in other stories)

The government at the time of the Howard Families' exile from Earth.
(also in other stories)

Fifth Symphony
Musical composition was played during the mass meeting to decide whether the Howard Families should return to Earth (probably as a ploy to create homesickness and influence the vote in favor of returning).

First Prophet
See Nehemiah Scudder.
(also in other stories)

Evelyn Foote
[mentioned in passing] Member of the Howard Families and mother of Edmund Hardy.
(also in other stories)

Horace Foote
Howard Families member arrested after the suspension of the Covenant. He bit out his tongue rather than submit to hypnotic questioning.

Justin Foote
Speaker for the Trustees of the Howard Foundation. He explained at a Howard Families meeting the reasons for keeping the Foundation a secret, and then for experimenting with changing the policy. Once aboard the New Frontiers, he declared the board of trustees dissolved because the relationship between the Families and society had been severed. He became one of Zaccur Barstow's lieutenants aboard ship. When they returned to Earth, he insisted on his right to reclaim the property he'd abandoned in the forced emigration.
(also in other stories)

Slayton Ford
Federation Administrator who oversaw the search for the Howard Families. He agreed to help the Families escape on the New Frontiers. He was voted out of office just before the emigration, joining the Families in exile. He was proposed as administrator of the New Frontiers because of his superior political experience, and accepted after a carefully orchestrated rumor campaign to build sympathy for him (probably arrange by Lazarus Long). He suffered severe psychosis after meeting the Jockaira's masters, recovering only after a period in cold sleep but not resuming his duties as administrator.
(Also mentioned in passing in Time Enough for Love.)

See Howard Foundation.
(also in other stories)

Four Planets Passenger Service
Company from which Lazarus Long considered buying a transport ship to get the Howard Families to the New Frontiers, but decided against the ship because he couldn't pilot it alone. (The "four planets" are probably Earth, Venus, Mars, and Earth's moon.)

Four Planets Passenger Service
Company from which Lazarus Long considered buying a transport ship to get the Howard Families to the New Frontiers, but decided against the ship because he couldn't pilot it alone. (The "four planets" are probably Earth, Venus, Mars, and Earth's moon.)
(also in other stories)

Frawling Committee
[mentioned in passing] Committee that issued a report on reincarnation.

Gerry (no last name)
[mentioned in passing] Slayton Ford's assistant before Ford resigned as United States Administrator.

Goddard Port
Earth docking site of Lazarus Long's space cruiser.

"The Green Hills of Earth"
Song played, probably at Lazarus Long's instigation, during the meeting to decide whether the Howard Families would return to Earth.
(also in other stories)

Bertram Hardy
Howard Families member who advocated using force to deal with their short-lived opponents; he made a distinction between homo vivens [members of the Howard Families] and homo moriturus [everyone else].

Charles Hardy
[mentioned in passing] Member of the Howard Families, father of Edmund Hardy.

Edmund Hardy
Howard Families member who loaned clothes to Lazarus Long after his dive into Lake Michigan to escape pursuing proctors. He was Lazarus' great-great grandson, and a member of the Foote family.
(also in other stories)

Edward Hardy
[mentioned in passing] Howard Families member, grandfather of Edmund Hardy.

Gordon Hardy
Chief biologist and longevity researcher for the Howard Foundation.
(also in other stories)

Pete Hardy
Pilot of the submarine that picked up Mary Sperling and Lazarus Long after their escape from proctors.

Philip Hardy
[mentioned in passing] Howard Foundation trustee.

Delos D. Harriman
He is mentioned in passing as the man who launched the first Moon rocket. A reservation was set up for the Howard Families just east of Harriman Memorial Park.
(also in other stories)

Cecil Hedrick
Member of the Howard Families, related to the Johnson family. He was chief communications officer on the New Frontiers.

High Father of the Strange Brothers
The Jockaira's title for Slayton Ford.

Ira Howard
He lived 1825–1873. He became wealthy during the Reconstruction (after the Civil War) and mandated in his will that his money be used to "lengthen human life". The administrators of the trust attempted to satisfy this mandate by offering inducements to offspring of long-lived people to interbreed, assuming that their long lifespans may be hereditary.
(Also mentioned in Time Enough for Love and To Sail Beyond the Sunset)

Howard Families
Descendants of the original participants in the Howard Foundation's longevity breeding "experiments", all of them extraordinarily long-lived. They became a closely intertwined clan representing all races, united by both blood ties and business relationships. When their extraordinary longevity became public knowledge, they fled Earth to avoid persecution, returning only after medical means of prolonging life made the "secret" available to everyone. They established a colony on Secundus during the Diaspora.

The Howard Families surnames are Barstow, Briggs, Cooper [the name may have died out; no individual members are mentioned in any story], Foote, Hardy, Hedrick, Jenkins, Johnson, King, Lee, Libby, Magee, Rumsey, Schmidt, Schultz, Smith, Sperling, Weatheral.
(Also in Time Enough for Love, To Sail Beyond the Sunset)

Howard Foundation
Trust formed to provide financial rewards for members of the Howard Families who interbred. It eventually branched out into research for methods of rejuvenation and prevention of aging, and also administered the legal and economic affairs of the Howard Families. Forewarned by Lazarus Long about the 1929 stock market crash, it moved its assets to Swiss bank accounts, and restructured its operations as a Canadian corporation to avoid U.S. restrictions on owning gold.
(Also in Time Enough for Love, To Sail Beyond the Sunset)

Huxley Field
Spaceport near Chicago from which Slayton Ford lifted off to rendezvous with the New Frontiers. (Possibly named after General Huxley of "If This Goes On-")

I Spy
Lazarus Long's cruiser.

Interregnum (or Interregnum of the Prophets)
Theocratic and totalitarian government that prevailed in the United States around the end of the 20th century, until overthrown by the Cabal. It was founded by the demagogue Nehemiah Scudder and perpetuated by successors who were more self-serving politicians than religious fanatics, but who used religion to keep the populace under control.
(Also mentioned in "If This Goes On—" and Time Enough for Love)

Jimmie-the-Horse (no other name)
[mentioned in passing] Telepathic Howard Families member living in Montreal. The warning about the suspension of the Covenant was relayed through him.

Inhabitants of an Earthlike planet orbiting star ZD9817. They were 7-8 feet tall, with large limpid eyes but loose toothless mouths and bifurcated upper lips. Although roughly humanoid in appearance, they were very different socially and mentally. They contacted the Howard Families telepathically and welcomed them to their planet, even providing a city for them. Jockairan food was suitable for humans, and the Jockaira were intensely eager to fill human needs; but many human concepts, such as privacy, baffled them. The humans usually shortened their name to "Jocks". They turned out to be "domestic animals" under the control of unseen higher beings, who removed the humans from their planet ("flying" them back into the ship) when Slayton Ford became psychotic after contact with them and they decided humans could not be domesticated. (A reference to "Jockaria" is obviously a typographical error.)
(also in other stories)

Alice Johnson
[mentioned in passing] Howard Families member, grandmother of Edmund Hardy.

Axel Johnson
Member of the Howard Families. He was nominated for chairman of the emergency meeting after the suspension of the Covenant, but withdrew in favor of Lazarus Long.

Clive Johnson
One of Zaccur Barstow's lieutenants aboard the New Frontiers.

Eleanor Johnson
Young, widowed Howard Families member, mother of a new baby when the New Frontiers left Earth. She spoiled her son dreadfully during the voyage, and followed him back to the New Frontiers when the Families decided to return to Earth, even though she had not wanted to go.

Hubert Johnson
Son of Eleanor Johnson.

Ira Johnson
Medical student and one of the first members of the Howard Foundation project.
(also in other stories)

Jordan Foundation
[mentioned in passing] Builder of the New Frontiers.
(also in other stories)

Kelly-Holmes Approximation Method
Psychographic method of interpreting hypnotic interrogation. In the interrogation of Arthur Sperling, the interpretation was influenced by the interrogators' wishful thinking.

Rufus "Ruthless" King
Howard Families member chosen to be captain of the New Frontiers.

One of the "masters" of the Jockaira, after whom Kreel Sarloo [see next entry] was named.

Kreel Sarloo
Individual who acted as liaison between the Howard Families and the Jockaira. He held a position among his own people that translated as "father", "priest", or "leader" of the tribe.

Andrew Jackson Libby
As described in "Misfit", he was the son of followers of the Prophet who refused to abandon their "faith" after the Interregnum's overthrow. He only accepted the Covenant after his father's death. Born in backwoods Tennessee, he joined the Cosmic Construction Corps, where he learned he was a mathematical genius in spite of his limited schooling. Later in life Andy Libby discovered he was a member of the Howard Families, and became known as "Slipstick Libby". He designed a star drive for use in the New Frontiers and later modified it for even faster travel. He was nominated Captain of the New Frontiers, but refused because he lacked the desire to command.
(also in other stories)

Little People
Howard Families' name for the natives of the planet to which the Jockaira sent them, orbiting star PK3722. Completely telepathic, they had no spoken language and therefore no name for themselves. They also had no sense of individuality, and were shocked by the humans' "separateness". Experts at manipulating genetic structure, they "improved" a baby, and this led to the decision to leave the planet and return to Earth. Some, however, chose to stay even if it meant being absorbed into the Little People's group mind. Mary Sperling, in particular, chose this as a way of achieving "immortality".
(also in other stories)

Lazarus Long
Oldest surviving member of the Howard Families. He was born Woodrow Wilson Smith, but preferred to use the name he adopted during the Interregnum. Although considered an atavism by some other Howard Family members, he was respected for his seniority and his obvious survival skills, and was the moving force behind obtaining the New Frontiers. He was also influential in persuading the Families to return to Earth, though he himself chose, once there, to return to exploring space.
(also in other stories)

Policy of the Howard Families to simulate the death of members once they reached an unusual age and to provide them with a new identity. It was vital during the Interregnum, but increasingly annoying in a more civilized society because of the high cost of dishonesty and continual uprooting (not to mention the difficulty of establishing identities given modern record-keeping). When a small group of Howard volunteers tried ending the Masquerade, however, they found that people with shorter life-spans envied and resented the long-lived enough to persecute them.
(also in other stories)

Joseph McFee
Factor for Diana Terminal Corporation (subsidiary of Diana Freight Lines) in Luna City. Lazarus Long bought a ship from him in a complicated deal favorable enough to McFee that he'd keep quiet about it a while.

McKelvy (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Linguist who formulated a "structural theory of communication".

Monte Carlo
Vacation satellite in Earth orbit; Slayton Ford claimed it was his destination when he fled to the New Frontiers.

Luna City shuttle on which two Howard Families members were apprehended after being subdued with sleeping gas.

"Mrs. 'Awkins"
Tissue of chicken heart kept alive since the early 20th century, first by the Rockefeller Institute and then by researchers of the Howard Foundation. It was used in longevity research. Taken along on the New Frontiers, it eventually reached a size of 50 or 60 pounds.

Nelson (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Scientist who researched "symbiotics".
(also in other stories)

Never-Never Land
Lazarus Long's name for the planet orbiting PK3722, where the Little People lived.

New Crusade
Nehemiah Scudder's campaign that founded the Interregnum.
(Also in "If This Goes On—")

New Frontiers
Starship that was built in Earth-Luna orbit, taken by the Howard Families for their exile. Designed for a colony of 20,000, it had cold sleep compartments added by the Families to accommodate their population of 100,000.
(Briefly mentioned in Time Enough for Love)

New Jerusalem
Capital of the Interregnum, location unspecified.
(Also in "If This Goes On—")

Micah Novak
Colonel in the Free United States Army, head of the Cabal's Psych and Propaganda Bureau. He was given a field promotion to General. He was a principal author of the Covenant. Novak Tower, the location of the Administrator's offices, is probably named after him.
(also in other stories)

Oliver (no last name)
[mentioned in passing] Edmund Hardy's grandfather.

Witwell Oscarsen
Scientist who publicly denounced the Howard Families for "withholding" the "secret" of immortality.

Hugo Pinero
Referred to by Mary Sperling as "Pinero the Charlatan", but Lazarus Long insisted he could do just what he claimed; he also said that he tried the service himself but Pinero refused to give him an answer and refunded his money.
(also in other stories)

Star to which the Jockaira's masters sent the Howard Families after rejecting them for "domestication". It was populated by the Little People.
(also in other stories)

Protector of the public peace under the Covenant.
(Also in Beyond This Horizon and "Coventry")

Leader of the theocracy that controlled the United States during the Interregnum. The First Prophet was demagogue Nehemiah Scudder; his successors were also known as the Prophet Incarnate.
(Also in "If This Goes On—")

Covenant official ordered to arrest the entire Howard Families from a list provided by Lazarus Long.

Because of their intensive inbreeding to preserve the longevity strain, the Howard Families suffered an unusually high incidence of physical and mental birth defects. Approximately five percent of these defectives were telepathically sensitive.

Period of reorganization following the Second American Revolution. Many Howard Families members held key posts as members of the Cabal. They took advantage of the chaotic conditions to adjust "public" ages.

Albert Reifsnider
Commentator for the Daily Data, who explained the implications of suspending the Covenant to apprehend the Howard Families.

Referred to as a distinct possibility.
(Also in Beyond This Horizon)

The method discovered on Earth during the Howard Families' exile retarded rather than reversing the aging process; it consisted largely of replacing the entire blood tissue.
(also in other stories)

Resident Secretary
Title of the residing officer in the Howard Families' seat.

Miles Rodney
Government representative brought to the New Frontiers to negotiate with the Howard Families after their return from exile. He was a former employee of Slayton Ford's government.

The Sacred Cow
Humor and gossip sheet that circulated in the Slayton Ford administration offices. It was devoted to ribbing the bosses, especially Ford. Miles Rodney's knowledge of it was taken as proof that his claim to advanced age and the common use of rejuvenation was true.

See Kreel Sarloo.

Janice Schmidt
Nurse in charge of the Howard Families' genetically defective members.

Marion Schmidt
Infant born to Howard Families members on the Planet of the Little People, transformed by the Little People to be "more efficient". She lacked external sense organs, had hooves in place of feet, and had more than the normal number of fingers, with "extra" hands for micromanipulation.

Oliver Schmidt
Howard Families member who favored leaving PK3722 to return to Earth. He was a former resident of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Schmidt (no first name)
One of the Howard Families.
(also in other stories)

Ralph Schultz
Howard Families psychometrician who reported on the results of testing the effect of ending the Masquerade. He had recommended that members participating in the test be hypnotically protected against revealing Family secrets, but was only partly successful in achieving this. He was one of Zaccur Barstow's lieutenants in the New Frontiers. He treated Slayton Ford after Ford's disastrous encounter with the Jockaira "gods."

Schultz (no first name)
One of the Howard Families.
(also in other stories)

Second American Revolution
Overthrow of the Prophet by the Free United States Army and other resistance groups. Many Howard Families members aided in the fight though the Howard Foundation was not an official participant. (The revolution is described in "If This Goes On —")

Telepathic ability was often associated with genetic defects in the Howard Families.
(also in other stories)

Customary greeting and farewell under the Covenant. More formally, "Service to you," or "May I do you a service?"

Aaron Sheffield
An alias of Lazarus Long, a merchant spaceship pilot. He was using this alias before the government campaign against the Howard Families.
(also in other stories)

Lazarus Long's occasional name for Mary Sperling.
(also in other stories)

Woodrow Wilson (Woodie or Bill) Smith
Real name of Lazarus Long, which he preferred not to use. As a child, he was called "Woodie" by his family.
(also in other stories)

Arthur Sperling
Howard Families member arrested and questioned after the suspension of the Covenant. He was related to the Foote family.

Mary Sperling
A senior member of the Howard Families who escaped from proctors with Lazarus Long after the suspension of the Covenant. One of Zaccur Barstow's lieutenants aboard the New Frontiers, she also volunteered to help with longevity research. She developed a morbid fear of death that she resolved by "joining" the Little People, surrendering her individuality to them but achieving a sort of immortality in their group mind and memories.
(also in other stories)

Little Stephen (no last name)
Defective Howard Families child, telepathic and subject to "bad spells".

Stoney Island Tunnel
Route to the Howard Families' seat under Lake Michigan that Lazarus Long invented to explain his presence (disguised as a proctor) to other proctors.

Terra Pilot and Traffic Hazards Supplement
Technical manual used by Lazarus Long in his cruiser, the I Spy.

Tommy (no last name)
Howard Families member who worked communications in the Families' seat under Lake Michigan.

Video display devices through which the Daily Data was broadcast.

United States of America
Democratic government was restored by the Second American Revolution after the Interregnum of the Prophets. The Constitution was replaced by the Covenant.
(also in other stories)

"Valse Triste"
Music played (probably at Lazarus Long's instigation) during the meeting to discuss the Howard Families returning to Earth.

Ship built by the Jordan Foundation and launched for interstellar travel before the New Frontiers.
(also in other stories)

Bork Vanning
Government official who wanted to marry Mary Sperling. He revealed to her the government's plan to force the Howard Families to give up their "secret" of immortality. He succeeded Slayton Ford as Federation Administrator.

Ven (no last name)
Female friend of Mary Sperling who urged her to marry Bork Vanning.

In most of Heinlein's stories, the planet is hot and swampy but habitable by humans. Natives are variously described as sentient "dragons" and as small, humanoid amphibians with a matriarchal culture, the females being considerably more intelligent than the males. Lazarus Long lived there for a time during the Interregnum.
(also in other stories)

Leslie Waldron
Miles Rodney's section chief in Slayton Ford's administration; Rodney's knowledge about him supported his claim to advanced age. His underlings called him "the Walrus".

A Howard Families member was a passenger aboard this antipodes rocket when he was arrested after the suspension of the Covenant.

Andrew Weatheral
Trustee of the Howard Foundation.

Eleanor Weatheral
[mentioned in passing] Howard Families member, grandmother of Edmund Hardy.
(also in other stories)

Hans Weatheral
Howard Families telepath, afflicted by a number of genetic defects including low intelligence. He was contacted by the Jockaira while the New Frontiers orbited their planet.

Ira Weatheral
Member of the Howard Foundation and spokesman for the Johnson family.
(also in other stories)

Jeffers Weatheral
Howard Families member who was attacked by a mob in Baja California because he was publicly known as a Howard.

Lucy Weatheral
Wife of Jeffers Weatheral, also attacked with by a mob in Baja California because she was a member of the Howard Families.

Margaret (Peggy) Weatheral
Member of the Howard Families in the New Frontiers, too young to remember Earth.

Nancy Weatheral
Young member of the Howard Families, who spent most of her time in the New Frontiers in cold sleep.

The star that was the New Frontiers' destination. Its planetary system was surprisingly like Sol's, with terrestrial planets nearer the sun and Jovian planets farther out.

Alternate spelling of Jockaira.


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