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"Logic of Empire"

Human colony at Venus' north pole.
(also in other stories)

Amphibious vehicle commonly used in the swamps of Venus. The drivers are called "crockers." [Probably named for the resemblance to crocodiles.]

Doc (no other name)
Former professor of economics on Earth, now a Venus contract laborer who had joined the fugitives' camp in which Humphrey Wingate took refuge after fleeing his employer. He worked as assistant radio operator, and critiqued Wingate's manuscript on colonial conditions.

Ellis Isle
Entry port on Venus; sometimes called Venus Ellis Isle.

Evening Star
Transport ship taking contract labor to Venus. It also carried first-class passengers. When Sam Houston Jones shipped as a contract laborer, unbeknownst to him his sister was in the first-class section of the ship.

The Governor (no other name)
The head of the fugitive colony to which Humphrey Wingate fled from his contract labor.

"Satchel" Hartley (no other first name)
Contract laborer who befriended Humphrey Wingate on the Evening Star and was purchased with him. They escaped together after learning they would be sold South.

Female contract laborer on Venus who trained Humphrey Wingate in husking swamproot. She was a follower of Nehemiah Scudder.
(also in other stories)

Hyacinthus Veneris Johnsoni
"Venus swamproot", a native plant harvested by the natives to trade to humans, and processed by contract labor. Its use was not specified.

I Was a Slave on Venus
Title given by the ghostwriter to Humphrey Wingate's book about his experiences as a contract worker.

Jimmie (no last name)
Van Huysen's driver, who fled with Humphrey Wingate to the refugee laborers' camp.
(also in other stories)

Sam Houston Jones
Reserve officer and wealthy friend of Humphrey Wingate. He signed up with Wingate as a contract laborer on Venus and was sent to the South Pole, but managed to buy his and Wingate's contracts and free them from indenture.

Morning Star
[mentioned in passing] Ship on the Earth-to-Venus route.

New Auckland
Human colony at Venus' south pole.
(also in other stories)

"The Night the Rain Stopped"
Bawdy song popular among Venus contract laborers.

"Pay Book"
Song popular among Venus contract laborers.

Foreman for Venus contract laborers. Pushers usually exercised tyrannical power over the laborers.

Land vehicle used on Venus.
(also in other stories)

Intoxicating beverage on Venus. It was addictive but it made conditions tolerable for contract laborers. The laborers, of course, bought the rhira from their employers for a large enough price that they were never able to save enough to buy out their contracts.

Rigsbee (no first name)
Venus patron who bid on Humphrey Wingate's labor contract.

Nehemiah Scudder
Religious demagogue whose followers overthrew the United States government and instituted a theocracy. This dictatorship controlled the country for several generations until it was itself overthrown by resistance movements. His followers included Venus colonials, but the movement apparently was dominant only in the United States. He is also called the Prophet.
(also in other stories)

Slang for supply officer.

"That Red-Headed Venusberg Gal"
Unpublished (and presumably bawdy) song by "Noisy" Rhysling.
(also in "The Green Hills of Earth")

"They Found Him in the Bush"
[mentioned in passing] Song popular with Venus contract laborers.

Any form of tobacco, a staple item of trade with Venerian natives (the amphibians, not the dragons).

Joe Tompson
Pusher in Van Huysen's chopping shed.

Annek Van Huysen
Daughter of Humphrey Wingate's patron. She took an interest in Humphrey and warned him that he was going to be sold south.

Van Huysen (no first name)
Venus patron who bought Humphrey Wingate's contract. He was not a bad employer. When he learned his daughter had taken an interest in Humphrey, however, and after Humphrey defended a fellow laborer from a beating by the pusher, he decided to sell Humphrey south. (Venus' southern hemisphere was much less comfortable for humans, so being sold south was a dire fate.) Humphrey and a fellow laborer abandoned Van Huysen in the middle of a swamp so they could make their escape, but he survived the walk back to his estate.

The term for nonhuman natives of Venus; the term for human colonists is "Venusian". The amphibious natives traded with humans for tobacco, harvesting native plants in return.
(also in other stories)

It was settled by humans, but most of the "colonists" were contract laborers who were little better than slaves and had only a slim chance of ever buying out their contract.
(also in other stories)

Venus Development Company
Company that indentured workers for contract labor on Venus.

Venus Ellis Isle
Entry port on Venus, often called just Ellis Isle.

[mentioned in passing] A rough-and-tumble town.
(also in other stories)


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