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Robert A Heinlein

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Job: A Comedy of Justice

LTA Admiral Moffett
Zeppelin ["lighter-than-air" ship) in which Alex Hergensheimer was scheduled to return home from the Konge Knut. Zeppelins were common and airplanes unknown in his home universe.

Adramalech (no other name)
Chancellor of Eden College, Kansas; no doubt actually one of Lucifer's minions.

Albert (no last name)
Sous-chef working for Luke in the Holy Cow.

Aleister Crowley Associates
[mentioned in passing] Presumably homosexual society that Pat mentioned in offering Alex Hergensheimer his choice of decadence.

Pope Alexander VI
Lucifer claimed he was Primate of Hell and Lucifer's personal chaplain.

Amanda (no last name)
Cook in the Pancho Villa, whose daughters were waitresses there.

Amateur Astrologer
Alex Hergensheimer's name for a fellow Konge Knut passenger who attended the firewalking demonstration.

Don Ambrosio (no first name)
American consul in Mazatlán, a native of Brownsville, Texas. He was unable or unwilling to help Alex Hergensheimer out of the debt incurred by his rescue by the Mexican Coast Guard.

Solomon Andree
[mentioned in passing] Described as attempting a balloon flight to the North Pole.

Andrews (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Alex Hergensheimer's second grade teacher, whom he mentioned as evidence that he had not lost his memory.
(also in other stories)

Apocalypse Brethren
See Brothers of the Apocalypse Christian Church of the One Truth.

Asher Gate
Gate in New Jerusalem where Alex Hergensheimer was registered and assigned quarters after the Rapture.

City manager of Hell, acting for Lucifer. He also manifested as Jerry Farnsworth's business manager in Eden, Kansas; he was elected to the Eden College Board of Trustees.

Astrid (no last name)
a. Ship's stewardess who let Alex Hergensheimer into Alec Graham's stateroom after he returned from the firewalk. b. Waitress in Marga's Hot Fudge Sundae, possibly Alex Hergensheimer's daughter.

The Authority-on-Everything
Alex Hergensheimer's name for a fellow passenger on the Konge Knut who attended the firewalking demonstration; the passenger's real name was Cheevers.

Mr. B
Alex Hergensheimer's designation for the boss of the thug who came aboard the Konge Knut to collect the million dollars in Alec Graham's lockbox. His real identity was never revealed.

Reverend Paul Balonius
In Alex Hergensheimer's world, a 19th century traveling preaching who had the Bible completely memorized.

Brother "Bible" Barnaby
Roadside preacher who conducted the revival meeting that Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson attended, during which the Rapture occurred.

Jerry Farnsworth owned stock in it; it was presumably an earth-to-orbit transport cable.
(also in other stories)

Lucifer's secretary. He wrote a response to Alex Hergensheimer's request for an audience with Lucifer, requiring that Alex write his memoirs.

President of the bank in Eden, Kansas, with which Alex Hergensheimer did business. He was no doubt a manifestation of Lucifer's minion.

Berthing General
Department in Heaven responsible for assigning quarters to the millions of souls recently arrived from the Rapture.

Bodel (no last name)
Waitress in the Konge Knut bar. She was the purser's neighbor, and exchanged joking insults with him; he called her "Gertrude".

Sister Marie Charles' name for St. Peter.
(also in other stories)

The Branch Office
Lucifer's name for the "place" where lesser beings could communicate with Koshchei. He took Alex Hergensheimer there to appeal his loss of Margrethe Gunderson.

Brothers of the Apocalypse Christian Church of the One Truth
Church in which Alex Hergensheimer was an ordained minister. (Also known as Apocalypse Brethren.)

Brown Palace
[mentioned in passing] Posh hotel in Alex Hergensheimer's homeworld.

Brumby (no first name)
Deacon and court official in Alex Hergensheimer's hometown. He had sentenced Alex's scoutmaster to the stocks after he'd been accused by his wife of using profane language.
(also in other stories)

William Jennings Bryan
In Alex Hergensheimer's homeworld, he was elected U.S. President in 1896, paving the way for complete domination of the country by Christian Fundamentalists.
(also in other stories)

Bessie and Clyde Bulkey
Couple in Winslow, Arizona, who gave Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson a ride as far as Gallup, New Mexico, and bought them lunch when Alex and Margrethe were once again stranded in a new universe.

Carl XVI
King of Scandinavia in one of the universes through with Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson passed. His capitol was Stockholm. Margrethe was distressed to learn that Denmark was part of Sweden.

Cerro Crestón
Site of the lighthouse near Mazatlán. It could be seen from Icebox Hill.

Cerro de la Nevería
See Icebox Hill.

Cerro Vigia
A hill near Mazatlán; it could be seen from Icebox Hill. (In English, Lookout Hill.)

Church of the Divine Orgasm
Eden, Kansas, community church, to which Alex Hergensheimer's family belonged. It apparently was nondenominational.

Churches United for Decency
Organization of which Alex Hergensheimer was executive secretary, deputy director, and fundraiser. It lobbied for a number of political issues, including making abortion a capital crime and tobacco a prescription drug, prohibiting contraception, attacking the tax-free status of non-Christian private schools, and impeding astronomical research.

Available in Heaven. According to his secretary, it was St. Peter's one vice.
(also in other stories)

LTA Count von Zeppelin
Lighter-than-air ship on which Alex Hergensheimer flew to the Konge Knut. Zeppelins were common and airplanes unknown in his homeworld.

Ron Cowgirl
Manager in the restaurant in Nogales, Arizona, where Alex Hergensheimer got work as a dishwasher. He had to explain the basics of taxes, Social Security and other payroll deductions to Alex.

Sam Crumpacker
Lawyer whom Alex Hergensheimer visited when he and Margrethe Gunderson were returned to Alec Graham's world. He was obviously involved in some shady deal with the $1 million that Alex had found in Graham's lockbox aboard the Konge Knut. In reality he was a manifestation of Loki, who was behind the universe shifts.

Roderick Lyman Culverson III
Sybil Farnsworth's date and dinner guest at the Farnsworth ranch while Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson were there. He behaved obnoxiously; in reality he was one of Lucifer's minions, real name Israfel, who was acting deliberately to shake Alex out of some of his preconceptions.

Diana Freight Lines
[mentioned in passing] Company in which Jerry Farnsworth owned stock; it launched lunar and orbital freight rockets.
(also in other stories)

Dionysius Exiguus
[mentioned in passing] Sixth-century monk who, according to Alex Hergensheimer, made an arithmetic error in calculating the time since Jesus' birth. The result of his error is that the likely year of Jesus' birth is, according to the modern calendar, 5 B.C.

El Distrito Real
[mentioned in passing] seat of government in the Kingdom of Mexico. [Spanish, "royal district"]

Roberto Dominguez Jones
Sergeant in the Royal Mexican Coast Guard, copilot in the airplane that rescued Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson.

Donny (no last name)
Friend that Pat suggested for Alex Hergensheimer after he turned down her proposition.

Dr. Dandy Danny Dover, D.D.
Director of Churches United for Decency, Alex Hergensheimer's boss in his homeworld.

Draper (no first name)
Alex Hergensheimer's childhood pastor. Alex recalled him preaching a sermon against the corrupting influence of science fiction.
(also in other stories)

Konge Knut passenger who paid off a bet to Alex Hergensheimer after Alex completed the firewalk.

Eastern Airlines
Dirigible company in Alex Hergensheimer's homeworld.

Ed (no last name)
Alex Hergensheimer's maternal uncle, considered a bad influence by Alex's parents.
(also in other stories)

College town in Kansas in which Margrethe Gunderson and Alex Hergensheimer settled after their reunion at Koshchei's intervention. They apparently lived a life both idyllic and sybaritic, and raised many children.
(also in other stories)

In Alex Hergensheimer's world there is a Russian Emperor who is absolute monarch of vast territories.
(also in other stories)

Eric Gustav
Danish king of Scandinavia, with a capital in Kobenhavn in one of the worlds Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson passed through. He was born Prince Frederik. Margrethe was delighted to learn that Denmark controlled the rest of Scandinavia.

Exchange and Readjustments
Office in Heaven to which Alex Hergensheimer was referred to change his berthing assignment.

Facelli (no first name)
Driver who gave Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson a ride as they were making their way through various universes to Kansas City.

Gerald (Jerry) Farnsworth
"Good Samaritan" who offered Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson a ride when they were stranded and naked in Texas. He invited them into his house for as long as they could stay. Actually an aspect of Lucifer, he also helped Alex in his search for Margrethe after the Rapture, eventually effecting their reunion. When the couple settled in Eden, Kansas, they "remembered" the Farnsworths as their best friends whom they'd met after the Mazatlán earthquake.
Farnsworth's Folly
Jerry Farnsworth's ranch.

Katherine (Kate) Farnsworth
Jerry's wife, who offered gracious hospitality to Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson when they were stranded in Texas. While searching for Margrethe after the Rapture, Alex learned she was Rahab, the harlot who aided Joshua's before his conquest of Jericho. Jerry called her "Duchess".

Sybil Farnsworth
Teenaged daughter of Jerry and Kate, a recent convert to the Old Religion (witchcraft). She was actually an afrit named Egret, who also the was desk clerk when Alex Hergensheimer checked into Hell's Sans Souci Sheraton hotel.

Fiddler's Green
Alex Hergensheimer's term for the limbo into which his previous world had gone when he found himself in Alec Graham's place.
(also in other stories)

Find Your Friends and Loved Ones
Co-op organized by and for the newly arrived souls in heaven after the Rapture, established near the Asher Gate.

Jeremy Forsyth
SS Konge Knut passenger who paid off his bet to Alex Hergensheimer after Alec Graham's successful firewalk. He was named Gerald Fortescue in Alex's original world. (Also known as "The Well-Travelled Man".)

Gerald Fortescue
See Jeremy Forsyth.

Frankfurt, Germany
The city in which Sister Mary Rose had been a Dominican hospital administrator.

Prince Frederik
See Eric Gustav.

Gideon Barracks
[mentioned in passing] Living unit to which Alex Hergensheimer was assigned in Heaven; apparently bachelor quarters.

World that Koshchei offered to Lucifer to govern; Lucifer seemed reluctant to accept it.

Mrs. Ephraim Glutz
Hypothetical passenger mentioned as winning the "mileage pool" by Alex Hergensheimer in his description of a typical item in a ship's daily newspaper.

Alec Graham.
Alex Hergensheimer took over his identity after Alex found himself in a new universe following his firewalk. He used the name through most of his subsequent ordeal, though he thought Hergensheimer had a much nobler sound. The original Alec Graham was apparently involved in a shady deal involving one million dollars that Alex found in "his" lockbox. Graham was actually a manifestation of Loki, who set up the situation into which Alex would be thrown.

Elise Graham
Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson's daughter in Eden, Kansas, a Novice Ecdysiast (stripper). She spoke of having a religious vocation, but Alex believed she'd marry right out of high school.

Gerda Graham
Alex Hergensheimer's daughter in Eden, Kansas.

Inga Graham
Alex Hergensheimer's daughter in Eden, Kansas.

Grand Duke of Muscovy
Ruler of Russia in Alec Graham's world, a constitutional monarch who no longer claimed suzerain over other Slavic states. In Alex Hergensheimer's world there was a Russian Emperor who is absolute monarch of vast territories.

Alex Hergensheimer's proposed name for the flying machine (airplane) that he and Margrethe Gunderson saw after being marooned by the iceberg collision. Neither he nor Margrethe had ever seen one before, and they weren't certain what it was.

Margrethe Svensdatter Gunderson
Stewardess on the SS Konge Knut who became Alec Graham's mistress, then Alex Hergensheimer's wife. A schoolteacher on one-year leave, she had studied English language and history and knew four other languages. When Alex Hergensheimer "became" Alec Graham, he fell in love with her, and she accompanied him through his ordeal of passing through strange universes. She was "born again" in the last minutes before the Rapture, but was not taken into Heaven. Their separation was the result of Loki's conniving with Yahweh to test Alex's faith, so as recompense she and Alex were given a life together with all their wishes granted, and the memory of their ordeal erased.

Guzmán, Jaime Valera
See Valera Guzmán.

Gwendolyn (no last name)
"The Numerologist", a passenger on the MV Konge Knut who attended the firewalking demonstration.

Hans (no last name)
Bartender aboard the SS Konge Knut.
(also in other stories)

Hansen (no first name)
Captain of the Konge Knut.

Waitress in the Rimrock Restop Restaurant, a friend of Steve. After the Rapture, Alex Hergensheimer found her in Heaven working in the Holy Cow.
(also in other stories)

A. P. Henderson (no other first name)
Ship's purser aboard the Konge Knut.

Henshaw (no first name)
One of the passengers who paid off a bet to Alec Graham after his firewalk.

Abigail Hergensheimer
Alex Hergensheimer's wife in his home universe. She was upright to an extreme, and apparently not a pleasant life companion. She made it into Heaven during the Rapture but made such a nuisance of herself complaining about others' behavior that St. Peter had her thrown out of his office.

Alexander Hergensheimer
Ordained clergyman and officer of Churches United for Decency, he was chosen the victim in a bet between Yahweh and Loki to test the faith of Yahweh's most devoted follower. While a passenger on the MV Konge Knut, he accepted a bet to try a firewalk after witnessing a demonstration, and during the walk was transported to a different universe where he was known as Alec Graham. From there, with Margrethe Gunderson he was shuttled from universe to universe, either staying just long enough to build up hope that they were finished with the ordeal, or shifted with disconcerting rapidity and frequency. He came to think of Margrethe as his wife, but although she accepted Jesus moments before the Rapture they were separated when he was taken bodily into Heaven. Deciding that eternity without her would be unbearable, he chose to go to Hell to search for her. He gained Lucifer's aid in revealing Yahweh's contrivances and winning a peaceful existence for himself and Margrethe with all memory of their experiences erased and all their desires fulfilled.

hollow grams
Alex Hergensheimer's understanding of "holograms", used to decorate the rooms in Jerry Farnsworth's house, including changing the function of room (for example, from parlor to dining room).

"The Holy City"
Hymn familiar to Alex Hergensheimer, sung at the revival meeting during which the Rapture occurred.
(also in other stories)

Holy City Transit Lines
Bus system that operated in Heaven, which Alex Hergensheimer rode during his search for Margrethe Gunderson. When a passenger on the bus asked for Alex's blessing, Alex's sainthood became manifest.

The Holy Cow
Lunchroom in Heaven run by Luke, in life the head cook at Ron's Grill with whom Alex Hergensheimer had worked.

Horace Mann Grammar School
[mentioned in passing] Akron [Ohio?] school that Steve attended.
(also in other stories)

Hotel de las Olas Altas
Hotel in Mazatlán in which Alex Hergensheimer claimed to have been staying, so that he could get his passport "replaced" after the earthquake. [Spanish olas altas, "high waves"]

Hubert (no last name)
Jerry Farnsworth's name for the computer that controlled his automobile.
(also in other stories)

Clemente Ibańez
Judge who presided over the debtor trial in Mazatlán for Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson. When they were indentured to pay off their debt to the Coast Guard, he insisted that they be purchased as a couple.

Icebox Hill
Park in Mazatlán where Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson frequently spent their day off. They were relatively safe atop it during the earthquake. Its Spanish name was el Cerro de la Nevería.

Inga (no last name)
Stewardess aboard the Konge Knut who served Alex Hergensheimer's table.
(also in other stories)

Israfel (no last name)
See Roderick Lyman Culverson III.
(also in other stories)

Jacob's Ladder
Company in which Jerry Farnsworth owned stock.It presumably built and operated skyhook cables.
(also in other stories)

Jeeves (no first name)
One of the Konge Knut passengers who made the firewalking bet with Alec Graham.

Jefferson Starship
By inference, Sybil Farnsworth got into trouble once for making an illegal tape of their music.

John Edward II (no last name)
In the United States where Alex Hergensheimer ended up after the Mazatlán earthquake, he was His Most Christian Majesty, Hereditary President of the United States and Canada, Duke of Hyannisport, Comte de Quebec, Defender of the Faith, Protector of the Poor, and Marshal in Chief of the Peace Force. [Inferring from Hyannisport, he could be John Kennedy or a descendant.]

Roberto Dominguez Jones
See Roberto Dominguez Jones.

Judah Gate
Gate in Heaven from which Alex Hergensheimer was cast into Hell.

Kansas City (Missouri)
Alex Hergensheimer's home town.
(also in other stories)

Karl (no last name)
[mentioned in passing] Laundry/dry cleaning worker aboard the SS Konge Knut.

Khromitycinel (no other name)
Arrogant and unhelpful angel who processed Alex Hergensheimer's entry into Heaven.

The King's Skald
The SS Konge Knut's daily newspaper; Alex Hergensheimer was grateful that Alec Graham had saved all of them from the first day of the voyage, since they helped Alex acquaint himself with the ship's routine and the other passengers.

Bert Kinsey
Alex Hergensheimer's boyhood "outlaw chum" who shared his taste for science fiction. He saved Alex from the fiery pit when he was hurled into hell, but was changed into a pink monkey when he expressed skepticism about Alex's sainthood.

Kirk (no first name)
Alex Hergensheimer's scoutmaster. He was accused of profane language by his wife and sentenced to one day in the stocks. After the experience, he left town and was never seen again.

Konge Knut
Before his firewalk Alex Hergensheimer was travelling aboard the MV (motor vehicle) Konge Knut, but afterwards he found it transformed to the SS (steam ship) Konge Knut. The night that he convinced Margrethe Gunderson of what seemed to have happened to him, the ship was struck by an iceberg, and disappeared after Alex and Margrethe were washed through a hole in the hull.

The "deity" one level above Lucifer and Yahweh, who seldom took an interest in affairs below that level. At Lucifer's intercession, he mediated the dispute over Yahweh's treatment of Alex Hergensheimer, manifesting to Alex as the image of the veterinarian he knew during childhood. Lucifer had suggested that Alex address him, if at all, as "Mr. Chairman".
(also in other stories)

Kristina (no last name)
[mentioned in passing] Stewardess aboard the SS Konge Knut, a friend of Margrethe Gunderson.

Langley (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] In Alex Hergensheimer's homeworld, a professor who attempted to build a flying machine.

Dr. Malcolm O. Loch
Pastor of the Church of the Divine Orgasm, by Alex Hergensheimer's guess a Presbyterian. (By inference from the name — Moloch — a manifestation of one of Lucifer's minions.)

Margrethe Gunderson described him as the god not of mischief but of evil, and suspected him of being responsible for her and Alex Hergensheimer's ordeals. They eventually found out that he was causing the worldshifts as part of a bet he'd made with Yahweh to test the resolve of Yahweh's most faithful follower. Loki had manifested as Alec Graham to set up the situation into which Alex was cast, and was also Sam Crumpacker. He claimed to have won the bet, and also complained that Yahweh welshed on the payment.

Lonesome Cowboy Steak House
Restaurant that turned into Vivian's Grill, in another shift to a new world, before Alex Hergensheimer could collect his wages for washing dishes.

Lookout Hill
Hill in Mazatlán visible from Icebox Hill. In Spanish, Cerro Vigia.

The name the Prince of Hell preferred for himself. As Jerry Farnsworth, he befriended Alex Hergensheimer, and later he helped him regain Margrethe Gunderson after they had been separated by the Rapture.
(also in other stories)

Luke (no last name)
Head cook and Alex Hergensheimer's nominal boss in Ron's Grill; Alex describes him as "a giant blackamoor". Alex found him in Heaven, running a lunch counter.

Father Mahaffey (no first name)
Friend of Alex Hergensheimer (possibly a co-worker in Churches United for Decency), who teased him that even Protestants could get into Heaven.

Marga's Hot Fudge Sundae
Sandwich and soda shop that Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson opened in Eden, Kansas.

Queen Margrethe
[mentioned in passing] Queen of Scandinavia in one world in which Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson found themselves. Her capital was Kobenhavn.

Sister Marie Charles (no other name)
Secretary to Saint Peter in Heaven. He called her "Charlie".

Mark Hopkins
[mentioned in passing] Posh hotel in Alex Hergensheimer's homeworld.

Mary Magdalene (no other name)
[mentioned in passing] A "visiting professor" in Hell, teaching harlotry. She was on the permanent faculty in Heaven (what she taught there was not specified).

Sister Mary Patricia
See Patricia Marymount.

Sister Mary Rose (no last name)
Assistant and general gofer to St. Peter's secretary in Heaven. In life she was a Dominican hospital administrator in Frankfurt, Germany.

Patricia (Pat) Marymount
Bellhop assigned to Alex Hergensheimer in the Sans Souci Sheraton hotel in Hell. A nun in life, who was sent to Hell for never confessing "immoral desires". She became Alex's friend and lover. She later appeared as an old friend of Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson in their life in Eden, Kansas.

Port city to which Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson were taken by the Mexican Coast Guard airship that rescued them from midocean after the Konge Knut struck an iceberg. Mazatlán was the ship's original destination, but the city to which they were taken was obviously in a different world. They were indentured there to pay the expenses of their rescue.

Brother Eddie McCaw
Adjutant of the Salvation Army center where Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson sought help after being transported to Nogales, Arizona, following the Mazatlán earthquake. He gave them housing and hired Margrethe as a temporary cook. He became Brother McNabb after a worldshift.

Brother McNabb (no first name)
Brother McCaw's doppelganger in the new universe to which Alex Hergensheimer was shifted after three weeks in Nogales, Arizona.

Men Like Gods
H. G. Wells novel about the fourth dimension and parallel universes. Alex Hergensheimer had read the first installment in a magazine, but after the Protect-Our-Youth legislation was passed, later installments were never published.

Methodist Episcopal Society for Temperance and Morals
[mentioned in passing] Fundamentalist Christian society in Alex Hergensheimer's home world.

Calle Miguel Alemán
Mazatlán street on which the United States embassy was located.

Minnie (no last name)
[mentioned in passing] Sybil Farnsworth's aunt. Sybil claimed the last time her father had spanked her was her ninth birthday, when she'd set fire to this aunt.

Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Modeus (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Former owners of the soda shop that Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson bought in Eden, Kansas. (Considering the name — Asmodeus — probably a minion of Lucifer, helping to create the utopia for Alex and Margrethe.)

Mom's Diner
"Backwoods gourmet spot" in The Ten Commandments, Oklahoma; Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson passed it during their travels.

Muńoz (no first name)
Mazatlán court officer who explained the debt obligations and term of indenture to Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson.

The Mystic (no other name)
Alex Hergensheimer's name for a fellow passenger on the Konge Knut, who attended the firewalking demonstration. He [or she?] opined that the firewalkers did it "through the fourth dimension".

Nastyface (no other name)
Alex Hergensheimer's name for the thug who came to the Konge Knut to relieve him of Alec Graham's million dollars; his real name is not given.

Nero's Heroes and Zeroes
Society (by inference homosexual) mentioned by Pat in offering Alex Hergensheimer his choice of decadence.

New Jerusalem
Heaven, the Holy City, Yahweh's capital. The souls taken up in the Rapture were brought here.
(also in other stories)

Simon Newcomb
[mentioned in passing] Professor in Alex Hergensheimer's homeworld who devised a mathematical proof that "flying machines" were impossible.

Nielsen (no first name)
Ship's officer and excursion guide who took Alex Hergensheimer's belongings back to the ship after his firewalk.

Nogales, Arizona
City to which Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson were taken by refugee train after the Mazatlán earthquake, in a different universe than the Mazatlán in which they were indentured. They worked there for several weeks, but just as they were becoming solvent they were shifted to a new universe.

Nogales Commercial and Savings Bank
Bank with which Ron Cowgirl did business; Alex Hergensheimer's paycheck was drawn on it.

North American Airlines
Airship company in Alex Hergensheimer's homeworld, which owned the dirigible Count von Zeppelin.

North American Union
The government in Alex Hergensheimer's homeworld was dominated by religious interests. The NAU has only 46 states. In Alex's history, William Jennings Bryan became President in 1896. (See also Churches United for Decency.)
(also in other stories)

Number-One (no other name)
Alex Hergensheimer's name for whoever was behind the deal involving the million dollars in Alec Graham's lockbox. His real name is not given.

The Numerologist
Alex Hergensheimer's name for a fellow passenger on the Konge Knut, who attended the firewalking demonstration; her first name was Gwendolyn, her last name was not given.

O'Hara, Rigsbee, Crumpacker and Rigsbee
Law firm whose address was listed as Alec Graham's address.

Ori (no last name)
Ship employee who helped Margrethe Gunderson carry Alex Hergensheimer to his stateroom after Alex passed out from drinking.

Our Lady of Sorrows
Hospital in Mazatlán to which Don Jaime Valera Guzmán paid tithes and also made donations on Alex Hergensheimer's behalf. Apparently paying tithes to hospitals was the equivalent of health insurance.

Mrs. Owens (no first name)
Cook at the Nogales, Arizona, Salvation Army whom Margrethe Gunderson replaced when she took three weeks off to visit her sister.

Pancho Villa
Restaurant in Mazatlán where Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson were indentured to pay off their debt from being rescued by the Coast Guard.

Tahitian port where Alex Hergensheimer witnessed the firewalk and was first shifted to another universe.

The Parlor Freudian
Alex Hergensheimer's name for a fellow passenger on the Konge Knut who attended the firewalk.

See Patricia Marymount.

People's Republic of England
Government in the universe in which Alex Hergensheimer was rescued from midocean and taken to Mazatlán. It was apparently an enemy of the United States.

Pepe (no last name)
Legless beggar who befriended Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson in Mazatlán.

Pete (no last name)
One of the Konge Knut passengers who paid off a bet to Alex Hergensheimer after he successfully completed the firewalk.
(also in other stories)

Plain of Megiddo
Site of a battle of Armageddon, five years after the Rapture. Steve was killed there and taken into Heaven.

Playa de las Olas Altas
Site near Mazatlán that could be seen from Icebox Hill. [Spanish, "beach of the high waves"]

Polynesia Tourist Bureau
[mentioned in passing] Organization that arranged a firewalking demonstration for the passengers of the Konge Knut. The representative allowed Alex Hergensheimer to try, but "took no responsibility" for the results.

Poul (no last name)
Purser's clerk in the Konge Knut.

The Professional Bore
Alex Hergensheimer's name for a fellow passenger at the firewalking demonstration who pronounced the firewalking "mass hypnosis".

State law in Alex Hergensheimer's homeworld that outlawed science fiction and other "corrupting influences".

Actual identity of Kate Farnsworth.

Rimrock Restop Restaurant
Restaurant on the road from Tucson to Kansas where Steve bought Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson dinner.

River of the Water of Life
River that flows through Heaven from the Throne of God. Alex Hergensheimer sought an information booth near it.

Rod (no last name)
"Lost soul" who helped save Alex Hergensheimer from the fiery pit in Hell. He had died in 1588 CE.

Rolla Tech
Institution where Alex Hergensheimer had been an undergraduate; he left there to study for the ministry.

Ron's Grill
Nogales, Arizona, restaurant where Alex Hergensheimer found work as a dishwasher.

Royal Mexican Coast Guard
Organization that rescued Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson from the ocean. The two were billed for the service, since the central government insisted that all departments be self-supporting.

It was ruled by a tsar in Alex Hergensheimer's homeworld. In Alec Graham's world, it was ruled by the Grand Duke of Muscovy, a constitutional monarch who no longer claimed suzerain over other Slavic states.
(also in other stories)

Sans Souci Sheraton
Hotel in Hell where Alex Hergensheimer was given a complimentary suite. [French, "without concern", i.e. carefree]

Alberto Santos-Dumont
In Alex Hergensheimer's homeworld, a dirigible pioneer second only to Count von Zeppelin; in one of the alternate universes, an inventor of flying machines.

Anibal Sanz Garcia
Mexican Coast Guard lieutenant, the commander of the airship that rescued Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson after the iceberg collision.

Satan Mekratrig
Sovereign of Hell and His Colonies Beyond, First of the Fallen Thrones, Prince of Lies. He preferred the name Lucifer, and used the alias Jerry Farnsworth when Alex Hergensheimer first met him.

Schmidt (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] President of Germany in Alec Graham's universe.
(also in other stories)

Second Wind
Second-hand clothing store in Winslow, Arizona, at which Margrethe Gunderson bought travelling clothes.

Simmons (no first name)
Veterinarian to whom Alex Hergensheimer took his pets as a boy. Koshchei assumed his appearance when Alex met him.
(also in other stories)

The Skeptic (no other name)
Alex Hergensheimer's fellow passenger on the Konge Knut and at the firewalking demonstration. He bet that Alex would not complete a firewalk.

"The Son of God Goes Forth to War"
[mentioned in passing] Hymn familiar to Alex Hergensheimer.

"Southern Cross"
Pattern of moles on Alex Hergensheimer's right buttock, by which Margrethe Gunderson identified him as Alec Graham.

Square of the Throne
[mentioned in passing] Site in Heaven of the Holy Cow.

Steve (no last name)
Teamster who gave Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson a lift towards Kansas, bought them steak dinners, and gave Alex money. Alex found him in Heaven after the Rapture; he credited Alex with converting him.
(also in other stories)

Suzanne (no last name)
A soul that Alex Hergensheimer met on the bus in Heaven. A lacemaker from Flanders, she opened a lacemaking school in Heaven. Her request for Alex's blessing caused his sainthood to become manifest.

Tammy (no last name)
Waitress in the Nogales, Arizona, ice cream shop where Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson went to buy a hot fudge sundae.

The Ten Commandments
Town in Oklahoma, still in the horse-and-buggy era, through which Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson passed.

Angel who advised Alex Hergensheimer on how to search for Margrethe Gunderson; he called St. Peter's office on Alex's behalf to check on her whereabouts.

Tomkins vs. Allied News Distributors
[mentioned in passing] Supreme Court decision in Alex Hergensheimer's homeworld under which community standards of the "typical" community in each state applied to all other cities.

Tsar of Russia
[mentioned in passing] Ruler in Alex Hergensheimer's homeworld.

United States of North America
In Alex Hergensheimer's homeworld, it comprised 46 states and the government was dominated by religious conservatives.

Jaime Valera Guzmán
Owner of the restaurant Pancho Villa, who purchased Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson's indentures so they could pay their debt to the Coast Guard.

Seńora Valera (no first name)
The wife of Jaime Valera Guzmán. Although he technically owned the restaurant (having married the previous owner's daughter), she controlled the management. She tried to cheat Margrethe Gunderson out of her tips, snooped in the room Margrethe shared with Alex Hergensheimer, and generally treated Alex and Margrethe as slaves rather than indentured employees.

Jules Verne
His books were removed from public libraries in Alex Hergensheimer's homeworld, after science fiction was outlawed by executive order as a corrupting influence.
(also in other stories)

Vivian's Grill
Restaurant in which Alex Hergensheimer worked. He was cheated out of his wages when a universe shift changed it to a used car lot.

The Well-Travelled Man
See Jeremy Forsyth.

H. G. Wells
His books were removed from the public library after science fiction was outlawed in Alex Hergensheimer's homeworld. One of Alex's English professors, bluntly opposed to the censorship, had said that Wells invented every basic fantastic theme.
(also in other stories)

Wichita, Kansas
Alex Hergensheimer's hometown.

Wilhelm the Fourth
[mentioned in passing] Kaiser of Germany in Alex Hergensheimer's homeworld, the last unlimited Western monarch.

Winslow, Arizona
Town in which Alex Hergensheimer and Margrethe Gunderson found themselves during their travels through the universes. A kind couple bought them lunch there, and Margrethe bought traveling clothes at a second-hand store.

The deity that subjected Alex Hergensheimer to the ordeal of shifting among worlds,losing all he possessed each time. Yahweh had made a bet with Loki that the ordeal would not cause Alex, his most zealous believer, to lose his faith. [English transliteration of the Hebrew name for God.]

Young Crusaders
Religious publication that the young Alex Hergensheimer used as a cover for "amazing stories" magazines.

Youth's Companion
Publication the young Alex Hergensheimer used as a cover (literally) for "amazing stories" magazines.

Mr. Z. (no other name)
Alec Graham's contact in Tahiti, who reported to Sam Crumpacker that the million dollars had not been handed over.

They were unknown in Alec Graham's universe.

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