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"If This Goes Onó"

(no last name) Uncle of John Lyle, a senior lay censor. He got his nephew an appointment to West Point.

Albany Seminary
Judith's alma mater, where she had been Sealed to the Prophet.

Magdalene (Maggie) Andrews
A Holy Virgin who helped arrange a rendezvous between John Lyle and Judith. A member of the Cabal, she recruited John and Zebadiah Jones, arranged for John and Judith's escapes from the Palace, and ultimately joined the military staff of the Revolution as a staff sergeant. She was Zeb's mistress for a while, but married John just before the coup. Within the Cabal she was also known as Sgt. Andy.

Angels of the Lord
Personal guard of the Prophet.
(also in other stories)

Appian Way
Name given by the Cabal to the route leading through the caverns from the Revolution's headquarters.
(also in other stories)

Armored vehicle that participated in the assault on New Jerusalem. Its gun overheated during the battle, putting it out of commission.
(also in other stories)

Transport vehicle involved in the assault on New Jerusalem.

Associated Merchants of the Kingdom
Dealers in religious artifacts, including glow-in-the-dark statues of the Prophet.

Code name of a regional headquarters of the Cabal.

Major Bagby (no first name)
John Lyle's commanding officer and confessor at the Palace.

Baird (no first name)
Pastor of the South Side Tabernacle, to which John Lyle was sent during his escape from the Palace.
(also in other stories)

Grace-of-God Bearpaw
Classmate of John Lyle, half Scottish and half Cherokee. He was a Cabal member who passed messages to John.

Armed vehicle used in the attack on New Jerusalem.

[mentioned in passing] Code name for an unspecified location that figured in the plot to disrupt the Miracle of the Incarnation.
(also in other stories)

West Point slang, meaning unspecified. It was used by John Lyle's seat mate on the Comet; John suspected it was intended to lure him into revealing himself as a fugitive.

Miriam (Mimi) Booth
Clerk in the quartermaster's department at the Cabal's cavern headquarters. She joined Zebadiah Jones, John Lyle, and Magdalene Andrews in a swimming party.

See Lodge.

Bruehler (no first name)
Commander of the Cabal forces that invaded the Voice of God station to sabotage the Miracle of the Incarnation broadcast.

Secret organization that resisted the rule of the Prophet. It seems to have been similar to Freemasonry. It was allied with other underground "sects", such as the Mormons and the Catholics.
(also in other stories)

Code name of a regional headquarters of the Cabal.

Catholic Legion
Distinct group within the rebels fighting the Prophet; most members did not speak English.

Vehicle used in the assault on New Jerusalem.
(also in other stories)

Children's organization similar to Boy Scouts, sponsored by the government (and therefore theocratic).

"Come, Come Ye Saints!"
[mentioned in passing] Anthem that the Mormon Battalion sang when marching into battle against New Jerusalem.

Suborbital rocket that operated from New Jerusalem; John Lyle rode it to Cincinnati in his guise as Adam Reeves.
(also in other stories)

connotation index
A tool used to measure the emotional impact of a word or phrase: a "complex variable function depending on context, age and sex and occupation of the listener, the locale and a dozen other things." Psychologists used the index to gauge the effectiveness of propaganda.

Council of Elders
Ruling body at New Jerusalem.

Code name for a regional headquarters of the Cabal.

I. M. Dumbjohn
Alias that John Lyle took to scrawling on routine papers when commanding officers were too busy to bother with them. He gave "Dumbjohn" the rank of "Wing General, Acting Commander."

Code name of a regional headquarters of the Cabal; apparently Louisville, Kentucky.
(also in other stories)

Code name for a regional headquarters of the Cabal.

Emery, Bird, Thayer
[mentioned in passing] New account that John Lyle acquired while travelling as salesman Adam Reeves.

Ezra (no other name)
Police officer who searched Sanchez's truck while John Lyle was concealed in it.

Snotty Fassett (no other first name)
A West Point graduate two years senior to John Lyle. He was an agent provocateur who'd instigated the stoning of a pariah that John witnessed. He was killed by Magdalene Andrews when he spied on her, John, Zebadiah Jones, and Judith.

Federal Forces
The Prophet's army, more an internal police force than an army.

International organization, probably a successor to the United Nations. Canada, Great Britain, the North African Confederacy, and Brazil are mentioned as members, but the United States definitely is not.
(also in other stories)

First Prophet
See Nehemiah Scudder.

Free United States
The government after the overthrow of the Prophet. It was modeled after the original United States of America, but instead of the Constitution it was based on the Covenant. Just as many clauses in the Constitution were a direct reaction to Great Britain's treatment of the American Colonies, much of the Covenant was a reaction to the repression and intolerance of the Prophets.

Free United States Army
Underground militia sworn to the overthrow of the Prophet; it included many members of the Cabal.

Code name of a regional headquarters of the Cabal, real location not given.

General Headquarters
The Cabal's main base was located in immense caverns under the Rocky Mountains north of Phoenix, Arizona.

R. E. Giles (no other first name)
Warrant officer and Cabal member who checked John Lyle into General Headquarters.

Great Architect
[mentioned in passing] The Cabal's term for God. [The name suggests a relationship between the Cabal and Freemasonry].

Guardian of Morals
Security officer in the Palace, who operated under the jurisdiction of the Inquisition.

A Free State during the Interregnum, and apparently a refuge for those fleeing the Prophet's tyranny.

"The Holy City"
Official newspaper of New Jerusalem.
(also in other stories)

Holy Virgins
Women who provided sexual as well as domestic services for the Prophet. The novices apparently were kept unaware of the sexual aspects of their duties until they were chosen to attend the Prophet.

Huxley (no first name)
Head of the Department of Applied Miracles at West Point when John Lyle was a cadet. He became the commanding general of the Cabal's revolutionary army, and chose John as his personal aide to help train the militia.

Newspaper secretly published by the Cabal. Overtly loyal to the Prophet, it was written in such a way as to plant seeds of doubt.

During the Interregnum, the Office of the Inquisition enforced orthodoxy and obedience by severely punishing anyone accused of deviance.

Interregnum (or Interregnum of the Prophets)
Theocratic and totalitarian government that prevailed in the United States around the end of the 20th century, until overthrown by the Cabal. It was founded by the demagogue Nehemiah Scudder and perpetuated by successors who were more self-serving politicians than religious fanatics, but who used religion to keep the populace under control.

Jacob's Ladder
Transport used in the assault on New Jerusalem.
(also in other stories)

Jefferson Barracks
Original name of the base used for the Prophet's proctors in St. Louis. It was taken over by the Cabal and restored to this name when a temporary capital was set up there.

Bishop Jennings (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Religious authority in Minneapolis.

[mentioned in passing] Code name of a regional headquarters of the Cabal.

Johannesburg Treaty
Treaty negotiated at the end of World War III. By inference, it banned the construction of nuclear weapons.

Zebadiah Jones
John Lyle's roommate, who joined the Cabal with John, working for Psych and Propaganda with the rank of major; he very shortly became a colonel and acting head of Propaganda.

Sister Judith (no last name)
Young Holy Virgin appointed to serve the Prophet. John Lyle fell in love with her, and when she was traumatized to learn what "service" was required, he joined the Cabal to help rescue her from her fate. She was smuggled into Mexico, but instead of being reunited with John after he went underground, she married a man she met in Mexico.

Timothy Klyce
Senior legate and brevet captain in the Prophet's guard, also a member of the Cabal. He guided John Lyle and Zebadiah Jones to their first meeting.

Secret society within the Cabal. They repudiated all official connections between them and the Free United States after the Revolt. (Possibly a reference to the Society of Freemasons.)

London Times
"Infidel" newspaper that John Lyle first read in the Cabal headquarters. It corrected many of his misconceptions about the outside world.
(also in other stories)

Lucas (no first name)
Commander of the Cabal forces in New Orleans during the revolt against the Prophet.
(also in other stories)

John Lyle
Member of the Prophet's personal guard who fell in love with a Holy Virgin, Judith, and joined the Cabal to help her escape from the Prophet's service. He was eventually sent to the Cabal headquarters, progressing quickly from legate to the commanding officer's personal aide, ending with the rank of Colonel. He held a key role in the overthrow of the Prophet. After learning that Judith had married someone else, he married Magdalene Andrews.

[mentioned in passing] Settlements on Mars and Venus were abandoned when the Prophet banned space travel. (Or more likely, other countries on Earth maintained contact, but as far as the people under the Prophet's control were concerned, the settlements were abandoned.
(also in other stories)

Ship that participated in the assault on New Jerusalem; it was damaged by shellfire.

Mendoza (no first name)
Mexico City resident whom Judith married.
(also in other stories)

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Site of an uprising blamed on pariahs. Their ghetto was closed and they were relocated to "reservations" in Montana and Wyoming.
(also in other stories)

Miracle of the Incarnation
Annual event staged to reinforce the people's belief that the Prophet ruled by direct authority of God. The current ruler took on the appearance of the First Prophet, Nehemiah Scudder (thanks to modern broadcast technology) and confirmed the validity of the government.

Mormon Battalion
Long opposed to the Prophet, a distinct group within the Free United States Army.

Mueller (no first name)
The Cabal's staff "metamorphist", i.e. plastic surgeon who changed faces for underground agents.

New Crusade
Nehemiah Scudder's campaign that founded the Interregnum.

New Jerusalem
Capital of the Interregnum, location unspecified.
(also in other stories)

Code name for a regional headquarters of the Cabal.

Non Sibi, Sed Dei
Motto of the Angels of the Lord. [Latin, "Not for themselves, but for God."]

North African Confederacy
Member of the Federation during the time of the Interregnum.

No-Sparrow-Shall-Fall News
Official news agency of the Prophet.

Micah Novak
Colonel in the Free United States Army, head of the Cabal's Psych and Propaganda Bureau. He was given a field promotion to General. He was a principal author of the Covenant.

Onward Christian Soldiers
Underground movement that opposed the Prophet but was a rival to the Cabal. It resented the Cabal moving first to overthrow the government.

Operation Bedrock
The Psych and Propaganda Bureau's part in the plot to disrupt the Miracle of the Incarnation.

Operation Chucklehead
John Lyle's name for his escape attempt at Colorado.

Operation Strikeout
Code name for the assault on New Jerusalem.

Thomas Paine
Master Van Eyck mentioned him to John Lyle, who had never heard of him.

Center of government for the Prophet.

A "heretic" who did not accept any part of the Church of the Prophet. Pariahs were herded into ghettos and persecuted, sometimes stoned to death with official approval. There are suggestions that "pariahs" are almost always Jewish.

Wing General Penoyer (no first name)
Chief of Staff and Chief of Ordinance in the Free United States Army. He was John Lyle's nominal boss.

[mentioned in passing] Suborbital passenger rocket that served New Jerusalem.

Leader of the theocracy that controlled the United States during the Interregnum. The First Prophet was demagogue Nehemiah Scudder; his successors were also known as the Prophet Incarnate.

Prophet's Sword Triumphant
Colonel-in-Chief of the Angels of the Lord, and marshal of the Interregnum's armed forces.

Psych and Propaganda Bureau
Cabal group that released overtly respectful articles, etc., designed to create doubts about the Prophet. After the successful coup, it debated "counter-brainwashing" citizens to remove them from the Prophet's influence.

Adam Reeves
Commercial traveler in textiles, whom John Lyle impersonated to travel to the Cabal's headquarters. After his cover was blown, Reeves became a sergeant in the Free United States Army.

Sanchez (no first name)
Cabal member in Phoenix, Arizona, who escorted John Lyle to Headquarters; he was a pastor's handyman.

Nehemiah Scudder
Religious demagogue whose followers overthrew the United States government and instituted a theocracy. This dictatorship controlled the country for several generations until it was itself overthrown by resistance movements. His followers included Venus colonials, but the movement apparently was dominant only in the United States. He is also called the Prophet.
(also in other stories)

Second American Revolution
Overthrow of the Prophet by the Free United States Army and other resistance groups.

Another name for telepaths. They were used for communication between Cabal districts and during the assault on New Jerusalem.
(also in other stories)

Common curse in the Interregnum.
(also in other stories)

South Side Tabernacle
Church in Phoenix, Arizona, where John Lyle was to rendezvous with the Cabal.

Sparrow Hawk
Courier ship of the same model as ships in which John Lyle had trained at West Point. He used it to escape when his cover was blown in Colorado.
(also in other stories)

"spelling bee"
Short R&R excursions in the caverns surrounding the Cabal's general headquarters.

[mentioned in passing] Manufacturer of navigating equipment.

St. Louis, Missouri
Interim capital of the Free United States after the overthrow of the Prophet.
(also in other stories)

Stokes (no first name)
Free United States Army psychologist who demonstrated a film that was developed to brainwash followers of the Prophet into abandoning their faith.

Sweet Chariot
[mentioned in passing] Transport used in the assault on New Jerusalem.

Capitol of the Prophet's religious and government organization, located in New Jerusalem.

Temple Herald
Journal that printed duty rosters for the Prophet's guards in New Jerusalem.

United States of America
The Constitutional government was overthrown by religious fanatics, and the territory was isolated from the rest of the world. When the Second American Revolution restored democracy, U.S. Constitution was replaced by the Covenant.
(also in other stories)

United Textiles
Company for which Adam Reeves worked.

Captain Peter van Eyck
Warden of John Lyle's watch at the Temple and lodge master in the Cabal.

See Holy Virgins.

Voice of God
Broadcast station at New Jerusalem.

Well of Truth
Reputed birthplace of Nehemiah Scudder.

West Point
The military academy for the Interregnum. [Presumably the original United States Military Academy, converted to the Prophet's purposes after he established his theocracy.]

Winters (no first name)
Free United States Army member from Vermont who objected to Stokes' brainwashing project. He died immediately after giving an impassioned speech for freedom of thought.

World War III
[mentioned in passing] Occurring before Nehemiah Scudder took control of the United States government, it ended with a treaty that banned nuclear weapons.
(also in other stories)


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