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"'It's Great to Be Back!'"

Mrs. Appleby (no first name)
Emma Crail's mother, who visited Allan and Josephine MacRae when they returned to Earth. She apparently knew nothing about conditions in Luna, and understood less. Her late husband, Herbert Appleby, is mentioned briefly.

Artemis Mines
[mentioned in passing] Lunar corporation.
(also in other stories)

Beetle (no first name)
A guest at Allan MacRae's homecoming party, who objected to taxpayers' money being used for lunar development.

Commerce Commission
Government bureau charged with licensing ships and setting transportation rates and other regulations for Earth-Moon flights.

Manhattan hotel where Josephine and Allan MacRae stayed after returning to Earth.

Cosmic Research Project
A joint enterprise of the Harriman Foundation and the government.

Emma Crail
Atomics lab worker in Luna City, a friend of Josephine and Allan MacRae.

Jack Crail
Husband of Emma Crail.

Diana Recreations
[mentioned in passing] Lunar corporation.

Earth View Room
[mentioned in passing] Nightclub in Hotel Moon Haven in Luna City.

Electronics Research Company
[mentioned in passing] Lunar corporation.

Dr. Feldman (no first name)
Psychiatrist who screened applicants for emigration to Luna.

Organization that cleared applicants for emigration to the Moon.
(also in other stories)

[mentioned in passing] Moon-to-space shuttle.
(also in other stories)

Delos D. Harriman
Business tycoon who inspired and largely funded many space-related endeavors, including the first trip to the moon. Harriman is mentioned indirectly in most of the Future History stories, mostly in businesses and institutions bearing his name. In "'It's Great to Be Back!'", the Harriman Foundation funded scientific research, and Harriman Tower was the headquarters for applications for emigration to the Moon.
(also in other stories)

Kean's Chophouse
[mentioned in passing] Allan and Josephine MacRae's favorite Earthside restaurant.

Rocket port near Luna City.
(also in other stories)

Luna City Community Association
Administrative association for residents of the colony.

Lunar Biological Labs
[mentioned in passing] Lunar corporation.

Name used among Lunar citizens for themselves, but an insult when used by anyone else.
(also in other stories)

Allan MacRae
Lunar immigrant who, dissatisfied with living conditions there, returned to Earth, only to realize that in spite of the inconvenience the Moon had become his home. He reapplied and was accepted for permanent Lunar citizenship.

Josephine MacRae
Lunar immigrant who, dissatisfied with living conditions in Luna, returned to Earth and then realized that the Moon had become home; wife of Allan.

Hotel Moon Haven
[mentioned in passing] Establishment in Luna that allegedly could compete with the finest on Earth.

Mothersill's Seasick Remedy
Probably an alcoholic beverage; Allan MacRae drank it for "space sickness".

National City Bank
[mentioned in passing] Financial institution in Luna City.

New York Times
Paper that Allan MacRae ordered with breakfast at the Commodore.
(also in other stories)

Richardson Observatory
[mentioned in passing] The staff are the only Lunar residents who spend much time on the surface.
(also in other stories)

Saturday Evening Post
Magazine that Josephine MacRae ordered with breakfast at the Commodore.

"Science Made Simple"
[mentioned in passing] Newspaper or magazine column.

Simmons (no first name)
Missionary who shared a compartment with Josephine and Allan MacRae on the trip back to Earth. His infant daughter Gloria had no difficulty adjusting to free fall, but was distressed by full Earth gravity.
(also in other stories)

Spaceways Ltd.
Lunar corporation; its product or service not described.
(also in other stories)

Spaceways Provisioning Company
[mentioned in passing] Lunar corporation.
(also in other stories)

Sparrow Hawk
Express rocket from Earth to Luna.
(also in other stories)

Anna Stone
Service manager for the Luna City Community Association. She reserved Allan and Josephine MacRae's apartment for them when they returned to Earth, confident that they'd come back.


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