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Robert A Heinlein

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SB Abel Tasman
The ballistic shuttle that Friday rode to New Zealand after recovering from her kidnapping. It was piloted by Ian Tormey.

Acapulco, Mexico
The city was destroyed during a war between Mexico and Interworld Transport.

[mentioned in passing] Warned W.K. via a news ad that W.K. had only 7, and later 10, days to live. Georges Perreault suggested the message was a code.

Alamo Heroes
Mercenary outfit that joined Rachel's Raiders on the mission to St. Louis for which Friday was recruited.

Alaska Free State
Independent government through which Friday passed on her way from Ell-Five space station to the Chicago Imperium. It did not require passports or other documentation.

Altar Guild
Society to which Anita Davidson belonged; she introduced Friday to it after Friday joined the family. The denomination is unspecified.

Ambrosia Room
A First Class restaurant in the Forward.

American Express
Financial services institution.
(also in other stories)

Trevor Andrews
Young man who picked up Friday on the shuttle from Winnipeg to Vancouver. He failed to show for their tryst, but instead sent roses and a note explaining that he was an Artificial Person and couldn't continue deceiving a "real" human being, as he thought Friday was.

Angels of the Lord
Fanatic fundamentalist Christian sect, which claimed responsibility for Red Thursday.
(also in other stories)

Ballistic rocket line flying between Canada and New Zealand, a subsidiary of Interworld Transport. The acronym stands for Air New Zealand-Australia-Canada.

Authorized Power Vehicle. Use of motor vehicles was strictly limited, especially in the Chicago Imperium.

Part of the Chicago Imperium.

Artificial Person
A human conceived from genetic material that is natural (i.e. unaltered) but is artificially combined for desired traits. Artificial Persons (APs) are normal humans in appearance, but usually have superior strength and other qualities. They are legally considered nonhuman and usually treated as chattel. Most female Artificial Persons are trained to be prostitutes, and are usually purchased by multinational corporations.

[mentioned in passing] Transatlantic ocean liner.

Business that rented horse-drawn carriages; use of motor vehicles was strictly limited in the Chicago Imperium.

Babies Unlimited
Host-mother firm in Las Vegas.

Emma Baldwin
Presumably Hartley Baldwin's wife; she was listed as Friday's mother on the birth certificate issued for Friday's adoption.

Hartley M. Baldwin
Head of a secret organization (probably the same as in "Gulf"). He was lame, but still formidable. Friday's adoptive father, he had arranged for her conception, choosing the genetic material himself. His employees often called him Mr. Two-Canes.
(also in other stories)

Bank of Hong Kong
Financial institution in operation throughout the world; apparently considered more stable than most.

Bank of New Zealand
Financial institution where the Davidson family did business.

Deity invoked by Friday in a moment of exasperation.

Earth-to-geostationary orbit transport cable.
(also in other stories)

Albert Beaumont
One alias of the man Friday killed after he followed her down the Beanstalk from Ell-Five space station. The name was on a passport and American Express card; he also carried passport and Diners Club card for "Adolf Belsen," passport and Bank of Hong Kong card for Arthur Bookman, and documents for Archibald Buchanan.

Black Beauty
Ian and Janet Tormey's horse, sold when they emigrated from Earth. [Possibly inspired by the Anna Sewell novel of that name.]

The Black Hole
First-class bar in the Forward.

Arthur Bookman
See Albert Beaumont.

The most common name used by employees for Hartley Baldwin.
(also in other stories)

Botany Bay
Colony planet where Friday jumped ship, accompanied by Percival Roberts, Matilda Jackson, and Jerry Madsen. She found that the Farneses and Tormeys, with Georges Perreault, had emigrated there.

[mentioned in passing] British Canadian financial network.

Californian unit of currency. [The grizzly bear, or bruin, is the California state animal.]

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Arthur Bookman's destination (see Albert Beaumont).
(also in other stories)

Howard J. Bullfinch
Alias for one of Friday's "guards" in the Forward. He was formerly a quasi-military agent hired out to Muriel Shipstone Laboratories, and one of Friday's kidnappers. See also Percival Roberts.

Burt (no last name)
An employee of Hartley Baldwin's organization; he married Anna Johansen in Las Vegas after the organization was disbanded.

Cabaña Hyatt
Hotel where Friday stayed with Sylvia Havenisle and Anna Johansen after Hartley Baldwin's organization was dissolved.

Caesar's Column
[mentioned in passing] Mercenary outfit recruiting at the Las Vegas Labor Mart.

California Commercial Credit Building
Headquarters of MasterCard, and Friday's destination in San Jose.

California Confederacy
A "territorial nation" that had more than its share of eccentric politicians.

Canterbury Land Bank
[mentioned in passing] New Zealand financial institution where Anita Davidson was a director.

An independent government that was formerly part of China.

CCC Building
Site of Rhoda Wainwright's office.

Centaur Bar
First class bar in the Forward, where Friday confronted Howard Bullfinch.

Ceres and South Africa Acceptance, Ltd.
Luna City bank that handled Friday's finances.

Chambers (no first name)
Vice-President for Client Relations at California MasterCard. He would not honor Friday's Imperium MasterCard. (See also Chicago Imperium.)

Channel Isles
Islands in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy, an independent government.

Chicago Imperium
Independent government that included Illinois, Arkansas, and surrounding areas. It was one site of Hartley Baldwin's operations. The government was disrupted by the assassinations of Red Thursday.

Christmas Disease
Hereditary disease running in The Realm's First Family, a rare form of hemophilia. Its exact nature is not described. Friday was hired to carry a royal embryo that had been created and received genetic treatments on Earth to The Realm.

[mentioned in passing] Coca-Cola Holding Company was owned by Shipstone.
(also in other stories)

The Connecticut Yankee and Queen Guinevere
Musical comedy that Friday saw on the Forward. [The name may have been inspired by Mark Twain's novel A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.]

Council for Survival
Terrorist group that claimed responsibility for Red Thursday; it was actually a faction of Shipstone.

The Chicago Imperium's unit of currency.

Daily Forward
Newsletter that listed daily announcements for the Forward.

Rachel Danvers
Colonel and leader of the mercenary outfit Rachel's Raiders. Friday signed on with her in order to get back into the Chicago Imperium.

Dauphiness (no other name)
Wife of the First Citizen of The Realm. She was a carrier of defective genes that made it impossible to produce an heir.

Davidson Family
The group marriage to which Friday belonged, until she revealed she was an Artificial Person. They lived in New Zealand. The family dissolved as a result of the uproar over Friday's revelation. Adult members of the Davidson Family include Anita, Lispeth (Liz), Vickie, Albert (Bertie), Brian, and Douglas. Of the younger generation, only Ellen is mentioned by name.

Anita Davidson
Friday's group sister and the Davidson family comptroller. Her objection to one of the daughters, Ellen, marrying a Tongan, and subsequent refusal to turn over the daughter's trust fund, led to Friday's revealing she was an Artificial Person.

Ellen Davidson
A daughter of the extended family in New Zealand to which Friday belonged. The family objected strenuously to her marrying a Tongan, but she married him anyway. They moved to the island of Nuku'alofa.

DeCamp (no first name)
Cited as the author of, "Do unto others what they would do unto you but do it first," and described as one of the "twentieth century school of pessimistic philosophers."
(also in other stories)

Delaware Free State
An independent government, approximately the same territory as in the former United States.

Ian and Janet Tormey's horse, partner of Black Beauty. He was sold when they migrated to Botany Bay.

Melvin Dickey
Police lieutenant sent to take Georges Perreault and Friday from Ian and Janet Tormey's house when martial law was declared and all aliens were placed under restriction after Red Thursday. Friday killed him when he pulled a gun on Janet.

Diners Club
[mentioned in passing] Company that issued credit cards.

[mentioned in passing] Hyperspace liner.

Malcolm Dundas
Botany Bay colonist who helped Friday, Matilda Jackson, and Percival Roberts after they jumped ship. (His mother is also mentioned as helping them.)

Las Vegas hotel where Friday and her friends stayed after leaving California, while looking for work in the Las Vegas Labor Mart.

Colony planet largely settled as a retirement home. Only citizens over 70 Terran years old have voting rights; younger residents perform "public service", i.e. waiting on the elderly and doing all the unpleasant jobs by conscript labor.
(also in other stories)

Geostationary space station, used as a transfer point between Earth and interplanetary travel. It was apparently an independent territory (not controlled by any government or international organization).
(also in other stories)

Geostationary space station, used as a transfer point between Earth and interplanetary travel. It was apparently an independent territory (not controlled by any government or international organization).
(also in other stories)

Esposito (no first name)
Hartley Baldwin's attorney. His death a few months before Baldwin's left Baldwin's estate and System Enterprises in the control of Rhoda Wainwright.

Friday was a member of a group marriage in New Zealand, until the family members found out she was an Artificial Person.
(also in other stories)

Betty Farnese
Ian Tormey's sister, whom Friday met in New Zealand. She emigrated to Botany Bay under the name Betty Frances.

Federico Farnese
Ian Tormey's brother-in-law, a genetic engineer. Friday found herself in bed with him "the morning after" at Ian's New Zealand flat, with no memory of the night before. He emigrated to Botany Bay under the name Frederick J. Frances. Also called Chubbie or Freddie.

Fat Man
[mentioned in passing] Restaurant across from the Nairobi Hilton, recommended to Friday by the customs agent.

Fawcett (no first name)
Hiring agent for HyperSpace Lines.

Fiddler's Green
[mentioned in passing] Colony planet.
(also in other stories)

Finders, Inc.
Company that hired Friday as a courier supposedly to transport in her "trick navel" a human ovum to The Realm. In reality, they actually impregnated her with the fertilized ovum. (Hartley Baldwin had her memorize their address, for reasons that are never explained.)

First Plasmite Church
Cult in Las Vegas that "sacrificed" virgins. An acolyte offered Friday a job as the virgin.

Tim Floherty
Second assistant engineer aboard the Forward.

Fong, Tomasawa, Rothschild, Fong & Finnegan
Luna City law firm that handled Hartley Baldwin's estate, particularly Friday's inheritance. After the eldest member's retirement, Gloria Tomasawa was senior partner.

[mentioned in passing] Colony planet, newly settled and still in the log-cabin stage.

HyperSpace Lines liner that Friday rode as a courier to The Realm. She and several fellow passengers jumped ship to join the colony on Botany Bay.

Betty Frances
See Betty Farnese.

Frederick J. Frances
See Federico Farnese.

Fred (no last name)
Vicksburg Lowtown barkeeper with whom Friday became acquainted. He kept her apprised of job opportunities and mercenary troop plans.
(also in other stories)

An Artificial Person who worked as a courier for Hartley Baldwin's organization. She was kidnapped and interrogated by torture by agents of Shipstone, but rescued by Baldwin; she was later stranded in Canada during the aftermath of Red Thursday. Making her way back to Baldwin's organization, she trained to assimilate and correlate vast amounts of data but was thrown on her own resources by Baldwin's death and the dissolution of his agency.

After working as a mercenary for a while, she eventually hired out as a courier, ostensibly to transport a genetically altered ovum to the First Family of The Realm. When she learned that she was pregnant with the fertilized ovum and realized that she would not be allowed to live after delivering the embryo, she took refuge on the colony planet Botany Bay where she was reunited with her Canadian friends and their family. Friday settled comfortably into the role of frontier wife and mother, holding many civic leadership positions and taking an active role in raising her own and others' children.

Friday did not learn until after Hartley Baldwin's death that he had arranged for her conception, using among many others his own genetic material and that of Joe and Gail Greene. He had intended to raise her as his own, and had in fact arranged adoption papers and retroactive birth certificate for her.

Friday's aliases were Marjorie Baldwin, Friday Jones, and Marjorie Friday. The name on her adoption papers was Marjorie Baldwin; she used this alias not knowing it was her legal name. (When Friday was dealing with J.B. while using this name, he mispronounced it several different ways: Bedlam, Belgium, Bulgrin.)

Galactic Lounge
Lounge/nightclub in the Forward.

(no first name) [Female] doctor in the Forward.
(also in other stories)

General Atomics
Company from which Daniel Shipstone resigned to work on fabricating the Shipstone energy storage device.
(also in other stories)

Gog and Magog
[mentioned in passing] Horses hitched to Uncle Jim Prufit's landau.

[mentioned in passing] Mining colony planet.

Graham (no first name)
One of Friday's "guards" in the Forward.

Gail Greene
Part of Friday's genetic makeup came from her. [The same person as in "Gulf".]
(also in other stories)

Joe Greene
Part of Friday's genetic makeup comes from him. [The same person as in "Gulf".]
(also in other stories)

Rude name usually used for Chicago Imperium law enforcement officers.
(also in other stories)

Muriel Greentree
[mentioned in passing] Maiden name of Mrs. Daniel Shipstone.

Gretna Green Wedding Chapel
Site of Anna Johansen's and Burt's wedding in Las Vegas.

Greyhound Bus Service
Intercity transportation company.

Grim Reapers
[mentioned in passing] Mercenary outfit recruiting at the Las Vegas Labor Mart.

Mary Gumm
Recruiting sergeant for Rachel's Raiders, who signed Friday up with her squad, and made subtle passes at her. She was killed in the explosion of the Skip to M'Lou, though Friday tried to save her.

[mentioned in passing] Colony planet. The trust fund that Hartley Baldwin left for Friday would pay for her migration there.
(also in other stories)

Sylvia (Goldie) Havenisle
Friday's night nurse during her recovery from her kidnapping. She had helped in Friday's rescue, carrying her out of the house. Friday lived with her after Hartley Baldwin's organization was disbanded, until Goldie hired out as a nurse with a mercenary troop.

Heirs of Leon Trotsky
Alias for the Council for Survival.

Helen (no last name)
Federico Farnese's name for Friday (probably a reference to Helen of Troy).
(also in other stories)

Henderson (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Winnipeg Chief of Police.
(also in other stories)

Pamela Heresford
ANZAC junior piloting officer who answered Friday's call looking for Ian Tormey.

Homunculi Unlimited, Pty.
[mentioned in passing] Artificial Person laboratory in South Jersey.

In Friday, the company made horse-drawn carriages.

Hong Kong
"Adolf Belsen"'s destination (see Albert Beaumont).
(also in other stories)

Horse-drawn carriages were common means of transportation within cities; powered vehicles were strictly limited.
(also in other stories)

Asa Hunter
Farmer who helped Friday after she'd struggled into Arkansas territory following the explosion of the Skip to M'Lou. When she settled on Botany Bay, she founded the Asa Hunter Bread-Upon-the-Waters Revolving Fund to help ship jumpers and other new settlers pay their bounty to join the colony.

HyperSpace Lines
Space liner company that sent ships to The Realm; owner of the Forward.

Described as locating offices and plants throughout Earth and Space.
(also in other stories)

Illinois Province
Part of the Chicago Imperium.

Imperial Bank of St. Louis
[mentioned in passing] Bank from which Friday's MasterCard was issued. (It can be inferred that Missouri was part of the Chicago Imperium.)

Interworld Transport, Pty.
Multinational corporation that destroyed Acapulco during a war with Mexico. It was owned by Shipstone.

Irene (no last name)
University of Sydney employee who took Friday's message to Federico Farnese.

Jack and the Beanstalk, Pty.
Company owned by Shipstone. It probably operated the Kenya skyhook transport.

Jack Pot
[mentioned in passing] Free ship that advertised for crew members in the California Confederacy.

Matilda (Tilly) Jackson
UCLA student recruited to act as a lady's maid, under the name Shizuko, for Friday on her trip to The Realm. Her real role was a guard (effectively a warden). After her cover was blown and Friday escaped to Botany Bay, she also jumped ship and joined the colony.

J.B. (no other name)
President of California Commercial Credit, which Friday persuaded to issue her a credit card after she won the California lottery.

Hannah Jensen
Alias Friday used as a "repair technician" on the fence between the Chicago Imperium and Canada, trying to cut her way through.

Anna Johansen
Classified documents clerk who retrieved The Only Deadly Weapon from Friday; she had assisted in Friday's rescue from her kidnappers.

Jones (no first name)
See Friday.
(also in other stories)

Mr. Chambers' mispronunciation of Georges Perreault's surname.

[mentioned in passing] Colony planet; Hartley Baldwin's trust fund for Friday would pay her costs for migrating there.

Kensington 400
[mentioned in passing] Model of computer in the travel bureau terminal in Nairobi.

Kenya Beanstalk
Skyhook cable that provided transportation between Nairobi and Ell-Five space station.

Kettle Belly
See Hartley M. Baldwin.

Kiwi Lines
[mentioned in passing] Airline company that operated in New Zealand.

Kobold Dwarf
[mentioned in passing] A "model" of Living Artifact (individual engineered from human genes, but not necessarily human in appearance), used for mining. As the name implies, they probably resembled the dwarves or gnomes of fairy tales.

John Krasny
Friday's surgeon and physical therapist after she was rescued from her kidnappers.

See living artifacts.

Lake of the Woods
[mentioned in passing] Canadian lake that contained an island belonging to the Chicago Imperium. Friday considered but rejected it as a way home.

Landsteiner Creche
Friday's birthplace, in Johns Hopkins University.

Las Vegas
Friday's destination after Hartley Baldwin's organization was dissolved, part of Vegas Free State. Site of a Labor Mart, of which the main purpose was recruiting mercenaries.

Leonard (no last name)
Youngster who worked the streets finding recruits for Rachel's Raiders; also called Shorty. He brought Friday in to sign up.

Lincoln Meadows
Site in the Chicago Imperium where Friday ended her travels from Ell-Five. It was probably the former site of Chicago, Illinois, or Gary, Indiana.

Living Artifacts
Individuals engineered from human genes to possess particular traits; they may or may not have a human appearance. Human-looking Living Artifacts were called Artificial People.

Manufacturer of horse-drawn carriages.

Lone Star Republic
Independent government during Friday, which included the state of Texas and probably extended beyond the original Texan border.

Jaime Lopez
Second officer aboard the Forward.

Lord Nelson
The Davidson family sheepdog, an enhanced (talking) collie.

Riverfront section of Vicksburg, which Friday frequented while looking for mercenary assignments that would take her into the Chicago Imperium.

Dian Madsen
Jerry Madsen's wife on Botany Bay.

Jerry Madsen
Junior medical officer aboard the Forward, who diagnosed Friday's pregnancy and jumped ship with her to settle on Botany Bay. He was probably the father of Matilda Jackson's child, though he married someone else in Botany Bay.

Major (no other name)
Only name used for the leader of Friday's kidnappers.

Malloy (no first name)
Royal Canadian Mounted Police sergeant who interrupted the broadcasts by groups claiming responsibility for Red Thursday.
(also in other stories)

[mentioned in passing] Independent government (i.e., no longer governed by China).

[mentioned in passing] A major corporation during Friday.

[mentioned in passing] HyperSpace Lines transport.

[mentioned in passing] Alma mater of Betty and Federico Farnese, Janet Tormey, and Georges Perreault.

Burton McNye
Staff officer for Hartley Baldwin's organization. He rode with Friday to San Jose after the organization was disbanded.

Mendelian Associates
Laboratory in Zurich, Switzerland, where Artificial Persons were designed.

Mexican Revolutionary Kingdom
[mentioned in passing] Government that got involved in a war with Interworld Transport. It lost, mostly because the corporation had no central location to attack and therefore could not be easily destroyed.

[mentioned in passing] Colony planet, home of the Pope-in-Exile. By inference, Catholicism is outlawed on Earth.

Mister Underfoot
Tomcat in the Davidson family. Friday was indignant to learn that when the family was dissolved, the cat was given to a laboratory.

Montezuma's Revolutionary Council
Mexican government.

Morgan Associates
[mentioned in passing] Credit company that controlled MasterCard of California, Ceres and South Africa Acceptance, and most other major credit institutions. It was owned by Shipstone.

Morrie (no other name)
Guard sent to apprehend Georges Perreault and Friday after they prevented an assassination attempt on the California Chief Confederate.

Mortensen (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Recipient of the item delivered by Friday to Ell-Five space station.

Franklin Mosby
Executive with Finders, Inc. and stooge for Shipstone on the side of the Council for Survival.

Muriel Shipstone Memorial Research Laboratories
Shipstone-owned company, one faction of the feud that caused Red Thursday. Percival Roberts worked there.

Myrtle T. Hanshaw
Steamship that ferried Rachel's Raiders to St. Louis. It was blown up in midjourney.

Nairobi Hilton
Hotel recommended to Friday by the customs agent at Kenya Beanstalk. It blew up just after Friday left after using the travel terminal there.

Independent government (i.e., not governed by China).

New Brisbane
Main settlement on Botany Bay.

New Toowoomba
Botany Bay settlement in which Friday became a Girl Scout troop mistress.

[mentioned in passing] Old passenger liner whose former purser became Port Captain for HyperSpace Lines.

Island where Ellen Davidson went to live with her husband after the family scandal over her marrying a Tongan.

The Old Man
His employees' name for Hartley Baldwin; he was seldom called anything else, and some did not know his real name.
(also in other stories)

Colony planet where "those self-styled supermen" settled. Hartley Baldwin's trust fund for Friday would pay for her migration anywhere but here.

Omaha Black
Apparently a variety of marijuana.

The Only Deadly Weapon
Classified document on assassination that Hartley Baldwin recommended that Friday read while convalescing.

Ortega Trials
[mentioned in passing] As a result of them, remote-control destruction devices were installed in all British Canadian police cars. The actual event was not described.

"The Other One"
Friday's only name for one of her kidnappers; he had no distinguishing features that she could discern.

[mentioned in passing] Colony planet.

Out-System Colonial Corporation
[mentioned in passing] Company owned by Shipstone.

[mentioned in passing] Example of space job that doesn't translate to Earth jobs; the nature of the job was not described.

Pajaro Sands
Site of Hartley Baldwin's organization training grounds in California. The entire operation moved there after their cover was blown in the Chicago Imperium.

Panhandle Investments
Cover company in El Paso, Texas, for the Sam Houston Scouts mercenary group.

Catholicism is outlawed in the Chicago Imperium; and by inference, throughout Earth (the Pope is in exile on another planet).

Jan Parker
Maiden name of Janet Tormey, under which she still kept her credit cards.

John Tumbril's mispronunciation of Georges Perreault's surname.

Hotel in Hong Kong where "Adolf Belsen" had booked a room (See Albert Beaumont).

Georges Perreault
Quebecois housemate of Janet and Ian Tormey, unofficially Ian's co-husband (polygamous marriages being illegal in British Canada). He was an artist and "Mendel Professor of Teratology" at the University of Manitoba, an expert in genetic engineering. He accompanied Friday on her attempt to return to the Chicago Imperium. He ultimately emigrated to Botany Bay.

Professor Perry (no first name)
Head librarian in Hartley Baldwin's organization who gave Friday computer lessons.

Pirates Pizza Palace
[mentioned in passing] Winnipeg establishment that was assigned Ian and Janet Tormey's telephone number after they closed their house and emigrated.

Bobby "The Brute" Pizarro
[mentioned in passing] California sensie star, with whom lottery winners were awarded a dinner.

Prehoda Pines Patience Park
[mentioned in passing] "Corpsicle" (i.e. cryonic suspended animation) maintenance facility.

Prince Edward Island
It was a separate government, independent of Canada.

Official biography of Daniel Shipstone; it was filled more with propaganda than with facts.
(also in other stories)

Prometheus Foundation
[mentioned in passing] Organization owned by Shipstone.

In many stories, Heinlein portrayed prostitution as an honorable profession; his prostitutes ranged from hard-working and respectable to highly admired and honored. In Friday, apparently prostitution is a legal occupation practiced by both Artificial Persons (though under indenture) and "natural" humans.
(also in other stories)

[mentioned in passing] Colony planet that circled Alpha Centauri.

Uncle Jim Prufit
Member of Hartley Baldwin's organization who betrayed Friday to her kidnappers. 

[mentioned in passing] Nation (independent from Germany) that fought a war with Russia.

public eye
Floating security monitor in the Kenya Beanstalk port.

Quito Skyhook
[mentioned in passing] Cable elevator to Ell-Five space station; an undescribed disaster befell it.

Rachel's Raiders
Mercenary outfit led by Colonel Rachel Danvers. Friday signed on with them, allegedly for duty as bodyguard to the new Chairman of the Chicago Imperium, because it gave her a way into the Imperium. The outfit was probably completely destroyed (except for Friday) in the explosion of the Skip to M'Lou.

Raytheon 505
[mentioned in passing] Model of gun used by Melvin Dickey.

The Realm
Colony planet closed to immigrants, except that individual scientists and artists may enter by negotiation. By implication, it is the farthest settlement from Earth. Its ruling family hired Friday to transport a fertilized ovum from Earth.

Red (no other name)
Ian and Janet Tormey's horse.
(also in other stories)

Red Thursday
Day of strikes against all major governments by unknown parties (though numerous fringe groups took credit). It turned out to be part of a feud among various factions of Shipstone. The plot included an attack on British Canada by Quebec, assassination of the Chairman of the Chicago Imperium, and the closing of the Canada/Imperium border.

Québecois political party, of which Georges Perreault was a half-hearted adherent.

Political party that controlled Quebec.

Mr. Justice Ridgley (no first name)
The New Zealand judge who granted the Davidson family's annulment against Friday.

Percival (Pete) Roberts
One of Friday's kidnappers/rapists, in reality an undercover agent who participated only reluctantly. He was later assigned to "guard" her aboard the Forward. After she confronted him, they joined forces to jump ship at Botany Bay. During her kidnapping Friday called him "Straw Boss" for lack of another name; in the Forward he used the alias "Howard Bullfinch."

Jeremy ("Rocks") Rockford
One of Friday's captors/rapists, a Shipstone operative.

Royer's Rectifiers
Mercenary outfit recruiting at the Las Vegas Labor Mart.

Independent government, possibly no longer part of the USSR [Friday was written before the dissolution of the USSR]. It defeated Prussia in a war.
(also in other stories)

Safari Jets
[mentioned in passing] Apparently an airline company.

Sahara Sea
Timbuktu was located on its shore; the reference may indicate a "terraforming" project — or perhaps a drastic climate change.

Salt Lake City Choir
[mentioned in passing] Probably the former Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Friday used a tape to cover conversation in her Forward stateroom with Percival Roberts.

Sam Houston Scouts
Mercenary outfit with which Sylvia Havenisle signed up as a MASH nurse.

San Jose
Capital of the California Confederacy.

Semi-ballistic; the term refers to suborbital rocket transports.

Shipstone-owned company in which Friday owned stock.

Seattle, Washington
Friday's fictitious birthplace, convenient for false identities because it had been completely destroyed in a war.

Second Atlantic Rebellion
[mentioned in passing] War that occurred during Friday's lifetime. No details are given. 

Hotel Seward
Place in Alaska Free State (presumably) where Friday had stopped during her trip from Ell-Five space station to the Chicago Imperium.

"Synthetic family" organized as a group marriage and a business concern. Adult members bought "shares" to support the family's activities. It was legal in New Zealand, but not recognized in Canada.

[mentioned in passing] Hotel in Timbuktu for which Albert Beaumont had a reservation.

Common power source. It involved intensive solar collection and energy storage but was not otherwise described. It apparently replaced almost all other sources of energy. The name also applied to the conglomerate that apparently owned most of the corporations on and off Earth, including Daniel Shipstone Estate, Inc.; Muriel Shipstone Memorial Research Laboratories; Shipstone Tempe, Gobi, Aden, Sahara, Africa, Death Valley, Karroo, Never-Never, Ell-Four, Ell-Five, Stationary, Tycho, Ares, DeepWater, Unlimited, and Ltd.; Sears-Montgomery, Inc.; Prometheus Foundation; Coca-Cola Holding Co.; Intraworld Transport Corp.; Jack and the Beanstalk, Pty.; Morgan Associates; Out-Systems Colonial Corporation; Billy Shipstone School for Handicapped Children; Wolf Creek Pass Nature Preserve; Año Nuevo Wild Life Refuge; and Shipstone Visual Arts Museum and School. In effect, Shipstone controlled the entire economy. A feud among different factions resulted in the overthrow and disruption of many Earth governments, particularly in North America.
(also in other stories)

Daniel Thomas Shipstone
Inventor of the Shipstone power cell.

Muriel Shipstone
Daniel Shipstone's wife and business advisor. Her decisions gave Shipstone companies their pre-eminence in business and the world at large.

Shizuko (no last name)
See Matilda Jackson.
(also in other stories)

a. Friday's name for one of her captors. b. See Leonard.
(also in other stories)

Shrimp Alley
Street in Vicksburg lowtown.

Sikmaa (no first name)
Personal representative of the First Citizen of The Realm. He held the rank of Ambassador Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary. He hired Friday to transport a fertilized ovum to the First Citizen.

Skip to M'Lou
Steamship that ferried Rachel's Raiders upriver into the Chicago Imperium. She was blown up by persons unknown; Friday was apparently the only survivor.

Sky High Hotel
Stationary Station hotel where Friday's "guards" awaited orders to follow her into the Forward.

A slang term that probably means the same as "slut".

South Island
Mentioned by Friday, possibly the site of the Davidson home in New Zealand.
(also in other stories)

Language spoken in San Diego, California.
(also in other stories)

Ian and Janet Tormey's horse.
(also in other stories)

Stardust Theater
Theater in the Forward.

Stationary Station
Satellite in L-5 orbit that was used as a starting point for interplanetary voyages. 

Joe Steuben
One of Friday's "guards" in the Forward. Percival Roberts called him "Joe Stupid".

Terrorist group who claimed responsibility for Red Thursday.

St. Louis, Missouri
Destination of Rachel's Raiders when the steamship on which they were traveling was blown up; part of the Chicago Imperium.
(also in other stories)

[mentioned in passing] Manufacturer of horse-drawn farm wagons.

Synthetic stretch fabric generally used to make skintight apparel; apparently Friday's favorite material for jumpsuits.

[mentioned in passing] Independent government.

System Expansion Corporation
Luna-based company that developed planets for colonization.

Tasman Palace
Hotel in Auckland, New Zealand, where Friday and Vickie Davidson stayed during a shopping trip.

Terence (no last name)
Classified documents clerk who brought Friday a copy of The Only Deadly Weapon. He had assisted in her rescue.

Gloria Tomosawa
Senior partner in the Luna City law firm that handled Hartley Baldwin's bequest to Friday. She was also vice president and chief trust officer of Ceres and South Africa Acceptance.

Ian Tormey
Captain of the SB Abel Tasman, who invited Friday to visit him while in New Zealand. She accepted the offer after her family divorced her, and he invited her to his home in Canada where she was stranded by Red Thursday. He and his family disappeared after she left to return to the Chicago Imperium, but she encountered them again on Botany Bay and joined their group marriage.

Janet Tormey
Ian Tormey's wife. She gave Friday her credit cards to pay her way through California to the Chicago Imperium. Friday met her again on Botany Bay.

Transuranics Golden Division
[mentioned in passing] Mining company on the planet Golden.

Triple-S Lines
Interworld Transport; its slogan was "Speed-Safety-Service".

Tri-University Life Engineering Laboratory
Facility in Detroit, Michigan, where Friday was "designed". [The Detroit and southeastern Michigan area has several major universities, including Wayne State University in Detroit, University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Oakland University in Rochester, University of Detroit, and Michigan State University in Lansing.]

John "Warwhoop" Tumbril
Chief Confederate (i.e. government leader) of the California Confederacy. Friday saved him from an assassination attempt.

Mr. Two-Canes
See Hartley M. Baldwin.

Tom Udell
Junior officer in the Forward.

Ukiah Gold
Presumably a type of marijuana.

United States of America
Its decline and fall, according to Hartley Baldwin, was partly caused by assassinations.
(also in other stories)

Van Kooten (no first name)
Captain of the Forward.

Vegas Free State
An independent government that apparently had few (if any) regulations restricting commerce.

Town in the Lone Star Republic, a leading smugglers' port between Texas and the Chicago Imperium. Friday stayed there, particularly in the riverfront Lowtown, while trying to find a way into the Imperium.

Voice of Survival
Broadcast by the Council for Survival, in which the Council took credit for Red Thursday and listed its demands.

Rhoda Wainwright
Executive vice-chairman of System Enterprises and chief counsel to Hartley Baldwin. She oversaw the disbanding of the organization after his death.

[mentioned in passing] Independent government (no longer part of the United Kingdom).

One of J.B.'s many mispronunciations of Baldwin, Friday's surname.

Wendy (no last name)
Genetically the daughter of the First Citizens of The Realm; Friday was her host mother. She was born and raised on Botany Bay.

Winnipeg Werewolves Security Guards, Inc.
Firm hired by Ian Tormey to protect the house during the family's absences.

[mentioned in passing] Warned by A.C.B. in a news ad that he only had 7, and in a later ad 10, days to live. Georges Perreault assumed the message was a code.

Woo (no other name)
Ship's purser in the Forward.

Woo Fong and Levy Brothers, Inc.
Business in Vicksburg Lowtown where Friday rendezvoused with Rachel's Raiders.


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