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The Cat Who Walks Through Walls

Ace (no last name)
Boarder at Jinx Henderson's.

Richard Ames
See Colin Campbell.

Appian Way
Thoroughfare in Golden Rule.
(also in other stories)

Neil Armstrong
Mentioned in passing as the first human on the moon.
(also in other stories)

Bechtel High Construction Corporation
Company that Bill Johnson's forged papers stated had owned his indenture.

Beth Lou (no last name)
[mentioned in passing] Girl whom Richard Ames claimed his mother knew, who unwittingly married her mother's brother, about whom he wrote a True Confessions story. He actually got the story from The Ring Cycle.

John Black Eagle
Jinx Henderson's name before he married Ingrid Henderson.

Broken Nose Pressure
Settlement not far from where Richard Ames crash-landed on Luna.

Gloria Meade Calhoun
Alias under which Gwen Novak proposed making contact with the various Taliaferros in the Golden Rule directory, hoping to find out why one of them was wanted dead.

Colonel Colin ("Killer") Campbell (a.k.a. Richard Ames)
A military hero who rescued the students of Percival Lowell Academy from an unspecified danger. Gwen Novak's oldest daughter was one of the students. He was missing a foot; he may have lost it during this mission. While he was a resident of the space station Golden Rule, in the role of writer Richard Ames, he was dragged into a series of events (by Gwen Novak, who eventually revealed that she was really Hazel Meade Stone, sent by the Time Corps to recruit him) that culminated in the mission to travel through time and dimensions to save the computer Mike from being destroyed during the deciding battle of the Lunar Revolution. After surviving the mission he joined the Long family colony on Tellus Tertius. One of his aliases was Richard Campbell.
(also in other stories)

Senator Cantor (no first name)
The Senator from Standard Oil, and putative addressee of a message brought to Richard Ames by Bill Johnson.

[mentioned in passing] Asteroid inhabited by humans.
(also in other stories)

Charlie (no last name)
Vacuum suit dealer to whom Ingrid Henderson instructed her daughter to take Richard Ames and Gwen Novak to buy suits.

Marcy Choy Mu
Traffic controller on duty at Hong Kong Luna when Richard Ames made the crash landing.
(also in other stories)

Chuck Wagon
Restaurant in farm country in Golden Rule.

Aunt Cissy (no last name)
[mentioned in passing] Allegedly the youngest wife of Richard Ames' Uncle Jock; according to Ames she was still in high school.

Country Kitchen
Restaurant located in the exact center of farm country in Golden Rule.

Day One
Holiday in Golden Rule, date July 20. [Presumably it celebrates the anniversary of the first moon landing on July 20, 1969.]

Dockweiler (no first name)
Rental agent from whom Gwen Novak rented a space car in which to leave Golden Rule.

[mentioned in passing] Richard Ames claimed to have trained with them.

Dry Bones Ice Company
[mentioned in passing] Owned by Jinx Henderson.
(The Cat Who Walks Through Walls)

Dry Bones Pressure
Settlement not far from where Richard Ames crash-landed on Luna.

El Camino Real
Thoroughfare in Golden Rule. [Spanish, "the royal road"]

Space station described by Richard Ames as a slum "with crowding and unmannerly behavior and unnecessary noise and impolite behavior."
(also in other stories)

[mentioned in passing] Orbital habitat.
(also in other stories)

Eloise (no last name)
Boarder at Jinx Henderson's.

Walker Evans
Code name that reminded Richard Ames of an unspecified debt. The Walker Evans Memorial Society, also known as Friends of Walker Evans, consisted of six men and a woman, otherwise undescribed, who had the right to call in the debt. They were apparently military comrades of Ames.

In most of Heinlein's early books, families are similar to the U.S. middle-class 20th-century nuclear family: father, mother, and children living together but not sharing their dwelling except possibly with a grandparent. The roles of family members also seem portrayed as traditional: breadwinner father, housekeeping mother, children being raised to and expecting to assume the same roles in adulthood.

The interrelated novels Time Enough for Love, Number of the Beast, The Cat Who Walks Through Walls, and To Sail Beyond the Sunset all feature the group marriage of the Long clan, within which sexual pairings are indiscriminate (though apparently exclusively heterosexual) and children are the joint responsibility of all adult members.

Evelyn Fingerhut
[mentioned in passing] Editor who bought romance stories from Richard Ames. He warned Ames that knowing something about his subject matter is a handicap in selling stories.

Fingers (no other name)
"Mayor" of Bill Johnson's alley in Golden Rule. He is obviously an underworld boss.

Lance Corporal Finnegan (no first name)
Name by which Hendrik Schultz claimed he was once known; he immediately afterward reversed himself.

Mungerson Fitts
Assistant Deputy Administrator for Superrogatory Statistics in Golden Rule. He offered to handle Richard Ames' problem when Ames asked to see the Manager.

Franco (no first name)
Chief Proctor in Golden Rule.

Frankie (no last name)
Head bartender of the Country Kitchen.

Friends of Walker Evans
See Walker Evans.

Galileo University
Hendrik Schultz recommended that Richard Ames take a message to a cryptographer at this institution for decoding.

Golden Rule
Orbital habitat in which Richard Ames lived. It was named after the only law in the habitat.
Golden Rule Herald
Publication in Golden Rule, which Gwen Novak called to publish the announcement of her wedding to Richard Ames.

Gretna Green
Residential area in Golden Rule where Gwen Novak lived.

Grinnell, Iowa
[mentioned in passing] The hometown of Richard Ames' Uncle Jock, about whom Ames told wildly improbable tales.
(also in other stories)

Hans (no last name)
Wine steward at the restaurant where Richard Ames had his dinner interrupted by Herr Nameless.
(also in other stories)

Happy Chance Salvage Service
Company owned by Jinx Henderson.

Mistress Hardesty (no first name)
Alias by which Richard Ames addressed Gwen Novak while interrogating the nightwalker who intercepted them as they tried to leave her apartment. [If this story takes place in the same universe as "The Menace From Earth" (see Jeff Hardesty), the surname may be common in Luna.]

Gretchen Henderson
[mentioned in passing] Ingrid Henderson's daughter.
(also in other stories)

Ingrid Henderson
[mentioned in passing] Owner of Ingrid's Swap Shop, a general store. She was Jinx Henderson's wife, and a direct descendant of Hazel Stone.

Jinx Henderson
Salvage operator who rescued Richard Ames and Gwen Novak after their crash landing on Luna. He was owner of Happy Chance Salvage Service, Dry Bones Ice Company, Henderson's Overland Cartage Company, and John Henry Drilling, Welding and Rigging Contractors. He took Ingrid Henderson's surname when he married her; he was born John Black Eagle.

Wolf Henderson
Ingrid Henderson's son.

Henderson's Overland Cartage Company
[mentioned in passing] Company owned by Jinx Henderson.

Hercules Manpower, Inc.
Company that had originally indentured Bill Johnson according to his forged papers.

Hong Kong
Colony in Luna, Richard Ames' destination after leaving Golden Rule.
(also in other stories)

"House at Pooh Corner"
Site in Golden Rule. Richard Ames mentions it as an example of the perversions of public relations.

Howie (no last name)
Maggie Snodgrass' late partner, whom Jinx Henderson hinted had died under suspicious circumstances.

Ignatius (no last name)
Accountant whom Sethos ordered to settle Richard Ames' and Gwen Novak's accounts and bring cash to close them out.

Ingrid's Swap Shop
General store owned by Ingrid Henderson.

Jock (no last name)
(Uncle) Possibly apocryphal relative of Richard Ames about whom Ames told Gwen Novak highly improbable stories about his sex life. He was a resident of Grinnell, Iowa.
(also in other stories)

John Henry Drilling, Welding and Rigging Contractors
[mentioned in passing] Owned by Jinx Henderson.

Bill Johnson
Nightwalker (undocumented laborer) who intercepted Gwen Novak and Richard Ames as they were moving out of her apartment. He was ineptly disguised as a proctor.

Senator Richard Johnson
Alias used by Richard Ames before leaving Golden Rule.

Juanita (no last name)
Manager of the Country Kitchen.

Naomi Kondo
Daughter of Tetsu Kondo. Gwen Novak assumed her identity to leave Golden Rule, donning geisha attire as a disguise.

Tetsu (Tiger) Kondo
Richard Ames' host at The Spaceman's Widow.

Yukimo Kondo
[mentioned in passing] Daughter of Tetsu Kondo.

Lazy Eight Spread
Region in farm country in Golden Rule.

Lilybet (no last name)
Bus driver who operated the route from Lucky Dragon to Hong Kong Luna.

Sadie Lipschitz
Gwen Novak claimed this was her original name.

Lucky Dragon Pressure
Settlement near Hong Kong Luna.

Office in Luna City where Hendrik Schultz recommended that Richard Ames take a message for decoding.

[mentioned in passing] Business establishment in Golden Rule.

Manager (or Managing Partner)
Since Golden Rule was privately owned and not chartered by any government, the Manager was the ultimate and only authority. Decisions were arbitrary and utterly final.

In Golden Rule it is possible only through church ceremonies, since there is no legal institution of marriage.
(also in other stories)

Mentioned in passing as inhabited by humans.
(also in other stories)

Soupie McClanahan (no other first name)
[mentioned in passing] Founder of Dry Bones Pressure.

Arthur Middlegaff
Manager's Proxy for Housing in Golden Rule, who sent Richard Ames an eviction notice the day after Enrico Schultz was killed.

Colin Campbell was recruited to help the Time Corps rescue the sentient computer, Mike, from destruction during the final battle of the Lunar Revolution. The book's ending leaves his fate unknown.
(also in other stories)

Morris (no other name)
Waiter who was serving Richard Ames when his dinner was interrupted by Herr Nameless.

Mycroft Holmes IV
See Mike.

Herr Nameless (no other name)
Richard Ames' name for the man who approached him in Rainbow's End about having someone killed. He himself was killed after showing Ames his I.D. but before explaining anything further. At the time the killer was unidentified, but later Gwen Novak admitted to having done the deed.

[mentioned in passing] Richard Ames' name for illegal inhabitants of orbiting habitats; lacking the documentation to support themselves by legal means, they inevitably became criminals. He suspected that they were spaced when caught by Golden Rule management.

Gwen Novak
See Hazel Meade Stone.

Novy Leningrad (Novylen)
[mentioned in passing] Settlement in Luna.
(also in other stories)

Old MacDonald's Farm
Rural area of Golden Rule, kept at full Earth-normal gravity.

Luanna Pauline
[mentioned in passing] Dancer who starred as Titania in the Halifax Ballet Theater's performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream that Richard Ames attended the night Herr Nameless approached him about killing someone.

Percival Lowell Academy
[mentioned in passing] School whose students Colin Campbell rescued from an unspecified danger while in the military.

Petticoat Lane
Street near which Rainbow's End is located in Golden Rule. It is the site of numerous dubious enterprises, many catering to tourists.

Picardy Transmutation Plant
[mentioned in passing] Company where Jinx Henderson first worked after immigrating to Luna.

A cat that was able to "walk through walls". He accompanied Gwen Novak and Colin Campbell on the mission to rescue Mike from being "killed" during the final battle of the Lunar Revolution.
(also in other stories)

Madame Pompadour
See Henrietta van Loon.

Law enforcement official in Golden Rule.

Promised Land
[mentioned in passing] Presumably an orbiting habitat or other settlement.

Quiet Dreams
Sleeping area in Lucky Dragon.

Rainbow's End
Restaurant in which Herr Nameless was killed when he approached Richard Ames about having someone killed. Ames was a regular patron.

Dr. Jakob Raskob
Cryptographer at Galileo University to whom Hendrik Schultz recommended that Richard Ames take a message for decoding.

Clayton Rasmussen
[mentioned in passing] Shriner from whom a fez was stolen to disguise Richard Ames on his way off Golden Rule.

Though not referred to by this name, they tried to kill Richard Ames, Gwen Novak and Pixel to prevent the rescue of Mike during the Lunar Revolution.
(also in other stories)

Room L
A hotel room that Colin Campbell rented displayed a plaque proclaiming it the room where the Revolution was declared. Campbell was skeptical, comparing it to "Washington Slept Here."
(also in other stories)

Sans Souci Bargrill
Restaurant on Petticoat Lane in Golden Rule. [French, "without concern", i.e. carefree]
(also in other stories)

Enrico Schultz
Name on the Golden Rule identity pass of the man killed while talking to Richard Ames in Rainbow's End. The pass described him as an accountant and citizen of Belize. His wallet contained money and the pass but nothing else.

Rev. Dr. Hendrik Hudson Schultz
[mentioned in passing] Astrologer and bookie who also performed weddings in Golden Rule. Richard Ames found his directory listing while looking up Enrico Schultz.

Sethos (no first name)
Manager of Golden Rule.

Sloppy Joe
[mentioned in passing] Restaurant on Appian Way in Golden Rule.

Joel Snodgrass
[mentioned in passing] Maggie Snodgrass' husband.

Maggie Snodgrass
Chief operator and general manager of Broken Nose Pressure's rescue team.

The Spaceman's Widow
Bistro near the spaceport in Golden Rule. Richard Ames was a frequent patron.

Hazel Meade Stone (a.k.a. Gwen Novak)
Under the name of Gwen Novak, she was having dinner with Richard Ames (whose real name was Colin Campbell) when he was interrupted by Herr Nameless. She married Campbell in the first chapter and accompanied him on his adventures. She was referred to as "Mrs. Ames" throughout most of the book, until she and Campbell encountered the Gay Deceiver.
(also in other stories)

Sylvia's Other Husband
[mentioned in passing] Apparently a soap opera broadcast within the Lunar colonies.

[mentioned in passing] Original spelling of Ronson Tolliver's surname. (In spite of the spelling, it is pronounced like "Tolliver".) One of the people with this name in Golden Rule was wanted dead.

Tellus Tertius
Home of the Long extended family, to which Gwen Novak brought Richard Ames. [Latin tellus, "earth"; tertius, "third"]

Tellus Tertius.

Threadneedle Street
[mentioned in passing] Thoroughfare in Golden Rule.

The "irrelevant" vehicles could travel through time as well as through space and into other universes. Such travel made the concept of a fixed linear time obsolete. Their invention was quickly followed by the formation of the Time Corps to control changes to history.
(also in other stories)

Time Police for the Circle of Ouroboros (Time Corps)
Organization that patrolled the various time lines and prevented undue interference in them. They sent Hazel Meade Stone to recruit Richard Ames to help rescue Mike from destruction at the end of the Lunar revolution.
(also in other stories)

Ronson H. Tolliver
A partner in the company that ran Golden Rule. Herr Nameless presumably wanted him killed, but was himself killed before he could explain why.

Ronson Q. Tolliver
[mentioned in passing] Son of Ronson H. Tolliver.

Stella M. Tolliver
[mentioned in passing] Wife of Ronson H. Tolliver.

Tony (no last name)
Maitre d' in Rainbow's End.
(also in other stories)

Henrietta van Loon
Madam in Golden Rule through whom Hendrik Schultz could be contacted.

Walker Evans Memorial Society
See Walker Evans.

Yellow Brick Road
[mentioned in passing] Thoroughfare in Golden Rule.
(also in other stories)

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