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Robert A Heinlein

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Al (no last name)
Kitchen boy at Mother Johnston's speakeasy. After he was passed over by the New America conscription gang, he was sent by Fader Magee to get information on the reason for conscription.

Alec (no last name)
Patron of Mother Johnston's speakeasy who objected to David MacKinnon's presence. He resisted the press gang and was "anesthetized" by the commanding officer.

The Angels
Holdovers in Coventry from the Interregnum of the Prophet, complete with their own Prophet Incarnate.

Blackie (no other name)
"Customs inspector" in Coventry who relieved David MacKinnon of most of his belongings and arrested him for resisting.

The equivalent of a constitution, instituted by the United States after the overthrow of the Prophet. Its underlying principle is to prevent interference with individual freedom while providing restraints against actions that would harm others. Even acts specifically prohibited would not be prosecuted if only the person committing the act was harmed. The Covenant protects against individuals passing judgment on others and acting on those judgments (obviously a reaction to the tyranny of the Interregnum). It rejects the concept of "justice" and is based instead on observable effects of actions. The only responses to violation of the Covenant are either "reorientation" (psychological treatment to retrain antisocial tendencies) or banishment to Coventry. No "punishment" is permitted; the government is no more allowed to pass judgment and impose harm than are individuals.

Exile imposed on those who act to harm others, to a "reservation" where the Covenant is not observed. Coventry is surrounded by a heavily guarded force shield to prevent the exiles from leaving without permission. The concept behind this treatment is that the government has no right to "punish" its members, but an individual who is unwilling to abide by society's agreements may be ejected from the society. Exiles may re-enter the Covenant if they are willing to submit to psychological reorientation. Most of those entering Coventry expected a complete anarchy, but at least three separate governments had developed inside: New America, nominally a democracy but run as a political machine and dictatorship; Free State, a totalitarian state; and The Angels, the remnants of the Prophet's theocratic reign.

the Doctor (no other name)
Medical man who was in Coventry for altruistic reasons, not in forced exile. He enjoyed immunity from any harassment because of the scarcity of healers. He treated Fader Magee for the injuries that resulted from his attempt to reach the gate out of Coventry.

Ed (no last name)
One-handed man at Mother Johnston's speakeasy who "put the question" to David MacKinnon.
(also in other stories)

Judge Fleishacker (no first name)
New America judge who upheld the "customs agents" who confiscated David MacKinnon's possessions, and sent him to jail in lieu of a fine for resisting arrest.

Free State
Absolute dictatorship within Coventry. The ruler was known as The Liberator. Its watchwords were Duty and Obedience, and no freedom of opinion was tolerated. Anything not forbidden was compulsory. The Free State fought a series of wars with New America trying to absorb its territory, but the two governments settled their differences to form an alliance to break out of Coventry and invade the United States.

Free United States
The government after the overthrow of the Prophet. It was modeled after the original United States of America, but instead of the Constitution it was based on the Covenant. Just as many clauses in the Constitution were a direct reaction to Great Britain's treatment of the American Colonies, much of the Covenant was a reaction to the repression and intolerance of the Prophets.

Entrance to Coventry, a temporary "break" in the surrounding forcefield. It can only be operated from the outside, but a signal on the inside can indicate that an exile wants to return.

(no other name) Old man at Mother Johnston's speakeasy who challenged David MacKinnon's presence there.

Zane Grey
Author cited by David MacKinnon as a model for survival in the wilderness.

Emerson Hough
Cited by David MacKinnon as a model of wilderness survival.

Jenkins (no first name)
Guard at the Coventry gateway who sent David MacKinnon through.
(also in other stories)

Joe (no last name)
"Customs inspector" in Coventry who confiscated most of David MacKinnon's belongings.
(also in other stories)

Mother Johnston (no first name)
Owner of a speakeasy in New America where Fader Magee and David MacKinnon took refuge after their jailbreak.

Lefty (no other name)
Guard in the Coventry prison to which David MacKinnon was sentenced.

The Liberator (no other name)
The absolute dictator of the Free State within Coventry.

David MacKinnon
Free United States citizen who was sent to Coventry after violating the Covenant and refusing "readjustment". He expected to find an anarchist's utopia, and entered his exile with a full load of camping and survival gear. His possessions were promptly confiscated by "customs guards" just inside the border, and he was arrested and imprisoned for resisting them. Fader Magee helped him to escape, and also to avoid conscription in the New American army. When they learned that New America was plotting to break out of Coventry and invade the United States, first Fader (a member of the Covenant's Secret Service) and then MacKinnon attempted to return outside to give a warning. MacKinnon was successful; once the mission was completed, he was declared cured of his antisocial tendencies. Still wanting more adventure than society offered, he considered joining the Secret Service.

Fader Magee (no other first name)
Fellow prison inmate who helped David MacKinnon after his arrest for resisting customs guards. They broke jail, avoided conscription, and learned of the New America plot to invade the United States. Fader was a Secret Service agent who was keeping tabs on events within Coventry. After an initial unsuccessful attempt, he made it back outside to give reports of the plot.

Molly (no last name)
Barmaid at Mother Johnston's speakeasy.

New America
Jurisdiction within Coventry. Nominally a democracy, its government was corrupt. It allied with the Free State to try to break out of Coventry and invade the United States.

Micah Novak
Colonel in the Free United States Army who was a principal author of the Covenant.
(also in other stories)

Persephone (no last name)
Ward of the Doctor in Coventry. Fifteen years old, naive but much better educated than most Coventry residents.

Protector of the public peace under the Covenant.
(also in other stories)

True name of Fader Magee; he was a captain in the United States Secret Service.

Psychological treatment to rid violators of the Covenant of their sociopathic tendencies.

Steeves (no first name)
New American army private, a member of the press gang that came to Mother Johnston's speakeasy.
(also in other stories)

stooled to the rogue
Slang for being sworn in as a "member of the ancient and honorable fraternity of thieves, cutthroats and pickpockets". The patrons of Mother Johnston's demanded the oath from David MacKinnon.

Mechanical equivalent of a burro. It was solar powered and was designed to travel through any terrain.

United States of America
Democratic government was restored by the Second American Revolution after the Interregnum of the Prophets. The Constitution was replaced by the Covenant.
(also in other stories)


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