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Citizen of the Galaxy

Ace's Place
Joint on Joy Street in Jubbulpore.

In the ritual by which a non-Free Trader is adopted into a ship, all family members must be present. The candidate is presented, ritual speeches are made, and a (token) vote is taken. The candidate shares food (again, a token gesture) with the Chief Officer, then blood is drawn from the candidate's arm and smeared on the deck. The food-exchange ritual is repeated with all family members, followed by an elaborate banquet and celebration.
(also in other stories)

Aggie (no last name)
Receptionist at Rudbek's offices.

Planet where Creighton and Martha Rudbek were last seen alive.

Free Trader ship.

Alpha Centauri Prime III
[mentioned in passing] The Free Traders used the name of one of its native lifeforms (fraki) to refer to nonspacers, with the connotation that they were inferior to spacers.

Apparently Colonel Brisby's native language.

Mail ship that transported Thorby Rudbek to Earth from Ultima Thule.
(also in other stories)

City on Hekate.

Avenue of Nine
Main thoroughfare of Jubbulpore, probably named after the Nine Worlds of the Empire.

Richard Baslim
A colonel in the Terran Hegemony's X-Corps. He was promoted to wing marshal, but asked to be demoted so he could command a ship. He lost an eye and a leg freeing a Free Trader ship from slavers. For a while he taught in the Guard Academy, then transferred to the X-Corps and infiltrated the Nine Worlds to report on the slave trade there. He established himself in Jubbulpore as Baslim the Cripple, a beggar, and while in this role purchased Thorby Rudbek, eventually training the boy as a messenger and making arrangements for his return to the Hegemony in the event of Baslim's death. Baslim was killed by Imperial soldiers when Thorby was in his teens.

Beth (no last name)
Jack Weemsby's secretary.

[mentioned in passing] Manufacturer of weapons systems. The Free Traders sometimes did business with them.

Bon Marché
[mentioned in passing] Free Trader ship. [French, "good market"; colloquially, a bargain.]
(also in other stories)

Professor and Mrs. Bradley (no first names)
Thorby Rudbek's paternal grandparents. Professor Bradley was a historian. Their son took the Rudbek name on marrying, and they received an allowance from the Rudbek estate. Neither of them was willing to listen to, much less believe, Thorby's story of his captivity and slavery.

Colonel Brisby (no first name)
Commander of the Hydra, who determined Thorby Rudbek's true identity and delivered him to Earth. He was called "Pappy" by Vice Colonel Stancke.

Judge Bruder (no first name)
Chief counsel of Rudbek Associates while Jack Weemsby controlled the business. (Mrs. Bruder is also mentioned in passing.)

Mata Kingsolver's name for her brother.
(also in other stories)

Caesar Augustus
Free Trader ship, parent of a lost ship and therefore in debt to the Sisu, which backed the loan for the ship. Its crew was related to the Sisu's crew. (A reference to "Gus" probably pertains to this ship.)

Carter (no first name)
House servant in the Rudbek estate.
(Citizen of the Galaxy)

Cee Squared
[mentioned in passing] Free Trader ship.

[mentioned in passing] Free Trader ship.

chief officer
Position held by the Captain's wife in Free Trader ships. The chief officer was the de facto leader of the ship, though the Captain was officially in command.

[mentioned in passing] Ancient, authentic Terran beverage as licensed for bottling on Hekate.
(also in other stories)

Country Store
[mentioned in passing] Free Trader ship.

Day of Remembrance
Free Trader memorial service for all those who had died since the last Gathering of the People.

[mentioned in passing] Free Trader ship.
(also in other stories)

Joel de la Croix
Rudbek employee whom Jack Weemsby fired after de la Croix attempted to discuss business matters with Thorby Rudbek. He was rehired by Havermeyer Laboratories after Thorby took control of the businesses, and assigned to developing ships' defenses against slavers' paralysis beams.

Denbo (no first name)
Commodore of all the Free Traders.

There are 100 dollars to the credit in Earth currency; e.g. "A dollar for your thoughts." A credit will buy about five loaves of bread.

Dolores (no last name)
Secretary assigned to Thorby Rudbek at Rudbek offices.
(also in other stories)

Dom Pedro
[mentioned in passing] Free Trader ship.

Kenan Drotar
Trainee in the computer room of the Sisu.

Parent ship of a lost ship, and therefore indebted to the Sisu, who guaranteed the debt. Its crew was related to the Sisu's crew.

Dusseldorf Tandem Rig
Weapons system used by the Sisu, obsolete but still quite effective.

Nobleman of Syndon IV, in the audience when Thorby Rudbek was sold in the slave auction in Jubbulpore. He financed Richard Baslim's purchase of Thorby, mostly to annoy the auctioneer.

Eddie (no last name)
Colonel Brisby's aide.

El Nido
Free Trader ship crewed by the Garcia clan. Mata Kingsolver of the Sisu was traded to them for Loeen Garcia. [Spanish, "the nest"]

For all the airs he gives himself, the emperor, or Great Sargon, of the Nine Worlds controls only a relatively small area. The Terran Hegemony, presumably at least nominally a democracy, is the dominant political force in the galaxy.
(also in other stories)

The crew of the Sisu or any other Free Trader ship; all are related by blood, marriage, or adoption.
(also in other stories)

[mentioned in passing] The Rudbeks' intended destination after leaving Akka, before they were intercepted by slavers.

Lady Fascia
[mentioned in passing] Jubbulpore noblewoman from whom Thorby stole a scarf.

Feast of the Ninth Moon
[mentioned in passing] Holiday on Jubbul.

Official language of the Sisu, also called Suomish or Suomic.

Port of call for the Sisu. The slug-like natives live in telepathic (?) symbiosis with lemur-like creatures; it was believed that the slug supplies the brains and the lemuroid the manipulating abilities. The planet trades gemstones, copper, and a psychotherapeutic alkaloid in exchange for heavy metals and clocks. On Thorby Rudbek's first visit there, the most valuable trade item turned out to be comic books and pinups confiscated from the young men's rooms.

[mentioned in passing] Free Trader ship.
(also in other stories)

Literally, a small, shapeless, semisaurian scavenger of Alpha Centauri Prime III; it has no redeeming features and many unsavory qualities. The term is used by Free Traders to refer to nonspacers, with the obvious connotation of "not one of us, therefore beneath contempt".

Free Traders
Intensely clannish and xenophobic spacefaring culture based on intricate family relationships. As the name implies, Free Traders are interplanetary merchants, a loose confederation of ships independent of any planetbound government. They may be roughly analogous to Old Terran gypsies except for their higher social status and reputation for honesty. Each Free Trader ship has a complex set of traditions and family relations that separates it from outsiders, to whom they consider themselves vastly superior. Each crew is entirely related by blood, marriage, or adoption, and each ship has its own language, usually based on a Terran language. The Free Trader lingua franca is based on Church Latin, but also contains more than 2,000 words to describe family relationships. The Free Traders practice exogamy within their culture-marriage to non-Free Traders is unthinkable-and are a patrilocal matriarchy: girls move to other ships to marry while boys stay in their home ship, but aside from the male Captain, conducting trading sessions, women make all major decisions. Non-Free Traders may be adopted into a clan (see Thorby Rudbek), but only under extraordinary circumstances; even then acceptance of them is slow and difficult.

Galactic Acceptance Corporation
[mentioned in passing] Company in which Thorby Rudbek owned stock.

Galactic Banker
[mentioned in passing] Free Trader ship.

Galactic Enterprises
Parent corporation of Galactic Transport Ltd. Thorby Rudbek owned stock in it.

Galactic Lambda
Model of interstellar ship. It operated at a speed of 80 gravities.

Galactic Transport Ltd.
Shipbuilder that operated on Hekate, a daughter corporation of Galactic Enterprises. The Free Traders bought many of their ships from them. Thorby Rudbek owned stock in it, and suspected them of colluding with the Nine Worlds slave trade.

Loeen Garcia
Girl exchanged from El Nido when Mata Kingsolver was sent to them from the Sisu. Grandmother (Fjalar Krausa's mother, the ship's de facto leader) apparently intended Thorby Rudbek to marry her. She was cast opposite Thorby in a drama written for the Gathering of the People, but Thorby left the Sisu before the drama was performed; Jeri Kingsolver took Thorby's role.

    A Free Trader clan.
    (also in other stories)

    James J. Garsch
    Lawyer recommended to Thorby Rudbek by Leda Weemsby to help in his fight for control of Rudbek. He became chief counsel of Rudbek after Jack Weemsby and Judge Bruder were ousted.

    Gathering of the People
    Reunion among all the Free Trader ships. It is time for celebration, but also for funerals, memorial services for lost ships, transfers between ships, business meetings, and weddings. It is usually held near Hekate so the Free Traders could also conduct business for new ships, weapons systems, repairs, etc.

    Grandmother (no other name)
    Only name used for Fjalar Krausa's mother, the Chief Officer of the Sisu. She was de facto commander of the ship, although the Captain held the official command. She died on Woolamurra before the ship reached the Gathering of the People, and was succeeded by Fjalar's wife.

    Granny the Snake (no other name)
    Beggar in Jubbulpore who knew how to dislocate her joints, thus creating more sympathy and collecting more alms.

    Great Gathering
    See Gathering of the People.

    Great Sargon
    Hereditary title of the Emperor of the Nine Worlds.

    Narcotic sold on Jubbul.

    The Free Trader ship that Richard Baslim saved from slave raiders.

    Hascomb and Sons
    [mentioned in passing] Shipbuilders who operated on Hekate.

    Havermeyer Laboratories
    Research firm in which Thorby Rudbek owned stock, that also owned barge lines and bakeries. After Thorby took control of his companies, Joel de la Croix was hired here to develop a defense against slavers' paralysis beams.

    Hegemonic Guard
    Military organization that served the Terran Hegemony. Thorby Rudbek joined them briefly so that they could search for his true identity and deliver him to his original home; he signed up under the name Thorby Baslim.

    Planet that boasted the finest shipyards in the Galaxy, It was the usual site of the Gathering of the People of the Free Traders. ([mentioned in passing] A company on the planet is licensed to bottle Coca-Cola.)

    Honace Brothers, Pty.
    Through his parents, Thorby Rudbek owned it indirectly through a chain of six companies, with controlling interest. He also owned noncontrolling stock with larger dividends.

    Hegemonic Guard cruiser to which Fjalar Krausa took Thorby Rudbek after ascertaining that Thorby was not a Free Trader by birth. Thorby was sworn into the Guard until his true identity was found.

    Heinlein frequently makes mention of hypnosis either as a method of psychotherapy, of education, or of interrogation. It was used by Richard Baslim to teach Thorby Rudbek, and later by Hegemonic Guard officers to recall implanted code messages.
    (also in other stories)

    Ilsa (no last name)
    [mentioned in passing] Member of the Sisu clan, a friend of Mata Kingsolver.

    Inga (no last name)
    Owner of a fruit stand near the amphitheater where Richard Baslim and Thorby Rudbek lived.
    (also in other stories)

    [mentioned in passing] Presumably a planet; the Sisu fought off a raider in its vicinity.
    (Citizen of the Galaxy)

    When Richard Baslim first acquired Thorby Rudbek, Thorby spoke this language better than any other; he eventually learned to read and write it. It was also commonly used among the Free Traders.
    (Citizen of the Galaxy)

    Interstellar Metals
    [mentioned in passing] Company in which Thorby Rudbek owned stock.

    [mentioned in passing] People who resembled unmutated Earth humans, and were presumably descendants of humans.

    James B. Quinn
    [mentioned in passing] Free Trader ship.

    Jan (no last name)
    Junior officer in the Sisu.

    Johnson's Hole
    [mentioned in passing] Original name of Rudbek City.

    Joseph Smith
    [mentioned in passing] Free Trader ship.

    Joy Street
    [mentioned in passing] Street in Jubbulpore, probably the prostitution district.

    Chief planet of the Nine Worlds and site of the capital. Thorby Rudbek was brought here to be sold at slave auction, and Richard Baslim had volunteered for an undercover assignment there to report on the slave trade.

    Capital of the Nine Worlds on Jubbul, Richard Baslim's base of operations.
    (Citizen of the Galaxy)

    Juby (no other name)
    Patrolman who was looking for Thorby Rudbek after Richard Baslim's death.

    Jeri Kingsolver
    Thorby Rudbek's foster nephew by his eldest married brother; he was nearly the same age as Thorby and was his bunkmate aboard the Sisu.

    Mata Kingsolver
    Junior controlman in the computer room of the Sisu, Jeri's younger sister. She was traded to El Nido when she showed a romantic interest in Thorby Rudbek. In exchange, Loeen Garcia came to the Sisu from El Nido.

    [mentioned in passing] Free Trader ship.

    Fjalar Krausa
    Senior male of the Krausa sept and titular head of the clan in the Free Trader ship Sisu. Thorby Rudbek delivered to him Richard Baslim's message requesting that the Free Traders discharge their debt to him by caring for Thorby and finding his real family after Richard Baslim's death.

    Fritz Krausa
    Thorby Rudbek's eldest unmarried foster brother and president of the starboard bachelor table; one of Thorby's bunkmates in the Sisu.

    Rhoda Krausa
    Wife of Fjalar, she inherited the post of Chief Officer (de factor head of the ship's crew) after her mother-in-law's death.

    Arly Krausa-Drotar
    Senior clerk in the Sisu.

    Chelan Krausa-Drotar
    Thorby Rudbek's foster ortho-second-cousin by marriage, and one of his bunkmates in the Sisu.

    Athena Krausa-Fogarth
    Chief of commissary in the Sisu, and budding playwright; Thorby Rudbek's foster aunt. She wrote a drama for the Gathering of the People about the first Captain Krausa.

    Isadore (Kris) Krishnamurti
    Medical-captain, the ship's psychologist on the Hydra who interrogated Thorby Rudbek to ascertain the truth of his story about Richard Baslim.

    Unit of distance on Jubbul: "less that a li … no more than a half mile."

    Abraham Lincoln
    Leda Weemsby described him as a founder of America; Thorby Rudbek knew even less about him, but knew he had abolished slavery.

    Port of call for the Sisu after Thorby Rudbek's adoption. It was inhabited by nonhumans that resembled large insects, but were intelligent and friendly. Their customs forbade trading, so their business with the Free Traders involved an elaborate ritual of exchanging "gifts" until the exchange was made to mutual satisfaction.

    [mentioned in passing] Planet notorious for the amount of dickering needed to settle a purchase price.

    Luter (no first name)
    Senior gunnery sergeant aboard the Hydra.

    Margaret Mader
    Anthropologist whom the Free Traders on the Sisu allowed to travel with them, although they were normally wary of outsiders. She befriended Thorby Rudbek and did her best to explain their customs to him. When the ship reached Losian, she transferred to El Nido to return to the Terran Hegemony.

    Majestic Home Laundry
    Laundry where the proprietress hid Thorby Rudbek from pursuing guards. Her man had been taken to the mines and so she never passed up a chance to thwart the Sargon's guards.

    Mark XIX
    Weapons system used in the Sisu.
    (also in other stories)

    Lord Marlin (no other name)
    Owner of the yacht that was Mother Shaum's pretended destination when she smuggled Thorby Rudbek to the Sisu.

    Marriages are more political than personal among the Free Traders. They are designed to exchange personnel and create bonds between ships. Women are traded to other ships for marriages, while men remain in their "home" ships.
    (also in other stories)

    The Merry Widow
    [mentioned in passing] Slave ship that brought Thorby Rudbek to Jubbul.

    Mikki (no last name)
    [mentioned in passing] Juggler who worked the main plaza in Jubbulpore.

    Currency unit, presumably a trifling amount, used in the Nine Worlds.

    Mother Shaum's
    Taproom (and probably brothel) near the Jubbulpore spaceport to which Richard Baslim sent Thorby Rudbek with a message. After Baslim's death, Mother Shaum helped Thorby escape the Sargon's guards.

    Mura (no last name)
    An employee at Mother Shaum's.

    The human race gradually diversified after being dispersed among many planets in the galaxy.
    (also in other stories)

    New Finlandia
    Planet of registration for Sisu; also called Shiva III.

    New Hansea
    Free Trader ship named after a lost ship, the Hansea.

    New Melbourne
    [mentioned in passing] Spaceport on Woolamurra.

    N'gangi (no first name)
    Terran Hegemony Guard captain, skipper of the Ariel.

    Nine Worlds
    Empire, distant from the Terran Hegemony, ruled by the Great Sargon. It was involved in the slave trade.

    A "week" on Jubbul.

    Norbert Wiener
    Free Trader Commodore's flagship.

    The Old Man
    Colonel Brisby's sobriquet for Richard Baslim.
    (also in other stories)

    [mentioned in passing] Free Trader ship.

    Peebie (no other name)
    Ordinanceman second class, Thorby Rudbek's petty officer on the Hydra. He delighted in tormenting his underlings. His nickname was "Decibel".

    The People
    The Free Traders' name for themselves.

    Plaza of Liberty
    Site near the slave auction where Thorby Rudbek was sold to Richard Baslim; it was Baslim's regular begging station.

    Old Poddy
    Imperial Patrolman who told Auntie Singham that Richard Baslim was dead and orders were out to find Thorby Rudbek.

    Port of Heaven
    Cabaret on Joy Street in Jubbulpore.

    Praesidium of the Sargon
    Capitol of the Nine Worlds, located near the auction site where Thorby Rudbek was sold in Jubbulpore. (The Sargon was the hereditary ruler of the Nine Worlds.)

    Project Porcupine
    Research project sponsored by Rudbek to find methods of making slavery unprofitable.

    Propulsion, Inc.
    Shipbuilders that operated on Hekate.

    Samuel Renshaw
    [mentioned in passing] Earth scientist who, according to Richard Baslim, developed instant memorization techniques.
    (also in other stories)

    Ethnic group to which Vice Colonel Stancke belonged.

    Roj (no last name)
    Patrolman who questioned James Randolph about Thorby Rudbek's whereabouts.

    Romany Lass
    Free Trader ship; Richard Baslim sent Thorby Rudbek to a crew member with a message.

    Royal Archives
    Among other things, the repository of bills of sale, manumissions, etc. on Jubbulpore.

    a. Thorby Rudbek's home estate, also a town of the same name (originally called Johnson's Hole), near the Grand Tetons. b. The financial, industrial, and real-estate interests of the Rudbek (and Weemsby) families.

    Creighton Rudbek
    Thorby's father, probably killed in a slaver raid while touring the Rudbek family's interplanetary holdings. Born Creighton Bradley, he assumed his wife's name on marriage.

    Leda Rudbek
    See Leda Weemsby; Rudbek is her legal name.

    Martha Rudbek
    Thorby Rudbek's mother, probably killed in a slaver raid while traveling with her husband and son. She was heir to the Rudbek fortune.

    Thor Bradley (Thorby) Rudbek
    Heir to the Rudbek fortune, he was lost when his parents and he were captured in a slaver raid. He was purchased as a child on Jubbul by Terran Hegemony agent Richard Baslim in his guise as Baslim the Cripple. Baslim trained him in memorization techniques, educated him, and used him as a messenger in his undercover operations. After Baslim's death, Thorby delivered a memorized message to Fjalar Krausa of the Free Traders, instructing any Free Trader to discharge their debt to Baslim by taking care of Thorby. He was adopted by the crew of the Sisu until Krausa determined that Thorby was not born a Free Trader, then handed off to the Hegemonic Guard to have his true identity researched. He was briefly a Guard member until he was discovered to be the Rudbek heir, then taken to Earth to assume his family role. After a struggle with a step-uncle, in which he learned his family businesses might be behind the slave trade, he took control of the holdings and mobilized his resources behind finding ways to stop the slavers.

    Rudbek Associates, Ltd.
    Private investment trust that controlled Thorby Rudbek's financial interests.

    Saint Louis
    [mentioned in passing] Free Trader ship.

    Sargon (no last name)
    The hereditary name for the emperors of the Nine Worlds, who are addressed as "Your Serenity". See also Great Sargon.

    Sargon Augustus
    Past Emperor of the Nine Worlds who had a circus amphitheater built in Jubbulpore.

    Language that Richard Baslim taught Thorby Rudbek to speak, read, and write. It was described as similar to Sanskrit, with a few elements of Mandarin.

    The Sargony
    See The Nine Worlds.

    [mentioned in passing] Free Trader ship.

    Sean (no last name)
    Guard at the Jubbulpore spaceport gate whom Mother Shaum distracted so Thorby Rudbek could slip past the gate to the Sisu.

    Second Cetan War
    [mentioned in passing] War that occurred during the reign of Sargon Augustus.

    Mother Shaum (no other first name)
    Brothel owner who sheltered Thorby Rudbek and Richard Baslim when they were temporarily driven out of their home under the colosseum. She helped Thorby escape the Sargon's guards after Baslim's death.

    Shiva III
    See New Finlandia.

    Shol (no other name)
    Member of the Sargon's guard, one of those who searched for Thorby Rudbek after Richard Baslim's death.

    Auntie Singham (no other name)
    Fortuneteller who worked on Joy Street in Jubbulpore. She told Thorby Rudbek that Richard Baslim was dead and that Thorby was wanted by the Sargon's guards.

    Name by which Jeri Kingsolver frequently addressed his sister Mata Kingsolver
    (also in other stories)

    Free Trader ship that adopted Thorby Rudbek. Most of its crew was of Finnish ancestry, and the official ship's language was Finnish.

    Leda Weemsby's nickname.
    (also in other stories)

    Smith (no first name)
    Alias used by the Wing Marshal of the Terran X-Corps. Thorby Rudbek called him Jake.
    (also in other stories)

    The Jubbulpore underworld's name for the Sargon's guards.

    Animal resembling a rat; its planet of origin was not given.

    Space Dutch
    Language in which Richard Baslim tried to communicate with Thorby Rudbek just after acquiring him.

    Space Engineers Corporation
    Shipbuilders that operated on Hekate.

    Spirit of Sisu
    Play about the first Captain of the Sisu. Thorby Rudbek rehearsed for the lead role.

    Vice Colonel "Stinky" Stancke (no other first name)
    Executive officer of the Hydra.

    Intoxicant, probably illegal, sold on Jubbul.

    St. Christopher
    [mentioned in passing] Free Trader ship.

    Stein (no first name)
    Medical-major aboard the Hydra.

    Unit of currency for the Nine Worlds.

    Suomish (or Suomic)
    The Finnish language, official language of the Sisu. Thorby Rudbek delivered a posthumous message from Richard Baslim in it to Fjalar Krausa.

    Taproom near the Jubbulpore spaceport.

    Syndon IV
    One of the Nine Worlds. Its people have long, hairy, pointed ears and formidable reputations. The auctioneer who sold Thorby Rudbek inadvertently insulted one by suggesting that the roundness of Thorby's ears indicated the purity of his human blood.

    System English
    Thorby Rudbek's native language, though Richard Baslim didn't recognize the accent with which he spoke it.

    Terran Hegemony
    Earth's sphere of influence, a loose confederation of planets rather than a monolithic government.

    Thaf Beta IV
    [mentioned in passing] Destination of El Nido after its stop at Losian.

    Thoth IV
    [mentioned in passing] Port of call for the Sisu.

    Three Planets Fiscal
    Company in which Thorby Rudbek owned stock; it actually operated on 27 planets.

    Tora (no last name)
    Thorby Rudbek's adoptive great-aunt in the Sisu.

    Ultima Thule
    A Rim world, the destination of the Hydra after Thorby Rudbek's enlistment.

    United States of America
    It was still a distinct entity geographically if not politically.
    (also in other stories)

    Valley View
    Home of Thorby Rudbek's grandparents.

    [mentioned in passing] People who look like unmutated Earth stock, but take three times as long to mature.

    [mentioned in passing] Free Trader ship.
    (also in other stories)

    Vega Prime
    [mentioned in passing] Free Trader ship.

    The Veiled Virgin
    Taproom near the Jubbulpore spaceport, frequented by spacers.

    A plant the leaves of which were a valuable export of Jubbul; its use was not described.

    John (Jack) Weemsby
    Thorby Rudbek's step-uncle, who controlled Rudbek Associates after Creighton Rudbek's disappearance. He attempted to retain control after Thorby's reappearance by thwarting his efforts to learn about the business. He was narrowly defeated in a stockholder's election and fired from the company.

    Leda Weemsby
    Thorby Rudbek's cousin, daughter of his maternal grandmother's youngest sister. She was actually a Rudbek, though she usually used her stepfather's surname. Her nickname was "Slugger". She helped Thorby fight Jack Weesmby, casting the deciding vote against him in the stockholders' election.

    Lady Jennifer Wilkes
    Thorby Rudbek's aunt, a resident of New Zealand.

    Port of call for the Sisu, a lush pioneer planet just inside the Terran Hegemony. The inhabitants traded food and raw materials for manufactured items.

    X3079 Code FT
    Code by which Fjalar Krausa identified himself as one of Richard Baslim's couriers. 

    The Exotic Corps, the espionage unit of the Terran Hegemony Guard. One of its duties was to combat the slave trade. Richard Baslim was a member.

    Zenith Garage
    Business where Mother Shaum rented her chairs and bearers in Jubbulpore.

    Jubbulpore thief from whom Thorby Rudbek learned to steal; he had already lost a hand, and risked beheading if he were caught again.


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