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Beyond This Horizon

Adirondack Stasis Field
A stasis field established in the 20th century and purported to contain living specimens of the year 1926. J. Darlington Smith was found inside and revived when the field was finally released.

Ancient Benevolent and Fraternal Order of the Wolf
Society to which nearly everyone belonged.

Arrhenius the Great
Twentieth-century theorist who proposed that life-potent spores could be carried from star to star on the stellar wind.

Atomic War of 1970
It was followed by an attempt to eliminate "violent" genes from humans.

Bainbridge Martha
Mordan Claude's wife and chief technical assistant, a sterile mutation. She helped fight off the attackers at the Board of Policy offices the night of the Survivors Club's unsuccessful coup attempt.

Blumenthal Peter
Manager of Diana's Playground.

Board of Policy
The government's economic bureau; its principal routine activity was to distribute new currency made necessary by constantly increasing productivity.

Bournby (no other name)
Member of the Survivors Club conspiracy, assigned to communications for the coup.

Symbol worn to indicate that a man is unarmed (women are not expected to arm themselves). It was considered a sign of weakness and inferiority, except on the elderly.
(also in other stories)

Bureau of Economic Statistics
Department headed by Monroe-Alpha Clifford.

The seat of the world government, located 500 kilometers east of the Pacific Ocean but otherwise undescribed.
(also in other stories)

Carruthers Alfred
Former member of the Board of Policy, and an instigator of the project searching for the Meaning of Life.

Carstairs Infirmary
Hamilton Felix and Mordan Claude were taken there after fighting against the Survivors Club revolt.

Claiming Race
[mentioned in passing] Game featured in Diana's Playground, designed by Hamilton Felix and renamed High Trajectory.

Colt automatic pistol
Hamilton Felix's sidearm of choice, a .45 caliber model recreated from a model in the Smithsonian Institution. It was considered highly unusual, since most weapons used energy beams, not projectiles.

control natural
People who were conceived without the intervention of genetic selection. They were used as controls to determine how far genetic engineers had manipulated human development from the "original" state. They were subject to such ills as caries, allergies, and degenerative diseases. In compensation they received special government subsidies, but they were sometimes treated as social inferiors.

Council of Policy
Political body that analyzed economic indicators and determined monthly citizens' allowances.

Cyril (no last name)
Member of a restaurant party disturbed by an accident of Monroe-Alpha Clifford's. The altercation culminated in an exchange of gunfire; the other party was astonished that Clifford used a projectile, not an energy-beam, weapon.

Diana's Playground
Amusement park located in Leyburg, Luna. Hamilton Felix designed games for it.

Dunn (or Doon) (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Ancient researcher into the meaning of dreams. [Mispronunciation of Carl Jung?]

Eastern University
College from which J. Darlington Smith graduated, no longer in existence when he was rescued from the Adirondack Stasis Field. By implication, the educational system had changed radically since the 20th century.

[mentioned in passing] Game featured in Diana's Playground.

Empire of the Great Khans
Government that attempted to breed supermen, which instigated the Second Genetic War.

Espartero Carvala
Patagonian representative on the Genetic Planning Council, a control natural and formidable figure. She claimed to be certain that her opinion on life after death was correct. There are implications that she was reincarnated as Hamilton Justina.

Faircoat Marion
Woman mentioned during Monroe-Alpha Clifford's search for Hartnett Marion. [In the novel, names are given surname first.]

Marriage contracts last a specified period of time and are optionally renewable. Women apparently do not take their husbands' surnames after marriage.
(also in other stories)

First Genetic War
Instigated by the attempt to eliminate violence from human genetic makeup.

First Truthers
[mentioned in passing] Members of a conservative religious sect.

First Tyrant of Madagascar
[mentioned in passing] Ruler assassinated by a "nameless peasant". He was cited in a discussion of the relative importance of things.

[mentioned in passing] Ancient astronomer who also investigated psychic phenomena and life after death.

Fleming Marjorie
A fifth cousin of Hamilton Felix, considered a possible breeding partner for him.

Frisby Gerald
Young man present during the discussion of the Adirondack Stasis Field at Johnson-Smith Estaire's party.

Game designed by Hamilton Felix; there was no way to lose it.

General Sherman Tree
The "Oldest Living Thing on Earth", jokingly proclaimed President Emeritus by the Survivors Club in its public guise.

Genetic Planning Council
Government agency that oversaw genetic "improvement" of humans; their role included maintaining a group of control naturals against which the genetic changes could be compared.

Giant Forest
National park where Monroe-Alpha Clifford fled after the abortive Survivors Club revolt, and where he encountered Hartnett Marion for the second time.

Grand Eidouranion
Apparatus conceived by Dr. Thorgsen to determine the origin and destination of the galaxy. [Greek, "shape of heaven"]

Hall of Romulus and Remus
Room in the Hall of the Wolf where McFee Norbert arranged a meeting with Hamilton Felix.

Hall of the Wolf
Headquarters of the Ancient Benevolent and Fraternal Order of the Wolf. It was used as a meeting place by the Survivors Club.

Hamilton Felix
The "culmination of a three-hundred-year program of controlled genetics". Unfortunately for the genetic planners, he had no interest in producing offspring. After thwarting a revolt by the Survivors Club and falling in love with Longcourt Phyllis, he took more of an interest in life. In response to his demand to know whether life had meaning, a colossal research project into that question was organized by the government. He and Phyllis had two children, Hamilton Justina and Hamilton Theobald.

Hamilton Justina
Daughter of Hamilton Felix and Longcourt Phyllis, given the name at the suggestion of Espartero Carvala. There are hints that she is the reincarnation of Espartero.

Hamilton Theobald
Son of Hamilton Felix and Longcourt Phyllis. He had an eidetic memory and showed signs of being a telepath.

Hamilton's Hazards
See Lady Luck, Inc.

Hargrave Caleb
Assistant to Dr. Thorgsen.

Harrickson (no first name)
Member of the Survivors Club conspiracy, given unspecified assignments for the revolt.

Hartnett Marion
A guest at Johnson-Smith Estaire's party with whom Monroe-Alpha Clifford fell in love. After a frantic search for her, he met her again in the Sierra Nevada Forest while he was still deranged from the abortive Survivors Club coup. Thinking she was a mutation, he tried to kill her, but she survived. She was actually an experimental genotype possessing extraordinary emotional control and civility. She married him in spite of his earlier behavior towards her. Clifford called her "Molly".

Herbert (no first name)
Owner of the Milky Way Bar frequented by Hamilton Felix. He and his wife Martha were control naturals.
(also in other stories)

High Trajectory
New name for Claiming Race, a game featured in Diana's Playground.

homo proteus
Product of genetic experiments by the Empire of the Great Khans. They were extremely specialized, and so ultimately a failure. [Latin, "changeable man"]

Hornby Willem
Survivors Club conspirator. He was accused of disobeying orders and summarily executed.

Hoskins Geraldine
Representative to the Genetic Planning Council from the Northwest region.

Hubert (no last name)
Member of the Genetic Planning Council, Speaker for the Day during the hearing to consider Mordan Claude's proposal for an investigation into life after death.
(also in other stories)

integrating accumulator
Probably a fancy name for computer; it uses paper tape. It was used for economic predictions: every transaction was entered into it and analyses were issued quarterly.

Name that Hamilton Felix proposed to Longcourt Phyllis for their then-hypothetical son. It means "He will bring sorrow."

Jacobstein Ray (Jake)
Director of the investigation into telepathy.

Johann (no last name)
Central American representative to the Genetic Planning Council, and a religious authority with the title Most Reverend Mediator.

Thaddeus Johnson
[mentioned in passing] Creator of the stasis field where J. Darlington Smith was found.

Johnson-Smith Estaire
Hostess of a party attended by Monroe-Alpha Clifford and Larsen Hazel, at which Clifford met Hartnett Marion.

Joseph (no last name)
Therapist who looked in on Hamilton Felix at the Carstairs Infirmary.
(also in other stories)

Lady Luck, Inc.
Hamilton Felix's company, through which he marketed the games he designed. It was also called Hamilton's Hazards.

Lake Louise
[mentioned in passing] Tourist city, apparently somewhere in South America.

Larsen Hazel
Monroe-Alpha Clifford's ortho-wife, a former professional dancer. After an amicable divorce, she resumed her career to take entertainment troupes to outplanet scientific posts.

Law of Stable Money
Theory that governed the economy: "In a stable economy, debt-free new currency must be equated to the net reinvestment."

Lunar settlement, site of Diana's Playground.

Living Spirit of Reason
Entity invoked by Hamilton Felix; quite possibly it served as a deity.

Longcourt Phyllis
Woman chosen by Mordan Claude as the most perfect genetic mate for Hamilton Felix; a practicing psycho-pediatrician. Although he initially resisted, she and Felix were married, and they had two children.

Lost Comet
Popular game featured in Diana's Playground.

Madagascar System
[mentioned in passing] Economic system (not described) that preceded the one administered by Monroe-Alpha Clifford.

Marriage is obviously important to Heinlein. In many stories a marriage is central to the story, the characters take time out from crises to marry, or it is implied that marriage between main characters is inevitable. Serial monogamy is apparently common in the society of Beyond This Horizon. Marriage contracts are for a limited number of years, renewable by mutual consent.
(also in other stories)

Martha (no last name)
[mentioned in passing] Control natural, owner of a hairdressing studio and wife of the owner of the Milky Way Bar.
(also in other stories)

Natives were described as "the poor degenerate starveling descendants of the once-mighty Builders of Mars", no longer adequately intelligent.
(also in other stories)

McFee Norbert
Member of the dinner party that insulted Hamilton Felix, also a guest at Johnson-Smith Estaire's party. He was a conspirator in the Survivors Club who recruited Felix and Monroe-Alpha Clifford; he was presumably killed during the abortive coup.

Mendelian Oath
Oath taken by geneticists, analogous to the Hippocratic oath.

Milky Way Bar
Tavern frequented by Hamilton Felix.

Monroe-Alpha Clifford
Director of the Office of Analysis and Prediction within the Bureau of Economic Statistics. He was a friend of Hamilton Felix, who rescued him from his own folly when Cliff got involved in the Survivors Club conspiracy. He married Hartnett Marion and accepted work on the Grand Eidouranion.

Mordan Claude
District Moderator for Genetics, married to Bainbridge Martha. Worked hard at persuading Hamilton Felix to have children, arranging for him to meet Longcourt Phyllis and founding the Great Research (into reincarnation) at his behest.
(also in other stories)

Mosely (no first name)
Member of the Survivors Club conspiracy, Monroe-Alpha Clifford's section leader.

"Drone" workers genetically engineered by the Empire of the Great Khans for various specialized tasks, but usually to be warriors.
(also in other stories)

They were occasionally introduced by genetic engineers to foster improvements in the human race. Excessive tampering such as that by the Empire of the Great Khans led to warfare.
(also in other stories)

Name of the Egg
Common oath. What the "Egg" represents is not explained.

Common sidearm, presumably similar to a laser.

Gene selection technique used to ensure that parents gave birth to the best possible baby.

New Bolivar
[mentioned in passing] South American city near the Orinoco River, which suffered from an overabundance of credit.

Northwest Colony
Enclave founded by people who resisted the attempt to genetically eliminate violent tendencies. There was eventually a war between them and the outside world. (Also called the Northwest Union.)

[mentioned in passing] Recessive gene that determines a pacifist personality.

Protector of the public peace under the Covenant.
(also in other stories)

Provisional Committee
Members of the Survivors Club who intended to run the government after their coup.
(also in other stories)

Referred to as a distinct possibility.
(Beyond This Horizon, Methuselah's Children)

Reiser (no first name)
Theoretician who formulated the Law of Stable Money.

Rembert George
Member of the Genetic Planning Council, representing the Great Lakes Central Region.

Reynolds Hans
Guest at Johnson-Smith Estaire's party who had escorted Hartnett Marion. He provided Monroe-Alpha Clifford with the information necessary to find her.


Grantland Rice
[mentioned in passing] J. Darlington Smith mentioned him in referring to his own college career as a football player.
(Beyond This Horizon)

Richard (no last name)
Genetic Planning Council representative for transient citizens.

"Rocket Pilot's Children"
Song mentioned by McFee Norbert; he'd apparently learned it from Hamilton Felix.

Second Genetic War
Historical event instigated by the gross genetic experimentation of the Empire of the Great Khans to produce "super warriors".

Selby Marion
Mentioned in passing during Monroe-Alpha Clifford's search for Hartnett Marion.

It was an accepted custom — i.e. virtually a social necessity — for men to wear weapons. Since social offenders could be challenged to a duel, with no legal punishment, this custom allegedly served to discourage on public rudeness and obnoxious behavior. Unarmed males were treated as social inferiors but were also exempt from challenges unless their behavior was extremely offensive. Women rarely went armed, and were often belittled when they did.

J. Darlington Smith
Man discovered inside the Adirondack Stasis Field. He revived the ancient game of "feetball", and served Hamilton Felix as a translator of ancient (i.e. 20th century) documents.

Steinwitz (no first name)
Member of the Survivors Club conspiracy, assigned to the Power Center during the coup attempt.

Stokes Coagulator
[mentioned in passing] Common sidearm.

Survivors Club
Club that met in the Hall of the Wolf; McFee Norbert was a member. Superficially a drinking club, it was actually a revolutionary cabal. Hamilton Felix was recruited but agreed to act as a double agent for the government. Monroe-Alpha Clifford was duped into joining, but was "rescued" by Felix. The Club attempted a coup d'état and was presumably wiped out.

Dr. Thorgsen (no first name)
Inventor of an apparatus to determine the origin and destination of the galaxy.
(Beyond This Horizon)

J. Darlington Smith was seen as a "time traveler" although he had not really bypassed the normal sequence of time.
(also in other stories)

United States of America
It was apparently absorbed into a world government.
(also in other stories)

Substance or process required by the warriors of the Empire of the Great Khans. They died when deprived of it. Its exact nature was never determined.

Wallingford Infant Development Center
Institution where Longcourt Phyllis worked.

Game featured in Diana's Playground.


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