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Robert A Heinlein

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A Heinlein Concordance ©2004 M.E.Cowan

This Concordance provides definitions for the people, places, and things in Robert Heinlein's novels and "Future History" stories. It contains two sets of pages: alphabetical lists, and lists organized by book/story. Use the links at the top to view the alphabetical pages. To view the "story" pages click the story name in the list in the left sidebar.

If all or part of an entry label is a hyperlink, it's a reference to something in the real world. Some of the references are obvious, for example, a spaceship named after Albert Einstein. But many are obscure enough that the descriptions of the real-world references might make fascinating reading.

The following novels and stories are included in the Concordance. (All novels except For Us, the Living and The Pursuit of the Pankera are included, but only those short stories related to the Future History.)

This Concordance has not had significant update since 2013 and is provided as a convenience by The Heinlein Society.

Between Planets
Beyond This Horizon
"The Black Pits of Luna"
"Blowups Happen"
The Cat Who Walks Through Walls
Citizen of the Galaxy
The Day After Tomorrow
"Delilah and the Space Rigger"
The Door Into Summer
Double Star
Farmer in the Sky
Farnham's Freehold
"Gentlemen, Be Seated!"
Glory Road
"The Green Hills of Earth"
Have Space Suit ó Will Travel
I Will Fear No Evil
"If This Goes Onó"
"'It's Great to Be Back!'"
Job: A Comedy of Justice
"'Let There Be Light'"
"Logic of Empire"
"The Long Watch"
"The Man Who Sold the Moon"
"The Menace from Earth"
Methuselah's Children
The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress
"Nothing Ever Happens on the Moon"
The Number of the Beast
"Ordeal in Space"
Orphans of the Sky
The Puppet Masters
Podkayne of Mars
Red Planet
"The Roads Must Roll"
Rocket Ship Galileo
The Rolling Stones
"Space Jockey"
Space Cadet
The Star Beast
Starship Troopers
Starman Jones
Stranger in a Strange Land
Time for the Stars
Time Enough for Love
To Sail Beyond the Sunset
Tunnel in the Sky
"The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag"
"'óWe Also Walk Dogs'"



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