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"Ordeal in Space"

William Cole
Chief communications officer and relief pilot of the Valkyrie. He suffered severe acrophobia after being left adrift in space for several hours while attempting to repair equipment on the outside of the craft. Refusing to work groundside in spacing jobs, he found manual labor under the alias of William Saunders. While visiting a fellow worker, he rescued a kitten from a window ledge some 35 stories up, overcoming his acrophobia during the effort and resolving to return to space.

Tranquilizer that William Cole took to alleviate acrophobia attacks.

Miss Joyce (no first name)
Personnel interviewer who talked with "William Saunders". She recognized him as William Cole but accepted his desire for anonymity.

Knath Sooth
[mentioned in passing] Native Martian friend of William Cole.

"Prayer for Travelers"
Hymn for spacefarers quoted in part.
(also in other stories)

Tom Sandburg
William Cole's assistant on the Valkyrie.

William (Bill) Saunders
See William Cole.

Ed Schultz
Joe Tully's opinionated brother-in-law.

The Shelton Homes
High-rise apartment complex in which Joe Tully lived. William Cole agreed to spend the night there in spite of his acrophobia.

Three-Planets Treaty
[mentioned in passing] A treaty that apparently guaranteed the sovereignty of planetary natives, even where humans had established colonies.
(also in other stories)

Joe Tully
Co-worker of William Cole who invited him home for an overnight visit. Mrs. Tully (no first name) also appears briefly.

The ship on which William Cole worked when he was cast adrift while doing emergency repairs.
(also in other stories)


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