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"The Menace from Earth"

American Express
The company with which Holly Jones contracted to work as a tour guide.
(also in other stories)

Artemis Apartments
Co-op habitation in Luna City where Holly Jones lived.

The Bats' Cave
Flying arena in Luna City. The area was actually the air storage tank for the city, a natural formation; but the large size, light gravity, and higher-than-normal air pressure made it ideal for flying.

Billy Mitchell
Spaceship that Ariel Brentwood took back to Earth.

Ariel Brentwood
Actress and tourist to whom Holly Jones was assigned as a guide. When Holly passed her on to Jeff Hardesty for an outside tour, Jeff apparently developed a crush on her, and to Holly's dismay began spending all his time with her. He persuaded Holly to teach Ariel how to fly, and when Ariel lost control Holly saved her from a possibly fatal crash landing. They parted friends when Ariel returned to Earth.

Daily Lunatic
Newspaper in Luna City.
(also in other stories)

Diana Boulevard
Street in Luna City on which the Zurich Hotel was located.

Mr. Dorcas (no first name)
Supervisor of the American Express tourist guides in Luna City; Holly Jones' boss.

Duncan Hines
Hotel in Luna City, location of the Earthview Room restaurant.

Earthview Room
Restaurant in the Duncan Hines Hotel in Luna City; it also featured dancing. Jeff Hardesty took Ariel Brentwood there on several occasions.

Fingal's Cave
Skating rink in Luna City to which Jeff Hardesty took Ariel Brentwood.

General Synthetics
Company on Luna for which Holly Jones' mother worked.
(also in other stories)

Goddard Institute
[mentioned in passing] University in Luna City.

Gray's Tunnel
[mentioned in passing] Transportation route in Luna City.

David Greenberg
Son of Holly Jones' neighbor Susie Greenberg.

Susie Greenberg
Neighbor of Holly Jones, whom she and Ariel Brentwood met in the lift to the Zurich Hotel.

[mentioned in passing] Tourist ship that traveled between Earth and the Moon.

Hall of the Mountain King
Site in Luna City, from its name probably a vast cavern.

Jeff Hardesty
A student at Goddard Institute in Luna City, a friend of Holly Jones and her partner in spaceship designing. Though she claimed the relationship was strictly business, she was greatly annoyed by the time and attention he lavished on Ariel Brentwood, an actress and tourist from Earth. But when Holly broke both arms saving Ariel from a fall while flying, Jeff was completely concerned for her and barely noticed Ariel. There are strong hints that the two would eventually marry, but Holly still intended to be engineering partners.
Mrs. Hardesty (no first name)
Jeff's mother appears briefly.

Holly Jones
Third-generation Lunarite, a 15-year-old student at Tech High who worked as a tourist guide but planned to become a spaceship designer with her friend Jeff Hardesty.
(also in other stories)

Jacob Jones
Holly's father, Luna Chief Engineer for Space Lanes, and Fermi Lecturer for Goddard Institute in Luna City.

Mrs. Jones (no first name)
Holly Jones' mother, a mathematical chemist for General Synthetics of Luna, who encouraged her daughter's plan to become a spaceship designer.
(also in other stories)

Jones and Hardesty, Spaceship Engineers
Partnership that Holly Jones proposed to form with Jeff Hardesty.

Luna City
City built under the Moon's surface, including not only habitations but farms and other necessities, plus a varied cultural life. It is featured or at least mentioned in many of Heinlein's stories.

Macy-Gimbel Upper
[mentioned in passing] Store in Luna City.

Mormon temple
[mentioned in passing] One was located in Luna City.

Mary Muhlenberg
Holly Jones' best friend, an expert flier.

[mentioned in passing] "Working title" for the starship that Holly Jones and Jeff Hardesty were designing.
(also in other stories)

Johnny Queveras
[mentioned in passing] Former owner of the gliding wings that Ariel Brentwood bought.

Schultz (no first name)
Seller of second-hand wings at The Bat's Cave.
(also in other stories)

Site One
Original settlement on Luna, site of a memorial.

Space Lanes
Company that operated between Earth and Luna. Holly Jones' father worked for them.

Brand of custom-made wings used by Holly Jones.

Tech High
[mentioned in passing] Holly Jones' high school.

Zurich Hotel
Establishment where Ariel Brentwood stayed in Luna City.


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