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Robert A Heinlein

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Baird (no first name)
Chairman of the committee opening the envelopes for predictions of Academy members' deaths to test Hugo Pinero's claim to have invented a machine that accurately predicts a person's date of death.
(also in other stories)

Bidwell (no first name)
Executive with Amalgamated Life Insurance, and trustee of the Academy of Science. It was at his bidding that Hugo Pinero was invited to address the Academy.

Daily Herald
Newspaper for which Luke Timons worked.

Ed and Betty Hartley
Couple who consulted Hugo Pinero for the dates of their deaths. Despite his efforts to delay them, they were killed in a traffic accident just outside his office while hurrying to meet their friend Ellen.

Hoskins (no first name)
[mentioned in passing] Employee of Amalgamated Life Insurance.

Majestic Building
Location of Hugo Pinero's headquarters.

Hugo Pinero
Inventor of a method of accurately predicting the exact day of any person's death. After the Science Academy's attempts to discredit him failed and his service threatened to ruin the insurance companies, he was murdered by an unknown assailant and his machinery was destroyed.
(also in other stories)

Rogers (no first name)
Reporter who visited Hugo Pinero after his Science Academy address, to write up his "Life-Line" invention.
(also in other stories)

Roy (no last name)
Chief of Police in the town where Hugo Pinero set up business.

Sands of Time, Inc.
Hugo Pinero's corporation under which he operated to predict deaths.

Shepard (no first name)
Physician who opposed Hugo Pinero's suggestion to test every member of the Academy for his date of death.

Albert M. Swanson
Notary Public who notarized Hugo Pinero's bonds that guaranteed his predictions were accurate.

Luke Timons
Reporter employed by the Daily Herald. Hugo Pinero chose him as a subject for a demonstration of his "Life-Line" machine. He was killed the same day as the demonstration, as Pinero had predicted.

United Life Insurance
Company nearly driven out of business by Hugo Pinero's invention.

Dr. Van Rhein-Smitt
University president at the Academy conference who supported Hugo Pinero's right to speak.

Weems (no first name)
Attorney for Amalgamated Life Insurance, who sought an injunction against Hugo Pinero.
(also in other stories)

Wenzell (no first name)
Member of the committee that opened the envelopes containing the predictions from Hugo Pinero of Science Academy members' deaths.

John Cabot Winthrop III
Attorney with the law firm of Winthrop, Winthrop, Ditmars, and Winthrop. Hugo Pinero posted bond with him against the failure of his invention.


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