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The Door Into Summer

Aladdin Autoengineering Corporation
An important automation firm in the year 2000. It was founded by Daniel Boone Davis with John Sutton when Davis travelled back in time.

Albrecht (no first name)
Physician who attended Daniel Boone Davis after Davis' reawakening in the year 2000.

Dr. Berquist (no first name)
Cryonics expert employed by the Mutual Assurance Company.

[mentioned in passing] Suggested by Chuck Freudenberg as a middle name for the "D. B. Davis" who took out a patent on Drafting Dan.

Builder Bill
[mentioned in passing] Machine marketed by Aladdin Autoengineering Corporation, probably designed by Daniel Boone Davis.

Carlsbad Archives
Storage site for records and other valuables. Government files, in particular, were stored there after the Six Weeks War.

Central Valley Liability
[mentioned in passing] Company that provided suspended animation.

Consolidated Sanctuary
See Sawtelle Consolidated Sanctuary.

Cosmopolitan Insurance Group
Company to which Daniel Boone Davis' stock was sold after Hired Girl's reorganization.

Curtis (no first name)
General manager of Hired Girl in the year 2000. He offered Daniel Boone Davis a position of "Research Engineer Emeritus" — i.e., public relations glitter with no significant duties.

Belle Darkin
Secretary/treasurer of Hired Girl and Daniel Boone Davis' fiancée. She had actually married his partner Miles Gentry while still engaged to Dan, and with Miles she swindled Dan out of control of Hired Girl. In the aftermath he decided to take the Long Sleep (cryonic suspension); he soon changed his mind, but Belle and Miles drugged him and forced him into it.

Daniel Boone Davis
Mechanical engineer born in 1940. Chief engineer and chairman of the board of Hired Girl, he underwent suspended animation from 1970 until 2000 after being swindled by his partner Miles Gentry and fiancée Belle Darkin. He tried to restart his engineering career after revival, but his skills were outdated. He returned to 1970 via time machine and founded another company, then again took "cold sleep" until 2000, resuming control of the new company and marrying Ricky Gentry upon awakening.

Davis & Gentry Research Corporation
Name proposed by Daniel Boone Davis for the new business structure that he offered to Miles Gentry after Miles and Belle Darkin took control of the partnership. They rejected his offer.

Davis Engineering Company
One-man inventor's shop founded by Daniel Boone Davis.

Denver, Colorado
National capital after the Six Weeks War.
(also in other stories)

Denver Sunshine Club
Nudist club in which Daniel Boone Davis found himself when he made his trip back in time.

Desert Protective and Patrol Company
Private security firm hired by Miles Gentry after Daniel Boone Davis' ouster, to patrol Hired Girl's property and probably in particular to keep Dan off the property.

Dictation Daisy
[mentioned in passing] Machine that Daniel Boone Davis invented to convert spoken words into written copy.

Doughty (no first name)
Treasurer at the Sawtelle Sanctuary.

Drafting Dan
Brand name of an automated drafting table designed by Daniel Boone Davis and manufactured by Aladdin Autoengineering Corporation.

Eager Beaver
Machine marketed by Aladdin Autoengineering Corporation. It was developed from Flexible Frank and used for, among other things, a hospital orderly. It was activated by selected voice commands.

Supposedly nontoxic, nonaddictive mood-altering drug; but there was agitation to class it with controlled substances. Belle Darkin was an habitual user in her later years.

Flexible Frank
Automated all-purpose cleaner invented by Daniel Boone Davis and marketed by Hired Girl.

Insulting slang term of the year 2001, meaning unspecified; Belle Darkin applied it to the late Miles Gentry.

Chuck Freudenberg
Assistant chief engineer for Hired Girl in the year 2000. He became Daniel Boone Davis' friend. After Dan regained control of Hired Girl, he fired the chief engineer and put Chuck in charge of research and design engineering.

Jack Galloway
Sales manager of Hired Girl in the year 2000.

Gardener Gus
[mentioned in passing] Machine designed by Daniel Boone Davis.

Geary Manufacturing
[mentioned in passing] Company to which Hired Girl was licensed.

Belle Darkin Gentry
See Belle Darkin.

Frederica Virginia (Ricky) Gentry
Stepdaughter of Miles Gentry, Daniel Boone Davis' "best girl". (She had apparently assumed Miles' surname; her original surname was probably Heinicke, the same as her grandmother's.) She was about 11 years old when Dan was put into cryonic suspension. When he travelled back to 1970, he signed his Hired Girl stock over to her. Shortly afterward, she went to live with her grandmother, changing her last name to Heinicke. When she turned 21, she went into cryonic suspension with orders to be revived the same time as Dan. When both awoke (Dan for the second time) in the 21st century, they were married.

Miles Gentry
Army buddy of Daniel Boone Davis, with whom he started Hired Girl, Inc.; Miles became president and general manager. With Belle Darkin, he swindled Dan out of control of the company. He also married Belle although she was engaged to Dan. Miles died in 1972, probably in suspicious circumstances. Belle called him "Chubby". 

Green Thumb
[mentioned in passing] Machine marketed by Aladdin Autoengineering Corporation.

F. V. Heinicke
When Ricky Gentry's grandmother won custody of her, Ricky changed her name to her grandmother's. Under this name she held a trust to which Daniel Boone Davis' stock dividends were paid, and she was cryogenically frozen in Riverside Sanctuary at age 21 until Dan was revived from his stasis. Belle Darkin had told Dan that Ricky's surname was changed, but could only offer such guesses as Haneker, Haney, Hanolon, Heinz, or Hinckley.

Hired Girl
Automated floor cleaner designed by Daniel Boone Davis, also the name of the automation company founded by him and Miles Gentry.

Houseboy Harry
Machine invented by Daniel Boone Davis.

The term is an obscenity (meaning unspecified) in the year 2000.

Hank Larrigan
Night guard at Riverside Sanctuary.

Nancy Larrigan
Night nurse at Riverside Sanctuary, Hank's wife. Over her husband's objections, she provided Daniel Boone Davis with information about "F. V. Heinicke" (Ricky Gentry).

By inference, an engineering firm that worked in automation. Miles Gentry offered to hire its people away to help Daniel Boone Davis develop Flexible Frank.

Long Sleep
Popular name for cryogenic suspension.

[mentioned in passing] New York was targeted in an atomic war.

Mannix Enterprises
Firm to which Miles Gentry and Belle Darkin sold Hired Girl.

Master Insurance Company (no first name)
Company through which Belle Darkin and Miles Gentry put Daniel Boone Davis into cold sleep. It was owned by Mannix Enterprises; Belle had "connections" there.

McBee (no first name)
Chief engineer of Hired Girl in the year 2000.

Mort (no last name)
[mentioned in passing] Traveling salesman acquaintance of Daniel Boone Davis in 1970; he dealt in shoddy merchandise.

Mutual Assurance Company
[mentioned in passing] Company that offered suspended animation.

[mentioned in passing] Machine marketed by Aladdin Autoengineering Corporation.

Naval Research Laboratory
[mentioned in passing] Site of early hypothermia experiments that led to "cold sleep" becoming common. Cats were used in the first experiments.

Nome, Alaska
[mentioned in passing] Site of Army cryonic storage.

Nursemaid Nan
Machine invented by Daniel Boone Davis.

Opal (no last name)
Receptionist and switchboard operator for Mutual Assurance Company.

Petronius the Arbiter (a.k.a. Pete)
Tomcat companion of Daniel Boone Davis, whom Dan persuaded the insurance company to allow into cold sleep with him. He was usually called Pete.

Powell (no first name)
"Client executive" (i.e. salesman) for Mutual Assurance Company. He arranged cold sleep contracts.

Protean Pete
Daniel Boone Davis' proposed name for a robot he planned to design, and did design during his "second time" in 1970. It was an improvement over Flexible Frank.

Research Engineer Emeritus
Title given to Daniel Boone Davis by Hired Girl in the year 2000. It was a strictly honorary position for public relations. When he took control of the company, he gave the title to the former Chief Engineer to get him out of the way.

Y. E. Reuther (no other first name)
Accountant who provided information on the stock that Daniel Boone Davis had assigned to Ricky Gentry and to Belle Darkin.

Riverside Sanctuary
Cryonics station where Ricky Gentry spent her Long Sleep.

Rumsey (no first name)
Physician who revived Ricky Gentry from cold sleep.

Sandia Weapons Center
Daniel Boone Davis was assigned here during his army tenure, but was fortunately on leave when it was destroyed in the Six Weeks War.
(also in other stories)

Sans Souci Bargrill
Bar visited by Daniel Boone Davis after he was swindled by Miles Gentry and Belle Darkin. He saw the Mutual Assurance sign from the window, giving him the idea of taking cold sleep. [French, "without concern", i.e. carefree]
(also in other stories)

Sawtelle Consolidated Sanctuary
Suspended-animation clinic in California to which Daniel Boone Davis was consigned by Miles Gentry and Belle Darkin. Davis "slept" there from 1970 to 2000.

Jake Schmidt
Production shop manager for Hired Girl, who quit after Daniel Boone Davis was swindled by his partners.

Belle Schultz
See Belle Darkin.

Sierra Acceptances Corporation
Company to which Belle Darkin's Hired Girl stock had been assigned. They sold it over the counter.

Six Weeks War
Historical event, an atomic war that included the destruction of Sandia Weapons Center and a near-miss of Manhattan.

Popular term for someone who has undergone suspended animation.

Springer (no first name)
Chief engineer at Aladdin Autoengineering Corporation.

John and Jenny Sutton
Couple that encountered Daniel Boone Davis in the nudist camp when he first arrived back in 1970. They became Dan's friends and business partners in Aladdin Autoengineering Corporation.

Colonel Thrushbotham (no first name)
Military officer who classified as secret Hubert Twitchell's time-travel research.

[mentioned in passing] Site of Army cryogenic storage.
(also in other stories)

Hubert Twitchell discovered that reversing the polarity needed to nullify gravity would send objects through time; but there was an equal chance of going backwards or forwards. In a test of whether the theory was valid, Daniel Boone Davis traveled back to the year when he entered cold sleep.
(also in other stories)

Joe Todd
Security guard at Hired Girl who prevented Daniel Boone Davis from entering his workshop after Miles Gentry had swindled him out of his share of the company.

Dr. Hubert Twitchell
Physicist who discovered a means of time travel, only to have it classified secret by the Army. Daniel Boone Davis persuaded him to demonstrate his machine by sending Dan back to 1970. Afterwards, Dan resolved to write a book on the man. 

Unsung Genius
Book about Hubert Twitchell written by Daniel Boone Davis.

Leonard Vincent
A graduate student who persuaded Hubert Twitchell to send him 500 years either forward or backward in time. Daniel Boone Davis mused over the similarity of his name to Leonardo da Vinci.

Western World Insurance Company
[mentioned in passing] Company that offered suspended animation. A society couple allegedly bought their service to be frozen until they could spend their honeymoon on an interplanetary liner.

[mentioned in passing] Machine marketed by Aladdin Autoengineering Corporation.

Window Willie
Automated cleaning machine invented by Daniel Boone Davis.

zombie drug
Brainwashing drug administered to Daniel Boone Davis during a fight with Belle Darkin. Its effect was that Davis had no will of his own, but was compelled to answer questions and obey orders.


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